11 Powerful Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement In 2022

Powerful Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement

If you use Instagram for business, you already know that it's more than simply a platform to save your best product photos. However, deciding to grow your business on Instagram is amongst the best decisions you can ever make. It is among the best places to sell your products or services online visibly and appealingly. As, it has a monthly user base of one billion individuals, making it a platform with significant ROI potential. An effective strategy for establishing your brand is establishing a devoted following and creating a supportive community.

However, you will require more than just an audience to gain the benefits: you will also require involvement such as likes, comments, shares, and other actions are all indicators that your content is engaging with the users who view it. Furthermore, engagement is only valuable if it is authentic — that is, when it comes from actual people who genuinely care.

Now let us discuss how to increase brand engagement on Instagram?

Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

1. Being consistent

You have probably heard it multiple times previously: consistency is the key. It is also applicable in social media marketing and other areas of life. For example, maintaining a continuous social media presence is the best way to boost your Instagram engagement.

However, this doesn't imply that you should go into the site and start scheduling a limitless amount of Instagram posts every day. Whenever it comes to the ideal amount of posts each day or the right time to publish on Instagram, there are two camps: those who advocate for posting more often and those who advocate for posting less frequently.

Although, in practical terms, there is no set procedure for publishing content on Instagram. It is highly dependent on the sort of company, the target audience, the type of content given, and other factors. That is why it is critical to test and adjust. Because it will ultimately bring you to the perfect spot, which is crucial to boost Instagram interaction, you must prepare your Instagram content schedule at least 2 to 4 weeks ahead of time to ensure that your Instagram posts are consistent and published when your target is your target audience is online.

2. Pay attention to your audience

Never overlook the importance of posing questions and paying attention to your target audience. It gives customers a sense of involvement, and it might give them crucial information about your products or services.

Polls are a simple and instant way to accomplish this. With 58 percent of users admitting they are becoming more interested in buying the product after seeing it in a story, Instagram Stories are a significant tool for companies. Using a Story to poll your audience can be much more successful since you can get quick responses that you can use in various ways.

3. Make Instagram reels or video content for the platform

There are various advantages to putting video content on social media platforms, and videos may help you boost your Instagram engagement. Also, remember that the variety of content is also necessary to achieve the goal. As a result, use inventive post ideas to catch your audience's attention.

Instagram launched Reels, warmly welcomed by Instagram users, and quickly gained popularity.

Instagram Reels benefits from appearing more frequently on the Explore page, giving your company more visibility. And, with it, the potential for a great piece of content to become viral. Furthermore, it allows companies to experiment in a variety of ways.

As a result, if you are searching for strategies to boost Instagram engagement, you shouldn't rule out experimenting with Reels. As a result, the Instagram algorithm will work in your favor, awarding your Reels with a higher engagement rate than your ordinary videos.

4. To highlight your brand's stories, utilize Instagram carousels

According to our research, carousels are at the heart of Instagram interaction and are the great-performing sort of content altogether. So, if you have been thinking about how to improve Instagram engagement but haven't used Instagram carousels much, then you are missing out on a great solution.

Instagram carousels are the ideal way to express storytelling, becoming increasingly important in marketing. People these days are pickier when it comes to the companies with which they connect. Folks are no longer only passive recipients of advertisements.

Online audiences challenge brands to build emotional connections with their customers and shift their product-focused approach to a more fan-centric one.

5. Instagram stories

You might be wondering how to increase engagement on Instagram stories? So, let me tell you Instagram stories are quickly emerging as an essential component of Instagram's marketing content plan. They are engaging and highly consuming, occupying each pixel of your mobile phone.

Instagram has upgraded the functionality of the Stories feature, giving users new ways to interact with it. Usually, Stories will get self-destruct after 24 hours, creating FOMO as a motivator for watching before that. On the other hand, stories may be archived and classified for future viewing and references.

Every category functions similarly to a website's menu, providing a directory of information organized by genre, topic, or occasion. A collection of similar Stories must be easy to discover. As an overview of a Stories Highlights category, consider the following:

  • Product/Services/Items/Things
  • Stores
  • Events/Travel
  • Tips & Tricks/Hacks/Recipes
  • Fashion/Lifestyle
  • Podcast
  • Health/Wellbeing
  • Community/HQ
  • Challenges

6. Make relatable memes

A meme is a picture or video that symbolizes the opinions and thoughts of a certain group of people. The majority of memes are captioned photographs designed to generate laughter. Moreover, there are several viral video memes. Memes are a great approach to get to the heart of every user and communicate a culturally important notion.

Memes are amusing, inventive, and relatable. In 2022, relatability is extremely important. Because users want to know they are being seen and heard.

The proper meme will have your audience enjoying, commenting, and sharing your content with their peers regardless of your area or sector. Furthermore, if anyone reposts the meme on their Instagram Story or sends it to a friend, the more users share your post, the more engagement you will experience.

The advantages of using memes.

  • Memes are inexpensive to develop.
  • Memes may be an effective technique for brand marketing.
  • Memes may reflect your firm's human aspect.
  • Memes provide immediate feedback.
  • Memes may become popular rapidly and give a sense of fun to a situation.

7. Make use of relevant Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags continue to pique the curiosity of digital marketers. Folks add hashtags while postings because they want to expand their reach. Higher reach leads to better interaction, which is the main objective for personal and business accounts.

Suppose you are willing to reach your niche audience who are more likely to be interested in your products/services and react to your messages. In that case, you could experiment with industry-specific hashtags. But, of course, you must also look at and study your competition regularly.

As a result of your analysis, you must have the suitable approach used for a start. Afterward, when all that remains is to test and evaluate what may be improved. You may also build a brand hashtag that is brief, memorable, and simple to recall. When combined with a strong idea, these strategies may catapult your brand's popularity and assist you in increasing Instagram engagement.

8. Create compelling captions

A single picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand words are worth a thousand words as well. Instagram captions can contain approximately 2,200 characters and up to 30 hashtags. Please make use of them! Captions give context and highlight the characteristics of your business.

Captions provide context for the photographs and videos you publish and facts people were unaware of. These are especially significant if you already have an Instagram Business Profile, which is mandatory if you are a company owner. However, if you don't have it, it's your first task to create it.

The significance of captioning emerges from its capacity to make the images/videos more accessible in various ways. For example, it enables deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to view videos, makes it easier to concentrate on and retrieve information, and enables people to watch it in noise-sensitive areas.

9. Experiment with Instagram AR filters

Social media users are looking for interactive experiences as technology evolves in several innovative ways.

The AR filters of Instagram are quite useful for increasing brand recognition while providing Instagram users with a pleasant experience.

These branded AR filters that enable users to virtual experience the products/services that are particularly suitable for businesses in the beauty/Fashion industry have proved to be very popular.

10. Utilize the latest collaborative feature

There is no guarantee that the latest Instagram option will appeal to all marketers. However, the Collaboration feature is an exception because it offers value across the board as a useful tool for optimizing the impact of user contributions and expanding out to larger audiences more effectively.

While using this feature, every collaborator is shown as a co-author for a certain post, and every collaborator does have the option to share a comparable post straight immediately. Instead of having two separate posts to promote joint activities, each collaborator can see the same post in their feeds, complete with the same likes, shares, and comments. As a result, you would have uninterrupted access to your collaborator's followers along with increased credibility as a result of association.

11. Use an Instagram engagement calculator

Whenever you post anything, you could also be keen to discover how many people who saw it engaged with it.

Not to worry! There are several ways to get at that amount. Impressions, posts, reach, and followers may all be used to compute an engagement rate. It is completely reliant on your social media goals.

You will need direct exposure to the previously mentioned metrics. To obtain that juicy, delicious data, you may use Instagram's Insights tool, Hootsuite Analytics, or one of the many other fantastic Instagram analytics apps. After you've gathered your data, run the numbers through all these Instagram engagement calculators to determine your engagement rate.

Final thoughts

There is no particular secret to increasing engagement on Instagram. You need to experiment and check which strategy can take your Instagram account to another level. You need to be creative while creating the content.

The above tips can assist you in increasing your Instagram engagement and help you understand where you are lacking to enrich your performance. However, there are multiple things to consider before posting the content.