Top Food Instagram Influencers In Indonesia in 2022

Top Food Instagram Influencers In Indonesia

One of the most popular postings on Instagram when it was first launched was a snapshot of food. It became a gastronomic tradition after becoming a fad that stayed. People first only wanted to record the beauty of a well-served meal from their favourite restaurant. Alternatively, they may have wished to brag about their eating experience to their friends and relatives. Today's foodie creators polish their skills to create a story behind their food images and films, rather than merely snapping a shot of their dinner. Similarly, cooks utilise a variety of internet accounts to demonstrate unique flavours and skills to their audience. Food influencers include restaurateurs and chefs of all skill levels, each with their own unique point of view.

The Power Of Instagram Food Influencers

Simply said, food and beverage influencers are well-liked because they excel at interacting with their audiences. According to businesscollective, Instagram influencer marketing in the food and beverage business generates a 7.38 percent average engagement rate, which is 5 times more than the typical in-house campaign. The reason for this substantial increase, is that influencers may provide you with access to a ready-to-interact audience that doesn't care if the material is sponsored as long as it inspires them. Influencers can also link you with customers who would otherwise block advertisements and never see your promoted content.

Influencers take use of many of the important aspects that help material go viral and stick in the minds of customers, such as eye-catching imagery, authenticity, and communication within a close-knit digital community. Clearly, influencer marketing is growing and hence demand for influencer marketing agency in Indonesia is also increasing. Food Influencers have an impact on more than simply sales statistics. Restaurants and bars have increased their investments in making their establishments more "Instaworthy," even modifying menu items to include those judged more attractive and aesthetically engaging by the newest social trends. Remember when the internet seemed to be made up entirely of avocado toast and bacon?

Packaging has grown more aligned with how customers desire to envision food online for CPG firms. With photos shot from a top-down position, a smaller logo, fewer text, and other graphic components – akin to what you might see on a food influencer's social feed – PepsiCo's current rebranding of Lay's Potato Chips (its first since 2007) was aimed to appeal directly to younger customers.

Top Indonesian Food Instagram Influencers

As food forms such a major part of our lives, it’s essential that we follow the right food Instagram influencers to get the right suggestions or receive the right food advice, here is the list of top food instagrammers in Indonesia that you must follow:

Diet Mulai Besok


This account is all food right from its display picture, the creative way to display food in an appetizing manner and at the same time connect with the audience is what has got them over 4.5 million views which isn’t an easy task till the time you are really good. Their comments section is filled with appreciation as this account is determined to put out the best content.

Fun cooking with Yacki kuka

Fun cooking with Yacki kuka Followers: 1.6M Instagram Handle: yackikuka

Just as the name suggests, this account is about making cooking fun through simple or easy to follow recipes that you can make at home. The amount of emphasis given on clicking the perfect food pictures or videos is just commendable. This being the reason, this account has amassed such a big fan following.

Farah Quinn

Farah Quinn Followers: 1.1M Instagram Handle: farahquinnofficial

Farah Quinn is an Indonesian professional chef, restaurateur, and media personality who is famous for her cooking shows on television. What better personality to follow than a great chef giving you insights on her recipes, interacting with you and giving you knowledge about great food!.

Bara Ilham

Bara Ilham Followers: 1M Instagram Handle: tanboy_kun

With visually appealing photos of great food to delicious food eaten in mukbang, this account will make your mouth drool for some great food. This account is also one of the best when it comes to getting suggestions for good restaurants or food, etc. Do check it out!


Sibungbung Followers: 683K Instagram Handle: sibungbung

With its mouth-watering appearing food photographs or eating videos along with tips or combos to go for the next time you eat a food item, this handle will give you a wholesome experience. Aside from that, this account is among the most visually stunning ones, making it a great source of inspiration for people wanting to start their own food Instagram account.

Wow Resep

Wow Resep Followers: 1.1M Instagram Handle: wowresep

Indonesia is a blending pot with many tastes. It provides a diverse selection of dishes, many of which employ herbs and spices to improve the flavour. It is home to over 300 ethnic groups. The delectable meals will leave you craving more, and in order to taste it or prepare those great food items on your own, you'll need some assistance. This Indonesian food Instagrammer is the perfect choice, with a feed packed with incredible food recipes and restaurant suggestions. It has 1.1 million followers and a 0.03 percent engagement rate. Check out this channel right away!

Jakarta Food And Destination

Jakarta Food And Destination Followers: 1.1M Instagram Handle: JKfooddestination

Do you constantly think about food and desire to indulge in some of the most unusual and intriguing flavours to ever erupt on the scene? From one street to the next, from one seller to the next, from one restaurant to the next, and from one event to the next, there are flavours that draw you in. If so, Jakarta is one of those locations where individuals may experiment with tastes and spices while also tasting some of the greatest dishes. When it comes to cuisine, the nation is quite diversified and wealthy. Jakarta's street food scene is a foodie's delight, offering everything from unique and wacky culinary innovations to traditional dishes and family secrets. And to assist you in discovering its greatest food one of the top Indonesian Food instagram influencers Jkfooddestination will assist you, it has a feed full of amazingly shot food places or recommendations etc. Do check it out!

Gerry Girianza

Gerry Girianza Followers: 113K Instagram Handle: gerrygirianza

From food recipes, food photos to food videos from different corners of the world, you will get all of it on his feed in the most aesthetic way possible due to which he has been successful to gain over a lakh followers in no time. Don’t miss out on some amazing food content if you haven’t checked this account already.

We hope you found this list of top Indonesian food influencers to be useful. Stay connected for more such content.