Instagram SEO: 5 Expert Ways to Increase your Visibility in 2023

  • Posted On : 2023-04-26
Instagram SEO: 5 Expert Ways to Increase your Visibility in 2023

It’s true! With great brand content comes great engagement. However, with great brand content optimized with best Instagram SEO practices, comes unbeatable discoverability! With over 2 billion monthly users on the platform, Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands to create innovative content and display their personality to their consumers! When piggybacking on the top Instagram SEO tools, branded content can be boosted for visibility, just with a few simple yet highly effective tips!

Thus, we have decided to bring you the best SEO for Instagram strategies that will help you boost your brand on this platform! However, in order for these strategies to work, we must first understand what makes the Instagram algorithm click?

Instagram SEO Ranking Factors: Top 3 Priorities

The best way to employ SEO for Instagram is to first understand the underlying factors that drive the Instagram algorithm! Here are the top 3 Instagram SEO ranking factors to take into consideration:

User behaviour

Instagram’s algorithm takes into account user behavior such as time spent on posts and profile visits, so creating engaging content can improve your SEO ranking.

Relevance to search query

The algorithm aims to match users’ searches with the most relevant top posts, accounts, audio, tags, and places.


When the algorithm finds a huge volume of relevant results for a search result, it turns to engagement. The more engagement your content receives, the higher your SEO ranking will be.

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Let’s find out how you can use these Instagram SEO ranking factors to increase the discoverability of your brand content on the platform!

How to Boost Your Brand Visibility on Instagram: Top 5 Tips on Instagram SEO

To enhance your Instagram SEO strategy, you should assist the algorithm in accurately identifying your content. This will ensure that your posts appear in search results when users perform relevant searches.

Here are top 5 expert ways you can achieve this:

Tip #1: Instagram Bio SEO: Optimise your profile bio

Instagram Bio SEO: Optimise your profile bio

Instagram Bio SEO allows you to target relevant keywords that can help your profile appear in search results. Bio, which is short for biography is a great place for you to mention the defining USPs of your brand.

Optimizing your profile bio by including SEO-driven hashtags on Instagram and information, allows you to increase the chances of your brand profile being discovered by users interested in your content. A well-optimized bio can also improve your overall visibility and attract more followers. This even adds to your legitimacy as a business on the platform!

Tip #2: Instagram Name SEO: How to choose the right username

Instagram Name SEO: How to choose the right username

Choosing the right username is crucial for Instagram name SEO because it is one of the first things people see when searching for your profile. Your username should be easy to remember, relevant to your brand or niche, and ideally include relevant keywords.

By choosing a strategic username, you can improve the chances of your profile appearing in search results and attracting more followers who are interested in your content. However, the biggest advantage is closing in on the gap where a new user takes time to understand what your brand is about.

For instance, if you are a pickle making business, actually using the keyword pickle in your username will help you appear in the search results easily and any new user will require just a glance to understand what your business is about!

Tip #3: Instagram Alt Text SEO: Optimize your post images

Instagram Alt Text SEO: Optimize your post images

Just like Google algorithm, Instagram algorithm as well, cannot learn what is contained in an image. Thus, optimizing your post images with alt text is crucial for Instagram SEO because it allows search engines to understand what your images are about. By providing descriptive alt text, you increase the chances of your posts appearing in search results when users search for relevant keywords.

This Instagram Alt Text SEO strategy can help drive more traffic to your profile and improve your overall visibility on the platform. Additionally, alt text can make your content more accessible to users with disabilities who rely on screen readers to access Instagram.

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Here’s how to add alt text to your post:

  • Create your post as usual
  • Upload your image and click on ‘Edit’ in bottom right corner
  • Scroll down to ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Click on ‘Write Alt Text’ and add your description
  • Click ‘Save’ to apply it.

Pro tip- Alt text should be brief, accurate, and relevant to the image. Avoid using alt text to stuff keywords or add irrelevant information.

Tip #4: Instagram SEO Keywords: How to optimize captions

Instagram SEO Keywords: How to optimize captions

Optimizing your captions with relevant Instagram SEO keywords is crucial as it allows your posts to appear in search results for specific keywords. Including keywords in your captions can also attract users who are interested in your content and improve your overall visibility on the platform.

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However, it’s important to use keywords strategically and not overdo it, as Instagram’s algorithm may penalize accounts for keyword stuffing and is considered a black hat SEO practice. A well-crafted, keyword optimized captions for Instagram can improve engagement and attract new followers.

Tip #5: Instagram Profile Optimization

Instagram Profile Optimization

Here are top 5 parameters to consider for Instagram profile optimisation:

  • High quality profile picture
  • Descriptive Bio
  • SEO keywords focussed username
  • Complete contact information
  • Consistent visual branding

Optimizing your Instagram profile provides search engines and users with important information about your brand or niche. A well-optimized profile can also attract new followers, improve engagement, and help you stand out from the competition.

Bonus Tips on Instagram SEO

Tip #6: Encourage Tagging

Encouraging tagging on Instagram is crucial for Instagram SEO because it helps increase engagement and visibility. Here’s how – when users tag your account or use your branded hashtag, it signals to Instagram that your content is relevant and valuable, which can improve your SEO ranking. Furthermore, it is an indication that your content is considered relatable by your viewers!

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Tip #7: Use High Quality Visuals

Using high quality videos and images is not enough on its own. However, when used in a well optimized post, it can do wonders! It can improve engagement and increase the chances of your content being shared. Instagram’s algorithm favours visually appealing content, and users are more likely to engage with and share high-quality visuals, leading to better SEO ranking.

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To sum up

In 2023, quality alone won’t cut it on Instagram – optimization is crucial. If you don’t optimize, your brand content will likely have low engagement and limited impact on your business. By leveraging Instagram SEO, you can boost your content’s visibility and reach a wider audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instagram SEO is the process of optimizing your Instagram content and profile for search engines. It involves utilizing various strategies to improve your visibility and ranking on the platform.

In order to optimize their Instagram in 2023, brands can use relevant hashtags, post high-quality visuals, include keywords in their captions, optimize profile information, post consistently, and most importantly, engage with the audience to improve SEO ranking.

Yes, hashtags can help SEO by increasing the visibility and discoverability of your content on Instagram. Using relevant and popular hashtags can improve your chances of being discovered by users searching for related content.