Top Indian Roasting Channels on YouTube in 2024

  • Posted On : 05-06-2023
Top Indian Roasting Channels on YouTube in 2024

“Nindak niyare rakhiye, aangan kuti chhavaay, bin paanee, saabun bina, nirmal kare subhaay.

Meaning- Keep slanderers near, let the courtyard shine, without water, without soap, clean the morning.” – Kabir

Roasting is an art form where people make funny commentaries on activities of other people. It is strictly on the action of the personality and not on the personality. When we listen to Roasting, directly scenes from AIB Knockout. Roasting is very much the same. While it is an art form originated in New York and has been accepted ever since. Roasting videos is consumed on a wider scale globally on various social media platforms.

Many channels provide and upload videos of roasting. These top Indian roasting channels on YouTube engage the audiences and uplift their mood with amusing contents. YouTube has become a popular choice for roasting video consumption. Roasting videos are presented by roasting YouTubers.

Who are roasting YouTubers?

Roasting YouTubers are personalities whose talent resides in making lively and humorous comments about a situation, action, or event. The roasting YouTubers have become more talented in presenting a healthy roast for consumption by people.

Roasting YouTubers mainly focuses on events of day-to-day life, family moments, or fellow YouTubers to create roasting videos. Roasting Videos are great consumable to enjoy, filled with catchy lines and funny slangs.

Types of Roasting YouTube Channels

● Trend related roasting Channel:

Trend related channels talk about events of day-to-day affairs. They bring the comic aspects of the situations.

● Events related roasting channels:

These roasting is focused on events like Oscars, IIFA, Automobile expos, etc.

● Influencer mocking roasting channels:

Influencers are also called trendsetters. Like Urfi Javed. Many channels mocked her and her trend.

● Imaginary roasting related channels:

Questions like, “What if Elon Musk was born in India?”, “Bill Gates was PWD minister of New Delhi?” All these questions are imaginary but great content can be created by roasting in videos.

Below is the list curated by one of the top roasting influencer marketing agencies, Grynow.

List of Best Indian YouTube Roasters to Follow in India (2024)

  • Rajat Pawar

    Rajat Pawar

    YouTube: rajatpawarr


    Everything trendy that is happening, he will surely create a roast of that video.

    Rajat Pawar, a famous roaster on YouTube has created 148 videos till now. He comments and roasts on various viral trendy topics like about tattoo, B Tech pani puri, etc. His most watched video “Ye nibba nibbi sab kuch sath me khate hai !! Rajat pawar” has over 6.4 million views.

    Rajat pawar created his roasting YouTube Channels on 30 Nov 2014 but he started creating roasting videos on YouTube much later. Till now the platform has more than 301 million views. He has registered his presence on various social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. On his Instagram he has 1m followers.

    Rajat pawar has one item in his playlist namely Roast Ft rajatp_here. He has other channels namely Rajat Shorts !!, Rjat Real !!, and Rajat dvitiya. On his other channel named Rajat Shorts !!, he also uploads content there too. His uploaded shorts titled “Ye kya ho raha hai bhai” have grossed 83M views.

  • Triggered Insaan

    Triggered Insaan

    YouTube: triggeredinsaan


    Angry rants with epic commentary

    Triggered Insaan identifies himself as an anchor, best roaster in India, and a meme who laughs on memes. His real name is Nischay Malhan. He created his roasting youtube channel on 17 july 2014 but started posting roasting videos on YouTube little later. He has garnered 3.1 billion views till now.

    Triggered Insaan has created his playlist which comprises of Vlogs, Past Live Streams, Facebook Cartoons, Get your life hacked, Funniest sports fails, stupid TV ads, Funniest action scenes around the world, my favourites, WT Bollywood logic, The memes, bollywood at its best, story time.

    Triggered Insaan is truly one of the top YouTube roasters. His video TikTok try not to laugh/cringe challenge vs my sister is the most viewed video on his famous roasting YouTube channels, with a whopping 46M views. Till now he has uploaded 293 videos.

    Triggered Insaan is present on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. On Instagram he has 5.3M followers. He is Intel gaming ambassador and he is also the brand ambassador of Team Vitality India.

  • Slayy Point

    Slayy Point

    YouTube: SlayyPointOfficial


    Duo made videos gives double edged hilarious commentary

    Slayy point is one of top Indian roasting channels on YouTube, operated by Abhyudaya and Gautami. This top roasting channel on Youtube was created on 7 march 2016 and till now it has 1.9 billion views. The channel informs that they create fun videos on millennial friendly topics.

    Slayy Point has created a playlist which contains topics like weird movie reviews, Vlogs, Stupidity, Best tutorials, Q&As, how much do people know…, etc. The other channels are SlayyPop, Slayy Shorts. Their video titled ‘Maggi will Never be the same again’ is the most watched video and has garnered 33M views.

    Slayy Point has uploaded 160 videos till now. Slayy point is available on various social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. On Instagram their handle has 1.4M followers. They are remembered for the famous meme, ‘Vinod’. They create various videos on various topics.

  • Angry Prash

    Angry Prash

    YouTube: AngryPrashReal


    Presents situational roast in any video with quite na efficiency

    Angry Prash creates angry rants and roasting videos on various topics. He is considered as the roasting king on YouTube. He has created 158 videos till now and has collected a lot of fan following and applause from his followers. He joined YouTube on 7 nov 2016 and till now the channel has 1.1 billion views.

    Angry Prash has created playlists which are Aladdin trilogy, recent uploads, angry prash comedy skit videos, angry app universe | angry prash, The twist | animated web series (season 1), nightmare animated web series, angry prash official songs, angry prash all QNA | know about me, bollywood roast, exam roast series, ek tha engineer, social topics, school and college funny roasts, angry director comedy, halkat call series, funny roasts and rant videos, hindi comedy videos, etc.

    Angry Prash is also a great storyteller. He has created animated series and has uploaded them on his roasting YouTube channel. His other channels are Prash gaming and more and Angry Prash shots. His video titled “If google was an Indian Government office? | Angry Prash” is the most viewed video. It has 19M views. Angry Prah also uploads YouTube Shorts regularly and his shorts titled “Angry Alien reporting CAT” has garnered 7.7M views.



    YouTube: devikagupta029


    fearless lady with genuine and relatable roast

    Devika Gupta is one of the most popular roasters on YouTube in India. She identifies herself as a roaster, digital creator and show host. She created her roasting YouTube channel on 22 sept 2016 and till now her platform has over 132 million views. Her content is family centric and requires no adult supervision before watching.

    Devika Gupta has other channels namely Devilka vlogs and Devika shorts. Her video titled “Urfi javed is best fashion influencer | Fashion gone too far” is the most watched video. The video collected 8.4 million views till now. Most like others, she is also available on various platforms of social media, like Face and Instagram.

    Devika Gupta’s Instagram handle is popular and she has 934K followers over there. She creates various roasting content on multiple topics: tattoo, pani puri, comments, etc. Her channel Devika shorts is also quite popular which has 1.26M subscribers.

  • CarryMinati


    YouTube: CarryMinati


    Epic commentary on viral trends. Justify logic and action with wit

    Carryminati is considered as no. 1 YouTube roaster among top India roasting channels on YouTube. He joined YouTube in 2014 and has collected a total of 3.3 billion views till now. His roasting is very diversified and creates his video on trending lines and situations going on people’s choice.

    Carryminati is the roasting king on Youtube. His playlist talks about Indian rap, You want a partner?, Quarantine and chill, Gujjar Sweg, Awesome indian music, answering your questions, latest on carryislive, wrong with Indian schools. His top most viewed video has 336 million views, named “Yalgaar – Carryminati X willy frenzy”.

    Carryminati has other channels named CarryMinati productions official and Carryislive. He is present on various social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, Twitter, inter alia. On Instagram he has a mass following of over 17.5million followers.

  • Lakshay Chaudhary

    Lakshay Chaudhary

    YouTube: lakshaychaudhary


    commentaries in hindi makes him more appealing among his audience.

    Lakshay Chaudhary identifies himself as a video creator and best roasting YouTuber in India. He created his youtube channel on 30 April 2014 and till now his channel has 366 million views. He has registered his presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. He has another channel named Lakshay Chaudhary vlogs.

    Lakhshay Chaudhary has uploaded 235 videos. His most watched viewed video is “The Sourabh Joshi roast | Lakshay Chaudhary ” has garnered 6.3M views. Most of the videos have garnered more than a million views. His range of topics covers a lot of aspects like gaming, recent viral trends, family roast, etc.

    Lakshay chaudhary instagram profile has 1M followers and 276 posts. Lakhsay portrays a remarkable commentary style. Due to his regional dialect in Hindi, he became quite popular among his audience. He has also extended his arms in the stand-up comedy arena.

  • Saloniyaapa


    YouTube: Saloniyaapa


    Unique commentary and roasting style.

    Saloniyaapa is recognised as the best roasting youtuber in India. She claims herself not an influencer. She joined the youTube Platform on 28 july 2018 and till now her channel has acquired 203 million views. She is present on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

    Saloniyaapa has other channels on YouTube like Saloni Singh and Saloniyaapa shortz. She has created 134 videos till now. Her video “Thoughts while watch **** || saloniyaapa” has the highest views. It has a total view of 7.4 million views. Her range is very diverse and original.

    Saloniyaapa doesnt shy away from tough topics and roasting requires true grit and courage. She passionately portrays her aura and provides great commentary and top-notch wit. She can be seen giving comments on internet personalities, fellow YouTubers, viral videos, etc.