Top Fashion Instagrammers (Influencers) In Indonesia In 2022

Social media plays a phenomenal role in discovering new Fashion and lifestyle trends, brands, products, and services. As an industry, fashion tops in social commerce (Source: Instagram, being a visual medium, rules the roost amongst all social media platforms, especially in the Fashion gamut.

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top fashion instagrammers in indonesia

Here's The List Of Leading Indonesian Fashion Influencers In 2022

She is an extremely popular Indonesian singer and actress known professionally and socially as syahirini; her real name is Fatimah Syahrini Zealand. She became influential and famous right after the release of her first hit album, which was her very first album called My Lovely. Two songs within that album would later be released as singles due to their popularity, and Syahirini was shot into fame. More than 39 million followers follow her on Instagram, and she influences her audience on Fashion, clothing, and parenting. And since she is a very talented singer, she shares her talent in singing as well.

He is an extremely popular Indonesian fashion influencer who showcases various articles of clothing and fashion trends from around the world. He has approx. Twenty-nine million followers on Instagram. He is a model and has starred in various photoshoots and model runway walks. He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and used to be a professional dancer back in Hong-Kong before coming back to Indonesia and establishing himself as a fashionista.

Actress and pop singer Ayunda Faza Maudya is also known as Maudy Ayunda. She is more than a celebrity in Indonesia. She has persistently spread the message among youngsters, serving as an ambassador in the battle against modern slavery. In 2017, she was also called as a delegate to the Vice Presidential Palace in Jakarta. Having such different and superior personality, she is the most sought after fashion influencer for modelling or brand collaborations. She also received accolades for "Best Fashion Influencer" and "Most Influential Millennial" at style awards.

It's challenging to have more than 2 million followers while being a mystery, but Wak Doyok does it with panache. He embodies the adage that "time is everything" in business. An early adopter of Instagram, the former labourer filled a need for fashionable young guys wearing showy suits that the social media network lacked at the time. He has used his fashion brand to launch a line of beard oils, barbershops, and even a role in an Indonesian reality TV show. (Wak Doyok serves as a judge on The Cuts Indonesia, the first reality show dedicated to hairstyling in the nation).

Ariel is one of the top fashion instagrammers in Indonesia who kick started her career in the advertisement industry, acting as a model for various automobile brands, particularly ISUZU. She would later act in the feature film Ariel and the sky king, which was well received by the Indonesian audience and would later put her in the limelight. She would further go on to act in a variety of soap operas, adverts, and movies. Ariel has always had a natural passion for cars and uses her social image to showcase her love for cars. Currently, she has 8.6 million followers on Instagram and posts about cars, Fashion, and modelling and recently has even started including humour in her various posts. She also has multiple talks on current affairs and celebrities.

Febby Rastanty is a well-known actress and singer from Indonesia. She is wildly popular for her gorgeous looks and personality. She currently has around an 8.3millions fans following her on Instagram. Febby is passionate about cars, motorcycles, and Fashion. She uses her platform regularly to share her experiences and love for cars and motorcycles on Instagram and posts herself trying out various outfits and dress combinations. She is also a well-known singer, and she doesn't shy away from showcasing her talents to the world through her social media. Febby is an avid reader; she constantly shares her love for books with her audience.

She is better known as Cinta Laura in the industry. She is a well-known indo German actress, singer, and model. She travelled through and stayed in more than 12 different countries before finally settling in Indonesia. She debuted in a soap opera, Cinderella: Apakah Cinta Hanyalah Mimpi? Which showcased her talent in acting and would later land her multiple other opportunities in the same field with an iconic role in oh baby following next. Her singing career took after the release of her first album Cinta Laura. She currently has around 7.8 million followers on Instagram and constantly posts about Fashion, pets, modelling, and her true passion for singing.

Sunny is an Instagram influencer in both fashion and beauty. She assesses products for her followers after posting images promoting various skincare and fashion labels. Over 762k people on Instagram trust her because of her authenticity and fun-loving demeanour, and her interaction rate is rising as a result as well. Some of her reels even cross 1 million views due to this and her comments section is filled with her audience adoring her for her consistent, quality content.

Biexu is one of the top Indonesian fashion Instagrammers who is continuously tinkering with all of this classic Fashion and offers his fans a different perspective on style. We've realized him introducing more monochrome appearance to his feed in recent years, trying to test out outfits just as frequently as dramatic black outfits, and we can't have enough. Few menswear bloggers can attack this simple balancing act of tone color shades and stark color schemes. Biexu's action (and Fashion)-packed Insta reels are filled with vibrant scenes of his relaxed outfit. In contrast, his Instagram photos provide the ideal color palette pairings for everyday styling. If you're looking for the motivation that never gets old, we suggest giving him a follow.

Athalia Naufal is a very loved and talented actor from Indonesia. Naufal decided to make his SCTV debut appearance in 2019 with the TV series Topeng Kaca, in which he got the lead part of Reinhard, standing in opposition to Aisyah Aqilah. He is one of the top Indonesian fashion influencers known for his Instagram profile athallanaufal7. In Indonesia, he is well-known for his photo blogging, which depicts his significant individual lifestyle as that of the child of a famous Indonesian model - Venna Melinda.

In 2020, Naufal starred as Jefri throughout Topan and Aisyah, broadcasted on MNCTV. His Instagram profile has grown to even more than 3.4 m followers.

Angela Gilsha Panari works as an actress and model hailing from Indonesia. Angela Gilsha, also known as Angela Panari, is environmentally aware. Angela began her career by competing in the "2010 Cover Girl "election, where she was one of 20 shortlisted candidates. She is an integral part of the "Indonesia Gerakan Indonesia Tantong Plastik" and "Stop Animal Abuse "since 2017. She enjoys diving & exploring the stunning scenery of Indonesia. She has appeared in the Tujuh Manusia Harimau as well as Anak Langit series.

Uthy Gayoong is an influencer in both fashion and food category. She travels to different places and displays her fashionable attires, works with many different companies and reviews different brands as well. She also posts pictures of the many foods she tastes in various locations. This is the reason her profile offers her viewers a whole package. With a 727k-strong following and an increasing interaction rate, she receives a lot of views on reels as well.

Mirasih Tyas Endah, also known as Tyas Mirasih, is an Indonesian actress, model, and talk show host of Javanese & Dutch descent. Tyas began her professional life in the Indonesian show business as just a model working for Kawanku mag between 2000 & 2002. After which, in 2002, she was chosen as a runner up there in GADIS Cover competition. Tyas began acting in 2007 as Sri Tanjung within the 39th ep of an FTV sequence Legenda. Tyas debuted in a TV drama that year, playing Maia in Frame Ritz's Dewa Asmara.

This led to her fame and her being among the top influencer to consider in the eyes of brands for fashion collaboration. She as a result has tied up with many brands, displaying the beautiful outfits on her profile and has reviewed many of the fashion products on her profile as well.

Amanda Rawles is an English - Betawi performer, model, and writer from Indonesia. Amanda, British-Indonesian, made her debut in the TV drama Jagoan Silat when she was 12 years old. She also had the chance to become the female lead in the movie Promise (2017), partnered with Dimas Anggara, as well as her official title started to climb when she was cast as the female lead in the movie Dear Nathan.

Her fame and beauty became known nationwide and brands became interested in collaborating with her to take their fashion brands to the top.

Warda is among Indonesia's best-known writers as well as Indonesian fashion Instagrammers. Warda Mansur's title is now being discussed in public. Her Instagram and YouTube streams encourage young folks to follow the spiritual leader. She frequently posts propaganda as well as inspirational videos on her social media. Warda Mansur wrote several books, such as Reach Your Dreams published in 2016, Be Grateful in 2017, Be Calm, Be The New You in 2018, Be Strong, Remember Me & I Will Remember You in 2019, and Unlimited You in 2020. Her 2.7 million-plus Instagram followers enjoy the variety of material on her account.

Bella is a fashion designer, influencer, and owner of a cosmetics company. She posts images and videos advertising both her skincare brand Dabe Beaute and her fashion line Bella Shofie. Her family has frequently produced clothing and accessories under her brand. Her quality in her content and the business she has hands on is what has attacted a huge audience. Her comments section is filled with people just aodring her skills, She has a following of over 2.7 million with a growing engagement rate giving her over 300k views on many of her reels.

The 30-year-old Indonesian television starlet was born in Jakarta. In 2009, she began acting as Citra throughout the RCTI sequence Tarzan Cilik. Aside from her television interviews, she has also appeared in the motion pictures Aku, Kau & KUA, and Kukejar Cinta ke Negeri Cina. She is well-known as a TV artist and fashion influencer. She popped up in the sequence Arti Sahabat, Stefan William, and Raffi Ahmad. Indonesian movie and TV actress best known for her role as Angel in the TV drama Arti Sahabat. She has now appeared in shows such as Si Biang Kerok as well as Kita Nikah Yuk, and many others.

In Indonesia, Dwi Handayani, probably most famous as a model, was born on December 16, 1993. Model who came to fame as the "World Muslimah 2012" runner-up. She's gained popularity for her hijab fashion on Instagram, where she has over 2.1 million followers, and it is still growing as a fashion influencer in Indonesia. Shades of Cheers is her lifestyle and fashion blog. She and Halima Aden are both models who have worn hijabs to beauty contests.

Nadine Chandrawinata is a public figure, an actress, a model, and a top Indonesian fashion Instagrammer. She was born on May 8, 1984. She has won many beauty pageants and was crowned Puteri Indonesia in 2005. Because of her talent, amazing personality, connect with audience and beauty has become so famous that she has an amazing following on social media. She is also the founder and the executive director of an NGO dedicated to environmental care. She has her successful clothing brand in Indonesia.

Rayn Wijaya is an Indonesian actor, model plus an entrepreneur and a fashion instagrammer in Indonesia. He was born on October 26, 1995, in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is 26 years old. He has also been nominated for awards such as the Bandung Film festival award in the year 2019 as a commendable male actor in Television Film. He is an internet sensation and has millions of followers. He posts several pictures and videos on his social media platforms with a high engagements. He is one of the top Indonesian fashion influencers.

Mining is a public figure and one of the top Indonesian fashion influencer on Instagram. She has more than two million followers. She is very active on the social media platform and posts many pictures and videos related to Fashion and lifestyle. Most of her followers and audience include women who follow her for fashion and lifestyle advice and wardrobe choices. She has a huge fan following. She does a lot of content on her Instagram profile that makes her a successful instagram influencer. 

Abun Sungkar is an Indonesian actor, model, and fashion and lifestyle influencer. He was born on June 12, 2003. He is 18 years old and a successful fashion influencer. He is very famous and has done a lot of movies and TV series. He is an internet celebrity of Arab. Apart from film, he has also done a lot of soap operas, web series, etc. He posts a lot of content on his Instagram profile and is one of the top fashion and lifestyle influencers in Indonesia. 

Raffi Farid Ahmad, who is also better known as Raffi Ahmad, is an Indonesian actor, singer, producer, media personality presenter, entrepreneur, Fashion, and a lifestyle influencer. He is 35 years old. He was born on February 17, 1987. He has won more than sixty awards in his career till now. He has also received more than a hundred nominations. He is one of the top fashion influencers in Indonesia. He has more than sixty million followers all over the world. 

Inspirasi Harimu!, which stands for Inspiration for the day, is a fashion and lifestyle website. This site is dedicated to fashion-related and lifestyle-related posts. It is mainly a business website that provides and promotes its clothing brand. It is a very famous and successful clothing brand in Indonesia. This website is also one of the top websites that people follow for good Fashion and lifestyle advice and choices. It also provides a link to its catalogue in the description of the Instagram bio and has unique fashion suggestions. 

See Rapunzel is an Indonesian social media star and celebrity. She gained her popularity through Tiktok. She has collaborated with several commercials and has become a fashion and lifestyle influencer on Instagram. She has more than two million followers. She posts very frequently and regularly on Instagram related to fashion and lifestyle, her posts gain huge engagements by his fans and get viral. She also posts several videos based on the fashion category for her fans and followers. This has made her a very popular fashion influencer in Indonesia.


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