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What are Book Bloggers / Influencer?

A book blogger(Influencer) is someone who will read through your novel or book and give an honest feedback about the same to his/her audience on his/her social media channel or write about it in a blog.

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While the concept is comparatively new, the book blogger has the potential to sway an entire audience by his words or writings. This is because leading book bloggers in India and the world over; at the least the ones who are reputed and considered credible in their country have a mass following – thousands of followers who take their word as gospel of truth. Hence, gradually these set of famous book bloggers in the country are on the wish list of every writer, author or novelist so that they can be persuaded and requested to read through the new novels and books and give their reviews on the same.

Being famous in their own field, the entire dealing is ethical and fair with the bloggers writing reviews about books from their heart with the objective to pass their judgment with fairness. Just like other industries, these book bloggers are now termed as the book influencers and if you are in anyways associated with the publishing and book writing industry, it is the need of the hour to have the top book bloggers in India read and review your book.

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As a publisher or a writer, it is a tedious task searching for famous book bloggers in the country. The work does not end here. You then need to write to them, send across your book and even speak to them a couple of times to impress them to read your book. Easier said than done! The top book influencers in India today are probably as busy or more than you are – they are certainly in demand with all new and upcoming writers and publishing houses wanting to catch their attention. Amidst all this getting connected with one or multiple of them can be a long-drawn and a strenuous process.

Not to worry! Grynow is a leading influencer marketing agency in the country today with its own network of over 5000 influencers involved in varied industries. Some of the top book bloggers from India are part of this ever-growing network and you can have direct access to them using our influencer marketing services. You can browse through our exhaustive book blogger list and select your choicest and ultimate book blogger.

The book blogger list is growing day by day and we are proud to have some of the best names in the industry associated with us and helping carve a niche for many first-time and full-time writers amongst the audience. We understand that your core area of work is writing and publishing and your knowledge of our industry – the influencer marketing industry would be minimal. We are there to advice you on aspects so that you book becomes a grand success. We will help you choose the right book influencers in India from our book blogger list depending on your genre of writing and the bloggers’ area of expertise. We will then introduce you to all the book bloggers from the book blogger list and communicate on your behalf so that a mutually beneficial deal can be worked out.

Once the blogger or the influencer finishes with the reading your book, we will work with him and his marketing team as well as your PR team to come with the right strategy – contents, words, blogs, vlogs and any other tool – to accurately sum up the feedback of the blogger so that the same can be posted on his blog and social media.

The power of social media is no more underestimated by any marketer today. There are so many studies and researches that have been conducted on the usefulness of influencer marketing and results have undoubtedly proved that compared to all conventional marketing tools, social media is incomparable and more effective. What makes it so dominant and prevailing is the instant connect that the audience shares with the influencer or the blogger almost like a live in-action kind of an experience which seems more realistic and practical. That is why when a book blogger recommends or praises a book, the audience believes and trusts it more than they would probably do with their own family and friends. The more honest the feedback, the better connect it makes with the audience and book bloggers know this well. Hence without mincing words – and mind you, they are wonderfully good with words – they review your book in front of a whole world with unquestionable sincerity and integrity.

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