In this blog, we will walk through how hotels and hospitality businesses can do influencer marketing and grow their business, so let’s dive in!

Imagine stepping into the beautiful Leela Palace in Udaipur, a hotel that perfectly captures the essence of India's historic royalty and rich culture. Now, imagine this experience being brought to life by a popular travel influencer, as he/she shares experiences though stunning visuals/videos and personal narratives of their stay.

So, let’s uncover how this luxurious hotel collaborated with popular travel influencers, Bruised Passports, who documented their entire stay at the palace. Their Instagram posts and stories, showcasing the hotel's exquisite beauty and world-class service, reached millions of their followers. The result? The Leela Palace Udaipur witnessed a surge in bookings, inquiries, and their own social media following.

Such is the power of influencer marketing, and it's no longer just an option but a necessity in the hospitality business. And in the era of digital marketing, hotels are turning to influencers to humanize their brands and create authentic engagement with potential guests. Influencer marketing is not just another fad; it's a powerful strategy that can significantly boost a hotel's visibility, credibility, and bookings.

Hence, this blog delves into the world of influencer marketing for hotels, discussing its growing significance, effective strategies, and real-world examples. If you are a hotel owner or a marketer in the hospitality sector, this guide will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage influencer marketing to drive bookings, increase brand visibility, and offer memorable guest experiences.

The Dawn of Influencer Marketing in the Hotel Business

Today's customers seek authentic, personal, and engaging experiences. Traditional advertising strategies no longer yield the same results, paving the way for influencer marketing in the hospitality business.

In a world where digital platforms rule the roost, influencer marketing has evolved into a transformative force in the hospitality business. The shift from traditional advertising to influencer marketing was ignited by changing consumer behavior.

The contemporary consumer, especially the millennial and Gen Z demographics, places a high value on authenticity and personalized experiences. They often turn to trusted influencers for travel recommendations and rely on their testimonials rather than glossy advertisements or promotional content.

Influencer marketing provides an effective answer to this shift.

Why Should Hospitality Sector do Influencer Marketing?

Hotels have realized that leveraging travel or lifestyle social media influencers can significantly impact their reach and engagement. In this setup, influencers act as a mutual connection between hotels and their potential guests. Their endorsements, often seen as personal recommendations, build trust and can influence their followers' decisions to a great extent.

From luxury resorts to budget accommodations, everyone wants a piece of this marketing pie. Lifestyle influencers are now a staple in hospitality marketing strategies, be it for boosting brand visibility, driving direct bookings, or creating buzz around a new offering. The effectiveness of this strategy lies in its nature – it’s personal, relatable, and interactive, and it taps into the power of digital word-of-mouth.

The hospitality industry, with its focus on providing memorable experiences, has embraced influencer marketing wholeheartedly. They understand that the modern traveler values experiences over material possessions and that they seek these experiences through the eyes of influencers they follow and admire. Hence, influencer marketing in the hotel industry has emerged from the shadows of being a mere fad and established itself as a powerful and reliable marketing strategy.

So, let’s dive in deeper to understand more about the roles of lifestyle influencers and travel influencers in the Hospitality Marketing realms.

How to Boost the Hospitality Business by Influencer Marketing

To effectively boost the hospitality business through influencer marketing, it is crucial to focus on key strategies and maintain transparency, authenticity, and consistency throughout the process. By following these guidelines, hotels can maximize the impact of their influencer collaborations and drive tangible results.

Identify the Right Influencer for Hotel Marketing:

Start by identifying influencers who align with your hotel's brand image and values. Look for influencers with a strong presence in hospitality marketing or those who have successfully collaborated with hotels in the past. Their expertise and credibility in the field will ensure a more impactful partnership.

Craft Compelling Storytelling of the Hotel:

Work closely with influencers to create engaging and authentic content that tells the story of your hotel. Provide them with insights and unique selling points to highlight during their stay. Whether it's showcasing luxurious amenities, exclusive experiences, or stunning locations, the content should resonate with their audience and showcase the essence of your brand.

Monitor and Analyse Engagement:

Regularly track and analyse the engagement metrics of influencer posts and stories. Pay attention to likes, comments, shares, and website traffic generated through their content. This data will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns for hotels and help make data-driven adjustments for better results.

Evaluate and Learn:

Influencer marketing in the hospitality industry is an ongoing process, and it's important to continuously learn and adapt. Evaluate the success of each campaign, identify areas for improvement, and incorporate those learnings into future collaborations. By staying agile and open to change, hotels can refine their influencer marketing strategies and achieve better outcomes over time.

Utilising Influencer Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Influencer marketing in the hospitality industry is not just about getting influencers to post about a hotel on their social media channels; it involves strategic planning and execution. It’s essential to identify influencers whose brand persona aligns with your hotel's brand image. Their audience demographics should also match your target customers.

Moreover, it's vital to ensure the content created is engaging and aligns with the influencer’s style to maintain authenticity. Engaging content could include behind-the-scenes videos, room tours, food tasting sessions, or exploring the city/town the hotel is in. The content should ultimately showcase what it's like to stay at your hotel, providing potential guests with a preview of the experience they can expect.

Ways to Use Influencer Marketing for Hotels

Micro-Influencers for Personalised Touch

Utilise the power of micro-influencers with highly engaged followers to create a personalised touch. These influencers may have a smaller audience, but their loyal and dedicated followers often have a strong connection with them. Collaborating with micro-influencers allows hotels to tap into their authenticity and relatability, effectively reaching a targeted audience.

Host Influencer Events for Buzz and Reach

Create a buzz and reach a broader audience by hosting influencer events. Invite multiple influencers to experience the hotel firsthand and capture captivating content. These events provide an opportunity for influencers to immerse themselves in the hotel's offerings and share their genuine experiences with their followers. It generates excitement and intrigue around the hotel.

Collaborate for Sponsored Content, Contests, and Giveaways

Collaborate with influencers for sponsored content, contests, and giveaways. Sponsored content enables influencers to create engaging and tailored content that highlights the hotel's unique features, services, and experiences. Contests and giveaways further boost engagement and reach as influencers encourage their followers to participate and potentially win exciting prizes.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Tap into the power of user-generated content by encouraging guests to share their experiences on social media using branded hashtags. User-generated content provides authentic and relatable recommendations that strongly influence potential guests' decision-making processes. It serves as social proof and can significantly enhance the hotel's online presence and reputation.

By implementing these strategies, hotels can effectively leverage influencer marketing to increase brand awareness, engage with a wider audience, and ultimately drive bookings. The key is to identify the most suitable approach based on the hotel's objectives, target audience, and brand identity.

With a solid foundation in influencer marketing, hotels can now explore how to further boost their hospitality business through this powerful strategy. Let's delve into the next topic: how to maximise the impact of influencer marketing and propel the growth of the hospitality business.

Role of Travel Influencers and Lifestyle Influencers in Hospitality Marketing

In addition to serving as brand advocates, influencers often take up the role of content creators for hotels. They capture and share their experiences, in the form of stunning photos, engaging videos, and compelling narratives that bring the hotel's unique selling points to life. Their content serves as firsthand testimonials that potential guests can trust and relate to. They can paint a vivid picture of what guests can expect - from the hospitality and comfort of rooms to the flavors of the cuisine, and even the thrill of local attractions.

Furthermore, they also serve as valuable sources of feedback for hotels. Their experiences and suggestions can offer insights into what works and what could be improved, helping hotels continually refine their offerings and guest experiences.

To harness the power of the travel and lifestyle creators in hospitality marketing, hotels are increasingly incorporating influencer marketing campaigns as part of their broader marketing strategy. It's interesting to see how influencers, with their relatability and expansive reach, have become the new champions of hospitality marketing. And, when these influencers are woven into creative marketing campaigns, the result can be highly impactful.

So, let's explore that further.

Powerful Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Hotels

One of the ways hotels can effectively leverage influencer marketing is by creating and executing well-thought-out influencer marketing campaigns for hotels. These campaigns can take various forms - sponsored stays, giveaways, collaborative content, etc.

For example-

Case Study 1: The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

The Oberoi Amarvilas, located in Agra, India, is renowned for its breathtaking views of the iconic Taj Mahal. To further enhance its brand visibility and attract a global audience, the hotel embarked on an influencer marketing campaign. They partnered with prominent travel influencers who had a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

The influencers were invited to experience the luxurious accommodations and exceptional services provided by The Oberoi Amarvilas. They documented their stay, capturing mesmerizing shots of the Taj Mahal from the hotel's rooms and balconies. Through their captivating storytelling, they highlighted the hotel's opulent ambiance, world-class hospitality, and the enchanting experience of waking up to the Taj Mahal in all its glory.

The campaign generated a significant buzz on social media, attracting the attention of both domestic and international travelers. The Oberoi Amarvilas witnessed a surge in bookings, particularly from travelers who were inspired by the influencers' experiences and their stunning visual content. The campaign successfully positioned the hotel as the ultimate destination for a luxurious and unforgettable stay in Agra.

Case Study 2: Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh, a luxury boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer, India, aimed to showcase its unique cultural experiences and the magic of the desert through influencer marketing. They collaborated with travel influencers who had a keen interest in exploring offbeat destinations and immersing themselves in local cultures.

The influencers were invited to experience the enchanting beauty of Suryagarh and its surroundings. They participated in curated experiences such as camel safaris, traditional folk performances, and stargazing sessions in the desert. The influencers documented their immersive journey, showcasing the hotel's regal architecture, warm hospitality, and authentic cultural experiences that set Suryagarh apart.

The campaign's impact was far-reaching. The influencers' posts and videos captured the attention of travel enthusiasts seeking unique experiences and hidden gems. The mesmerising visuals and personal narratives created a sense of wanderlust and curiosity among their followers. As a result, travellers eager to set out on their own desert adventure and take advantage of the hotel's unmatched luxury and cultural immersion saw a significant increase in bookings at Suryagarh.

These case studies highlight how influencer marketing campaigns can effectively position hotels as desirable destinations, generate brand awareness, and drive bookings. By leveraging the storytelling abilities and expansive reach of influencers, hotels can create a compelling narrative that resonates with their target audience and entices them to choose their property for an unforgettable experience.

These case studies highlight how influencer marketing campaigns can effectively position hotels as desirable destinations, generate brand awareness, and drive bookings. By leveraging the storytelling abilities and expansive reach of influencers, hotels can create a compelling narrative that resonates with their target audience and entices them to choose their property for an unforgettable experience.

This demonstrates the power of influencer marketing in the hospitality industry, but how exactly can hotels utilise this strategy to maximise their success? Let's explore the various ways to leverage influencer marketing in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Marketing Examples

There are several noteworthy examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns in the hospitality industry that have significantly impacted brand awareness and bookings. Let's explore a couple of these examples:

The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles:

The hotel regularly collaborates with influencers and celebrities to share their experiences on social media platforms. This strategic partnership generates significant exposure for the hotel, reaching a broader audience and enhancing brand visibility.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island:

The resort's collaboration with travel influencers has helped showcase its unique undersea residence. By leveraging the power of influencers in hospitality marketing, the resort generated widespread interest and witnessed an increase in bookings.

These examples demonstrate the effectiveness of influencer marketing for hospitality businesses and highlight the impact it can have on brand growth and customer engagement.

Conclusion: Innovative Hotel Marketing Ideas for the Future

In the age of social media, hotels must stay ahead of the curve by adopting innovative hotel marketing ideas like influencer marketing. As more people look to influencers for travel inspiration and advice, the potential of influencer marketing for hotels is immense. It allows hotels to tell their stories authentically, engage with potential guests effectively, and eventually, drive more bookings. As the hospitality industry evolves, influencer marketing is poised to play an increasingly vital role in shaping a hotel’s success in a competitive landscape.

In conclusion, influencer marketing for the hotel industry is not a passing trend, but a powerful marketing tool that is here to stay. It's time for hotels to leverage this strategy to enhance their brand visibility, connect with potential guests, and ultimately boost their bottom line.