In this century we are standing at a very pivotal point where time doesn't run any more, it flies. A decade year down the line, we all have our interest section a click away. Most of us now get travel recommendations from travel influencers .

Technology has uplifted and polished the travel niche too. Now newer and newer places are getting discovered and based on recommendations from best travel influencers, followers undertake an exhilarating journey.

Bangalore is one location known globally for its beautiful and serene climate. An IT hub, hosts a vast demographic of people who spend more than 40 hours in front of a screen. The weekend strikes an exodus to nearby destinations to feel human again and reside in the lap of mother nature.

Travel influencers in Bangalore are getting more importance and engagement. These individuals are boon for visually delightful experiences and nudges to undertake travel. We have created a list of top travel Instagrammers in Bangalore based on the quality of their work.

Top Travel Instagrammers in Bangalore (2024)

Best Travel Influencers in Bangalore (2024)

  • Simran Jain

    Simran Jain

    Instagram: @simranbalarjain


    Bold and very vocal. Loves to discover and wander.

    Simran Jain is one of the best Bangalore travel Instagram Influencers. She is a digital creator. She believes in making uncomfortable conversation easy. Her content revolves around niches like travel, beauty, and lifestyle. She states that she is documenting her life on Instagram.

    Simran Jain Instagram highlights consists of Maldives, 26th Birthday, Udaipur, Thailand, Cruise, Finland, Norway, Iceland, PR, Dudhsagar Trek, Coorg 2.0, Wedding, Engagement, Path Bithai, Pre Wedding, bridal Shower, Sikkim, Gujarat Tourism, TEDx, Kolkata, Leh, Roam with me, Get to Know, Goa, Periods, Kashmir, Amazon, 100K, Coorg, Proud, etc.

  • Faisal Majaj

    Faisal Majaj

    Instagram: @faisalmajaj


    A Backpacker and freak about travelling. He loves to discover new places.

    Faisal Majaj is a Bangalore based travel influencer. He identifies himself as an artist. His content revolves in cross niche functions which consists of travel, fashion, lifestyle, and Tech. He has created a few Guides on topics like Singing and My drawing. He has also done various paid partnership collaborations too.

    Faisal Majaj Instagram highlights on his Instagram handle consists of Travelling, Bihar, Kolkata, reels, Besties, Bangalore, going to Delhi, Food, Allen, GRS Park, Story views, Message, About Me, Thanks, Night Out, Let’s Move, reel Bonus, Insight, Creator, Thanks all, Fans, Earnings, Masti, Drawings, etc.

  • Swetha Changappa

    Swetha Changappa

    Instagram: @swethachangappa


    Traveller, Entrepreneur, Anchor, Dancer, fashionista, and Actress.

    Swetha Changappa is a Bangalore travel instagram influencer. She identifies herself as an actor. She is the founder of Tara Designwear. She dons various titles like Anchor, Dancer, fashionista, and Travel Enthusiast. She has also registered her presence on YouTube too.

    Swetha Changappa has created Instagram Highlists which are My Sunshine, Chef SC, My Little Heart, News and Articles. She has created numerous reels. Her posts are quite entertaining and engages a lot of her followers with likes and comments. She has done various paid partnership collaborations with brands like Just Bake, RK Studio, etc.

  • Apoorva Rao

    Apoorva Rao

    Instagram: @apytravelstories


    One adventure at one time full of Luxury and lavishness.

    Apoorva Rao is considered one of the best Travel Instagrammers in Bangalore. She identifies herself as a digital creator. She believes in “Exploring the world one adventure at a time ” and she is presenting “🇮🇳 Travel Stories from India & Beyond”. She provides hacks and tips for travelling. Her content mostly revolves around Luxury and Lifestyle.

    Apoorva Rao has her Instagram highlights in order which consists of Kerala, TamilNadu, Uttarakhand, Goa, Sri Lanka, Himachal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ras Al Khaimah, Mahabaleshwar, Vietnam, DaNang, saigaon, Hoi An, MOJ, Karnataka, Udupi, Novotel Hyd, Abu Dhabi, Kerala, Kashmir, QnA, Featured, etc.

  • Stories of India<

    Stories of India

    Instagram: @stories.of.india


    Great platform to connect with likeminded people

    Stories of India among top when talking about Travel influencers Bangalore. The platform was founded by Sindhu Gowda. The platform unfolds the various stories of India the platform’s content revolves around Travel, Culture, and lifestyle. The platform has registered its presence on various other social media platforms too.

    Stories of India has set their Instagram highlights which consists of Raindrops, IVAC, Campmonk, Incredible India, Resorts and restaurants, Walks and works, Best Of BLR, People Stories, Hampi Trip, Ooty Trip, Stay Chill Hampi, Contests, MakemyTrip, Realme, SeeWithSigni, Nokia, Nippon, etc.

  • Mahammad Haris N

    Mahammad Haris N

    Instagram: @haris_wanderlust


    New travel recommendations every other day

    Mahammad Haris N is one of the best travel influencers in Bangalore. He identifies himself as a video creator. His work gets a lot of attention and praise. His work has been published on Nat Geo, Beautiful Destinations, and Incredible India. He creates new travel destinations suggestions every day.

    Mahammad Haris N’s Instagram highlights consist of topics like NAt Geo, Beautiful Desi, Meta Creator, Maharashtra, and Edits. He captures great moments and sceneries. He also involves drone footage to capture great locations and creates splendid memories. He also creates reels in which he describes locations in great vividness.

  • Shona Roy

    Shona Roy

    Instagram: @thelaziebug


    Learn various shopping destinations of various places.

    Shona Roy is one of the best travel influencers from Bangalore. She associates with video Creators and Bangalore based travel bloggers. Her content revolves around lifestyle, Travel, and Beauty. She also has an amazon Shopping page where she recommends various products.

    Shona Roy has created list of Instagram Highlights which talks about topics like Amazon, Dot and Key, PMC Bangalore, Doctor Dreams, Titan, Caratlane, Jungle Trailz, Events, Wild Valley, O3 Plus World, The earth rhythm, Oasis Fertility, Dr Sheths, The Boozy Griffin, Swiggy, Swiggy, Rekkoz, Vicco Labs, Happy retreats, Zouk Online, Lakme, Geek Appliances, Lacto Calamine, etc.

  • Sonali Das

    Sonali Das

    Instagram: @ilanos_das


    A dynamic lady who is heavily invested in travelling and building a great lifestyle.

    Sonali Das is one of the top fashion influencers in Bangalore. She is a digital creator and professionally works at Times network. Her content revolves around niches like Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel. She has created guides on topics like backless blouses and summer and Wayanad dairies.

    Sonali Das Instagram highlights talks about Escape, HiDesign, Meta Creators Day, Travel collab, 7up X RCB, MagicPin, HomeDecor, SkinCare, Nails, 1Mg Mall BLR, Zouk, Travel collab, Lulu Blr, collab, SnapDragon, Unlimited, Store Visit, Burger King, Paio, Popeyes India, Chennai Silks, McLaren, Office Story, WD-40, etc.

  • Surbhi Kaushik

    Surbhi Kaushik

    Instagram: @surbhikaushik


    A photography expert who goes extra mile to capture the best moments

    Surbhi Kaushik is one of the top travel instagrammers in Bangalore. She is a photographer and interior designer. She is brand ambassador of Nikon. She has co-founded Good Shotz and The Blue Hour. She regularly uploads various reels showcasing various exotic and breathtaking destinations.

    Surbhi Kaushik Instagram highlights consists of topic like Me, QnA, USA, Sri Lanka, Euro, TBH, Spiti Valley, Kashmir, DXB, TedX Talks, Art, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Bali, Jaisalmer, Euro, Andaman, Vietnam, Philippines, Ladakh, Myanmar, etc. She also has created a guide on the topic, “Capturing the perfect lens flare”.

  • Vandita Venessa Thomas

    Vandita Venessa Thomas

    Instagram: @vandita.momandmore


    A mom who is beautifully balancing her child and her passion for travelling.

    Vandita Venessa Thomas is one of the best travel Instagrammers in Bangalore. She is a digital creator, parenting & lifestyle blogger, and travel enthusiast. Her content majorly focuses on early learning, child nutrition, respectful parenting, and family Travel.

    Vandita Venessa Thomas has arranged her Instagram highlights which consists fit mom, Viaan 4.5 years, million club, Toddler food, VanAbhi, Books, Indoor Play, NAture Walks, Insta love, VAndita, Phonics, Chit Chat, Viaan Outfits, tiffin Ideas, Playroom toys, Insights, Balance bike, Singapore, Bangalore, My outfits, etc.

  • Ankita Kumar

    Ankita Kumar



    Get itinerary for various places crafted by her for hasslefree and seamless journey.

    Ankita Kumar is one of the most famous travel Instagram influencer in Bangalore. She identifies herself as a travel content creator and adventurer. She is in love with bright colours, colourful tights, strange foods, and chilling out, states her instagram handle. She believes in pursuing “Raw, unexplored, offbeat travel”.

    Ankita Kumar highlights on her Instagram handle talks about Indonesia, Maldives, Cairns, Vanuatu, Fiji, Egypt, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Media, Zanzibar, Mexico,Abu Dhabi, Caravanning, Brazil, Myanmar, Thailand, Spain, Spiti, Nagaland, Ziro Music Fest, New Zealand, etc.

  • Raj Mohan

    Raj Mohan

    Instagram: @rajography


    Expert drone operator and photographer. Featured on 1st page of Nat Geo traveller Magazine.

    Raj Mohan is one of the biggest travel influencers in Bangalore. He is completely invested in photography and videography and to complete his tasks he undertakes various journeys to numerous destinations. He has won numerous awards and accolades. His works have been featured in Nat Geo and various European and Indian magazines.

    Raj Mohan has created her Instagram highlights which consists of FPV, NatGeo, Awards, Articles, Incredible India, DronePals, Himachal, Rameshwaram, Shot On Phone, Orchha, Sunflower Field, Bandipur, Coastal Tamilnadu, Sathram, Hiranandani, Athirapally, Valparai, Nagercoil, Kodanad, Andaman, Kolkata, etc.

  • Shreyas N Rao

    Shreyas N Rao

    Instagram: @bengaluru_nakshe


    Multi-niche expert content creator.

    Shreyas N Rao is an Instagram travel influencer from Bangalore. He is a digital creator and his contents are about niches like food, Travel, Fashion, and lifestyle. He is also heavily invested in Automobile and tech reviews. He has also registered his presence on YouTube too.

    Shreyas N Rao has set Instagram highlights which talks about topics like Unique, Josh Talks, YouTube, Insta Farm, and BOI Winner. He has created guides on the topics like Shop Books, Clothes, and Food by Kg, Mumbai guide, Unlimited Pani Puri, Free Meals, Goa guide, Day outings near Bangalore, Must Visit in Mysore, Pondicherry Guide, etc.

  • Alphius Sucharitha S

    Alphius Sucharitha S

    Instagram: @sucharitha_sahayaraj


    Humble being and travel loving person

    Alphius Sucharitha S is a Bangalore travel Instagram influencer. She is a MBA graduate and a HR professional. She is very much invested in Fashion and Travel. She also acts as an anchor. She has registered her presence on Facebook and YouTube too.

    Alphius Sucharitha S highlights on Instagram talks about YouTube, Highlights, Josh, Movie, cooper, Bornday, Alert, Mentions, Workout, Travel, My iPhone, food, Morning vibes, Followers (10K – 100K). She regularly uploads various reels, showcasing outfits, exercise, outings, etc.

  • Mouna Nanaiah

    Mouna Nanaiah

    Instagram: @rucksackdiaries


    Motorcycle lover, roam all places on her bike.

    Mouna Nanaiah is considered as the best travel influencer in Bangalore. She is a blogger and blogs about Travel Vlogs, Motorcycles, and Staycations. She states that, “Riding the roads of 🇮🇳 on VStrom 650| RE Himalayan”. She is active on other social media platforms like YouTube, threads, and Facebook.

    Mouna Nanaiah instagram highlights talks about topics like IKEA, Million Club, Amazon, Features, Tripoto, Businesses, Q&A, YouTube, BOI, Ladakh, Munchkins, Inspire, V Strom 650, reels Workshops, Wallpapers, Stokkangri, etc. She has created guides on places where she has visited. The places being Ooty, Coonoor, Hampi, Chikmagalur, Ladakh, Monsoon Accessories, Munnar, Alleppey, Fort Kochi, Stays out of Bangalore, etc.