Top Instagram travel influencers UAE, Middle East, GCC, Dubai

Top Instagram travel influencers UAE

What makes a good travel influencer? Certainly not someone who uses their celebrity status to flaunt their flashy lifestyle. On the contrary, people genuinely worthy of the title are passionate about living a life of adventure. A day doesn't go by when they fail to tell us about their new exploits. They use their social media channels to post eye-catching content depicting their travel moments and cross-cultural experiences. These vloggers manage to tag us along for the ride, with colourful pictures of luxurious hotels, exquisite beaches, and stunning scenery.

As the top Influencer marketing agency in UAE, we have tirelessly combed through several profiles. And we are glad to present our readers with a fantastic mix of 2024 most daring travel influencers of UAE that have managed to win the hearts of many with their excursions throughout the globe.

How can travel blogger in Dubai help businesses?

There is a wanderlust in each of us, and different firms from industries like travel and tourism are looking to capitalize on an individual's inner desires to help their prospects. Travel influencers play their part in fanning the flames of adventure in their audience; hence, businesses partner with these opinion leaders to create more brand exposure among potential customers. So, how does the entire scenario play out? When we establish a partnership between our clients and Influencers, in most cases, the former takes it upon themselves to cover the travel expenses of the latter. In return, the influencers talk and generate awareness for the brand throughout their journey - it's a win-win situation for all parties.

The number of followers an influencer holds carries a lot of weight. It is the primary factor that prompts brands to agree on the terms of the partnership. Of course, we have also helped organizations partner with micro and Nano Influencers with smaller, more specific audience bases.

Top Instagram travel influencers UAE


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Seven years back, the Egypt born Sherif Fayed moved to the United Arab Emirates. He shot to fame in the country when he started posting wonderful photographs from mesmerizing locations on earth. He also didn't fail to charm his audience with the activities he undertook during his travels. Before his followers and peers started calling him the "Dubai-based globetrotter," Sherif was a professional footballer who represented Egypt at many major competitions. Later, Sherif even appeared as a TV host during high-profile football games beside game legends like Ronaldinho.

For a while, Sherif traveled alone. That soon changed when he found a perfect partner in Becky Jefferies, who, just like our Emirati travel influencer, loved to plan her next adventure. Becky accompanied Sherif to more than 23 countries. While on the move, his already stunning picture became even more exquisite, with Becky in the frame.


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The top travel influencer of UAE, Na'el Abu Alteen, was born and raised in Jordan but currently resides in the United Arab Emirates. He spends his days traveling to exotic and exciting destinations across the globe. Naels lucrative career on social media started in 2013 - a year before he graduated from Jordan University of science and technology with a mechanical engineering degree. The following years saw Nael shifting between his role as an engineer and an online influencer.

In 2019, Nael decided to quit his job as a sales engineer to pursue his passion for traveling. Looking back today, he made the right choice. The Emirates travel influencer has collaborated with several local and international brands, tourism boards, and Airlines. Nael even has his show called Alaan TV. Even today, Nael uses his social media handles to share pictures of his travels and inspire his followers to follow their dreams.


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Wael Abu Alteen is an electronic engineer from Jordan who moved to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in 2013. The country being a rapidly rising metropolis, Wael amassed tons of experience in the five years he had worked as a biomedical engineer. His work also paved Wael a path of self-discovery and growth.

In 2016, Wael decided to try making a career on social media as a Dubai travel blogger. He teamed up with hotels in the City with the principal objective of getting people to visit his partner's establishments. After featuring almost all major hotel chains in Dubai, Wael decided to take his game international. He has traveled to more than 45 countries and has collaborated with multiple tourism boards and hotels. Czech tourism board, Malta tourism board, Dubai tourism board, Swiss tourism board are some of the international travel authorities Wael has collaborated with.

The UAE based explorer plans to travel to new destinations in the coming years and raise public awareness through his social media channels. Wael has 804K followers on his Instagram handle, making him one of GCC's most-followed travel influencers.


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Lenka Josefiová is a Czech-born actress, model, and blogger who wishes to promote European tourism in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai travel blogger has participated in numerous beauty pageants worldwide and numerous awards to her name. The latest is for the "best tourism blogger" award, which the diva bagged in 2019. In 2015, Lenka breezed past 40 participants to snatch the most coveted "Miss European tourism" crown, making her the first Czechia to emerge victorious in the pageant.

Besides being the brand ambassador for International brands like Italy's Vero Milano, Egypt's Bella Donna and Dejavu, Spain's Luis & Tachi, England's Vamp London & Germés, and Germany's Alcan Lenka Josefiová have also featured on the covers of more than 25 luxury and lifestyle magazines in the Middle East.


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Mais Alhajri is a traveler, Mountaineer, and Adventurer with 70.5K followers on Instagram. She is an athlete for an "altitude gym" and frequently engages in activities like hiking and camping. The Emirati travel influencer has traveled to countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Tanzania, Greece, Argentina, Switzerland, Oman, Russia, France, Italy, Nepal, etc. Throughout her journey, Mais makes sure to keep her followers updated via pictures. She even features fellow traveler encounters along the way in her stories and posts.

Mais believes that as a Dubai travel blogger, it is essential to have an athletic physique. Hence she prefers spending the majority of her downtime in a gym. The Mountaineer has already scaled three of the world's seven summits, which is a tremendous achievement for any explorer. So what does the travel influencer do when she is doing no "traveling"? Well, she plays sports, does some kayaking and chills at a beach or resort.


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Mustafa Shiekh has been calling Dubai his home for more than a decade. Hence, he is an authority to recommend the best hotels, activities, and tourist attractions in the City. In 2021, Mustafa graduated from art school and chose a career in visual arts. He always wanted to travel and discover new places. Thus, Mustafa decided to combine his passion with his profession. Today, Mustafa is a professional photographer and a well-known travel blogger in Dubai.

International publications like conde nast traveler magazine, Shahjahan tourism, Lovin' Dubai, Headout, The express tribune, 500px, Dawn News, CNN, etc., have featured the young explorer. Travelling is an expensive hobby, thus unlike his fellow influencers, Mustafa keeps his full-time job as a multidisciplinary visual artist to pay for his travel expenses, equipment, and accessories. Mustafa is also keen on teaching others to travel in his footsteps. The photography and travel blog he started in 2014 is an attempt to do the same. The platform is where he shares experiences from his adventures and provides tips to capture outstanding pictures. Currently, the travel influencer of UAE is hiking across the landscapes of New Zealand, taking his 28.4K Instagram followers along with him for a virtual ride.


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American-born Mirza Al Hosani is a Dubai travel blogger who can't get enough traveling, trying out new food, and making discoveries in the United Arab Emirates. She is married to Mohamad and has two beautiful children named Khalifa and Jude. The mother of two has a personal blog called "sweetlifeinthesandpit," where she talks about the family's activities as a unit and illustrates her experience exploring attractive destinations in the world. Mirza also likes to share her take on restaurants and hotels that she visits during her travels. She has cluttered her Instagram feed with mouthwatering displays of food and places that one can only dream of visiting. Join her as she takes her followers for a ride of a lifetime.


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Ed is an Arab travel blogger who has been living in Dubai with his wife for more than five years. The wanderer works at a job in the city but travels to different sites in the UAE when he gets time off his desk. His wife tags along for the ride; however, she spends most of her time reading books while our explorer clicks pictures of fascinating cuisines, landscapes, and cityscapes he sets his eyes on. Ed has a weblog called "dubaitravelblog," where he shares his travel experiences with the world. It is a platform where Ed tells stories and posts pictures of things that manage to grab his attention. Who was your favourite Emirati Travel influencer from our list? Let us know in the comments.

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