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Top 5 Travel Instagram Influencers in Bangalore to follow in 2020

Top 5 Travel Instagram Influencers in Bangalore

Travel Instagram influencers are people who share their travel stories with their audiences and in so doing inspire them to undertake journeys to distant places; take chances, pack their bags to go to popular as well as quirky locations; get on with solo trips and more. With social media, travellers can share their images and videos showcasing far- off places to a market that is influenced with their anecdotes and travel experiences.

India, has her share of top travel influencers with many regional influencers raking in credible popularity and fortune. Here we are sharing the details of the top ones from India’s Silicon City, Bangalore.

Top travel Instagrammers in Bangalore

Explore here the top travel Instagram influencers in Bangalore:

harleen singh
Name: Harleen Singh
Followers: 81.5k
Insta ID wanderleen

About: Harleen is a vociferous travel enthusiast. Besides, she loves her dogs, food and loves to watch movies. She is fond of going on solo trips and shares her journeys to encourage Indian girls to try doing the same.

simran jain
Name: Simran Jain
Followers: 51.k
Insta ID simranbalarjain

Simran is a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger and an Instagrammer. She has a personal blog by the name ‘The Moody Vibe’ where she tells her awe-inspiring travel stories.

Name: Dolly
Followers: 40.5K
Insta ID chillystudio

About: Dolly is a Food, travel and lifestyle enthusiast. She has travelled to almost 14 countries and has been featured in Deccan Chronicle, Intellectual Indian, Medium and Woovly. She is also a YouTuber with almost 5.5k subscribers where she shares fashion videos, travel stories and Do-It-Yourself techniques.

neha somavvanshi
Name: Neha Somvvanshi
Followers: 23k
Insta ID nehacreatives

Neha is a lifestyle, travel, fashion and food content creator and blogger. She loves to share her experiences as a traveller to distant far-off lands and is today associated with couple of travel brands as an influencer.

nikita habib
Name: Nikita Habib
Followers: 20.08k
Insta ID nikitahabib

Nikita is also a fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer besides being a travel blogger. By profession, she is a marketing manager but her passion and soul lie in fashion and travel.

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of Top Travel Instagram Influencers in Bangalore. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.