Top Beauty YouTubers (Influencers) In Indonesia to follow In 2022

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Being stylish and setting trends in the usual mantra for a fashion and beauty icon. However, with social media being the trendsetter, fashion and beauty influencers have found a new direction to showcase their style statement.

The number of beauty icons is reaching heights, and so is the competition. What distinguishes them from one another is their uniqueness, reliability, tips and tricks, topical and trendy content on engaging and diversified topics, and consistency in the flow of information. A beauty influencer with maximum followers’ commands attention from the masses - Cosmetic and fashion brands know this; hence they are actively looking for beauty YouTubers in Indonesia for a niche product promotion.

With the help of the top influencer marketing agency in Indonesia, brands opt for nano or micro beauty YouTubers to promote their offerings. Their decision is entirely plausible, considering it is a cheaper alternative to snagging a celebrity to voice the benefits of their products. Plus, these influencers tend to have much better engagement on social media platforms. In addition, beauty influencers are known for pushing the envelope and bucking conventional beauty norms, blazing a bold new path for the industry.

Need a little help with your makeup skills? Or maybe you're looking for a beauty influencer to promote your product? Either way, we've got you covered with this list of the top Indonesian beauty YouTubers in 2022.

Top Indonesian Beauty YouTubers

1. tasya farasya

Top Instagram Reel Trends

On the professional front, Arab-Indonesian Lulu Farasya, aka Tasya Farasya, is an Indonesian beauty blogger. She has gotten at a position to effectively influence many people due to her hard work and extensive knowledge in everything fashion. Tasya deserves everything she has accomplished, and her audience agrees with us one hundred percent. 

Among a plethora of content Tasya currently produces for her audience, she prefers fashion product (local and international) reviews. In addition, she picks products of varied price ranges – mainly because her viewers belong to different facets of life. 

The popular beauty YouTuber has also been a fashion photoshoot model for brands like Dian Pelangi's. Furthermore, Tasya's massive popularity offline has also impacted her ability to reach a wider audience online.

2. Indira Kalistha

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Indira Kalistha is an Indonesian woman who works hard to provide instructive cosmetic videos for her audience. Her finest videos cover a variety of beauty topics, such as how to get rid of acne in three days, how to whiten skin overnight, how to whiten armpits, how to achieve pearly white teeth, how to take care of your skin before Eid, how to remove blackheads, and how to deal with hair loss.

As you can see, she covers a wide range of topics when it comes to beauty in her videos, which don't just focus on makeup and hairstyling making her one of the top beauty influencers in Indonesia.

3. Rachel Goddard

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Rachel Goddard is a known personality for an audience interested in beauty and fashion. But this beauty influencer makes sure to produce videos that differ from the others within her niche. Whether it's a makeup tutorial or reviewing the beauty product of a brand, Rachel always displays her content humorously without affecting the essence of her delivery.

In 2014, the beauty makeup YouTuber started her YouTube channel. Since then, most of her videos have remained makeup-centric, for Instance, "How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro" or "Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial," etc. Moreover, Rachel always takes her time to explain every move in detail, so it's easier for her viewers to keep up with her. 

In 2015 the original beauty YouTuber moved to Kazakhstan and kept hustling to make a career as a freelance makeup artist. However, she has assumed a more dedicated role as an influencer, especially after joining the Indonesian Beauty Vlogger community.

4. Nanda Arsyinta

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Nanda Arsyinta enjoys enormous popularity on YouTube as a result of her propensity for sharing fantastic beauty advice. Her channel mostly focuses on stuff related to beauty, hair, and lifestyle. She offers several beauty advices, such as the Rossy "Day to Night Makeup Tutorial" and Maybelline Matte Lipstick.

There are additional tutorials for "90s grunge makeup," advice on how to handle dull and oily facial issues, makeup advice for teenagers, and some of her personal suggestions for cosmetics. She also creates a variety of haul films and generously hosts giveaways for her viewers in addition to all of this.

5. Beby Tsabina TV

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Cut Putri Tsabina, known as Beby Tsabina, is an actress, a model, internet celebrity, and singer known for her 2016 debut role in "Mermaid In Love." Beby made her big-screen debut in 2017 through the film Dear Nathan. She got her first leading role by playing the role of Gita Savitri in the film Range of Stories in 2020. 

The beauty vlogger who plays Zea in Antares's series presented a romantic scene that got her fans to rile up in excitement. Not satisfied as an artist, the most subscribed beauty YouTuber also tried her hand at modeling and did some photoshoots for a magazine. Tsabina’s looks made her the ideal choice of brand ambassador for beauty brands like Biore and Hers Protex. 

6. Devienna Makeup

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Upon arriving on YouTube, Devienna stole the limelight because of her striking similarity to Nayeon, a member of the girl group TWICE. The beauty vlogger is a content creator who shares beauty and makeup tutorials on her official social media accounts. 

Devienna's easy-to-follow makeup tutorials are very suitable for young people. Moreover, her gentle and approachable demeanor helps attract a like-minded audience who have nothing but praises for this YouTuber. 

Devienna often gets questions about her skills with the makeup kit. But, every time, her answer is the same, "I thought myself everything I know." 

The young lady claims to be an art lover and is adamant about pursuing a makeup artist and beauty content creator career. In addition to sharing beauty tutorials on YouTube, Devienna also posts frequently on Instagram. As a result, her 424K followers always have something to look forward to when visiting her IG page. In all honesty, Devienna is not short of a celebrity to the people of Indonesia. 

7. Titan Tyra

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Next up, we have Titan Tyra's, a YouTuber who has gained popularity for her makeup and fashion tutorials, beauty hauls, and personal vlogs. Tyra is the co-founder of "Secondate" (a beauty brand) and the restaurant "Tori-YO."

The Indonesian beauty YouTuber is a successful young entrepreneur who started on social media. Her consistency in sharing makeup tips and tutorials has got number of followers.

Tyra registered her YouTube channel on September 25, 2008, but only started actively uploading videos in 2015. "Korean Makeup Tutorial" is her most popular video amassing more than 900,000 views. 

Even after years of functioning as a YouTube content creator, Tyra remained faithful to her cause. Her commitment to providing quality content using affordable products has won the hearts of thousands of loyal audiences, making her one of the top beauty YouTubers in Indonesia.

8. ErnaLimdaugh

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Erna Limdaugh is a Chinese-Indonesian vlogging personality who has gained fame for her eponymous YouTube channel. She has more than 75 million views for her beauty vlogs, hauls, makeup tutorials, and “Get Ready with me” vlogs, together with entries like lifestyle and fashion. 

The Indonesian beauty YouTuber has amassed more than 900,000 YouTube subscribers and has gained a following of 140K on her Instagram account.

Apart from beauty, Erna also indulges in making videos on travel and music. Unknown to many, the YouTuber is multilingual; she speaks Korean, Chinese, and English, which allows her to reach an audience from across the globe.

9. Linda Kayhz

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Another top beauty vlogger from Indonesia is Linda Kayhz. She is one of the most popular makeup influencers among millennials. Because of the diversity of stuff she presents, she is well-liked on YouTube. For her devoted subscriber base, her channel mostly focuses on reviews of cosmetic items and beauty advice. She also shares a number of insights about beauty regime.

Makeup for a party, how to whiten skin in 7 days, and reviews of popular cosmetic brands like LT Pro, Wardah, Garnier, Maybelline, Pixy, and others are just a few of her most recent posts.

10. Kiara Leswara

Top Instagram Reel Trends

You want to do makeup but are unsure on how to? On Kiara Leswara's YouTube channel, you can easily find information on how to utilise makeup items effectively. She is there to help all the inexperienced cosmetics wearers.

She has been discussing the usage of cosmetics with branded products in her YouTube videos to help her audience appear stunning but still natural. Her best works include tutorials on winter makeup, graduation makeup, Lebaran makeup, how to properly care for hair, eyeliner tutorials, and many others.

11. Abel Cantika

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Abel Cantika sees YouTube as the ideal platform to share advice for women's beauty. Her makeup tutorials always inspire and stun her audience. The grunge makeup look, graduation makeup, spectacles wearer makeup, autumn makeup look, soft and luminous makeup look, and evaluations of various cosmetic goods are some of her most popular videos. She is a trendsetter with deep knowledge of current beauty trends.

She also has a mini-drama named "Bittersweet" on her YouTube page, which is interestingly narrated throughout multiple episodes.

12. Shafira Eden

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Shafira Eden, as a hijabed celebrity, grabbed immediate public attention owing to her natural beauty. This beauty vlogger broke old stereotypes by introducing many hijab styles that you could use while still competing with trendy outfits adopted worldwide.

The petite beauty YouTuber is viral on Instagram with 294K followers. Shafira never misses updating her feed with new posts and never fails to awe her audience with her beauty and refreshing makeup ideas. 

In her videos on YouTube, Shafira talks about making skin glow, getting rid of acne, different hairstyles, makeup tips, skincare routine, skincare practice, secrets of healthier skin, etc. Brands dealing with beauty accessories can certainly benefit from a partnership with Shafira.

13. Ririe Prams

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Nuria Prameswari is an Indonesian beauty vlogger and blogger. She graduated from The London School of Public Relations Jakarta, majoring in Mass-Com. 

After seeking different career options, the beauty YouTuber finally found her passion for working as a social media specialist in one of the biggest marketplaces in Indonesia. Ririe worked as a Social Media Manager. However, the original beauty YouTuber decided to quit the job and start a YouTube channel to connect with women in society with her beauty, lifestyle, and travel content. 

Today Nurai is a well-known internet celebrity and a popular beauty influencer on YouTube and Instagram with almost 276k followers on the latter.

14. Sarah Ayu

Top Instagram Reel Trends

You don't need to seek any farther if you're looking for a good makeup lesson because Sarah Ayu has always recommended top-notch cosmetics for applying makeup to your face. You get a little intrigued after seeing the makeup lesson videos on her YouTube channel.

In addition, she makes sure to explain to her audience the benefits and drawbacks of various cosmetic brands in addition to the tutorial. Her most watched videos cover topics like cosmetics for oily skin, how to contour and highlight, and how to apply lipstick as makeup.

15. Fiani Adilaa

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Meet Fiani Adilaa, a creator from Jakarta, Indonesia, who creates makeup and DIY (Do It Yourself) content. 

The beauty YouTuber from Indonesia started in 2015 by uploading the video "Scrapbook for My Boyfriend."; which received 44 thousand views in a month. This was when the influencer narrowed in on DIY videos as the content of choice for her channel. 

Until now, there are several types of content on Fiani Adilaa's YouTube channel, namely DIY, music, vlogs, and also beauty tips. Her videos made Fiani immensely popular on YouTube, and the fame took no time to spread over to Instagram, where the makeup artist has amassed 32.9K followers.

The beauty and lifestyle creator also uploads music videos to the channel. Her fans know Fiani’s ability to play different musical instruments like the piano, guitar, and drums, and they support this influencer wholeheartedly.

How can Beauty Influencers in Indonesia Benefit a Business?

Before you begin, it is essential to understand that Influencer marketing is not a one-time thing; marketers and Influencers prefer to work together on multiple projects which can last for months. Hence you need help from a top influencer marketing agency like GryNow to oversee the proceedings of your campaign.

Now, besides the obvious benefit of better higher brand awareness, teaming up with a relevant beauty expert in Indonesia has a lasting impact on your revenue stream and sets the groundwork for lucrative business growth in the future.

The beauty industry is huge in Indonesia, nigh the world. When you think about it, who doesn't want to look good when posing for a picture or attending a party or business event?

People in Indonesia who want to present themselves elegantly to the world depend on the tips from top beauty experts in the country. And since the beauty YouTubers on our list deal with a specific audience segment, it's easier to get a message across and expect a response from the other.

Your brand can get valuable feedback from your consumers by having these doyens ask questions about your products or services to your target audience. For instance, what makes your brand different from your competitors? How can you improve your services better? This will help you get in-depth insights into your audience.

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We hope our readers have found value in the time spent reading our article. Do check out more content available on our website.

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