To launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, you must become proficientin identifying your target market& the goal, setting your budget, finding the right influencer, finding the right social media platform, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), providing continual support to influencers, making a contract, building an agile, integrating smarter investments, planning framework,tracking your campaigns success and measuring the increased ROI eventually.

The fragrance of successful campaigns is that social media stars develop and grow as experts in a niche and promote brands to reach their target goals in return for money/incentives! Many brands choose to do this through a leading influencer marketing agency in India.

Before diving in forcreating "successful influencer marketing campaigns", it’s imperative to primarilyexecute some research to make sure you use an influencer who is the right fit for your product or service. Not all influencers will represent your brand well.

Social media influencers are paid in exchange for their involvement with your brand in terms of cash or kind. Their endorsements are many times more impactful than a celebrity.

Why use influencer marketing campaigns?

Targeted audience

Micro-influencers typically build their loyal following with a unique voice and niche. If your target audience is same as their followers who have similar interests and trust their opinion, you can partner with them to drive your target audience. You must ask yourself, what’s the age range, gender, demographic location and interest of your target audience? Is the product pitched towards a younger audience? older? Hip, casual, conventional, professional?Marketers from almost every industry like beauty, lifestyle, fashion, design, food etc., can leverage these marketing campaigns to grow their business at an exponential rate, drive engagement, conversions, traffic, advocacy, sales, revenue and leads in due course!

Return on Investment

When you partner with influencers to promote your brand or products, their followers will see it as an endorsement. Many of them may end up purchasing from you. Hence, your sales ROI increases with gain more leads & potential customers

Social proof

Having built large & loyal followings on social media platforms, influencers are viewed as authoritative sources of information by their followers. The high-quality content that they create produces a lot of engagement due to relevancy and trustworthiness. Their endorsement increases your brand’s recognition, identification, advocacy and acts like a social proof in total.

Nurtured online brand presence

According to EMarketer, 89% of marketers agreed that influencer marketing could positively impact how people “feel” about any given organization.When a brand works with targeted micro-influencers, the results can be high on every graph of success. Asthey are passionate and knowledgeable about their niche, and which makes them an affordable and powerful asset to brands. If you are planning to leverage a micro-influencer reach, crafting your campaign invite is central.

How to create a successful "influencer marketing campaign strategy"

You can use the following strategies to build a successful influencer marketing campaign!

Strategy #1- Determine your target goals

To reach your brand goal and objectives, you must plan & develop your promotional strategy and measure and estimate the effectiveness of your campaign. You must consider-demographic location of thecreator you want to work with, what you want the creator to convey to your target audience, and how will he help you do that. The target goals you want to establish while leveraging the power of a person of influence may be-

Brand awareness & advocacy

You may want to grow your social media profile followers, number of social media mentions, reach of the marketing campaign and eventually brand’s credibility, awareness and advocacy.

Encourage sales

Your sole purpose can be to grow your profit margin via increased and influenced sales for which you can use a designated coupon code for your selected influencer.

Fuel engagement and increase customer retention

You can work to stimulate the engagement on your marketing content. Measure it by counting the number of repeat customers during the campaign. Leveraging more likes, comments and shares for your content can also be your target goal.

Growth in social media following

You can target to grow your online reputation and a loyal fan following.

Build brand identity and customers

You can target people to track your brand value proposition, personality and get wider target audience to follow or subscribe!

Build up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Your target objective can be to increase KPIs, which include:

  • Target audience reach
  • Viewership
  • Click-throughs
  • Chatbot subscribers

After selecting and identifying your success metric, record the current statistics and growth rate before starting the campaign. These records will come into account when measuring the success of the campaign.

Strategy# 2 Select your social media or "influencer marketing platform"

The next step planning yourinfluencer marketing campaign strategy"is deciding the dominating and relevant social media platform, where you want to run your campaign. Every platform has its unique qualities, reach and style. Instagram is the greatest platform to do influencer marketing, because of its high engagement rate, which gave rise to the concept of Instagram influencer marketing. The average engagement rate on Instagram is about 1.87% for influencers. Also, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the top three platforms and all drive different types of users.

For example, businesses such as Concealer & foundation that have a young, female audience and a visually ambitious campaign might choose Instagram.

The key factors, you need to consider while choosing an outlet:

Target market

Select the network where your target audience is. For example, if you want to sell beauty products, you might end up with an Instagram build personality or if you want to reach teenagers, you might want to go with Snapchat authority.

Graphic or textual content

If you want the micro-influencer to post a photo regarding your business, you might go for killer strategy with a Pinterest or Instagram based influencer. You can choose LinkedIn too.

Create links

You might consider Instagram based creator (via stories) to drive viewers to an external website.

Strategy #3 Choose a type of influencer marketing campaign

The type of influencer marketing campaign is a key element todecide whether you would accomplish your mission.

All you need is to inspire, hire, and leverage.

You can propose a creator to share your marketing content or messaging on their own and pay them to promote your brand.

You can leverage these types of Instagram influencer marketing strategies & campaigns


Lending free products/service can inspire a personality to review or mention your name.

Guest posting

You can create and share content for your influencer’s blog post.


You can pay the micro-celeb for featuring your brand on the corresponding social channel.

Employ Partnership

Co-producing content with an endorser to be featured on your website, their website or external websites help increase your reach.

Social media references

You may want to get your content share and brand mentioned by a personality as a part of a successful Influencer marketing campaign.

Run a contest/giveaway

You can ask a promoter to advertise your contest or share your giveaway event with their & your target audience.

Letting an influencer coup

You may allow an influencer to take control over your social media profile for a given timeperiod.

Selling merchandise and affiliate marketing

You can provide a unique sale code/discount code that gives compensation from each sale they influence.

You can leverage these types of YouTube influencer marketing campaigns:

Introductory campaigns

to introduce a new product to the target market, you can pay the celeb to create eye-catchy & fascinating videos showcasing your stuff!

Maintenance campaigns

to make your content evergreen or to memorize a product’s advantages to your target audience, you may ask the influencer to produce emotional videos regarding your product.

Hashtag campaigns

to find and group videos on specific topics, you may want to create custom hashtags for the campaign.

YouTube contest/giveaway campaign

you can attract your target audience with different incentives laid out & promoted by influencers.

Branding campaigns

these campaigns feature detailed videos on your product applicability.

Strategy# 4 Identify your target audience

Outlineprecise details about who you want to connect with through your campaign. We recommend you to create a buyer persona that includes both demographic and psychographic dissection. Your goal must be to identify the buyers need and the network they follow with websites they use.

Strategy# 5 Find the right, perfect and relevant Influencer-

A 2019 survey by The Influencer Marketing Hub (partnered with Viral Nation and NeoReach) emphasizes how influencer marketing can be highly lucrative for those brands who engage in it. The top 13% of businesses make $20 or more. Most companies get positive results from influencer marketing, with just the bottom 25% failing to generate any revenue (brands who select the wrong influencers) (Influencer Marketing Hub)

Despite its ostensible benefits, influencer marketing is a wasted investment if you are not working with the right ones.

After considering your options, explore the types of influencers best suited for your business content.

  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Stars
  • Micro-celebrities
  • celebrities
  • Industry Experts
  • Thought Leaders
  • Other niched Brands

After considering the type of creator you want must design a contract.

Strategy#6 Represent a contract or"influencer marketing proposal”

You can offer an official contract to make the former responsible.

This contract can be based on

  • What the creator can expect in return from you
  • What your target goals are with respect to the campaign
  • Will you allow the creator to work with the competitors during the campaign?
  • A time period of partnership-deed

Strategy#7 Support the Influencer during the campaign

Interact with the influencers throughout the campaign, making sure you never over judge any of their content, instead, help them understand how they should produce innovative & incredible content, deliver supporting resources, and provide the required help. You must participate in the discussions & engage with your influencer’s followers. Also, cross-promote all the sponsored content on all your other social media profiles.

This will boost your chances of creating a successful influencer marketing campaignwhich turns your target goals into achieved milestones.

Strategy#8 Track and analyse Your results

You can measure your success by comparing your prior campaign performance statistics.

To know, if you’ve reached your goals, track and measure your results. Use metrics to measure your success depending on the initial marketing objectives you set for the campaign.

Brand Awareness

organic traffic, views, social mentions, watch-time, number of users& followers etc.

Building Brand recognition

Post including brand mentions and PR coverage

Driving target audience

Follows or subscribers


Likes, comments and shares


New sales, increased ROI & leads

Study the data to comprehend your next influencer marketing strategy.

Skyrocket your successes journey now with power!

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