Top Gaming YouTubers In UAE, Dubai, Middle East (2024)

Top Gaming YouTubers In UAE, Dubai

Video games are great. It presents a virtual environment where players are in control of their actions. They can be anything they want, do anything they like, experience multiple emotions in a world of one's and two's. Games allow players to be ancient heroes in the fantasy world of D.O.T.A., fight for their country in Battlefield 4, play for their nation in FIFA, rule the underworld in G.T.A. or race through the streets of Florida in Need for speed, and much more. There is no end to possibilities. The coming of YouTube has paved a path for these possibilities to become opportunities for something more.

For the better half of the decade, YouTube has been a platform that empowers gamers to become influencers by showcasing their skills to the world. Incorporating technology like live streaming has made it possible for e-sports players to produce and share engaging content for their viewers.

In the U.A.E., the gaming community is expanding by leaps and bounds. Each day more e-sport players and teams are entering the fray with hopes to be among the selected few that manage to stay relevant. There is just so much raw talent that it is difficult to make a choice. Thus our experts at the top influencer marketing agency in the U.A.E. have filtered through many creators to bring our readers the best video game influencers in the U.A.E. – people attracting a lot of attention lately.

Before we look at them, let us understand why businesses are increasing their reliance on game influencers.

Why Brands Prefer Game Influencers?

Brands from sectors like food, beverages, lifestyle, entertainment, etc., are waking up to the possibilities of utilizing games to interact with millennials. The audience segment is a challenging target, primarily because traditional advertisements fail to coerce them to action. They turn towards gaming consoles, computers, and phones for entertainment rather than television or print media. Hence, outreach through Top Gaming YouTubers In UAE is a viable alternative for top brands that want to capitalize on the expanding phenomenon of video games and grab a substantial market comprising of younger demographic.

Top Gaming YouTubers in UAE

Nerd Gamer

nerd gamer

Nerd Gamer is a gamer based in Dubai, UAE. On his YouTube channel, he posts videos every day. He presents the best games on Android, iOS, and PC that are free and easy to play. The gaming influencer’s YouTube channel has 2.68M subscribers. The player posts on various games available on Androids, like Sandman Rush, Run Rich 3D, Juice Run, Pancake Run, Kick the buddy, etc. He provides his audience information about new games' arrival, tips, and tricks to ace the game, etc. People wishing to purchase his merchandise can do so from his website. Nerd Gamer's audience has a lot of variety to choose from. The gamer is also highly popular on discord and Reddit. Brands can hence easily take advantage of his enormous fan following.

Uae Skills

uae skills

Mohammed Al Kaabi is an Arab gaming YouTuber with a channel, "Uae Skills", he regularly uploads humorous gameplay videos and vlogs. The gamer goes by the name "Skills" Or "Uae Skills". On Instagram ( no follow), the gamer has 118K followers. He posts gaming videos mostly related to PUBG, Minecraft, and COD mobile versions on his YouTube channel, which are hilarious - making it easy for him to attract viewers. Mohammed also posts vlogs of his routine and his vacays. Brands looking out for a better reach amongst the targeted audience should have him on the list as their marketer. He enjoys the advantage of a huge fan following base and can blend promotions into his content perfectly.

Rawan and Rayan Gaming

rawan and rayan gaming

Sisters Rawan and Rayan are gaming influencers in Abu Dhabi who have amassed 9.93M subscribers on their channel (Rawan and Rayan) for their vlogs, toys unboxing, cosmetic lessons, challenges, and life hacks. They also frequently engage with their 2.6M followers on Instagram via pictures and reels. The siblings are Jordanian nationals who currently reside in the United Arab Emirates. They created their first YouTube channel in 2015 but did not upload any videos until 2016. E-sport enthusiasts can frequently see the U.A.E.-based Influencers appear alongside American sister duo Alisson Gonzalez Riveron and Emily Gonzales in multiple videos. The sisters play games like Among us and P.U.B.G. and have a gaming channel, "Rawan and Rayan Gaming," with a sizable 1.06M subscribers.


  • Subscribers: 970K
  • Channel: Shanab

Mohammed Al-Amour, famously known as Tensai Shanab, is a YouTube gaming Influencer based in UAE. He is well known for his pro-gaming skills. He also provides football commentary in Arabic, which can make anyone laugh their guts out.

Shanab publishes videos about many football players, their stats, their teams, their abilities, etc. Since childhood, Shanab was passionate about football - this prompted him to start a gaming YouTube Channel in the Middle East and dedicate it entirely to fulfilling his passion. Many brands related to his niche can pick him as their opinion leader as he has got a great reach among football lovers, eventually helping brands increase their sales, ROI, and reach.



Bashar Kayal, better known as Basharkk, is a gaming influencer in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He is a civil engineer who graduated from Abu Dhabi University. The gamer posts videos of several games that he plays. He also uploads the set of games one would need to try at least once. On Instagram ( no follow), the gamer has 70.7K followers. He rates the different types of games he plays. Basharkk can be an ideal opinion leader for many brands that wish to work with someone with new ideas. The top gaming YouTuber has got excellent content creating skills which can be an asset for brands.


  • Subscribers: 317K
  • Channel: Seorai

Seorai is a 20 years old gamer based in the UAE. He is known well for his gaming skills in the game Fortnite. On Instagram ( nofollow), the gamer has just started his official page. The video game influencer of UAE is a community manager and content creator for - Yalle sports (a famous YouTube gaming channel). The audience looks up to him for tips to ace the game. Seorai hosts many Q&A sessions and giveaways, enabling him to stay connected with his audience - a crucial aspect is growing a YouTube channel. Hence brands can take advantage of his actively engaged and interacting audience to promote their products.



The name NFSTarTon should give much of it away. That's right; our next Emirati gaming influencer is an avid player of the racing game Need for speed. Since his growing days, the gamer had developed a keen interest in cars. Hence when Electronic Arts (E.A.) rolled out Need For Speed ll, NFSTarTon found it hard to keep himself away from the game. Today, he plays similar racing games on mobile like Need for Speed No limits and Rebel racing and creates content for Hutch games. The gamer created the channel "NFSTarTon" on Jun 11, 2012. Fast forward to the present; the videos have brought in a staggering 1,977,100 views. The content our U.A.E. gamer uploads include gameplays, video guides, in-game car specifications, walk-through, and much more. He also likes to tweet about the same.

Saba7o Gaming

saba7o gaming

Sabo7o Gaming is one of the few Emirati channels that feature content around football. Amr Nassouhy is a fan of the Italian national side and Series A clubs AS Roma and Zamalek SC of the Egyptian Premier League. He is also a famous video game influencer in the U.A.E. Amr handles two of the biggest channels in the country - “Sabo7o Gaming” and “Saba7o Korah”. He uploads football gameplays on the former, which holds 266K subscribers. On the other hand, Saba7o Korah boasts a whopping 2.15M subscribers - Amr reserves it for Football logs (flogs), Tactical analysis, Challenges, etc. Gaming is not the only thing Amr excels at. He is also a professional coach with level 1 and level 2 licenses from the football association (F.A.). The gamer handles the reigns of the best Arab National Team in the world on FIFA Ultimate team (FUT).


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