Top Music YouTubers in Indonesia (2023)

Top Music YouTubers in Indonesia (2023)

Music is an emotion and holds different meaning for everyone. As they say music feeds the soul and relaxes your mind so it is in no conflict that it is one of the most famous fields in Indonesia. With YouTube coming into play, different types of music has become accessible to the audience by different artists. However there are only a few or some top music YouTubers in Indonesia who are able to get attention of a crowd and those are the ones that make an impact. Let us take a deeper look into who are music influencers, how do brands leverage them and who are the top music influencers who have made an impact in Indonesia:

List of Best Indonesian Music YouTubers in 2023

Top music YouTubers (Influencers) In Indonasia

If your target audience is music lovers rather than industry insiders, you'll want to collaborate with a music influencer or a person who has a huge following in the music domain who can get your message in front of enthusiastic music enthusiasts you need a top influencer marketing agency in Indonesia.

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Sure, you're familiar with the top Indonesian music influencers on YouTube, the Rio Febrian and Sandy Sondhoros of the world, but you might be astonished to learn that indie musicians you've never heard of have big and devoted followings.

So let us take a look at the Top Indonesian Music YouTubers whom you can follow in 2021:

1. Musica Studios

Naji Elqaq

The Musica Studio, which was founded in 1968, is the most popular music YouTube channel in Indonesia. Musica Studios is one of Indonesia's oldest and largest music studios, with over 3.89 million YouTube followers and over a billion views.

Musica Studio's, formerly known as Metropolitan Studio's in the 1960s, administers the Record Label and publication rights of some of Indonesia's most well-known bands and musicians, including Noah, Nidji, D'Masiv, Geisha, Sheryl Sheinafia, De.Neno, Friday, and GoGoJiLL.

2. Trinity Optima Productions

Naji Elqaq

Trinity Optima Production is an Indonesian YouTube channel that has created blockbusters such as Untik Apa and Jomblo Happy.

The record labels of starlets, composer and singer Maudy Ayunda, prominent Indonesian band Gamma1, rising Indonesian star Lesti Andryani, and many more Indonesian musicians are managed by Trinity Optima Production, which was founded in 2003.

3. Nagaswara Official Video

Naji Elqaq

With the phrase 'No Music, No Life,' NAGASWARA Official has roughly 8.39 million subscribers on its YouTube account.

NAGASWARA Official's YouTube channel has 3,635,321,278 views and has generated some of Indonesia's biggest successes in recent years, such as Nella Kharisma's Ninja Opo Vespa, which has taken the Indonesian public by storm due to which it has made it to Indonesian music YouTubers list.

4. Aquarius Musikindo

Naji Elqaq

Aquarius Musikindo is a record label and YouTube channel headquartered in Jakarta that joined YouTube in 2011. With over 3.13 million members, the channel has had 2,229,356,684 views thus far.

Agnez Mo, Indonesian rock band J-Rocks, Utopia, and other artists' videos are produced by Aquarius Musikindo. With over 12 million views, Agnez Mo's Sebuah Rasa is the most popular video on the channel.

5. Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia

Naji Elqaq

Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, a subsidiary of the American music company Sony Music Entertainment, has a YouTube channel with around 1.78 million followers and 1,352,793,752 views. The channel is well-known in Indonesia for showcasing up-and-coming talent or representing Indonesian music on YouTube.

6. Emotion Entertainment

Naji Elqaq

Kekasih Terhebat, Cinta Terbaik, Hargai Aku, and Berhenti Di Kamu are all chart-topping songs produced by Emotion Entertainment. Over 1.33 million people subscribe to the channel, which has 1,145,065,255 views on its platform.

Emotion Entertainment has worked with Erdian Aji Prihartanto (a.k.a. Anji), Cassandra band, and pop-rock band Drive to Develop a major tunes.

7. Hits Records

Naji Elqaq

Hits Record: Hits Record is number 7 on our list of the Top Most Watched Music YouTube Channels in Indonesia, with over 4.11 million followers and 1,409,454,332 views on its channel.

Citra Scholastika (Everybody Knew, Could Can, Galau Galau Galau 3G, Berlian), Petra Sihombing (This Love, Choose Only Me & MINE), Latinka (I Can Die), Giselle (Thief Heart), and many more have worked with Hits Records.

8. Isyana Sarasvati

Naji Elqaq

Isyana, who began playing the piano at the age of four, has mastered a variety of instruments including the violin, flute, and saxophone.

The channel has over 1.05 million subscribers and has had 279,206,779 views. Isyana got the Best Composer of the Year award at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards for her duet 'Anganku Anganmu' with Raisa Andriana. On YouTube, the video has been seen 31 million times making her one of the top Indonesian music YouTubers.

9. Pro-M

Naji Elqaq
  • Subscribers: 1.39 M
  • Channel: Pro-M

The channel is managed by PT Professional Music, a musical label located in Jakarta. Pro-platform M's has over 1.39 million subscribers and 954,171,428 views.

Artists such as Sammy S, Repvblik, ZigaZ, Mike Mohede, Dygta, Gio Idol, Felicya Angellista, Gisela, and others call Pro-M home.

10. Samudra Records

Naji Elqaq

The YouTube channel and record label established in Banyuwangi has over 2.47 million followers and 1,254,138,000 views on its site. The station, which first broadcasted in April 2014, has gone a long way since then.

In December 2016, the same label released Nella Kharisma's Konco Mesra, which has had over 104 million views and is one of the most popular YouTube videos music Indonesia.

11. Lyodra Ginting

Naji Elqaq

Lyodra Ginting whose channel is under the management of starhits joined YouTube on april 2014, boasting a total of 151,378,426 views and over 1.27 million subscribers, she is one of the most loved singers in Indonesia. This is due to a different approach she has in her singing style which just makes the mind feel connect. She has always sought for quality and improving her skills which is seen in every new content she posts. She is really humble with her audience as well and tries to reply as much as she can making a great connect with them.

12. Ghea Indrawari

Naji Elqaq

Ghea Indrawari (born March 10, 1998) is an Indonesian singer from Singkawang. He was one of the top five finalists in the ninth season of Indonesian Idol, a singing talent show that aired on RCTI in 2018. On August 31, 2018, he released his debut single, Rinduku, which has received 5.3 million views so far.

13. Valerie Pola

Naji Elqaq

With 14,783,280 views and over 288k subscribers, VALERIE REGINA POLA is one of Indonesia's top Entertainment influencers, expressing a calming voice that reaches the heart. She is the perfect example of where true talent can take you. She has just honed her skills since the time she started and focused on giving consistently quality music content. The comments section in her videos is a testament to the fact that she has been successful in making it to that level.

14. Rian Ekky Pradipta

Naji Elqaq

Rian Ekky Pradipta, popularly known as Rian D'Masiv, is an Indonesian musician and the lead vocalist of the musical ensemble d'Masiv. He was born on November 17, 1986. (In 2003, he co-founded the musical ensemble d'Masiv with Kiki, Rai, Rama, and Wahyu.) He has a great and bold voice making an impact. His stage presence is also something seen rarely in other musicians making him and his singing memorable. This has led to him gaining a following of over 483k and a growing engagement rate.

15. Kevin Aprilio

Naji Elqaq

Kevin Aprilio, the son of artists Addie MS and Memes, was raised in a musical environment from an early age. Kevin has formally studied piano since kindergarten, and when he started junior high school, the owner's true name is Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmaja, he began to learn to create his own songs. This is inextricably linked to his desire to follow in his father's footsteps as a musician and composer. He now has 326K subscribers on YouTube and has over 41,605,659 views.

16. Astrid Sartiasari

Naji Elqaq

Surabaya was where Astrid went to school. Astrid has received several prizes in the realm of singing from her school days in Surabaya. The Best Vocal Festival Band SMA in Surabaya is one of them. Astrid had joined a band, but it disintegrated after a while. Astrid later became a frequent performer at Surabaya's Colors Café. Until the Colors' management provided Sony Music a sample of Astrid's vocals. She's been unstoppable since, with a subscriber base of 101k making her a great YouTube music influencer.

17. Al ghufron

Naji Elqaq

With the tagline ‘ Your Favorite Doctor Who Can Make You Sing Along Together ‘ al-ghufron projects a great voice with over 19,920,124 views and a subscriber base of 81.8k. This musician has the talent of making his singing sound so effortless and soothing that you will not stop listening to him. There are some musicians who are thought of having a natural gift for singing and this musician is exactly that.

18. Petrus Mahendra

Naji Elqaq

Petrus Mahendra (born December 17, 1996), best known by his stage name Mahen, is an Indonesian singer. His name became well-known after he published his debut song, Pura - Pura Lupa, on November 29, 2019, which has received over 105 million views. The reason for his fame is that he reflects authenticity and pure bliss in his voice somehow. Listening to his new music, it is clealry seen that he works day and night in making his skills more polished. This has made him one of the top music youtube influencers in Indonesia.

19. Jenifer Wirawan

Naji Elqaq

Jenifer Wirawan boasts her beautiful voice throw song covers etc with a total of 13,613,822 views and over 204K subscribers. With way back home being the most popular video. This musician has a speciality of releasing songs with lyrics that are so easily relatable with a voice just hitting the right spot. Each video of his channel just beats the previous one in terms of quality.

20. Ziva Magnolia

Naji Elqaq

Ziva Magnolia is a singer from Indonesia. She is most known for finishing third in the tenth season of Indonesian Idol, which aired on the national television stations RCTI from 2019 to 2020. She has over 661K YouTube followers and 57,476,992 views. She is one of the most loved Indonesian music influencers owing to her soothing voice no matter what she sings. She has a great stage presence as well which made his audience stick with her even after coming third in Indonesian idol. She now releases quality music consistently making her one of the top music youtubers in Indonesia.

How Are Brands Leveraging Music Influencers To Grow?

Top music YouTubers (Influencers) In Indonasia

A huge shift in the way music is promoted is occurring as a result of changing consumer behaviour and a fundamental shift in the way music is consumed - from albums to singles to playlists. Content creators' success is based on their ability to connect with followers as well as their inventiveness and platform management abilities. They have a big presence on one or more platforms, have a particular relationship with their followers, and provide unedited information that others can relate to.

People frequently turn to their favorite influencers for advice on what to wear, what to listen to, and even where to go on vacation. This is why record companies are rethinking their marketing strategies and reaching out to social media influencers to promote their new releases. Now, when it comes to incorporating music into artists' playlists, businesses normally use one of two approaches. The first option is to explicitly discuss the music, while the second is to request that the influencer include the song in their regular uploads.

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  • Eventually, you'll want to increase your reach, advocacy, awareness, sales ROI, traffic, and leads.
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  • As customers frequently have similar values to brands, it aids in the development of long-term partnerships.

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I hope you find this list of top music YouTube influencers in Indonesia useful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to share it.