Gaming Influencers in India

Gaming Influencers in India
  • Channel: @MortaLyt
  • Subscribers: 6.8M
  • Views: 74.9 Cr
Onespot Gaming
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gyan gaming
  • Channel: @gyanGaming
  • Subscribers: 11.2M
  • Views: 39.8 Cr
2k eater
  • Channel: @2kEater
  • Subscribers: 271K
  • Views: 7.49 Cr
fantom Gamebox
  • Channel: @Maxtern
  • Subscribers: 1.15M
  • Views: 11.1 Cr
  • Channel: @KingAnBru
  • Subscribers: 2.34M
  • Views: 26.6 Cr

Who are gaming influencers?

Who are gaming influencers?

These are common people who by virtue of their gaming videos and profiles uploaded online have been able to evolve their own group of followers that keep on growing day by day. These influencers are part of the social media revolution that is centred around the growth of the influencers’ community globally. Since they are common man and have still not achieved the status of celebrities, hence the man on the street is able to connect with them instantly.

The opinion and reviews from such influencers are viewed as genuine and not prejudiced. Their views are well-respected by their group of followers that basically springs from the notion that these are people who are well-informed about what they are talking about. The craze is so much that their own respective communities online await their views and opinions with each game with abated breath.

Grynow – India’s fastest growing gaming influencer marketing agency

One of the recent segments that the digital marketers have started to take notice of are the gaming influencers. With the growth of YouTube and Instagram, the world of online gamers have also developed, and at a break neck speed. And with the growth of the online gamers the concept of influencers in this particular industry has also come to the forefront.

Influence of video games

Influence of video games

50 Billion Watch hours

Last year in 2018 the Global Head of Gaming for YouTube, Mr. Ryan Watt acknowledged that people all over the world have watched over 50 billion hours of online games over a period of 12 months. (Reference: And this is only an official estimate – the actual hours could be multiple of this and more.

97% Youth play video games

The truth is that the Gen-X today loves to watch and play video games. This gaming industry has grown in sophistication and revenues with each passing decade. The reason why the youth today love to spend so much time on video games is that the games are meant to physically and emotionally challenge the person transitioning him into a realistic scenario with real-time action and drama. The influence of video games on young minds have been researched time and again and as per a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, about 97% of youth today play video games.(Source:

Influencing in gaming

If you have not yet formed your influential marketing gaming campaign and started work with a motivated group of influencers you are definitely lagging behind in the digital world. Here is why you should consider hiring a prominent gaming influencer marketing agency like Grynow to start work on this prized segment today. Working with some of the top gaming influencers in India including mobile game influencers, your door to the magical world of social media influential marketing will open up to bring in increased views, creating a niche for your brand as well as driving sales and revenues.

Reasons to hire Grynow for your influencer marketing gaming drive:

Reasons to hire Grynow for your influencer marketing gaming drive


The kind of followers that the gamers online have is unthinkable, especially the top gaming influencers – they are so immensely popular and loved by their communities that there could be no formidable influencer compared to this group of people. Since online gaming is an activity that the youth today value more than so many other things in their lives, their favourite gamer can have a very impactful say in their lives. Imagine the kind of sway these online gamers can create for your brand if you choose to work with the right influences. Grynow, with its years of experience in the field, will help create that impact by working hand-in-hand with you. Through our network of 5000 plus influencers, we will shortlist the top gaming influencers in India to work in conjunction with you to create a reach that you could have never planned for your brand using conventional methods of marketing.

Cost-effective prices

Through our widespread network of top gaming influencers and mobile game influencers in the country you will have access to work with the most cost-effective gamers who fit within your budget. Online gamers are quite liked by digital marketers because most of them are quite open to negotiate on their rates or offer their services against some freebies. For example, if your brand is in the computer hardware or software sector you can easily offer them a product in exchange of recommendations and positive reviews.

Since we are a thorough influencer marketing agency, our team consists of some very senior and experienced people from various industries. As a reputed and a leading gaming influencer marketing agency, Grynow will not only introduce your brand to an influencer, we will work hand-in-gloves with your marketing team to design the most viable influencer campaign involving some of the best and top gaming influencers in India. The purpose is to jet-set your brand onto the path of growth and development at a speed that will surely create ripples in your industry.