The millennium city of India, Gurugram has been the forerunner of growth, development, technology, luxury, lifestyle, and Fashion.

Gurugram has established newer horizons in fashion domains, on one hand where brands of national and international reputation have registered their presence and on the other hand, gurugram based fashion influencers are setting out newer trends, creating the ideal condition of bandwagon development.

Fashion influencers in Gurugram are dynamic as well as inclusive. The diversity of content has the Gurugaon factor assimilated to its core, i.e, the sprouting IT and Technology industries and services culture. The culture is representative of Indianness amidst the Globalisaized platform.

Gurugram Fashion influencers are opinion leaders in their fashion domain where they hold rich experience and expertise in trends and tricks. This experience and expertise has the power to sway numerous events and opinions. Fashion influencers are the keystone for social upliftment as well as corporate performance enhancement.

Fashion Instagrammers in Gurugram have contributed a major share in growth and development of brands. Brands with various key performance indicators tie up with these fashion influencers to increase their concerned graph. Grynow, being the best Influencer marketing agency in Gurugram has created a well researched list of fashion Instagrammers in Gurgaon.

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Fashion Influencers in Gurugram:

  • Sneha Priyadarshani

    1. Sneha Priyadarshani

    Instagram: @dreamboatsneha


    Travel enthusiast. Holistic fashion development mentor

    Sneha Priyadarshani is Gurugram based fashion Influencer. She brings content around niches like beauty, travel, lifestyle, and dominantly Fashion. She has been featured on PinksVilla and The Indian Express. This top fashion Instagrammer in Gurugram has more than 57K followers and has registered her presence on other social media platforms like YouTube.

    Sneha Priyadarshani also runs a blogging website. Through her Instagram highlights Sneha has talked about topics like Nykaa Sale, Taj Exotica, Dubai, Vietnam, JW Marriott, Coach, Fav_Nykaa, Kalyan Jewellers, MAldives, Oziva, JaquelineUSA, Samsung, Lakme, H&M, LabelVarsha, Aldo, Samsung Event, The Leela Goa, OPIxMe, etc.

    Sneha Priyadarshani is among the best fashion influencers in Gurugram. She has done various paid collaborations for brands like Samsung India, Urban Company, Green Hermitage, Lakme, etc. Through har Instagram handle posts Sneha discusses about new clothes, makeup, accessories, etc which are subdomains of Fashion Niche.

    Sneha Priyadarshani had a humble beginning which started from simple photoshoots. Then she participated in Miss Pune competition and got selected for the finals. After that she had various opportunities which gave her career a boost. After that she never looked back and established herself as leading Gurugram fashion Influencers.

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  • Urvashi Arya

    2. Urvashi Arya

    Instagram: @urvashiarya


    Beauty with brains. Left her footprints on major niches and a fashion expert

    Urvashi Arya is a fashion Instagram influencer in Gurugram. She is one of the shining lights among women fashion influencers who has both beauty and brains. She holds a MBA degree from IIM-C. She curates content in niches like Travel, Lifestyle, and Fashion. Her expertise in her professional career lies in the FMCG arena.

    Urvashi Arya has been part of various renowned organisations like Avon, L’Oreal, and Reckitt and currently she is part of Dabur. She also indulges into mentorship programmes. She has a rich 7 years experience in the field. She utilises all her knowledge and her professional expertise to engage with consumers and her followers.

    Urvashi Arya has curated her Instagram highlights where she has talked about topics like Vatican, Zurich, Geneva, Paris, June, fitness, Collabs, JW India, Coaching, Goa 5.0, Bharatpur, Dubai, New Love, Weekending, Singapore, hanoi, Malaysia, Avataar, Skin Mushh, North India, Zouk, etc.

    Urvashi Arya has done various paid partnership collabs for brands like CultGaia,, Nykaa, 1AQ, No Rubbish, etc. She is also active on Facebook.

  • Surbhi Sikrii

    3. Surbhi Sikrii

    Instagram: @surbhisikrii


    Philosopher, Poem-lover, and fashion influencer in Gurugaon

    Surbhi is a renowned Gurgaon based fashion Influencer. She is a spiritual soul who loves to talk and touch every aspect of life. She has a sister Instagram handle with the username “alsosurbhisikrii”, where she talks about poems, thoughts, philosophies, etc. She loves to read poetry and read them for their followers.

    Surbhi is also known as “Revolver Rani”. She curates content across domains like Lifestyle, fitness, and fashion. She started her career through Lip-sync videos on Tik-Tok. Later after the banning of Tik-Tok in India, she shifted to Moj App. Further down the line she started her Instagram handle and YouTube Channel.

    Surbhi has done various paid collaborations for brands like Narayana Health, Meta India, etc. She is active on Facebook and YouTube too. On her YouTube channel she uploads various songs written and sung by her.

  • Bhavna

    4. Bhavna

    Instagram: @__she_shines


    Beautiful soul who presents very relatable content

    Bhavna is one of the top top fashion influencers on Instagram in Gurugram. She creates her content around Lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. She believes in being “A soul full of sunshine” and “Living what you feel”. She has amassed over a million followers on her Instagram handle.

    Bhavna instagram highlights are about Hairstyles, Accessories, travel destinations, friendships, cuisines, bridal getups, clothing, festivals, parties, etc. She has done various paid collaborations for brands like Flexnest, Melange Box, Zara, H&M, Nippon India Mutual Fund, etc. She has registered her presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

    Bhavna has uploaded around 588 posts. Views and engagement on her posts always remains very high. The latest post which she uploaded was in a paid partnership with Beeglee. It got more than 27000 likes.

  • Pulkita Marwah

    5. Pulkita Marwah

    Instagram: @pulkita.marwah


    Local explorer and to the core Delhi lover

    Pulkita is considered as one of the best Gurugram based Fashion Influencers. Her content revolves around niches like Lifestyle, Travel, but her major domain lies in Fashion. She is an engineer by profession and fashion influencer by passion. She is one of the fashion influencers in Gurugram with a high engagement rate.

    Pulkita has calibrated her Instagram Highlights for better followers experience, which consists of Travel, Lakme, vivo, Stilettos, Local Diwali, Livon x Syska, Clovia x Purple, MCaffine, The womans club, Try Sugar, Kingfisher, Humour Baba, KFC, Work, etc.

    Pulkita has done various paid collaborations like comfort India, Livon, Vivo, etc. She is active on other social media platforms too like Facebook.

  • Yamini Malhotra

    6. Yamini Malhotra

    Instagram: @yamini.malhotra


    She owns every look with her confident demeanour

    Yamini Malhotra is an actress, model, and Gurugram-based fashion influencer who was earlier a dentist by profession. Her love for fashion and acting got her into the film industry, and there was no going back for her. She loves to try new outfits and styles to inspire and influence her followers to make specific choices and identify their own sense of style.

    Yamini has an average of 22K views and an engagement rate of 1.39% on Instagram. She loves to showcase her life details through Instagram Highlights that include Gurgaon, Yumz, Holi2019, News, Trips, Dubai, Memories, Fun, Youtube, Dilli my dil, Gurgaon places, Shootings, etc.

  • Aadya Sharma

    7. Aadya Sharma

    Instagram: @aadya.1


    Portray classy outfits without compromising on comfort

    Her Instagram bio reads I like food & makeup more than most humans, which might resonate with most of her age-similar audience as this generation is all about influencing, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, growth, and overall makeover. Her #15basicfitswithaadya series has charmed so many people because of her relatability and casualness to unload the burden of dressing uncomfortably.

    Aadya is one of the best fashion Instagrammers in Gurugram and has average views of 1K and an engagement rate of 1.45%. Her Instagram feed mostly consists of casual but classy outfits, makeup videos, recipes, and personal life updates.

  • Supriya Nagpal

    8. Supriya Nagpal

    Instagram: @supriyya_nnagpal


    Fashion-forward maven for trendy decisions

    Supriya Nagpal is one of the best Gurugram fashion influencers whose love and passion for curating fashion-forward content have led her to achieve average views of 5K and an engagement rate of 1.12% on Instagram. Her gorgeous outfits and makeup look keep her audience engaged and entertained.

    She never leaves a chance to guide her viewers to make informed and trendy decisions, so she runs a weekly series on her Instagram named #tuesdaystop5withsupshowcases, where she showcases the top 5 choices for her audience to choose from. With her authentic content and engaging audience, she has bagged deals with big brands like Dyson and many local clothing brands such as The Fairytaless Bride and Sugandha.

  • Mahak Sharma

    9. Mahak Sharma

    Instagram: @mahaksharmaa_


    Trendsetter with a blend of fashion and comfort

    Mahak Sharma, one of the most beloved Gurugram fashion influencers on Instagram, has her feed filled with brand collaborations. By uploading fashion and style-oriented content, she has managed to accumulate a massive following, with average views of 3K and an engagement rate of 2.31%.

    Her fashion choices are a mixture of comfortable, classy, traditional, and bold. From cute tops and dresses to ethical beauties and stylish co-ords, she carries everything in style.

    She identifies herself as a fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer and curates content around similar niches. She has collaborated with clothing brands like Faballey, Indya, Lifestyle, and Pinkcelestial, along with other brands like Boult, Aerocity, Movietime Cinemas, etc.

  • Shikha Agarwal

    10. Shikha Agarwal

    Instagram: @theshikhadose


    One stop solution for budgeted fashion expert

    Shikha is recognised among the best Gurugram-based fashion Instagrammers because of her dedication and hard work to showcase trendy fashion to her viewers in one place. She wears outfits that are budget-friendly, easy to wear, and stunning & dreamy in appearance. You can find all sorts of fashion content, including outfit details, tips and tricks, under-budget clothes, and best finds from various brands.

    Shikha is really active on Instagram, with more than 15K posts, an average of 101K views, and an engagement rate of 1.59%. Her Instagram highlights consist of outfit links from Amazon and Shein, travel locations, and major highlights of her life. Also, her collaborations are with brands including Indya, Uniqlo, GPLT, etc.

  • Neha Suman

    11. Neha Suman

    Instagram: @suman.neha


    Creates content around trendy outfits with a hint of humour

    Neha Suman identifies herself as a fashion and lifestyle influencer and thus belongs to some of the top fashion influencers in Gurugram. She adds a gist of wittiness to her fashion reels and publishes trendy outfits for her audience to take notes from. Other than GRMW fashion videos, she also uploads outfit details, beauty & makeup tips, fitness regimes, and trends.

    One of her biggest achievements to date has to be her modelling collaboration with Myntra, wearing various brands like Urbanic, Tokyo Talkies, etc. While going through her Instagram profile, one can notice her love for bridal shoots and makeovers. With her fashion-oriented content, she has obtained an average of 7K views and an engagement rate of 2.17% on Instagram.

  • Harsh Pandit

    12. Harsh Pandit

    Instagram: @harsh.pandit


    Recreate Bollywood movie looks by adding his creativity

    Harsh Pandit is among the top fashion influencers on Instagram whose content resonates around menswear and grooming inspiration. He has a significant number of followers on Instagram and an average of 3 million views, along with an engagement rate of 4.02%, showcasing her genuine connection with his audience.

    Harsh’s love for recreating Bollywood actors' looks cannot go unnoticed. He has by far recreated outfits of Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Saif Ali Khan, etc. He has also collaborated with several brands, including Aldo, MamaEarth, Ajio, Motorola, etc.

  • Arjun Kumar Nishad

    13. Arjun Kumar Nishad

    Instagram: @arjun0017


    Affordable fashion choices and style inspiration guaranteed

    Arjun Kumar Nishad is one of the top fashion Instagrammers in Gurugram. He curates content around menswear and luxury lifestyles. He styles clothes from different brands like Souled Store, H&M, GAS Jeans, Zara, etc.

    Arjun is famous among his viewers because of his looks and outfits from economical and widely accessible brands, which can be easily recreated by his viewers, giving them a sense of relatability and resemblance. Therefore, being a fashion influencer who cares about his followers, he has garnered an engagement rate of 11.12% and average views of 48K on Instagram.

  • Sonalika Singh

    14. Sonalika Singh

    Instagram: @iamsonalikasingh



    Sonalika Singh identifies herself as a fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencer who is a NIFTian and designer by profession. Besides being one of the best Gurugram-based fashion Instagrammers, she is also a fitness enthusiast who loves working with fitness clothing brands like Clovia. She also promotes brands like Aulerth, which believes in sustainability and nature-friendly fashion.

    Sonalika has garnered a significant following on Instagram, and her highlights display SARISKA Stay, PlayNwin, Tech Events, OILY POILY, PUMA, pH X Neu, DW Vday offer, Krabi, Phuket, Bangkok, Johnnie Walker, Jaguar Invite, etc. Additionally, she has accumulated an engagement rate of 2.02% and average views of 2K on Instagram.

  • Anshu Das

    15. Anshu Das

    Instagram: @anshudasofficial


    She is a style-savvy fashionista and entrepreneur

    As a well-known Gurugram fashion influencer, Anshu Das has gained enormous popularity on Instagram because of her fashion-forward content, styling tips, and lifestyle inspiration. She describes herself as an entrepreneur, lifestyle, fashion, food, and parenting influencer.

    She has managed to amaze a large number of followers through her content and has accrued an average of 1K views and an engagement rate of 0.77% on Instagram. Thus, several brands, like Amazon and Boho Knots, have collaborated with her. She has also been recognised and felicitated for her work by media and award shows.

  • Shashi Gahlyan

    16. Shashi Gahlyan

    Instagram: @ssgahlyan


    She is a NIFTian designer promoting sustainable fashion

    Besides being one of the best fashion influencers in Gurugram, Shashi Gahlyan is also a fitness enthusiast who promotes working out in style. His Instagram feed is full of stylish looks and physiques.

    With his fashion-oriented content and body-positive attitude, he inspires his viewers to stay fit and stylish at the same time. Through his hard work, he has attained an average of 6K views and an engagement rate of 4.02%. And his Instagram highlights showcase brand deals with MyntraxS.Oliver, Playboy, etc.

  • Jasmine Kamra

    17. Jasmine Kamra

    Instagram: @girlgoclassy


    Enchanting trendy fashion with creativity

    Jasmine Kamra has an eye for details and trendy fashion, through which she has captivated her audience. She is one of the top fashion Instagrammers in Gurugram and has a distinctive style and creativity. Her heart is in black colour, and most of her own outfits are too.

    She has the ability to connect and engage with her audience; therefore, she has accumulated a significant following on Instagram, with average views of 7K and an engagement rate of 22.23% on Instagram.

  • Sidhi Luthra

    18. Sidhi Luthra

    Instagram: @sidhi_luthra


    She is a trend-maker with stunning fashion choices

    Sidhi Luthra is among the top fashion Instagrammers in Gurugram because of her trend-oriented and visually alluring content, through which she has garnered a significant number of followers, with a variety of content consisting of styling inspiration, tips and hacks, styles, product recommendations, and brand collaborations.

    Sidhi has established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion community and has an average of 4K views and an engagement rate of 0.86% on Instagram. Also, she has collaborated with renowned brands and businesses like First Cry, Amazon, and Worldmark Gurgaon.

  • Samriddhi Soni

    19. Samriddhi Soni

    Instagram: @thesamriddhisoni


    She can unleash maximum impact with such unrivalled engagement

    With her creativity, ability, and fashionable content, Samriddhi Soni has mesmerised her audience and bound their hearts with her. She has stunning fashion choices that resonate with her audience, who loves watching her curated looks and recreating them with her.

    Samriddhi has won her viewers' hearts with her efforts to find budget-friendly shops and thrift stores where people can discover stylish yet less costly clothes. Through her authenticity, she has obtained an engagement rate of 78.09% and average views of 422K on Instagram and bagged deals with clothing brands such as Pehnosa and other fashion and lifestyle local businesses.

  • Riya Pawar

    20. Riya Pawar

    Instagram: @theriyapawar


    She is a multitalented extraordinaire with dynamic personality

    Riya Pawar is one of the most established Gurugram based fashion influencers and is also a digital marketer, cabin crew member, costume stylist, and traveller. She is one of a handful of influencers who have made a significant leap from Instagram to OTT platforms like Netflix.

    Through her stunning and bold looks, she has established herself as a significant member of the fashion community and has successfully transitioned from just being an influencer to driving potential customers for brands. Also, she has an engagement rate of 1.16% and average views of 10K on Instagram.