Top Fashion Instagrammers (Influencers) In UAE

Because of the relentless expansion of social media, influence is more potent and powerful than it has ever been. According to a conservative estimate of US$1.28 billion for the new industry, brands would spend $15.1 billion on influencer advertising by next year.

Fashion is important. The economy, society, and each of us individually are all affected. What we wear tells the tale of who we are – or who we aspire to be – faster than anything else. It's all the vogue right now to be a top fashion instagrammer in UAE.

These individuals understand how to use social media to help develop and influence today's fashion trends. These are the folks you should be watching whether you want to be fashionable or get a sneak peek at the next big thing on the runway. Influencers suggested by a top influencer marketing agency in UAE like Grynow are used by businesses to attract customers.

top fashion instagrammers in indonesia

Who Are Fashion Influencers?

A fashion influencer is a social media figure with a significant following who primarily provides fashion content and has the ability to influence others' opinions and buying behavior through their recommendations. Brands encourage them to attend fashion shows, parties, luxury meals, and special excursions, as well as to post pictures of themselves wearing their goods on social media. If payment was made, the influencer may be compelled to designate the postings as paid or sponsored.

Fashion influencers have been dubbed "the new celebrity endorsements" by business magazine Forbes. Influencers, on the other hand, appear to have a deeper bond with their followers than traditional celebrities. As a marketer, it's important to interact daily across many platforms, such as images, stories, and live sessions, that foster a sense of intimacy and trust that makes influencers more tangible than traditional celebrities.

Let us look at the top fashion Instagrammers in UAE or Dubai influencers whom you can follow right now:

Top Instagram Fashion Influencers in UAE to look out for In 2022

Kuwait-born Rawan Bin Hussain is a model, beauty and fashion influencer, social media celebrity known for her work as an editor for velvet magazine. He current places of residence are Dubai United Arab Emirates and London, England United Kingdom. 

Rawan gained worldwide acclamation after receiving the title "the Brooke Shields of Kuwait" from the media. That year she also bagged "The most influential social-media figure of the year in Dubai."

Rawan created an Instagram page when she was a student in Los Angeles. She quickly gained millions of followers, attracting influential brands for lucrative collaboration. Fast forward a few years, she became the brand ambassador for global brands like Maybelline, Gucci, Lancome, and Charlotte Tilbury in the Middle East. 

Rawan has 6.8M follower’s on Instagram. The breakdown shows that 48.8% are female, whereas 51.2 percent are male followers. The average post engagement rate is roughly 2.10 percent. The average number of likes and comments per post is 126101 and 1225, respectively.

Middle Eastern pop artist Samira Said was born in Rabat, Morocco, and was discovered by the music community at nine. Said later moved to Cairo, Egypt, to pursue a full-time career as a singer.

The Middle Eastern instagram influencer has many hit songs to her name. She holds dual nationality in Morocco and Egypt and records albums in Egyptian Arabic and Moroccan Arabic. 

Samaira has sold 60 million + of copies of her album. Aweeny Beek is a top-selling Arabic album in the Middle East with 10 million copies.

Samaira has received a warm reception from the music community. In 2003, she was selected for the "Best singer in the Middle East" by BBC Radio 3 awards for world music. In 2008, the singer won Rabab D'or prize at the Tétouan's voix des Femme Festival. Said also bagged the Murex d'Or Award in 2009.

Samaira has 3M followers on Instagram. The top female Emirati fashion influencer likes talking about fashion, modeling, and singing, always entertaining to watch.

Since 2009, Noha (nohastyleicon) has been blogging. She first became well-known as a TV host. Since then, she has grown her personal online personas on numerous social media platforms, including Instagram, earning her the 2017–2018 Forbes Middle East Top 5 Influencers title.

She has opened various ventures like nohannabil beauty, etc since that and reflects authority in the niche of fashion with each of her post boasting of high quality, amazing clothes and combination, flawless makeup and professional poses.

She occasionally puts put funny reels as well and one of them is amongst her most viewed reel recently with over 966k views.

Nadya is a native of the UAE and a fashion and luxury enthusiast. Her blog, The Fierce Diaries, is one of the most well-known in the United Arab Emirates and has sections on fashion, beauty, and jewellery in addition to travel. Recently, she has worked with luxury companies like Gucci and Aigner.

Even her candid photos are as perfect as professional ones, each of her posts are so carefully planned and just adds up to the beauty of her profile. She reflects great knowledge of the field as well which can be seen from the colour combinations she wears, etc. She has over 328k followers as a result of that with her reels often reaching 100k views.

Laila has recently crossed 1 million followers on Instagram. 78.4 percent of the demographic are male - the rest 21.6 percent make the female counterparts. When talking about beauty and fashion, Laila seems to be not running out of topics any time soon.

The Middle Eastern fashion influencer is at the helm of the number one social commerce platform in the Middle East - the Laila Al Maqbali boutique. She is an authority of everything makeup, skincare, Arabic and international fragrances, Hair, Korean beauty, Bath & Body, eyewear, etc.

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Mona Sami Saqr is a UAE Instagram fashion influencer and the Hope and Giveness ambassador of Dubai world icon.

Mona's work has received recognition from various authority figures. For instance, Emirati royals like His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, His Highness Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi Ajman, and His Highness Sheikh Hamad Al Sharqi Fujairah are pleased by the Influencers work in humanities.

Mona can't get enough talking on fashion, lifestyle, and modeling. She is an authority on the subject; she has gained more than 1M followers on Instagram. Males make 51.0 % of her audience. In contrast 49.0% are female. The average number of likes and comments on each of her posts is 237 and 46, respectively.

Soha Mohamad Taha is an Egyptian fashion blogger raised in the United Arab Emirates. She spearheads the designing branch at Al Ain, UAE. 

Soha effectively became a part of the fashion revolution through the blog and later launched her collection. She designs modest fashion attires for veiled ladies, part of a developing fashion trend. 

The Middle Eastern fashion instagrammer has a robust following of 828K on Instagram. She always has some wardrobe tips or fashion tutorials for her audience. The fans of this designer can always expect something exciting from her graceful and straightforward design approach.

Pharmacist turned fashion designer Aya Sharaf was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Her interest in fashion-related topics has amassed a big fan following of 650K on Instagram.

In 2014, the Fashionista launched her brand "ayahsharafdesigns" in Egypt. Aya's venture found tremendous success in just two years, and thus she moved to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with goals of expansion.

Aya launched the company to create good-looking and cozy clothing for working women so that they won't have to compromise one over the other.

The 650K follower’s on Ayah’s official Instagram page is a testament to her talent. Females account for 51.0 percent of ayahsharafdesigns' followers, while males account for 49.0 percent. The average rate of engagement on the postings is roughly 0.80%. The average amount of likes and comments per post is 5065 and 87, respectively.

Manar Bashor was born in Damascus, Syria, and is a famous blogger, entrepreneur, peace ambassador, and fashion influencer In the Middle East.

Manar completed most of her Academy journey in Syria. After graduating, she worked as a volunteer in the service and social field. Her work took Manar to countries like Russia, Bulgaria, and Lithuania. She had all the necessary expertise needed to head a company like Al Manar when she came back. 

Menar Bashor has more than 558.4K followers on Instagram thanks to her posts and opinion on fashion and lifestyle topics. Females make up 23.5 percent of almanaroo's followers, while men make up 76.5 percent. The average post engagement rate is roughly 3.40 percent. The average number of likes and comments per post is 19184 and 125, respectively. 

This year Manar Bashor was crowned Miss Arab night in Dubai. 

Leena Ha, a top fashion influencer of UAE, is one of the most well-known fashion bloggers who requires no introduction. She inspires people with her casual streetwear outfits coupled with luxurious accessories like footwear and handbags. Leena Al Ghouti's distinct, unique style has piqued the interest of big business names across the Middle East and the world.

Leena has 320K followers on her Instagram page. Her fashion sense perfectly strikes a balance between classic goth, sportswear, and tailoring. This UAE-based Influencers feed follows a pastel-colored IG feed that is a treat to her viewer's eyes.

This influencer is one of the most unique and top fashion influencer in uae, this is due to the face that she mixes her passion of art with fashion by making her photoshoots nothing less than an art piece. Her profile reflects bright colours, outfits that one can dream of, and high quality posts which makes her audience go gaga over her.

Moreover by adding personal elements to it she makes sure she has a great connect with their audience and keeps reflecting authority in the domain.

After working as a media professional for 12 years, Mariam's love of design inspired her to pursue a career in fashion.

Her journey began when she launched her personal style page, which gained popularity very quickly. She also enrolled at Esmod Dubai to learn the technical aspects of the industry, and in May 2016 she launched Mrs. Keepa, her atelier and pret-a-porter line.

Today she reflected authority like no other with each of her posts perfecting the elements of fashion. She has a following of 227k and a rising engagement rate owing to the unique content she posts consistently.

Between Stockholm and Dubai, Teresa works as an art director and stylist for the fashion industry. She has created conceptual fashion editorials for CHANEL, DIOR, and Cartier as well as commercial ad campaigns for Mercedes, Emirates Airlines, and the Burj Al Arab hotel, among other well-known international brands.

She was named Stylist of the Year at the Middle Eastern Fashion Awards in 2015, and since then, she has fronted campaigns for Galleries Lafayette and Shiseido as an influencer. Additionally, Teresa works as a freelancer for several Middle Eastern publications.

Former editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Louise (louisenichol). She has directed cover shoots starring people like Janet Jackson, Kim Kardashian West, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Rihanna. She has pursued a freelance career as a presenter, host, and consultant in the UAE since leaving Harper's Bazaar. She also reflects authority in the fashion domain as an influencer due to the thorough knowledge she has as to how to pose, what setting is perfect for photoshoots, how to walk, etc.

She participated in the BVLGARI Middle East campaign featuring accomplished women in support of the brand's collaboration with Save the Children in 2019. Along with local celebrities Aseel, Tara Emad, Dorra Zarrouk, and Nadine Nassib Njeim, she was featured.

For more than six years, Gemma, a freelance fashion editor, and stylist, has worked in Dubai. She formerly served as Harper's Bazaar Arabia's fashion editor. Now she reflects authority in the fashion field with collaborations with the top brands and posts boasting high-quality of photography and perfect setting, amazing and unique combinations of clothes, and flawless makeup.

She has over 11k followers and a rising engagement rate with her reels generating great views and adoration from the audience. Make sure you check out her content!

How Are Brands Leveraging Top Fashion Instagram influencers in UAE To Grow?

With all of the social media craziness on the horizon, it's safe to say that people's shopping decisions are heavily influenced by the opinions of their peers. People used to merely look at businesses and their products before making a purchase, but now they search for clear recommendations and endorsements from their peers and favorite personalities before purchasing a product or service. This is how influencer marketing got started, and it's just going to get bigger.

Since the dawn of time, word-of-mouth has been an effective marketing tactic, and influencer marketing is a digital equivalent of conventional word-of-mouth. Influencers have a huge number of devoted and committed social media followers by nature. These followers see them as experts in their fields, and they value their advice. Influencers, unlike traditional superstars, have a close bond with their followers, making influencer marketing an effective tool for raising brand recognition and achieving other marketing objectives.

There are various social media channels to select from when it comes to influencer marketing initiatives. However, the optimal location for your business is where your target audience spends the most time. For B2C firms, Instagram, for example, is the preferred influencer marketing channel, particularly for lifestyle and fashion brands.

When a business works with an influencer whose specialty aligns with its offerings, it has access to a pre-existing audience. When this influencer talks about the brand or suggests one of its products, it increases the brand's visibility. This expands the brand's reach as well as its awareness. The influencer marketing industry will be worth $15 billion by 2022, up from $8 billion in 2019 (Source: Business Insider Intelligence).

According to fashionmonitor, 84 percent of influencer research is done manually. – This can be taken care of by a prominent influencer marketing agency. 

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