YouTube epitomizes the avant-garde realm of digital expression, where individuals immerse themselves in captivating visual narratives. But as we see the world, and primarily UAE, it has taken a complete digital reorientation. In the UAE, the major digital estate has been occupied by video content and content creators.

The video content that the audiences consume are created by top Emirati YouTubers that offers us a unique glimpse of the UAE’s rich and diverse culture. They have opened a window for us to dive in the insurmountable beauty of this apparent metaversical destination.

UAE is a magical realm that showcases a fine blend of ancient cultural and modern globalisation synthesis. In the vast horizon of its geographical extent, there are many elements that one can present like the natural beauty of the dunes, lush green oasis, the architectural marvels, automotive superiority, artificial islands, etc. Notwithstanding the travel niche, UAE encompasses all major niches and so do the top YouTubers in UAE.

All the above stated essence of UAE became available for our visual delight through simple videos created by YouTubers in UAE. These YouTubers belong from various domains. Some represent travel, some technology, some lifestyle, and so on. If one has to know something about a particular niche, it is safe to say that the best YouTuber in Dubai has already made content on that.

In addition, the latest trend that has emerged is that brands are collaborating with the best influencer marketing agency in UAE to integrate these top YouTubers from UAE into their marketing mechanisms.

Let us understand more about these biggest youtubers in the Middle East, but before that first we will understand who these top YouTubers are?

Who Are The Top YouTubers in UAE?

Top YouTubers in UAE are the front face or Opinion leader in their domain, who are specifically defined through their geographical centrality i.e. UAE. Regardless of their geographical limitations, their content and charisma touches upon the global population.

The domain or niche where they make content are various. Let's check some of them and the type of content that they create.

Types of YouTube Channels on YouTube in Dubai, UAE

  • Travel YouTubers: These top youtubers in UAE specifically curates content around travel content. They showcase the vast landscape, the flora and fauna, architectural marvels, etc.
  • Food YouTubers: These top youtubers in Dubai to follow if you want to explore great places to have a bite and enjoy your meal.
  • Automobile YouTubers: These youtubers in Dubai from the Automobile niche love to showcase cars, travelling, highways, etc.
  • Gaming YouTubers: Gaming culture is also very prominent in UAE. It is on boost and the top YouTubers give us a glimpse of the gaming world.

List of the Top 15 YouTubers in Middle East

  • Sonia Barton

    1. Sonia Barton

    Sonia Barton's life revolves around travelling, spending time with family, and cooking. Cooking is her passion - one that she never misses a chance to show the world. Her desire to create the most delicious recipes on the internet prompted the content creator to start her YouTube channel, which is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in Dubai.

    New subscribers to Sonia Barton's channel witness an exclusive spread of restaurant style, veg, non-veg, seasonal, festive, and sweet dishes that Sonia makes efforts to create. Her videos follow a step-by-step guide through all the ingredients, quantities, and cooking methods that anyone can replicate at home. The YouTuber also features readymade food items, giving her opinions on the taste, texture and money value. Overall, Sonia Barton is one of the biggest YouTubers in the Middle East whom millions follow to find new food inspirations and grow in knowledge.

  • harnidh-kaur-sodhi

    2. Harnidh Kaur Sodhi

    At just 13, Harnidh Kaur Sodhi has achieved multiple milestones through her splendid talent display. This young superstar is a Maestro with her feet, capturing hearts and bringing millions to view her content as she dances to the beats of different Bollywood and Hollywood music. Her brother Harnaman, a talented guitarist and musician, regularly features in Harnidh's videos, and together, they are the duo of the top Emirati YouTubers who create different YouTube content for their followers.

    As one of the top YouTubers in Dubai, Harnidh Kaur Sodhi has cut her work out for her and does not disappoint. The talented artist vlogs about her family, shares dancing tips, reacts to her clips, produces funny skits with her brother, and hosts Q&A sessions to interact with her fans. Besides bringing attention to popular music by dancing to the tunes, she has also released her debut track, "Big Bang," on YouTube.

  • Raghad Fahmi

    3. Raghad Fahmi

    The beautiful and charming Raghad Fahmi is one of the most popular YouTubers in UAE because of her style, Grace, and personality, which she flaunts while undertaking different activities around fashion, beauty, and Lifestyle—million subscribers across YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

    Raghad Fahmi has created one of the best channels on YouTube in UAE because of the diversity of content she produces. Raghad Fahmi undertakes challenges with her friends and families, makes funny skits and pranks, provides cost-efficient beauty solutions, and uploads Vlogs about shopping, seasonal purchases, product recommendations, food, and much more. One of the biggest YouTubers in the Middle East also travels to different countries. She narrates her experience with people, culture, food, and hospitality with detailed storytelling.

  • Azza Zarour

    4. Azza Zarour

    Azza Zarour is one of the biggest YouTube content creators in the Middle East, and her humble attitude makes the audience feel joy every time they visit her YouTube channel. Azza is known for sharing her hobbies and Lifestyle with the world. She vlogs key milestones in her career as a content creator, pranks her family, talks about beauty and fashion, and displays her talent in acting and music. Popular Arabic media outlets have interviewed Azza Zarour for her immense insights on makeup and fashion styling.

    The simplicity of providing complete knowledge of complex subjects has brought much attention to Azza Zarour's industry expertise, putting her amongst the top YouTubers in Dubai to follow in 2024. She addresses different audience pain points and offers solutions either through self-effort or assistance from branded products. This is why other businesses work with Azza Zarour to reach niche consumers with relatable messages.

  • Shahd Naser

    5. Shahd Naser

    One of the top youtubers in the United Arab Emirates, Shahd Naser, is a Pioneer in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She resides in Dubai and has a massive following on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok for her content.

    Shahd makes exciting videos on highest versus lowest-rated makeup, fashion brand reviews, diet tips, product comparisons, hijab fashion, and makeup tips. Her exclusive skincare routines are designed to address the issues of different skin types. She also mixes challenges, like longest nails, celebrity style makeup recreation, and food tasting, to introduce variety in her creations and attract diverse audience groups.

    Shahd Naser is amongst the niche top Middle East YouTubers who offer complete knowledge about the smallest to biggest factors that make UAE so attractive and welcoming. She is the first choice content creator for many fashion and beauty brands to create buzz for their new product releases.

  • Stefania Totolo

    6. Stefania Totolo

    Stefania Totolo is a fitness, lifestyle, and entertainment youtuber from the UAE with an impressive physique and a great sense of humour to make her audience laugh. She makes her workout videos entertaining by featuring other renowned fitness Influencers, and together, they create strength challenges, competitions, and funny skits.

    At present, Stefania Totolo is amongst the top Emirati YouTubers with one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the UAE. Stefania likes to test her creativity, and this is the trait that sets her apart from other top YouTubers in the UAE. For instance, the content creator will use different third-party applications to enhance the visual appeal of her videos with cinematic art or VFX graphics. Furthermore, Stefania Totolo invites renowned fitness Influencers like Sharif for Q&A sessions where she addresses audience queries about exercise motions, diet, supplements, etc.

  • nawaz-sharif

    7. Nawaz Sharif

    Nawaz Sharif is a lifestyle, fitness and comedy influencer who frequently features alongside Stefania Totolo. The Duo of the biggest YouTubers in the Middle East travel the world and share their experience through unfiltered YouTube videos, like their interactions with their fans during their visit to India. Nawaz Sharif leaves everyone in awe when he showcases his impressive physique at bodybuilding competitions across the UAE.

    Nawaz Sharif has a diverse range of content for his audience. He visits different gyms and food installations and interacts with other fitness Influencers like Larry Wheels. He even engages in fun competitions like arm wrestling or weight lifting, as well as funny skits to keep the interactions fun. Furthermore, the popular Emirati YouTuber participates in activities like skydiving and posts gym fails and fashion content.

  • Veena Jan

    8. Veena Jan

    Welcome to Veena's Curry World, which is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in UAE. Veena is passionate about cooking and teaching her followers how to cook. She uploads new videos every week with authentic recipes that are carefully created with a personal touch.

    Veena Jan's audience is greeted with different types of recipes, from diet, post-pregnancy meals, breakfast, and festival dishes to baby food, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, desserts, snacks, seafood, and more. Veena is a Maestro at creating delicious dishes with simple ingredients, which is primarily why many visit her channel every day to learn something new.

  • Khawlah

    9. Khawlah

    Whether it is driving through the greenery of Pakistan, the snow-clad mountains of Switzerland, or the majestic deserts of the Middle East, Khawlah ensures to make her experience known to her followers through detailed vlogs, which can go up to 30 minutes in length. One of the most popular YouTubers in Dubai also creates content around makeup and beauty, which compliments her love for travelling.

    During her Travels, the Dubai-based YouTuber introduces her culture. She also embraces the culture of the native lands by dressing in ethnic clothing, engaging in cultural activities, or eating their food. She meets new people, organises fun challenges, and even participates in play activities with kids. Khawlah provides overall entertainment for her subscribers, which compels people to come back to one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in UAE.

  • Maitha Abduljalil

    10. Maitha Abduljalil

    Maitha Abduljalil has gained popularity as one of the top Emirati YouTubers because of her high-quality content around makeup, fashion, and beauty. The diva and mom of two produce detailed makeup tutorials. She shares her exclusive skincare and haircare routines, posts her workouts, and different fashionable looks created using various outfits, jewellery, and accessories.

    Maitha Abduljalil creates a ton of valuable content for her audience, from details about eyebrow transplantation, top beauty product picks, SHEIN product unboxing, and makeup tutorials to product alternative recommendations, seasonal and festive fashion tips, and weight management tips, cooking recipes, homemade skin care remedies, challenge and more - which brings new visitors to her channel every day. Maitha Abduljalil's efforts have brought attention to new businesses, helping them find more customers for their products and services.

  • Shahad Hassan

    11. Shahad Hassan

    Beauty, fashion and Lifestyle YouTuber Shahad Ansari is one of the most recognised personalities in the UAE. She shops for herself and her family - for instance, she showcases different outfits purchased from SHEIN for her daughter. Mother and daughter duo pose side-by-side, creating a wholesome experience.

    The Emirati YouTubers chic style draws positive reactions from her subscribers. shahad vlogs her shopping spree, where she picks different outfits that match her style.

    Shahid Hassan can put on the best looks for any occasion, whether for important festivals like Ramadan or a casual day Out. Taking fashion and beauty inspirations from pop culture and recreating them in her image is another important trait that sets Shahad Ansari apart from other creators in the niche. There are also other lively activities on the YouTube channel, like food-eating challenges and reviews, family skits and cooking.

  • Sandra Sahi

    12. Sandra Sahi

    Next on our list of top YouTubers in UAE is Sandra Sahi, a popular singer and songwriter with the voice of a nightingale and the power to captivate a listener's imagination with melodic lyrics. She is an oriental pop artist, and her songs are a mirror to her culture. Sandra has released her music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, which receive million of streams. Sandra Sahi uses YouTube and Instagram to give sneak peeks at her upcoming songs, albums, or tours.

    Sandra spends a considerable time travelling, whether it is to new cities, studios to record music, or for fashion photoshoots. She is the face of Spotify Arabia and has turned many faces through exceptional displays of style and beauty. Sandra Sahi is undoubtedly amongst the top YouTubers in Dubai to follow in 2024, as her range in talent is matched only by some. Sandra uploads her music videos on YouTube, which brings thousands of views every day. She also shares her moments and works behind the scenes, like interactions with fellow artists and musicians, to create a wholesome experience for her audience.

  • Fajer Aljumari

    13. Fajer Aljumari

    Dr Fajer Aljumari graduated from Boston University and spent 7 years in the United States researching medicines. She eventually came back to the United Arab Emirates and dedicated her effort to raising awareness for diseases and symptoms so that her audience could take precautionary steps in advance.

    Dr. Fajer Aljumari is a versatile content creator who is passionate about food, diet, nutrition and wellness. The YouTuber prefers medicines as the last resort and instead motivates people to incorporate the right lifestyle, needed for particular ailments. Dr Fajer Aljumari uploads consistent content, which includes creating natural remedies in the kitchen, talking about the immune system, health and allergies, highlighting minerals and vitamins, and raising awareness for women's health, obesity, diabetes and thyroid.

  • ahlam-alshamsi

    14. Ahlam Alshamsi

    One of the renowned Singers and top YouTube content creators Ahlam Al Shamsi, has a reputation for her soulful music, which one cannot get enough of. This is why people visit her channel multiple times, bringing millions of views to Ahlam Alshamsi's music videos on YouTube. The Middle Eastern artist has an impressive personality, which she displays during her interviews, album launch events, award ceremonies, etc. She uploads new videos at least two times per month.

    Ahlam Al Shamsi uses her social media handles to share different aspects of her musical career. She performs live with other musicians, hosts, and judges music events - she also works in empowering young artists to pursue their dreams. The Diva's fame in the Middle East has only grown with time. Furthermore, Renowned organisers frequently request Ahlam Al Shamsi's presence during their events.

  • Haifa Beseisso

    15. Haifa Beseisso

    Haifa Beseisso, known for her popular YouTube channel fly with Haifa, where the YouTuber shares her experience during her travels to different countries across multiple continents. She meets people and engages in fun activities since dance, which is appealing to her massive fanbase.

    However, the key selling proposition of Haifa Beseisso is her social experiments with people she meets along the way. For instance, getting Italians' or Koreans' opinions on Arabs, complimenting strangers, getting reactions from married couples, participating in spicy food challenges, staying with a Japanese family, and even undertaking dares. This is Haifa's way to bring people from diverse walks of life together and have them share what makes each other unique in a fun, relatable and friendly manner. Besides travelling, Haifa Beseisso also has a knack for fashion and music.