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Top 10 Indian Auto Bloggers that you should follow in 2019

Top Indian Auto Influencers on youtube

Who are auto bloggers?

From introducing a model to rebranding, image makeover, aspiring lifestyles and generating buzz, automobile companies are associating with auto bloggers on social media who, by virtue of their community and relationships with their following are able to influence or affect their automobile purchase decisions. They are people who are heard and respected for their knowledge and authority over the topic and their views, reviews, comments and updates are held in high opinion by their audiences online. When it comes to being updated on the latest that is happening in the automobile scenario in the country, there is no better channel for genuine information than social media.

The objective, of course is to leverage the reach of the top automobile influencers. While print and TV advertising, sports sponsorships are the conventionally tried and tested methods to reach audiences, the influencer marketing strategy is helping automobile and accessories manufactures connect with audiences that they were previously unable to do for various reasons. Collaborating with top auto influencers have helped brands not only improve their sales and returns all across the world, the fact that the intermediary between the brand and the consumer is a trusted and respected blogger or influencer makes the-connect stronger and impressive like never before.

When the right influencer works with a brand, it is for sure that the brand message is passing onto the right people – motivated buyers who are seriously and genuinely interested in automobiles, brands and their offerings.

Here are the ten top auto bloggers in India who are worth following for their know-how and interest in the particular niche and honest reviews about different brands and their products.

Name: PowerDrift
Subscribers: 1.76M
Channel: PowerDrift

Created by travel and auto enthusiasts who are passionate about wheels and engines, this channel is the number one automobile influencer in India at the moment. The platform provides some authentic and honest feedback about cars and motorcycles. The reviews are all honest and heartfelt and that is what makes this channel believable. They also share their travel stories from all across the world. USP: provide in-depth and complete review of each and every aspect of vehicle.

Name: Jumpaa66
Subscribers: 1.01M
Channel: Jumpaa66

Started in 2016, this Indian blogger and vlogger is an ardent lover of automobiles and focuses on modification related DIY content. The blogger also covers other vehicles like trucks and motorbikes in his vlogs and blogs. USP: carries out modifications and reviews of various products that help modify automobiles.

Jatt Prabhjot
Name: Jatt Prabhjot
Subscribers: 742K
Channel: Jatt Prabhjot

Started in 2015, the channel covers all aspects related to biking and travelling. Jatt loves to travel and shares his travel-based vlogs too quite regularly with his followers. USP: shares all kinds of stuff related to bikes.

ICN studio
Name: ICN studio
Subscribers: 297K
Channel: ICN Studio

India’s first indigenous channel, this Hindi automobile profile is owned by, the country’s biggest auto news site. The channel covers reviews of cars and bikes in the national language, Hindi. The channel also shares motivating and appealing videos of cars and bikes. USP: Being an automobile news portal, the channel has a premium niche for itself.

JS Films
Name: JS Films
Subscribers: 1.69M
Channel: JS Films

A machine-man and a thorough bike lover, the blogger connects with his audience through his Desi jokes and funny style. This is the reason why he is so popular because of his humorous tonality and anecdotes. USP: a channel completely dedicated to bikes and superbikes; there are reviews, customizations, store visits, outstation trips and launches that are the main focus.

Magneto 11
Name: Magneto 11
Subscribers: 580K
Channel: Magneto 11

The channel is about redesigning old and used cars and vehicles and modifying them to make them look like new. USP: modifications and redesigning of old cars and restorations pertaining to automobiles.

frank boy ashish
Name: Frank Boy Ashish
Subscribers: 663K
Channel: Frank Boy Ashish

The channel provides buying related tips and ideas on all kinds of devices including automobiles, pets, smartphones etc. USP: focuses on buying cheap and affordable products.

modified junction
Name: Modified Junction
Subscribers: 577K
Channel: Modified Junction

A channel that carries majorly modification and redesigning related stories in Hindi, the objective is to provide simple alteration ideas that are practical and can be done by everyone. USP: Modifications and alterations in bikes.

Faisal Khan
Name: Faisal Khan
Subscribers: 641K
Channel: Faisal Khan

The channel is hosted by the founder and CEO of a company called MotorBeam. From fitness to loving food, Faisal shares his love for cars and bikes through this channel. USP: covers sincere and frank reviews of all types of automobiles.

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of top Automobile influencers in India. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.