Top Automotive YouTube Channels: Automobile YouTubers, Car YouTubers, India (2023) - Updated List

  • Posted On : 2023-04-24
Top Automotive YouTube Channels: Automobile YouTubers, Car YouTubers, India (2023) - Updated List

The craze of speed, nostalgia of engine sound, audacity of challenging winds, and living life by measure of depth of heart beat explains the whole persona of automobile YouTubers in India.

Automotive YouTubers engage in activities related to automotive, where they create videos of their journey, restoration of vehicles, old classic cars and bikes, spare parts, and additional features. The automotive niche touches hearts, and people actively engage with car YouTubers for their shared enthusiasm. They have an edge over rest in passion and encouragement of the industry.

  • Statista reported the global automotive sector had faced decreased demands due to COVID-19 but latest stats and forecast informs about tremendous sales and further growth of industry in 2023 and beyond.
  • India Brand Equity Foundation informs that India holds a strong position in the global automotive industry. India is largest producer of Tractor, in bus manufacturing India stands at 2nd position, and third largest producer of heavy trucks.

The statistics forecast a brighter future for the Automotive industry. Here, the top automotive YouTube channels play a vital role in informing and creating awareness among masses about the industry. Largest automobile YouTube channels affect a large audience and are able to sway their decision through logic and facts.

The prepared list below by Grynow, the top influencer marketing company for automobile brands, can help the readers to reach top auto YouTube channels, where they can quench their thirst of Information.

List of Top Indian Automobile YouTube Channels in 2023

Top 7 Indian Automotive YouTubers That You Should Follow In 2023

  • The UK07 Rider

    The UK07 Rider

    YouTube Channel: The UK07 Rider

    Anurag Dobhal is the UK07 rider AKA ‘Babu Bhaiya’. He joined YouTube on 7th July, 2015 but he started vlogging much later. On 14th January 2018 he had only 100 subscribers and now he has millions. His channel is the most subscribed automotive YouTube channel.He is an avid bike lover and has various bikes. Recent addition is BMW S1000RR M Sport. The other bikes that he has are Kawasaki Ninja , BMW 1250 GSA, Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, BMW G 310 GS, KTM RC 200, and Bajaj Avenger 200. If you are searching for car YouTubers and YouTube Channels for car lovers, then you can connect to UK07 rider, as he has a car collection too. He has 3 cars, Mustang GT, Mahindra Thar, and Kia Sonet.

    Anurag has created several playlists and organized his videos accordingly, North-east series, LIFE-STYLE, BKT BABA SERIES, KTM- RIDE AND ORANGE DAYS, and MOTO vlogs. He is also actively involved in music-videos.

    The UK07 rider is actively involved in philanthropic activities. He was recently seen gifting a food truck to a lady named Rakhi. Her Girlfriend is also categorized in top female car YouTubers. The videos of UK07 Rider have garnered more than 771M views on YouTube.

  • My Country My ride

    My Country My ride

    YouTube Channel: My Country My ride

    My country my ride is a channel dedicated to preowned bikes and cars and where to buy them. The channel is being run by Mr. Irfan Choudhary. He educates his views about various top car brands, accessories, conditions, and other factors, based on that he provides a basic idea about reasonable prices of the preowned cars.

    My country my ride channel was started in Nov 2012 and till now the channel had more than 527 M views. His channel is credited as top YouTubers in the automotive industry. Irfan is a top car YouTuber. He has uploaded more than 1100 videos and every day at 10PM a new video is uploaded.

    The playlist has been categorized on location and preferential basis. Ford mustang GT 5.0, BLC Video, The car mall Delhi videos, Auto empire Gurugram videos, auto best emperio videos, Sagar motors videos, etc.

    My Country my ride has a secondary channel named Irfan Choudhary. The channel is perfect for people who want to have their first automobile soon. He also informs and talks about car modifications and other necessary equipment to boost the functioning of automobiles.

  • JS Films

    JS Films

    YouTube Channel: JS Films

    JS Films channel is run by Jasminder Singh AKA Jaysn. He identifies himself as “extrovert on a bike” with an amazing ability to connect with his audience. His talks are witty and filled with “Desi-style”.

    Jaysn has Suzuki Hayabusa, Ducati V4S, BMW 1250 GSA, Kawasaki Ninja , and BMW S1000RR. His channel vlogs are related to bike reviews, store visits, launches, biking lifestyle, custom motorcycles, and trips to viewers friendly locations.

    JS Films has an additional channel, Jaysn Nation. He has completed several daunting feats in the biking world. His YouTube channel is one of the most popular automobile YouTube channels and has a playlist documenting every ride that he has. The locations are scattered all over India. His one of the latest vlogs is about Bike Trip in Australia.

    JS Films YouTube channel was created on 2nd Aug, 2013 and it has more than 659M views.

  • MotorOctane


    YouTube Channel: MotorOctane

    MotorOctance creates videos for car buyers. The platform provides reviews of various cars and bikes and is considered as top YouTube car vlogger. The playlist is created and categorized according to viewer choices, events, trips, cars, etc.

    MotorOctane car reviews and comparisons videos are widely cherished by their viewership. The platform gives in-depth knowledge of all the specifications, features, and performance.

    Rachit Hirani is automotive social media YouTubers and the owner of the channel and he also runs another YouTube channel named after himself. He created the channel on 30 Dec, 2012 and till now the channel has more than 832 M views.

  • Aamir Majid

    Aamir Majid

    YouTube Channel: Aamir Majid

    Aamir Majid is a car and bike lover. He has a passion for riding and driving. He has many cars and bikes where he showcases his skills as an auto YouTuber. Recently, he added a supercar in his collection, other than that he has Tata harrier and Chevrolet Cruze. His bike collection includes RS 200, KTM RC390, KTM DUKE 390, Z1000, ZX10R, BMW S1000RR PRO.

    Aamir Majid has well documented his trips and segregated them in his playlist for easy access for his viewership and people from automobile association and automobile company. Assam ride, Kolkata ride, Ladakh, bike reviews, bike racing videos, celebration etc. are some of the playlists.

    Aamir Majid has also launched his clothing brand and is available on YouTube.

  • Autocar India

    Autocar India

    YouTube Channel: Autocar India

    Autocar India is a platform which is the most popular car channels on YouTube, where the subscribers can avail information about automotive industry news. They also provide automobile review blogs. The channel has worked with some of the biggest car companies in the world. The channels provide all the information related to the automotive industry.

    Autocar India provides its viewership with Interviews of top automotive leaders, car rally updates, latest car reviews, comparisons, safety tests, and other features. Additionally, the best car YouTube channel provides active interactive sessions with top industry experts to engage the subscribers and let them have all the updates news.

    Autocar India has other 2 channels ‘What car? India’ and ‘Stuff’. The primary channel was created on 11 Aug 2010 and till now it has 826 M views.

  • Musafir AKA Joshi

    Musafir AKA Joshi

    YouTube Channel: Musafir AKA Joshi

    Musafir AKA Joshi channel is in top auto YouTube Channels run by Rahul Joshi. The channel was founded on 9th Jan, 2017 and till now this car YouTube channel has 370 M views. Rahul’s USP is that he provides honest car impressions of his mind. With over that, product impressions, capturing events of new car launches, and travel vlogs.

    Rahul Joshi videos are filled with positive vibes and a lot of energy. He shares and talks about every feature, specification of the car in detail. He also explains the future implication and current standing of the concepts that’s why he is considered as one of top automobile YouTubers in India. His videos help the subscriber to holistically understand and decide on their own. His channel also works as the latest car information outlet service.


The list of biggest automobile YouTube Channels provides a skeleton understanding of the sector as well as YouTubers. To know more about best car YouTube channels, visit the chann