Top Photography Influencers in UAE, GCC and Middle East to Follow On Instagram 2024

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The rise of technology and social media has made it simple for everyone to share beautiful photographs. We are no strangers to using filters to transform ordinary images into Instagram-worthy pictures. However, the Instagram accounts that manage to stand apart from the rest are handled by skilled photographers who have achieved mastery in their art. We have heard the phrase "a picture speaks a thousand words" countless times. Some finest photography mavens have taken it to heart by perfecting the trade of aiming their cameras at the right place and time and capturing masterpieces capable of conveying so much without a sound.

To that end, we at the top influencer marketing agency in UAE have gathered the best Emirati photography influencers on Instagram.


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Lamiaa Menhal is a Dubai-based artist, painter, and entrepreneur who was born and raised in Morocco. She is the Ambassador of Moroccan Artists in UAE. She aims to represent her country and promote her culture and art throughout the globe. As one of the top photography influencers in dubai, Lamiaa has more than 1M followers on her Instagram handle. Lamiaa got a marketing degree from college last sales in the year 2003. The Moroccan entrepreneur is the founder of Artistia Gallery, the hub of art paintings and new concepts in the Middle East, Artiste peintre, Lamiaa Menhal fashion for art clothing, Artisita Events - created for organizing events, conferences, concerts, and openings.


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Haifa Beseisso, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, is a well-renowned social media star and one of the best photography influencers on Instagram. After graduating from the American University of Dubai digital production and storytelling program, Haifa worked as a producer and broadcaster for several firms. For a time, she was pretty happy with her job, but something was missing.

Haifa quit her job and started her show on YouTube. She posts vlog-style content on her channel. Her audience can see her travelling to tourist attractions in Dubai. Haifa has also visited countries like Morocco, India, Maldives, Thailand, and Ethiopia - capturing their rich heritage on her camera reel. Fast forward in a couple of years, the 27-year-old has represented Canon in the Middle East. Haifa earns the majority of her income from partnering with brands like Pandora, Dove, and Lipton. She has also worked as an Emcee at high and events. Haifa says that meeting Conan O'Brien and the royalty of Norway at the 2016 Noble peace prize concert was her career milestone. The top photography Instagram influencer from UAE was interviewing celebrities at the event.


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Abdullah is an Instagram photography influencer from UAE who loves capturing memorable moments and beautiful places in the United Arab Emirates. He has a blog with a fantastic portfolio of images for the world to see. The Emirati Instagram photography influencer travels across his city to point his camera at mind-boggling architecture and scenery and use his skills and experience to bring them to life through his pictures. Palm fountains, Meydan Bridge, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Jumeirah Mosque are destinations he has captured in his camera roll.


  • Followers: 79.3K
  • Instagram: aljvd
Altamash Javed

Altamash Javed is a content creator and Instagram photography influencer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has a successful career with a camera thanks to the countless hours of training and practice he has put in developing his skills. Altamash is a photographer by heart. During his academic days, he used to go around capturing images on his phone. Even after graduating with a financial degree, he decided to follow his passion for photography.

Altamash enjoyed initial success after promoting his pictures on his Instagram page - which currently has 79.3K followers. Soon, his name started popping up on news and online platforms in the country. Eventually, the photographer's popularity reached a level where he began getting invitations to work with notable businesses like Facebook, Dubai Tourism, Apple, and Instagram. Altamash Javed's pictures are a sight to behold, and his viewers know that. Hence, today the freelance photographer from UAE enjoys the backing of a robust and loyal audience base.


Dany Eid photography influencer

The UAE-based Instagram photography influencer Dany Eid finds pleasure in keeping his followers occupied with his magnificent cityscapes, landscape, and architecture photography. That's not all. The award-winning photographer is the Brand Ambassador for Carl Zeiss, FstopGear, Fujifilm, and NiSi fifers. Dany inspiration for youngsters who want to chase their dreams and enjoy doing what makes them happy.

While growing up in Lebanon, Dany discovered his interest in arts, which led him to complete his interior design and painting studies. Eventually, he would move out of his country in search of new opportunities. Before becoming a full-time photographer, photography was nothing more than a hobby to Dany. However, the more he did, the more he saw himself falling in love with the art. Soon enough, he quit his job as an executive and focused on growing as a professional. The famous photography influencer of the UAE has an immense appreciation for nature's wonders. Dany has tons of social media followers who are left stunned by the stories he beautifully conveys from his pictures.


  • Followers: 640 K
  • Instagram: gmr83
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Next up, we have a lifestyle and travel photographer from the UAE, George Rishan. He holds immense love for photography and cannot help whip out his camera when his eyes come in contact with nature, food, or history Marvels. Besides his talent behind the camera, George also likes to travel. He has traversed across multiple continents and captured scenic beauty from countries like Cambodia, Bulgaria, Andorra, Indonesia, Italy, Czech Republic, Maldives, Poland, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Seychelles, etc. One look at George's Instagram feed can prompt explorers to set some immediate travel goals. The popular photography influencer of UAE has managed to reach a wider audience thanks to his features in magazines like "Vogue Middle East," "Zekkei collection," "Sekka Magazine," "Savoir Flair'', ''CNN ``,''Arab Ad Magazine" etc.


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Nicolas Tohme, a travel photographer from the United Arab Emirates, leaves no stone unturned in his portrait, editorial, architectural, Street, product, or editorial photoshoots. Nicolas finds solace in capturing priceless moments with friends and families - this is the part of his profession he treasures the most. Nicolas believes that the world of smartphones and technology is superficial. Natural beauty lies in visual masterpieces that can live and tell a tale for generations. Canon has appointed Nicolas as their brand ambassador. He also frequently makes appearances as a speaker at seminars and events organized at Canon Academy. During his speeches, Nicholas empowers his audience to follow their dreams. He tells them that they don't have to be popular to live the life of their dreams.


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Amr Tahtawi is a travel and landscape photographer from the United Arab Emirates. He has almost 10k followers on his Instagram, where he shares tips for producing eye-catching photos and videos. People started recognizing Amr when his work started getting featured in notable photography publications. Before discovering his passion for photography, Amr was a professional pharmacist who switched to graphic designing. This was the right decision considering he is among the top 20 graphic designers in the Middle East and Africa. For the UAE based Instagram photography influencer, capturing pictures is an extension of his love for arts.

Amr is an explorer who can't get enough of the exciting feeling of an adventure. He wants to capture what nature has in store for him. Amr is keen on passing his expertise to like-minded individuals. Hence he conducts workshops, digital image developing classes, online and one-on-one lectures, talks, etc.


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Sasha and Karl are bloggers and Instagram photography influencers from UAE. The duo is always on the move and constantly on the lookout for the next exciting destination. The content they create includes health, fitness, travel tips, a road less traveled, photography, film making, adventure equipment, cameras, and recording their experience as they move from one destination to another. Karl is a gregarious man who enjoys creating content and traveling. He will do anything to go on a new exciting adventure. Besides traveling and shooting content, Karl also has other hobbies like riding motorcycles, participating in Motocross, scuba diving, etc. The traveler’s interest inspired him to join good Kundalini yoga training sessions; as a result, Karl is now a qualified instructor who also specializes in meditation.

Moving on to Sasha, she is an individual who likes to stay fit. She practices yoga at home and spends considerable time at the gym. Sasha wants to travel and discover new places on our planet. Even as a young girl, the top photography influencer of UAE has been on the road most of the time - she wouldn't trade it for the world and plans to continue doing the same for the remainder of her life. What adventures is their brainchild, which started on Instagram in August 2018 - it is the Moniker under which the two explorers capture and post pictures about the adventures and the beauty they encounter along the way. "Whatadventures" is an effort from Karl and Sasha to let people experience what the world has to offer from their eyes.


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Filipina Hannah Magsayo moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with hopes of improving her career prospects. She is a talented photographer and an avid traveller who loves spending her free time reading travel books, blogs, and periodicals. Hannah has what it takes to excel in the art of photography. She captures amazing pictures of various tourist attractions and landscapes in Dubai with her Canon 6D camera. The young photography influencer of UAE works to support her passion. However, she hopes to one day have the financial freedom to quit her job and embark on the adventure of a dream. Hannah wants to travel across the globe. She already has a bucket list ready, consisting of countries like Iceland, Tasmania, Mongolia, Peru, South Africa, Scandinavia, etc.

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