6 Ways to Find Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Ways to find Influencers to promote your brand

Influencer marketing can be considered as the new term, however influential leaders have always inspired in some way or the other. From the likes of Nelson Mandela, Gandhi ji, Mother Teresa, Bhagat Singh to today’s world social media influencers. Leaders always inspire their followers in some form. And when the leaders or today’s world content creators deliver value to their followers / fans, fans also give something in return and that is loyalty. This trust is converted into a relationship which ultimately increase the awareness about the product which the leaders use. The brand’s product gets leverage because of brand association power of the influential leader and the consequence is increase in awareness, leads, branding and ultimately sales. Finding influencers to promote your brand is a tough job, as you have to find relevancy with respect to their target audience, you should be able to match the target audience of the brand with the target audience of the influencer.

Being good at something takes time. The same can be said when you want to find influencers for your brand. There will come a phase where you have to undergo several trial and error before you find your ideal opinion leaders. Unfortunately, as a business, you can afford significantly less of these "errors." Best leave the job of finding influencers to specialists like Grynow Influencer marketing agency who are fully capable of selecting the right doyens to represent your brand in front of your target audience.

Nonetheless, we have put together a list of things you ought to do and what you ought to avoid when you are in the process of getting influencers to promote your products and services. We did this as a precautionary measure for the off chance that you choose to ignore our advice of hiring an agency and decide to act at your discretion.

How To Find Influencers to Promote Your Brand Using Effective Ways

Utilize The Power of Google

How to find Influencers to promote your brand

Search engines like Google are ideal sources to find influencers for your products. However, make sure that your searches are niched, or else you'll be scouring through endless results, with no sight of potential doyens for your campaigns. A best practice would be to keep a list of keyboards at hand that communicates your brand's message. Pro tip: insert "site: twitter.com" before your keywords to search Twitter only for your niched keywords. For example - site: Twitter.com sports accessories.

You can narrow down your search even further by adding "blogger" or your desired location to your query. Adding keyword and geographic details to your search will help you discover influencers within your locality and niche. Search engines can also help you find Influencer blogs or websites. More often than not, there are links redirecting traffic to their social media handles. The best place to look for these links would be the footer of the webpage. You can go to their profile and check if they post content relevant to your business.

Analyze Your Competitors

how to analyse your competitor

Guess who is using the same opinion leaders in their influencer marketing campaigns? That's right, your competitors. Keeping tabs on your rivals can help you find social media influencers who post content about topics that coincide with your business.

Here is how you can undertake the process.

Step1: Navigate to your competitor's social media profile,

Step2: Browse through the posts that others have tagged them in

Step 3: Go to the individual's profile and check their following

Step 4: Check the content in their feed

If the Maven is posting content about your competitor's product, chances are they are willing to do the same for your brand. However, if Maven only endorses products from a specific brand, then this is a sign that they would not consider partnering with rival brands. We advise you to skip and move on to someone else.

Use The Power Hashtags

how to use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most efficient ways to find Instagram influencers in your niche. Hashtags are used to group images, videos, and stories relevant to each other, making it easy for users to find the desired content. Want to know which hashtags to consider? Free hashtag research tools like "all hashtag.com" are a great place to trending hashtags in your industry. You can use the hashtags that you find to conduct searches on Instagram. The top post is where you can discover influencers for your brand. The images and videos you see can help you find influencers. You can navigate to the account of the person that uploaded the content. Once inside, check metrics like the total followers, likes, and comments on posts and the frequency of their uploads.

After you find the Maven suitable for your business need, here is how to contact influencers to promote your product. You can start networking by messaging them directly - describing your proposal in detail. It will help if you exercise caution. Do not share sensitive information about your business on Instagram. You have email services for that.

Undertake Searches On YouTube

youtube search

Like Google, YouTube is also a search engine and a good one to utilize if your business caters to a niche industry. The video streaming platform is ideal for discovering influencers who would be willing to do longer product unboxing or review videos. You can start with search queries consisting of your business keywords. This will give you a list of videos and channels that relate to your desired topic. You can narrow down your search even more by using long-tail keywords. Try to find Influencers for your brand that have a decent number of subscribers and views - ones that will not burn a hole in your wallet, should they choose to work with you.

Influencers that you find on YouTube also have their audience base on multiple social media platforms. They can also endorse your brand's products and services on their blog or Instagram page.

Use LinkedIn to Find Business Influencers

how to use LinkedIn to find business

You didn't see this coming, did you? Admittedly LinkedIn may not be your first choice for finding influencers, but the platform helps nonetheless. You can filter your searches by industry and title to find the right content creators and bloggers to represent your brand. In contrast to messages on Instagram, LinkedIn messages ooze professionalism. Be sure to optimize your LinkedIn page with essential details about your business. This helps doyens gain a better understanding of the company and the person they are communicating with.

Hire influencer marketing agency to find Influencers for your Brand

influencer marketing agency for brands

If you look hard enough, you will discover entities that practically find influencers for you. Some can even execute the entire Influencer marketing campaign once you provide the necessary details. An influencer marketing agency like Grynow makes it easy for brands to link with different types of influencers. They help clients find mavens from different categories - athletes, comedians, fitness coaches, etc. All you need to do is create an account and purchase a subscription package. Once you do that, the company strategists will find opinion leaders based on the number of followers, location, and category. They maintain a robust database of social media influencers that are ideal for working with. What's more, you don't have to worry about bot followers or fake metrics.

The influencer marketing company evaluates an influencer's account for multiple metrics, including followers quality, engagement rate, and return on ads. With their help, advertisers and marketers can find relevant influencers and command an active audience base. The agency experts make the process of finding influencers for your campaign easy. Selecting influencers based on the described metrics can ensure optimum outcomes from your influencer marketing campaign.

Ineffective Methods of Getting Influencers to Promote Your Products

Considering Only Engagement Rate

ineffective methods to promote products

Engagement rate is one of the metrics many marketers use to hire Influencers' services. Although there is nothing wrong with doing so, the real problem is making your final decision solely on this factor alone. When you select someone that receives a low engagement rate, you forfeit your chances of partnering with influential content creators who have better reach.

You should consider these three factors:

  1. Fake engagement
  2. Engagement rate is dependent on the influences following
  3. CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions).

First, you may be surprised, but it is easy to pay for an engagement. Some platforms and companies earn their livelihood by providing fake engagement to opinion leaders. Next, if you come across an account that boasts a reasonably large following but received relatively low engagement on uploaded content - then this is a sign for you to steer away from that influencer.

Finally, and this is a crucial factor to consider before getting Influencers to promote your product. If you pay a maven for a sponsored post, you indirectly buy your way towards your target audience. Let's say you sell sports types of equipment and have two attractive influencer options - each having 200,000 followers. The first one creates fashion content, has an engagement rate of 9%, and the other has an engagement rate of 6% and writes about sports. So, which creator should you pick? And what will you do if the second influencer offers CPM 30% less or more than the first one?

You should not go with a doyen that boasts a higher engagement rate; instead, you should select those who are an ideal fit for your marketing budget.

Depend Only On Macro Influencers

macro influencer to promote product

Let me ask you one important question: who would you pick - a celebrity with 2M followers, who creates fashion content. Or 30 micro-influencers with around 16k followers who cater to a specific niche. From where I stand, the answer is pretty obvious. When using an influencer to promote your brand, there is one common mistake you are bound to make. You may easily get influenced by a large following and go with a more famous opinion leader. Moreover, you also may find it convenient, as you would have to deal with one individual instead of thirty - further justifying your choice.

But businesses should also consider that a famous creator often has an audience whose interests extensively vary from each other. On the other hand, working with micro-influencers can give marketers access to a small but highly interested audience. For example, if you are a brand that sells gaming consoles, then micro Influencers that create content around the same topic have a better chance of getting you more consumers while keeping your spending minimal.

Of course, the final decision lies in your hand. But we suggest giving micro or Nano influences a try since the probability of getting a favorable outcome (financially and brand awareness) is more when you work with these opinion leaders.

We hope that the article was able to provide you with valuable insights.

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