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Technology has established itself as a crucial and fundamental resource of day to day activities. But seemingly we can conclude on the basis of a lag in technological awareness and proper pedagogy that the majority of users are still unable to achieve the true potential of technology. It bodes a serious question, how to reduce the gap of tech awareness and create increment in user’s efficiency?

To solve the problem stated above, a simple yet precise solution is top technology YouTubers in India, who have all the updates on the latest technologies.

Let’s understand who tech YouTubers actually are?

Who are Technology YouTubers?

Technology YouTubers are cautious and passionate individuals of the technology domain. They scavenge for knowledge and satisfy their quest for superior understanding. The technology YouTubers also strategise their videos to divulge information about latest devices, concepts, usages, tutorials, etc for their viewership.

Top tech YouTubers in India bear an uninformed huge responsibility to educate the whole global platform about technology. In a brief span of time, India has seen a humongous rise in the digital technologies domain. It raises serious doubts about usages and applications. Indian tech YouTube channels are filling those gaps through their content. So, let’s explore their types.

Types of Tech YouTube channels

1. Technology Updates Channels:

These tech YouTubers in India through their videos educate the masses about the latest state-of-the-art technologies launched recently. They also delve deep into specifications, uses, and benefits.

2. Tech Devices Reviewers:

These technology YouTube channels provide firsthand information about usages and experience of tech products. They cover depth analysis and provide valuable feedback.

3. Technology Podcasts:

Most famous tech channels on YouTube know about constructive discussion on various tech topics. The discussion churns out points which proves itself to be very fruitful in predicting the course of future.

4. Educational Purposes Tech YouTuber:

These tech YouTube channels break open the science and textbook knowledge beneath the tech product and services. They educate the fellow YouTubers and subscribers in detail about How the concerned products or service functions.

Let’s know about the top tech YouTubers in India briefly. Grynow, the best influencer marketing agency in India for tech brands as well as YouTubers, have curated a well-researched list of the tech YouTube channels for you. Let’s dive in: –

List of Best Technology YouTubers in India 2024

  • Tech Burner

    1. Tech Burner

    YouTube: TechBurner


    Tends to introduce fun in technology and games.

    Tech Burner is one of the most famous tech channels on YouTube, with over 11 million subscribers and an average of 8 million views per video. Being a tech YouTuber, Shlok Srivastava has a very creative way of presenting his work. Besides reviewing newly launched tech products, he also innovates his videos by adding funky and comedic elements to them.

    His recent video about unboxing the Apple MacBook Air 15 has managed to accumulate around 500K views in less than 24 hours. Recently, he endorsed a tech brand called Nothing, where he visited their office and learned about their techniques and various products. His curiosity and hunger to explore new technology have led him to become one of the best technology YouTubers in India, and his love for gaming and technology has led him to collaborate with many brands.

  • Technology Gyan

    2. Technology Gyan

    YouTube: TechnologyGyan


    Along with being commendable tech-savvy, he loves to stay chic and stylish.

    Manoj Saru, the founder of Technical Gyan, is a tech YouTuber who loves to post about interesting technical stuff, such as unboxing new products and comparing products for his audience. His content generally revolves around suggesting budget-friendly and value-for-money products that pique the curiosity of his subscribers and keep them interested in his content.

    Manoj has a total subscriber count of 13.2 million and approximately 1.5 billion views on his YouTube channel, Technology Gyan. He also has another tech YouTube channel named Manoj Saru, where he uploads shorts related to the latest products and technology, unboxes PR packages, and endorses brands similarly to his original channel.

  • Trakin Tech

    3. Trakin Tech

    YouTube: TrakinTech


    Has a classic taste in gaming and technology.

    Arun Prabhudesai, the name behind Trakin Tech, is a content creator and tech YouTuber in India. He is prominent among the best technology YouTubers and has over four top tech channels on YouTube. His videos feature smartphone and gadget reviews, technology comparisons, news, and stories related to technology. The tech channel is said to be owned and operated by Armoks Media Private Limited.

    With over 13 million subscribers and an average of 8 million views per video, Arun has succeeded in growing a strong community of tech lovers, and the Trakin Tech channel has a total of 2 billion views now.

  • Technical Guruji

    4. Technical Guruji

    YouTube: TechnicalGuruji


    Try to have the new technology information before time.

    Technical Guruji, aka Gaurav Chaudhary, famous for his heart-stealing catchphrase, “Chaliye Shuru Karte Hai,” has become one of the best technology YouTubers in India. His vision and objective behind starting this channel are to make technology easy to understand for anyone who is a tech geek and would love to cherish every piece of information coming their way.

    Technical Guruji comes under the belt of the best tech channels on YouTube India; thus, he has been called to events like the launch of Apple Vision Pro. Nonetheless, he has also started two brand-new shows with NDTV, namely Gadgets 360 with Technical Guruji and Tech with TG. With his hard work, he has a total subscriber count of 23 million and average views of 12 million on YouTube.

  • Gogi Tech

    5. Gogi Tech

    YouTube: gogi


    Tech-geek with the vision to provide conceivable technical knowledge.

    Rajeev Baldev Rana, the founder and chief editor of Gogi Tech, is a techno-wizard who loves to try new gadgets and educate his audience with well-researched technical stuff. Gogi Tech is leading among the best tech YouTube channels because of the variety of content, including the latest news about the technical domain and reviews on the latest gadgets launched in the market.

    Rajeev makes crisp videos in Hindi that are understandable and cover every piece of information a user might need. With extreme dedication and efforts, Gogi has gained a total subscriber count of 3 million and an average of 46K views on YouTube and has become one of the top tech channels on YouTube.

  • GeekyRanjit

    6. GeekyRanjit

    YouTube: geekyranjit


    Well, his technical knowledge can be a conversion point for brands.

    GeekyRanjit is one of the most famous tech channels on YouTube, owned and managed by Ranjit Kumar, a Hyderabad-based tech YouTuber who claims to have 30 years of experience with computers and is keen to share his knowledge and wisdom with his subscribers. Due to his dedication, he has 3.32 million subscribers and an average of 120K views on his YouTube channel.

    He has a wide range of content that consists of unboxing gadgets & PR packages, detailed reviews of smartphones and other technological devices, comparative videos of products, and the pros & cons of any product. To educate and inform his audience, he has a series named Geeky Answers, where he answers the questions of his subscribers; thus, people consider him one of the best technology YouTubers in India.

  • Techno Ruhez

    7. Techno Ruhez

    YouTube: TechnoRuhez


    Believes in well-researched and detailed content creation.

    Ruhez Amrelia is one of the best technology YouTubers and is also the founder of the best tech YouTube channel, “Techno Ruhez“, where he uploads multiple videos related to technological videos, the latest gadgets, unboxing some technical devices, and upcoming technology news.

    With his tech YouTube channel, Ruhez aims to intrigue people, especially his audience, with all the latest smartphones, PCs, laptops, and technical & trendy news. He reviews different gadgets and devices and prepares a thorough video that explains everything regarding that product in detail. He has 4 million subscribers and an average of 6 million views on his YouTube channel.

  • Beebom

    8. Beebom

    YouTube: beebomco


    Revolutionising the way people understand and use technology.

    Beebom is a renowned tech YouTube channel that aims to help people make the most of technology and use it evolutionarily. It was founded by Kapil Jindal and Maheshwari in 2011 with the vision to provide optimum knowledge of technology, technical hacks, and the latest software & gadgets to the people in the most significant way.

    Beebom has a total subscriber count of 3 million and average views of 192K on his YouTube channel. The company managed to get 1 million new subscribers in just six months by making high-quality tech videos that matter to the YouTube technology community. He has garnered himself a position among the

  • TechWiser

    9. TechWiser

    YouTube: techwiser


    Likes to keep his technical content fun, lively, and knowledgeable, all at the same time.

    Pratik Rai, the boy behind one of the best tech YouTube channels, is a gem of a tech YouTuber, ambitious to present his audience with adequate technological content. He publishes content reviewing all the latest smartphones, software recommendations, tips & tutorials of how-to’s and hacks to get the most out of all the gadgets you use.

    Being amongst the best technology YouTubers in India, Pratik goes above and beyond to ensure that his subscribers know which tech products to buy and make use of them in the most efficient way possible. That’s why he has an average of 127K views and a total of 1.48 million subscribers on his tech YouTube channel.


    10. TAMIL TECH – தமிழ் டெக்

    YouTube: TamilTechOfficial


    Embracing his culture has made him a star in the Tamil YouTube community.

    Tamil Tech is amongst the most famous tech channels on YouTube, especially in the Tamil YouTube community. It is a regional tech YouTube Channel owned and managed by Tamil Selvan, an Engineer as per educational qualifications.

    Even though his videos are in his mother tongue, it’s still entertaining to watch his content because of his communication style. However, he has a vast Tamil fan following, which has garnered 3.8 million subscribers and a total of 600 million cumulative views on his YouTube channel so far.

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  •  Gizmo Gyan

    11. Gizmo Gyan

    YouTube: GizmoGyan


    loves to discuss technology and devices with his followers and subscribers.

    Gizmo Gyan is one of the best technology YouTubers in India. The tech YouTube channel is operated by one Mr. Anuj. His vision is to increase common awareness about gadgets and online shopping. The channel was created on 26th March 2016. Till now the tech YouTube channel has uploaded 1.9K videos which garnered more than 163 million views.

    Gizmo gyan also operates a YouTube technology discussion group, where he talks about latest technologies and its implications. His playlist consists of upcoming smartphones, unboxing and overviews, gizmo gyan live, gizmo gyan shorts, air conditioners, bluetooth speakers, etc.

  •  Mr Perfect Tech

    12. Mr Perfect Tech

    YouTube: MrPerfectTechofficial


    Hardcore tech geek. Top-notch analysis and performance testing

    Mr Perfect Tech is one of the most famous tech YouTube Channels in India. The tech YouTube channel is operated by Nitin. The channel is specifically in Malayalam language. The channel was started in 2020. With over 1.43M subscribers, 854 videos have garnered 313 million views till now.

    Mr Perfect Tech playlist consists of live, shorts, phone final reviews, phone performance test, phone pre launch analysis, giveaway, tech updates, tech updates, tech simplified, upcoming phones, Mr Perfect Tech talks, Q and A with Mr Perfect Tech, etc. Mr perfect tech has registered his presence on several other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  •  PrathapGTech

    13. PrathapGTech

    YouTube: PrathapGTech


    First hand reviews of smartphones and other trendy gadgets

    PrathapGTech is one of the most famous tech channels on YouTube in Malayalam language. His best tech YouTube channel is dedicated for smartphones, gadgets reviews, and app tricks. He created his YouTube channel on 19 July 2018 and till now has uploaded 1.7K+ videos. The channel has over 183 Million views.

    PrathapGTech channel playlist consists of offers, tutorials, Upcoming phones, comparisons, useful videos, used review, shorts, unboxing, tech update, others, comparison, gaming review, smartphone features and expected features, tips and tricks on smartphones, etc.

  •  Nabeel Nawab

    14. Nabeel Nawab

    YouTube: nabeelnawab


    Deeper analysis of gadgets and provide reliable experiences.

    Nabeel Nawab is one of the best technology YouTubers in India. He has devoted his love and passion to make his tech channel the best tech channel on YouTube India. He started his Channel on 25 Nov 2008 and till now the channel has over 428 million views.

    Nabeel Nawab has curated his playlist which consists of IOS 17, Samsung S23 Ultra, iPhone 15, Nothing phone 1 by nabeel nawab, Laptop review, iPhone chargers and power banks, Tecno Smartphones, etc. He has registered his presence on several social media platforms like Instagram and facebook.

  •  The Nutri Gurl

    15. The Nutri Gurl

    YouTube: TheNutriGurl


    Remarkable understanding of various gadgets.

    The Nutri Gurl tech youTube channel plattform is operated by Nitasha Singh. She focuses on mobile unboxing, mobile testing, mobile comparison, mobile reviews, and Tech YouTubers. She started her channel on 28 Nov 2016 and she has uploaded more than 1300 videos till now. The channel has overall views of more than 170 million.

    The Nutri Gurl Is one of the best tech channels on Youtube India. Her playlist consists of Poco F4 5G, Complete Audio test, Display and 4K video test, gaming review, CPU Throttling Test, Antutu benchmark, Battery drain test, charging test, TV Unboxings, etc.