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Who are beauty influencers?

Beauty influencers are the people who create and share beauty-related content on their social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube etc. The content created in the form of posts and videos usually pertain to best beauty tips, reviews of products and services, sharing their personal stories and experiences, and tutorials. With abundant scope of being their creative best, the top beauty bloggers are able to garner the attention of the millions of actives users of the social media channels and gain a good and qualitative following in the virtual world.

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Influencing Power:

The beauty industry has always used influencer marketing to advertise products and services. While earlier it would be celebrities and famous personalities on the digital and print media, today the focus has sharply shifted to social media beauty influencers and bloggers. The reason behind the growing likeliness and affinity for beauty bloggers by marketers today has been mainly attributed to the fact that while celebrities have always appeared as larger than life, beauty bloggers and social media influencers are more relatable, they appear more genuine and down-to-earth; and most of all they are accessible like a close friend or acquaintance.


Most popular beauty bloggers and vloggers online pay personal attention to their group of followers, engage in conversations online with them, and reply to their queries working on a model that is more one-to-one than generic in nature.

Recommendation with Trust:

When the best beauty influencers and bloggers or active social media users with a handsome following recommend a product or service to their community or followers, it is perceived as a trusted form of information and recommendation. It is this element of trust and a strong rapport that a social media user is able to build with his following on a causal platform like Instagram or YouTube that drives the entire concept of influencer marketing. When they outrightly suggest your product or service or vouch for the quality and effectiveness, there is bound to be spike in the sales of your business - especially beauty and fashion because most women and men around the world are cautious about what they apply on their face and skin or what they consume orally or wear in order to make themselves healthy, beautiful and presentable.


The biggest advantage of the top beauty bloggers on Instagram recommending your product or service on their social media channel is that their words are relied upon like one would do with a friend or a close associate. The best beauty bloggers on Instagram would be more actively involved and be accessible by his/her following than a noted film star or a sportsperson.

How can top beauty influencers help your beauty business?

Before proceeding further here are some facts and figures that will help you realize why influencer marketing is steadily pushing all other forms of digital marketing behind.


The social media influencer marketing industry is supposed to be crossing $ 8 billion by 2020 worldwide while this year it is estimated to be about $ 7 billion and 3 years back in 2016 it was only about $ 2.65 billion. (Source: Influencer Marketing Infographic)


The number of active users of Instagram n January 2013 was about 90 million people while in a span of only 5 and a half years, became more than 10 times to stand at 1000 million active users in June 2018. (Source: Influencer Marketing Infographic)


75 million Instagram users used the platform on a daily basis in June 2018 – no doubt that Instagram is one of the leading platforms for influencer marketing. (Source: Influencer Marketing Infographic)


Fashion is the most active topic on the platform with 25% of sponsored posts in this industry followed by food, entertainment, baby, humour and beauty. Decor and technology were the lowest ranking sectors on the platform in terms of sponsored posts amongst 15 selected categories. (Source: Influencer Marketing Infographic)


For beauty brands that shelve out exorbitant money every year to engage with a celebrity recommendation, influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching out to a target market at substantially lower investments. This is the reason why top beauty brands on Instagram are engaging with the best beauty influencers in the world. The reach is multiple times that of conventional advertising while the money it costs for the entire process is a only fraction of the money spent.


And last but not the least, the results are immediate and most of the times unbelievable – sales boom and revenues multiply because of the trust bond that Instagram beauty influencers and YouTube beauty influencers share with their community.

Word of Mouth:

One important aspect of this form of marketing is that consumers who go out and buy your product and services based on the recommendation of their favourite Instagram beauty bloggers or YouTube top beauty bloggers are more likely to recommend the same product or service to their circle of people if they are impressed with the items. The word of mouth publicity will be limited to not only their personal interactions in the physical world but extend to their own group of followers in the virtual world too. Hence social media influencer marketing especially in personal beauty and grooming category can have a cascading effect if beauty brands associate with the right organic beauty blogger and influencer and work on the right strategy.

How Grynow can help you with beauty influencers?

Grynow is a well-established and leading influencer marketing agency in India. We are introducing and revolutionizing the concept of influencer marketing in the country having worked with many brands in this particular realm of marketing and helped them grow and multiply their business like never before. We have successfully helped many of our clients’ skyrocket their sales in a limited span of time with the help of Asian beauty bloggers, Instagram beauty influencers and YouTube beauty influencers.

If you are a part of the beauty industry in the country or as a marketer you have clients from this industry, it is time that you decide to include beauty influencer marketing and work with beauty influencers in India as a means to achieve your business goals and that too in the fast-track mode.

Grynow, with its industry-specific experienced team helps clients to understand the significance of influencer marketing and utilizing the top beauty Instagram influencers and Indian beauty vloggers, brainstorms with their internal marketing team to devise a suitable and relevant marketing strategy and then go all out with implementation so that our clients are able to experience drastic increase in returns on their investments.


We identify the top beauty Instagram influencers who can boost your business depending on their profiles, expertise and area of work.


We call out to our network of top beauty influencers in India and content creators to apply for collaborating with your brand.


We deal with the interested top beauty influencers on your behalf on the type and quality of content that they would create for visibility to your brand on their channels.

Team work:

We collaborate with your internal marketing team as well as the content creators or the Indian beauty vloggers to design, create and write contents that would benefit your brand and give the desired impetus to the brand in the digital platform.


We sit down with you, review proposals and contents created by each of the shortlisted influencer so that the best Instagram beauty bloggers can be selected for undertaking the task.


We negotiate on your behalf with the top beauty influencers on Instagram so that a win-win deal for all involved parties can be worked out.

India beauty influencers from our network along with our high-quality content are instrumental in spreading the word about your brand instantly to not only your desired target audience but to a much wider market that conventional marketing would have taken years to reach.