Top Food YouTubers (Influencers) In Indonesia In 2022

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Have you ever wondered why Indonesian food is so delicious? Well, the bold use of spices and fresh herbs contributes a lot to ‘awesomeness’. Additionally, coconut broth used in most curries makes the recipes more delicious than cuisines from other parts of the world. 

Sounds tempting, right?

If you have never tried Indonesian cuisine before, don’t worry. Here is a list of top food Youtubers in Indonesia they can guide you to try some of the best traditional and extraordinary recipes worth drooling for. These food influencers raise awareness of current cuisine trends while also pushing fans to try new foods.

As a food brand or an upcoming restaurant, gaining exposure and expanding your reach should be your ultimate goal but organically it is quite a time-consuming process. Getting connected with social media influencers who already have an established audience in the food niche, might turn out to be the best asset for your business. But wait, before you randomly choose an influencer by yourself, keep in mind that there are various factors to be considered. This can get overwhelming and complicated if you do not have the right knowledge. Hence the best option is to connect with a top influencer marketing agency in Indonesia.

Look for an agency that has years of experience in the influencer marketing industry and will leave no stone unturned until it finds the perfect fit for your brand. They should give prime importance to passionate Indonesian influencers who are consistent with their posts and engage with their audience regularly. An active audience has a big potential to become future buyers. Moreover, working with the right influencers helps to create successful marketing campaigns that lead to massive growth for the brand.

Impact Of Food Influencers On Eating Choices

In today's global markets, influencers play a significant role in consumer decision-making due to which over 70% teens trust influencers more than celebrities according to thinkwithgoogle. Consumers' attitudes and judgments are influenced by their unique abilities, specialised knowledge, and, in some situations, the charm of a person's personality, so the time of asking who food influencer is, is long gone. Due to their potential to shape customer thoughts, attitudes, and ideas, as well as significantly influence trends in demand for certain food goods, food influencers have emerged as some of the most powerful profiles on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Influencer marketing is a sort of social media marketing that has become increasingly popular in the food and restaurant business.

Food blogging is not a new concept; it has been popular for quite some time. The increased usage of social media platforms such as YouTube has propelled food blogging to new heights. The graphical medium of such platforms makes it easy to exchange recipes and exhibit food photographs on the go, resulting in the creation of a slew of food youtube influencers with millions of followers on social media.

Top culinary influencers from all around the world have sparked the appetites of billions of people. We frequently see food bloggers uploading exquisite food images while dining in posh restaurants or in private settings, which helps to establish a brand memory for us when we go out to eat the following time. They frequently arouse a desire for a certain meal by the way they write about it.

Cooking is, as the saying goes, "love rendered visible." Indonesian Food channels on YouTube have now surpassed culinary shows and books in terms of accessibility, with the best recipes available in only a few taps. They have undoubtedly captured the interest of the audience and held it fascinated by offering both reviews and recipes for delectable dishes. If you're a gourmet, these top food YouTube influencers in Indonesia will satisfy your cravings with delectable foods:

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Top Food YouTube Influencers In Indonesia

1. The Onsu Family

Naji Elqaq

This is the official Youtube channel of Roben Onsu (who is an actor who has starred in different shows, apart from it he owns Big Ben Kopi and geprek bensu restaurant) and his wife Sarwendah. Their YT channel reflects lip-smacking food videos which even feature their kids. The whole Vibe is kept playful in their videos so that the audience get as much entertained as possible, this being the reason they have amassed over 8 million subscribers and over 100 crore views. If you are into food and haven’t checked out their content you have missed a lot!

2.Demina Harmawan

Joe BouGhazaly

Devina Harmawan is one of the biggest Indonesian chefs and cooking instructors. You might have guessed by now why she has such a big fan following on YT. Her YT reflects the best and easiest recipes of the widest varieties of food. Another key element which makes her one of the top Indonesian food influencers is that she provides english subtitles as well so that people all around the world can learn and make delicious food themselves. 

3.Ika Mardatillah

Shehab And Baherra

As you know Indonesian cuisine is known for its rich flavours, which are derived from a combination of ingredients and bumbu spices, It has a diverse range of flavours that are frequently described as savoury, hot, and spicy, as well as a mix of fundamental tastes such as sweet, salty, sour, and bitter which can make people think that these dishes are really hard to make let alone master. Well not anymore, Ika Mardatillah provides the easiest explanation and step by step video to make your favourite dish with the maximum amount of ease.

4.Tri Pujis

Mustafa Mohd

Another amazing food YouTube influencer to make your taste buds the happiest. If you are a foodie you must crave for videos which are easy to learn but are visually appealing to watch as well as it gives a different kind of kick to the mind. Tri Pujis knows exactly how to do this, follow his channel and you will be in on a treat.

5.The Santoso


You say one of the best chefs in the country, we hear bobon santoso. Over 8.14 million people are mad over his cooking and explanation skills. He even cooks in giant quantities to make the process even more fun or wholesome along with challenges. If you are a foodie you probably already know about him, if not check his channel out right now to get hooked on to it.

6.Dapur Lagi

Arjun Doney

 Have you ever come across someone really underrated but one of the best in their field? Dapur Lagi is one such name, he has one of the most wholesome content of food recipes which are posted regularly and short and sweet to keep you as invested in it as possible. So what are you people waiting for? Go give it a glance.

7.Nuraaini Soewarto

Saad Abdullah

This Channel is all about making food recipes delicious and simple so that you can cook the fanciest meals at home without any hassle. The creator has also given emphasis on solving any doubt that you may have regarding the recipes in the comment section as soon as possible, which ensures you are able to gain value from each and every video.

8.Mama Naurah


The food recipe of this channel are as unique as the name is, learning about food has never been easier thanks to channels like these which are constantly determined to provide quality content to its audience almost everyday. Do check out this channel for some fun food recipes that you can try at home

9.Tina XL

Akram Nagi
  • Subscribers:488 K
  • Channel: Tina XL

Mind releases oxytocin while seeing or eating great food, fact or not, mukbang or food lovers know exactly what we are talking about. If you haven’t watched such videos you are missing out on another level of happiness. This channel reflects the best of Indonesian food etc being made and eaten in the cleanest way possible.

10.Ria SW

Khaled Tube
  • Subscribers:4M
  • Channel: Ria SW

Ria SW is a renowned Indonesian food influencer with 4 million subscribers! She likes travelling to new places and explore amazing delicacies. Moreover, the chef in her also contributes to innovative recipes that inspire her fans to try out the finger-licking dishes at home. Her recent recipe for cooking instant noodles became a huge hit. The creative twist of cooking the noodles with beef ham and then serving them with kimchi, fried wontons and finely chopped garlic kept her audience drooling for the amazing creation!

11.Tanboy Kun

O. Esa

Tanboy Kun is a famous Indonesian YouTuber with 16.2 million subscribers. He is known for eating anything you dare! His mukbang and food challenges videos are loved by his fans. A few years ago, he uploaded a video on ‘30pcs Richeese Fire Wings’, a challenge that was daring enough to put spice lovers to shame! The video received 19 million views so far!

12.Ken & Grat

Clara Fowe

Ken & Grat are one of the most famous couple YouTubers from Indonesia with 2.61M subscribers. They consistently post food videos every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday which is also one of the reasons why they achieved a huge following in a short time. Their honest food reviews, hilarious prank battles and food challenge videos are absolutely worth-watching.

13.Vivi Veronica

Clara Fowe

Vivi Veronica is one of the most admired Indonesian food influencers with 999k subscribers. She is talented at cooking and enjoys sharing amazing recipes with her fans. Her recent video on fried banana sticks served with chocolate jam and cheese received tons of appreciation from her fans. The lip-smacking recipe video got 57k views and 745k likes.

14.Gerry Girianza

Clara Fowe

Gerry Girianza channel is for everybody who likes to cook, eat and travel. Gerry is famous for his food videos and has successfully accumulated 1.23M subscribers so far. He is a chef and loves to travel to new places and give the best food recommendations to his fans. His recent video on the review of pizza as big as 32-inch TV received 132k views!


Clara Fowe

JwestBros is not just an ordinary food YouTube channel. They are famous for their extraordinary high-quality food and travel videos. The cinematic presentation of their content has helped them amass 539k subscribers! A year ago, they posted a video on ‘Hidden Gem overseas Quality Sandwich’. The drool-worthy content received 114k views!

We hope you found this list of Indonesian Food YouTube Influencers to be useful. Please feel free to share about it!