Top 100 Gaming YouTubers, Gaming YouTube Channels, Gamers in India 2023

  • Posted On : 26-05-2023
Top 100 Gaming YouTubers, Gaming YouTube Channels, Gamers in India 2023

The game is to switch as the crow flies into different, immersive worlds. It is entertaining, absorbing and spellbinding. However, with just you and the screen, it can also be isolating. Here comes, gaming YouTubers in picture, who have created online communities that break down barricades between gamers and make them celebrate the charismas, characters and worlds they enjoy together, with other gaming enthusiasts who feel the same.

The developing community element of gaming YouTubers is so outstanding that according to Ipsos, 56 out of 100 gamers on YouTube say that YouTube is where they connect with their gaming communities.

This makes gaming an unpretentious thing to bond about, and it removes a lot of other blockers for intermingling with people. These communities, content, reach and purposeful engagements are strategically used by businesses and brands to promote their offerings.

Because influence, enthusiasm and motivation developed by Indian gamers, inspires their audiences’ behavior & perception for a given product/service/person effectively and keeps them watching and playing. The dopamine is so pleasurable that, according to Economics Times, Indians spend an average of 8.5 hours playing games every week!

Making these neglectable principles changed:

  • The Indian gaming market was estimated at $2.6 billion in 2022- 2023, interestingly the projected reach is estimated to be at $ 8.6 Billion, where the world would be growing at a CAGR of ~13%, India will multiply the industry size by more than 300%.
  • Digital Gaming Research Initiative: The government of India has already identified the potential and for that they are establishing, a digital gaming research initiative. Government of India organized SERB-INAE Conclave recently to support the Indian digital gaming research space and industry. During the conclave prior importance was given for developing indigenous technologies, applications, designing digital games, etc.
  • AVGC Promotion Task Force: Animation, Visual effects, gaming and comic (AVGC). The ministry of information and broadcasting, Government of India has established AVGC task force. The aim is to hold 5% (US $ 40 Billion) of the global gaming market.


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Who are Gaming YouTubers

Gaming YouTubers are major players who showcase gameplays, different games, games allied hardware, products, etc. on YouTube are generally called as Gaming YouTubers. Some gaming YouTubers are dedicated players of certain games and other gaming Youtubers explore various games. They educate and entertain the subscriber base with their gaming videos.

There are various goals of gamers on YouTube which include:

  • To acquire publicity in their niche
  • To grab attention of the public
  • For entertaining themselves as well as their followers
  • For grabbing the attention of game manufacturing brands for promotion
  • to convert their passion into a dedicated career choice
  • To quench their thirst of gaming and satisfy their dopamine high that they get through playing various games.

Types of Gaming YouTube Channels

  • Game reviews: Various games are launched every day. gamers try various games and share their honest reviews with their audience. Gaming reviews are a great way to educate about new or existing games.
  • Live stream video games: Games have an element of surprise attached to it always. It binds the gamer as well as the viewers. In live stream the gamer plays the game and alongside buffers it on YouTube where the subscribers actively participate through comments and likes.
  • Gaming news: being a billion dollar industry, the gaming fraternity regularly updates new changes or brings new products. gaming news allows subscribers to be aware of recent changes and updates.
  • Game Analysis: With a lot of games present in the market, gamers play various games of their choice and share their insights with their audience. It helps games to acquire new users.
  • Gaming Tutorials: Games like Among us became instant hits but to play efficiently one should know how to play. Gaming youTubers create videos where they teach the users how to play games efficiently.
  • Explain Game series: many games are created in a compelling storytelling format. Most of the games leave a cliffhanger effect and this leads to the urge to play the next part of the game. Gaming youTubers connect the stories and inform the subscribers about the storyline.

Best Indian Gamers on YouTube (2023)

  • Total Gaming

    Total Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Total Gaming

    Ajay, popular online as Total Gaming (generally known as Ajju Bhai), is an Indian gaming YouTuber who live-streams the battle royale game Garena Free Fire on YouTube. Born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, he is the most subscribed Indian gaming YouTuber. Besides being a gamer and live streamer he is a software engineer, a freelancer and a “growth hacker”, and is working in Surat, Gujarat. He can code in numerous languages counting PHP and JavaScript.

    He started playing mobile games like Clash of Clans in 2015. He also played Garena Free Fire in 2018, when he observed a few of his friends playing it, as it started getting famous in India at that time. He started playing the game on his PC. Later he grasped the game mechanics, and decided to create a YouTube channel, and launched his channel on October 9, 2018.

    Soon, he began uploading videos of Garena Free Fire tips-and-tricks. Then he started live-streaming normal gaming videos. He would habitually play the “Clash Squad” mode. The channel was a “Free Fire-only” canal until 2020, when he relished live-streaming the game Grand Theft Auto 5. He then lengthened his channel by playing Spiderman and Unbelievable Hulk also. He also has 3.3M followers on his Instagram account! Surprisingly, he chooses to remain unidentified online, and even today hasn’t exposed his face to his audiences. He launched his channel nearly four years ago and today, he relishes views of 5.4 million views.

  • Techno Gamerz

    Techno Gamerz

    YouTube Channel: Techno Gamerz

    Ujjwal Chaurasia, also known as Techno Gamerz, is a professional YouTuber residing in the Indian capital of New Delhi. He gained recognition in the gaming community because of his GTA V series. His channel techno gamer is one of the biggest influencer marketing gaming channels in India, with 32.4M subscribers

    Ujjwal entered the gaming world at a young age. As a child, he was quite fond and had an influence of video games. “Snow Bros” was the first video game that Ujjwal played at his brother’s residence. As he grew, he started developing an interest in GTA: Vice City. The idea that a player can do anything he wants in the game intrigued him. Techno gamerz efforts bore fruit, and on January 6 2019, his channel crossed 100K subscribers.

    On August 13 2017, Ujjawal created a history channel and started uploading gaming tutorial videos. With some encouragement from his father, he started uploading gaming tutorial content frequently.

    Ujjwals tutorial of downloading the Dragon Ball z game became a hit and got 250K in views. Apart from GTA, Ujjwal also plays many video games, including Minecraft and Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Besides being an avid gamer, Ujjwal is also a storyteller. The first GTA video he uploaded saw a favourable response from his audience – this prompted Ujjwal to continue the series, which today has almost 138 episodes.

    He also launched his second channel named ‘Ujjwal’ on January 20, 2018, on which he used to upload PUBG videos and streamed regularly. The channel has now 9.23M subscribers on YouTube. When he uploaded his first GTA video, his channel saw exponential progression. As an influencer he is well known for his unique content on online gaming and has 2.5 M followers on his Instagram Handle.

    He is most popular for his GTA V series. The series of episodes (gaming web series) he created were highly valued by his followers. He was also featured in a music video titled ‘Game On’ produced by music producer Sez on the Beat to represent his voyage to fame and tribute to his following. Little did he know that the channel would get so much admiration and responsiveness that his subscriber base amplified to thousands, and later to millions.

    He has entered in 361 squad games in Free Fire and has recorded 39 Booyahs, resulting in a win rate of 10.80%. He destroyed 604 opponents in this mode, making his K/D ratio 1.88.

    He has also played 454 duo matches and has won 38 times, deciphering to a win rate of 8.37%.

    He gained a decent following among Generation Z and Generation Alpha, resulting in a 2X growth in subscribers.

  • AS Gaming

    AS Gaming

    YouTube Channel:AS Gaming

    AS gaming, whose real name is Sahil Rana is an Indian YouTuber, content creator, and free-fire player. This year, he crossed his channel’s 19M subscriber threshold – a feat only a few Indian free-fire gamers have achieved.

    Sahil created his YouTube channel in October 2016, but only three years later, he uploaded his first video titled “5 hidden places in Bermuda map”. The year 2020 proved to be a game-changer for the Indian YouTuber; he saw incredible surges in the channel numbers. AS gaming today has more than 19.4M subscribers. Sahil also has 2.6 M followers on Instagram.

    Sahil creates content featuring Garena free fire gameplay. The YouTuber is consistent in posting unique videos and receives support from his large fan base.

    Sahil maintains three more channels. A_s highlights boast 1.86M subscribers, Whereas A_S shorts has 1.28M subscribers – Sahil created this channel to upload YouTube shorts featuring challenges. Initially, he posted horizontal content but later changed it to vertical. The gamer also has another gaming channel named “Sahil Rana,” where he uploaded computer game videos and it has 1.18M subscribers.

  • Lokesh Gamer

    Lokesh Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Lokesh Gamer

    Lokesh Raj, also known as Lokesh gamer, is an Indian gamer, content creator, and YouTuber who creates videos around Garena free fire. His friends and peers call him the “Diamond King” because of his exceptional in-game skills.

    Lokesh resides in the South Indian state of Telangana. At a young age, the Indian YouTuber has achieved great success. His main channel, “LOKESH GAMER,” has 15.3M subscribers. The Indian gamer also has a second channel called “LR7 GAMING” with 1.14M subscribers, where he frequently streams fast-paced battle royale matches. Lokesh also uploads images and videos on social media platforms like Instagram. He has 3.7M followers on his official IG handle.

    Lokesh gained popularity for his live streams on the Lokesh gamer channel. Free fire is one of the most famous battle royale games online. Many were prompted to upload game-related content; however, only some have managed to woo their audience with their skills, and Lokesh was one of them.

    Lokesh started his YouTube channel in 2017 but posted his first video on April 7, 2019. Today the channel has 1.3K videos, which have accumulated 2.8 millions in views.

  • Gyan Gaming

    Gyan Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Gyan Gaming

    Ankit Sujan, also known as Gyan gaming, is a YouTuber gamer and free fire player from Kolkata, India. Ankit has a gaming channel named “Gyan Gaming”, where he uploads videos on Garena free fire.

    Ankit’s in-game alias is gyan sujan. With his friends, AS Gaming and Raistar, the free fire gamer has uploaded multiple contents on the video streaming platform.

    Gyan free fire UID 70393167. Ankit’s Guild is named Gyan gaming. The gamer has played 16000+ squad matches and bagged booyah’s in 5898 of them. Ankit has defeated 52459 opponents and has an outstanding KD ratio of 5.27, with a win rate of 36.76%. When it comes to games, Ankit 453 booyah’s in 1994 games and has outsmarted 5212 adversaries. The Youtuber achieved a win rate of 22.6 1% and a KD ratio of 3.38. Talking about solo matches, Gyan has participated in 1275 games. He emerged victorious in 153 matches bringing his win rate to 12%.

    During the rainy season, he has defeated 1280 opponents and achieved a K/D ratio of 1.94. The gamer restricted himself to only squad matches and played 152 games, bagging 46 wins. Gyan has 46 kills to his name, bringing his win rate to 30.26%.

    Sujan created his channel in the year 2017 and has more than 2100 videos uploaded. Initially, Gyan produced content spanning multiple games but turned his focus towards Garena free fire when the game started gaining popularity. Currently, Ankit has 14.5M subscribers on his YouTube channel and 1.5M followers on his Instagram profile. He regularly interacts with his fans by sharing posts related to travel events, game updates and gameplays.

  • Desi Gamers

    Desi Gamers

    YouTube Channel: Desi Gamers

    Amit Sharma popular as Amitbhai, from, Siliguri, West Bengal, is an Indian YouTuber and the creator of channels named ‘Desi Gamers’ and ‘Desi Army’ . He has 13.4M subscribers on his 1st Youtube channel and 3.25M subscribers on his 2nd Youtube channel in 2023. He is mainly prevalent for playing Garena Free Fire. He is one of the most successful content creators along with a Free Fire Player from Siliguri, West Bengal, India. At the age of only 24, he got prodigious achievements in his life being India’s Frontline representative in Garena Free Fire, the most downloading game in 2020. He has also played with many YouTubers like Ajjubhai94, SRV-X-Mania, Jonty Gaming, Romeo Gamer, TE-Pahadi, TG-Dada, Munna Bhai, and many others. He used to upload animated videos at the initial phase of his journey and even had a viral video that got over 2 million views. His Free Fire ID is 206746194. He met Ajju Bhai through another free fire streamer Aghori Gaming. He also played PC games such as GTA Vice City, Prince of Persia, etc. He has 1.8m active followers on his Instagram account also.

  • Aditya Deepak Sawant

    Aditya Deepak Sawant

    YouTube Channel: Dynamo Gaming

    Aditya Sawant, the founder of “Dynamo Gaming,” is a YouTuber, streamer, and leader of hydra Clan.

    Aditya’s interest in online games was visible at a very young age. He spent what little money his mother used to give at cyber cafes. After a while, he built his gaming setup with little funding from his father. He played games that included G.T.A. V, Dota 2, battlefield 1, battlefield 3, battlefield 4, and apex. He primarily uploads videos on various gaming hacks, reviews of games, details of gaming events, and unboxing videos.

    Although dynamo had an early start on YouTube, he found no real success. His channel had less than 100 subscribers even after 5 years. But his life took a full 360-degree turn when pubg was introduced in India. Only after he started streaming PUBG mobile gameplays, his channel blew and received massive support from people. Despite every hardship, dynamo proudly wears the “world’s biggest pubg mobile player” badge.

    He is well known for his PUBG live streams and tricks in 2023 as well. As of october 2021, Aaditya Sawant has 9.93 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.1 million followers on Instagram , and 1.6 million followers on Facebook. He also own another YouTube channel named DYNO VLOGS with 458K subscribers. Dynamo discord server is one of the leading servers in the world. Here the enthusiasts come together and play,talk,meet new people. Presently there are 355496 members on the server.

  • Carry is Live

    Carry is Live

    YouTube Channel: Carry is Live

    Ajey Nagar, also known as Carryminati, is a famous YouTuber, roster, and gamer from Faridabad, India. Ajay was just eight years old when he got noticed on YouTube.

    Carry first started uploading videos featuring football tricks and tutorials on his channel “Stealth Fearzz.” But, he soon stopped posting more content when he received poor responses from his audience. In 2014 Ajay created another YouTube channel named “Addicted AI” and started posting videos on gameplays with his added commentary. He even introduced Shahrukh Khan’s and Sunny Deol’s mimicry to make the content more entertaining. But, alas, he was again unable to grab the attention of a significant number of people.

    Ajey got inspiration from a YouTube channel, “Leafyishere,” which uploaded gameplay roast videos and adopted a similar format in his content.

    The Indian YouTuber changed the name of his channel to CarryDeol and started uploading his roast videos. His content got popular, which later prompted him to change the name of his channel to CarryMinati.

    The turning point of Ajey’s career was when he roasted a video by Bhuvan bam. The video was trending in the country and brought many viewers to his channel. Carry’s diss tracks like “byebyePewDiePie ” were also responsible for his fame and recognition. Ajey’s is one of the most followed social media personalities on Instagram with 17.4M followers.

    Ajey’s has 32.3 million subscribers on the main channel Carryminati. In 2017 Ajey decided to create another channel, “Carryislive,” where he frequently live-streams pubg – this channel has 9.9M subscribers. At 19, Carry earned his spot in Time Magazine’s top 10 Next Generation Leaders list.

    CarryMinati’s most notable achievement will undoubtedly be the roast video “YouTube vs Tik Tok,” which he uploaded on his channel on May 8, 2020. Before Ajey deleted the video, it had amassed more than 5 million views. In the same year, Carry had earned his diamond YouTube play button. The young creator was also the first Indian YouTuber to meet Hollywood Star Tom cruise.

  • Mythpat


    YouTube Channel: Mythpat

    Mithilesh Patankar a.k.a. Mythpat, from Mumbai, started his YouTube safari by uploading educational cameo videos featuring PUBG and GTA 5. He played GTA 5 using modifications. He is the most popular professional Youtuber in India. He pranked people on PUBG with comedic voices mimicking prominent celebrities of India, with his most famed look as Hrithik Roshan. He is the best creator when comes to using special tricks and mods to make gameplays more fascinating.

    He is a well-know personality in the gaming planetary and his videos have caught the eye of millions of people in the country. Nevertheless, if you aren’t a gamer, his videos will still keep you amused! At the moment, he has more than 1.3M followers on Instagram also, and his success rate is growing exponentially! He has also partnered with numerous industry forerunners like Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam, Tanmay Bhat, CarryMinati and many more. Every day his audience is increasing, proving that his content is intriguing, trending, unique, enthralling and entertaining.

    In a recent Instagram video, he was seen having a personal fun conversation with the Marvel Superhero, Simu Liu. It was the first time that Marvel had work together with an Indian gamer, and this video promoted its latest release – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

    Hence, we can say Mythpat is renovating the gameplay scene in India. He also freshly became the first Indian gamer and influencer to launch a Spotify Original – The Mythpat Podcast. He has also partnered with brands of gaming influencer marketing agency like Netflix and One Plus in past. He is a reactor as well; he makes reaction videos concerning other YouTubers and videos on top of a skits on TikTok.



    YouTube Channel: TWO SIDE GAMERS

    Two cousins Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka, run India’s first duo gaming channel by the name of two side gamers. It is also the only Indian channel that live-streams Garena’s free-fire gameplay.

    Both brothers began their journey as gamers by playing bounce ball, a game available on phones. They were determined to make YouTube their full-time career when supercell launched the famous game Clash of Clan in the country. Two side gamers played the popular mobile game and they were mobile game influencers for three years until pubg entered the scene.

    Ritik and Jash played pubg for a while. But after the launch of free fire, both gamers decided to dedicate their channel to the game. Two side gamers have 8.7M subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 M followers on Instagram.

    The cousins have multiple YouTube channels besides “TWO SIDE GAMERS,” but most are not active. The two frequently used to post vlog content on them, but the inherent low quality of the videos prompted them to discontinue the practice and delete their channels. The two players have continued to post vlogs on their main channel, “TWO SIDE GAMERS,” but they have incorporated a comedy element to it this time.

    In August 2019, the two side gamers represented India in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the eSports free fire Champions cup tournament organized by Garena free fire Asia. They continued the trend in Thailand the same year.

  • Free Fire India Official

    Free Fire India Official

    YouTube Channel: Free Fire India Official

    As the name suggests, this is the official channel for free fire in India, with 11.8 million subscribers in 2023. Free fire is a mobile battle royale game created by 111 dots studio and published by Garena studios. It is one of the most famous battles royale games played on mobile.

    Garena free fire gameplay is straightforward. Fifty players have to jump from a parachute on a deserted island where they have to battle against each other to rank supreme.

    Garena free fire is among the top battle royale mobile games in the world. Behind only the likes of pubg mobile, Fortnite and call of duty mobile. The game’s official IG handle has 8.4M followers.

    In 2018, the game surpassed 182 million downloads worldwide. In the fourth quarter of 2018, it became the fourth most downloaded mobile game on Android and IOS combined.

    In February 2020, the game completed 500+ million downloads and became the most downloaded game on Android for 2019. The same year, Free fire bagged the “Best Popular Vote Game” award by Google play store.

  • Badge 99

    Badge 99

    YouTube Channel: Badge 99

    Batch 99 is the name of the YouTube channel where you can find videos featuring free fire gameplays. Bharath resides in Uttarakhand, India, and has skills for the game, which has won him 9.52M subscribers in 2023. When the popularity of free fire started gaining momentum, Batch 99 received a massive boost. Currently, it is one of the fastest-growing gaming channels in India.

    Bharath started his YouTube channel on January 7, 2016, and since then, it has grown to attract attention from various members of the gaming community.

    Bharath has played 8500 plus squad matches throughout his career and has gotten his opponents better in 1494 of them. Batch 99 current win rate stands at 14.41%, KD ratio at 3.30, and total kills at 23,382.

    In duo games, Bharath has bagged 187 victories from 2,007 matches, which brings his win rate at 9.31 %. He has a K/D ratio of 2.39 and has 4350 kills under his belt.

    Bharat also has an impressive record in solo games, of which he has played a total of 1,145. He has won 184 of them, which puts his win rate at 7.3% and K/D ratio at 2.66.

  • Live Insaan

    Live Insaan

    YouTube Channel: Live Insaan

    Nischay Malhan, popularly known as triggered insaan, is a YouTuber, roster and live-streamer who gained popularity for his reactions, roast and rant videos.

    Besides being an entertainer, Nishchay is also an engineer. He completed his engineering for the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and started working as a web developer. Nishchay’s work left much to be desired. He was more fond of creating short videos at his friend’s house and would often lie to his parents about working every day. The trend continued until one day, his videos started gaining attention – at this time, he told his parents about his dream to be a YouTuber.

    “Triggered insaan” was not always the name of Nischays channel. At first, he named it “Yes-Yes-Bhai” and then changed it to “Nischay”. Finally, the YouTuber narrowed the title down to what we know now. Today, “triggered insaan” is counted among the fastest-growing channels in India with 12.6M subscribers.

    Nischay is a humble and down to earth person. He also has a gaming channel named “Live Insaan”, where he uploads and live streams, pubg and Minecraft gameplays. At present, the channel has 10M subscribers. Nischay once live-streamed games for an entire day to raise funds for flood-affected states of Assam and Bihar.

  • UnGraduate Gamer

    UnGraduate Gamer

    YouTube Channel: UnGraduate Gamer

    UnGraduate gamer, also known as Ayush Dubey, is a YouTuber, content creator, steamer, and e-sport gamer from New Delhi, India and still entertain us in 2023.

    In January 2019, Ayush created a YouTube channel called “Ungraduate gamer,” The interested audience can find free-fire content, gameplays, montages, and challenges. The YouTube creator has amassed a total of 1.72M subscribers. To date, Ayush has uploaded 1.3K videos in total.

    As a free fire game, Ayush was part of 24000 plus squad matches and has racked up a win total of 6097 games. He boasts a win rate of 25.50 %; He has 81600 + kills and a K/D ratio of 4.58.

    In duo mode, Ayush has won more than 100 games out of 600 matches. He has a substantial win rate of 16.63%, 1500 total kills, and a 2.88 K/D ratio.

    In 550 solo matches Aayush has played, he has remained victorious in 120 of them, bringing his win percentage to 16.63%. He has 14 20 kills to his name and a K/D ratio of 2.89.

    During the ranking season, the ungraduate gamer has participated in 53 squad matches and won 25 of them. This brought his win rate up to 47.16 %. The ungraduate gamer got the better of 180 opponents and registered a KD ratio of 6.30.

    While playing duo matches, Ayush has bagged five booyah’s and laid waste to 50 opponents. His KD ratio sits comfortably at 6.86.

    Ungraduate gamer has killed 471 enemies in 86 solo matches. His wins got him first place, getting his K/D ratio to 14.72. He has 306K followers on Instagram

  • Chapati Hindustani Gamer

    Chapati Hindustani Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Chapati Hindustani Gamer

    Chapati Hindustani Gamer a.k.a. Pammi, is a Welsh YouTuber who frequently uploads PUBG and Minecraft gameplay videos on YouTube. He presently resides in Newport, Wales. He is a popular Indian YouTube personality and gaming commentator who is well documented for playing games likeGrand Theft Auto V, Paladins, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite etc. According to him, he himself does not know why he entitled his channel “Chapati”. He plays Minecraft with Hindustan Gamer Loggy and GTA 5, GTA Online and Horror Games. The average views in a one-month period is 1.8M. He is most famous for streaming GTA 5 series, Slender Man Series, the Zombie Series, and Slender Man 2 also.

    He also created walkthroughs of missions and conducted online heists which have over 40 episodes on his YT channel. He also owns another channel on YouTube —“Churan” which has1.79M subscribers

    After finishing the main game, he started many fictional series created by him including Pogo, Slenderman, Zombies, and Zombies 2. The initial such series was named “Money”, which was grounded bumpily around his and Pogo’s “online life”. He has also uploaded short series like the Tsunami series.

    He is most widely known among the masses because of his exclusive and creative GTA 5 series. He has 394K followers on his Instagram handle.

  • Helping Gamer

    Helping Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Helping Gamer

    Sarfaraz Ahmad, aka “Helping Gamer,” is a famous free-fire player, content creator, and YouTuber from Nawada District, India. He has a YouTube channel where he consistently uploads free fire tips, tricks, and gameplays.

    In April 2018, Sarfaraj posted his first video on his channel, and within three years, “Helping Gamer” had more than 700 videos uploaded. The esport gamer also has a substantial following of 294K on Instagram.

    As a professional free-fire player, Sarfaraz has participated in 6661 squad matches and won 1113 of them. He has a success rate of 16.71%, a K/D ratio of 2.70, and 15090 kills.

    The Indian gamer has 186 booyah’s from the 2852 duo matches he has played. Sarfaraj knocked out 5432 of his opponents. His victories put his win rate at 6.52 % and KD ratio at 2.04.

    If we look at his stats from the solo games, we see that he has won 1170 times from the 2744 matches. Sarfaraz’s win rate sits comfortably at 6.19% and has a K/D ratio of 1.83 from killing 4604 points.

  • MortaL


    YouTube Channel: MortaL

    Mumbai-born Naman Mathur, aka “Soul Mortal,” is a professional e-sport gamer and streamer. He is the gamers clan ‘SouL’ owner and the YouTube channel ‘MortaL’ administrator. Naman gained widespread recognition due to his nomination for esports award 2020 for pubg mobile.

    Mortal used to play computer games like Super Mario, Contra, G.T.A. San Andreas, mini militia, and counterstrike at a very young age. His channel started with a mini militia series.

    Mortal started his Y.T. channel in 2013; he is mobile game influencer and actively does live streams and uploads pubg mobile gameplays. His channel is the third most subscribed gaming channel behind only Dynamo gaming and Carryislive.

    Naman and his team members participated in PMIS (pubg mobile India series 2019) and won by 46 kills and 2520 game points. The clan also played in pubg mobile regionals in 2019, where they scored 254 points, landing them first. The group was ranked 12th in PMCO 2019 global finals. With a respectable following of 3.3m on Instagram, he is the creator, your brand needs!

  • Hindustan Gamer Loggy

    Hindustan Gamer Loggy

    YouTube Channel: Hindustan Gamer Loggy

    Jassu, aka Hindustan gamer loggy, is a YouTuber gamer and content creator from Wales. He uploads videos on grand theft auto five and Minecraft gameplay on his YouTube channel.

    Jassi began his YouTube journey at a very young age. However, he had a slow start. He quickly picked up the pace once he began collaborating with his uncle on GTA 5 content. Today his YouTube channel “Hindustan Gamer Loggy” has 5.96M subscribers. He also has a decent following of 15.1K on his Instagram ID. Jassi plays the game with the username loggy_O.

    The young YouTube never appeared in front of the camera, but there were multiple instances of the fake face reveals. For example, on August 24, 2019, a video titled *HINDUSTAN LOGGY FACE REVEAL | HINDUSTAN GAMER LOGGY REAL FACE | LOGGY FACE REVEAL FINALLY..” was posted by the channel “NINJA GAMING.” The boy that showed up at the 1.41 timestamp was speculated to be loggy. But the rumours died down as fake, and to date, no official confirmation has been on the video’s authenticity.

    Jassu is the nephew of another popular gaming content creator, “Chapati Hindustani Gamer,” and often collaborates with his uncle on multiple videos.

  • Happy Prince Gaming

    Happy Prince Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Happy Prince Gaming

    Happy Prince Gaming is a popular Indian Free Fire content creator. He is quite active on his YouTube channel, where he posts fun gameplay videos on the Garena’s popular Battle Royale game. The channel was started in January, 2018. On Instagram the gamer has received lots of love and has about 394K followers.

    He is one of the most well-known figures in the Indian Free Fire community. He regularly creates fun content around this renowned Battle Royale game. Prince is quite active on social media and posts fun gameplay videos daily to his channel. He started creating Free Fire content on his YouTube channel two years ago and has a total of 199 videos.

  • Raistar


    YouTube Channel: Raistar

    Raistar alias Akshay lives in Kerala State in India. He is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers and the content creator of Garena Free Fire (the record downloaded game in 2020, in the world). he launched his YouTube channel on 4th November 2019, in which he uploaded his first gameplay video on 11th December 2019. He is well known for his unbelievable gameplay, skills, and unbeatable one-tap shot. He plays with many successful Youtubers like Gyan Gaming, AS Gaming, Total Gaming, Desi Gamers, and many others. Like other famous YouTubers Celebrities, the young star developed after one of his gameplay footage was posted and went viral. Subsequently, he has been getting a lot of responsiveness, connecting massive success regarding his YouTube channel as well as on other social media platforms like Discord. His uid is 12022250. He has been played 14771 squad games and has booyah’s in 2601 matches, with a win rate of 17.60%.

  • Alpha Free Fire

    Alpha Free Fire

    YouTube Channel: Alpha Free Fire

    The channel’s host is Keshav a gamer from Bihar. On Instagram the youngster has a very huge and active fan following base of 192K followers.

    Alpha Free Fire is one of the best emulator players of in India; his emulator is blue stacks 5. Alpha free fire has established a record of 32 kills in solo vs. squad gameplay, he has a very active fan base and a very large number of people watched his videos.

    He frequently posts gameplay clips and highlights on his YouTube channel. Alpha Free Fire was first named as Ankush Free Fire, but due to some controversy his channel named changed from Ankush free fire to alpha free fire.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India

    Battlegrounds Mobile India

    YouTube Channel: Battlegrounds Mobile India

    Battlegrounds Mobile India (in short form BGMI, previously known as PUBG Mobile India) is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game developed and published by Krafton. On Instagram the game relishes a huge follower’s count of 5M. The game is exclusively for the Indian users. The game released on 2 July 2021 for Android devices and on 18 August 2021 for iOS devices.

    The channel makes sure that players and gamers are aware of the latest updates of the game and posts videos related to it.

  • SK Sabir Gaming

    SK Sabir Gaming

    YouTube Channel: SK Sabir Gaming

    SK Sabir Boss is a renowned Free Fire YouTuber and Gaming video content creator. On Instagram the gamer has over 66.5K followers.

    He frequently uploads gameplay clips on his YouTube channel. SK Sabir Boss has been creating content on Free Fire for over two years and a half, with the oldest video on his YouTube channel being released back in September 2019. Not only YouTube and Instagram, the aspiring gamer has also immense receive among the gaming folks in Booyah Live too.

  • Assassins ARMY

    Assassins ARMY

    YouTube Channel: Assassins ARMY

    Assassins ARMY is an Indian YouTube channel run by Nayan and Huzzai. On Instagram the duo have a hard hitting followers count of 415K.

    Not only are they keenly followed on YouTube and Instagram but also on Discord. They mainly focus on playing Free Fire. Users can find exciting and engaging content about the quick-paced battle Royale. They often host challenges with their fellow YouTubers and Free Fire players. Not only do they do that, they develop their content in such a unique way that it is rare to find these kinds of videos elsewhere on YouTube. That is exactly why their growth is so enormous and this eventually becomes a great advantage for brands.

  • Ron Gaming

    Ron Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Ron Gaming

    Ronak Makhodia is an Indian PUBG player, YouTuber, mobile games influencer, and content creator from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He has an impressive fan following base on Instagram with 161K followers.

    After the ban of PUBG in India Ron continues to play Battleground India Mobile which is similar to the former. He entertains his audience by posting videos with hilarious and captivating commentary which is mostly in Gujarati.

    The channel has a huge reach in India especially in Gujarat and brands of gaming influencer marketing agency that have a regional target audience can reach out for the maven who seems to showing ever improving and promising stats. Audience would be unknowingly influenced due to the gamer’s ability to blend in promotion along with the content created. Now, this is a quality that many don’t possess so it should definitely come in handy for brands that are expecting an immediate increase in sales and ROI.

  • Sanjoy Das Official

    Sanjoy Das Official

    YouTube Channel: Sanjoy Das Official

    Sanjoy Das Official is popular Free Fire content creators on YouTube. The channel was started in April, 2015. He boasts 54.3K followers on his Instagram account.

    He is known for his reactions, streaming, and funny moments of his gameplay. His rise to fame was fairly quick, as his first upload was a year ago, and his gameplay videos are truly what shot him to fame. In such a short period. He is very skillful and entertained his fans by streaming in a unique way. As a very promising gaming influencer Sanjoy can be entrusted by brands to increase their reach among their targeted audience.

  • Sc0ut


    YouTube Channel: Sc0ut

    The next gamer on our list needs no introduction. The gaming community knows him as “Sc0ut,” but his real name is Tanmay Singh. He is an Indian eSport player, mobile game influencers and owner of “teamXspark.” Tanmay is also part of “8bit Creatives” and creates content for them frequently.

    Scout has participated in multiple tournaments. Some notable ones are “pubg mobile club open Spring split India,” where he participated as a member of TeamIND and won a cash prize of $30000 to secure second place. Tanmay also played in “Fighting League 2018 – India,” He came first and won $7065 in prize money. He also won second place at both “E.S.L. India premiership 2020 summer season: finals” and “PUBG mobile world league season 0: East” – where he bagged $4,005 and $55,000, respectively.

    TeamIND was the first one to represent India at major championships, and scout was part of them.

    Scout’s in-game character is mainly a flanker and an assaulter. He has played a major role in the rise of the Indian gaming community. Due to his contributions, Tanmay is considered a great role model by his fans and fellow squadmates.

    The Indian gamer has befriended several Chinese gamers and has picked up new skills and abilities by observing their gameplays. Scout garnered attention due to his 1 v 4 clutch, and he was the first player to introduce claw control usage in India.

    Scout is a monster energy athlete with 2.9m followers on Instagram and has partnered with brands like Poco to launch their gaming phones and other apparatus.

  • GameXPro


    YouTube Channel: GameXPro

    Ravi Rawat, widely known as GameXPro, is an Indian gamer and YouTuber known for his pubg mobile gameplays. Hailing from the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Ravi is one of the most talked-about pubg players in India. The in-game gamer alias is bla-c legit, and he represents the Blac clan

    Ravi started his YouTube channel on July 9, 2018, but had a slow start. His subscribers barely grew, and he was unable to pull in views. Ravi’s channel started gaining momentum when pubg mobile entered the Indian gaming scene. Blac legit consistently uploaded new content, which won him a silver play button in a few months.

    As a professional gamer and mobile game influencer he was crowned as the number one solo player in India during the ninth season of PUBG mobile.

    Ravi’s main channel GameXPro is one of the top gaming channels in India, hosting 4.09 subscribers. His second channel BawliGANG features pubg gameplays and currently has 615K subscribers.



    YouTube Channel: RISHI GAMING

    Rishi Agarwal, aka Rishi gaming, is one of the most popular free-fire content creators from India.

    Rishi joined YouTube on November 7, 2017, with his channel “RISHI GAMING,” which currently has 445 videos uploaded.

    Before moving to Garina, free fire Rishi Agarwal created and posted content related to another popular game at the time – clash of clans.” SHARIF VS GUNDA || GUNDE SE PANGA || FREE FIRE SHORT ACTION MOVIE || RISHI GAMING,” is his most popular video with 27M views.

    Rishi gaming uses two IDs to play free fire. He has won 1200 + matches from the 6800+ squad games he has played with his first ID. He boasts a win rate of 18.33%,15319 kills, and a K/D ratio of 2.72.

    In duo matches, the Indian free fire gamer has emerged victorious in 200 + out of 3154 games, maintaining a win rate of 9.42 %. Rishi has 4327 kills to his name with a K/D ratio of 2.22%.

    Rishi Gaming has participated in 1819 matches during the ranked season and has won 87 of the total, taking his win rate at 4.78%. His kills capped at 2931 and his K/D ratio at 1.69. He has 55.1K followers on Instagram also.

    With his second ID, Rishi gaming has won 5789 of the total 14546 squad matches he has played. He holds a win rate of 40.40 %, with 38629 kills and a K/D ratio of 4.46

    The numbers above may differ as the player participates in new matches.

  • Antaryami Gaming

    Antaryami Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Antaryami Gaming

    Rishabh Verma, also known as Antaryami Gaming, is India’s funniest gamers, Youtube influencers, and roster. He rose to fame because of his humorous videos and his expert PUBG mobile gameplays.

    Rishabh was born and raised in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He started his career as a roster by creating his first channel, Antaryami R.B, with 778K subscribers. To date, there are 24 videos uploaded on the channel.

    Rishabh’s second and main channel is antaryami gaming which has 3.4M subscribers. He spends most of his time uploading pubg mobile gameplay videos and organizing 2-3 hours of live streams every day. After the Indian government ban on pubg mobile, Rishabh maintained his popularity by creating gameplay videos on the Korean version of pubg mobile. Now that the game has re-entered the Indian market as battleground mobile India – Rishabh shifted his focus to playing this game. His in-game name is NADExAntaryami, and he plays as part of the clan “NADE official.” Rishabh prefers the four-finger claw technique for playing the game.

    The famous Indian pubg player and mobile game influencer also wants to help people in need. He has created a third channel, “Rishabh Verma,” which has 231K subscribers. He has reserved this account to upload vlogs, help people in need, and spread positivity and knowledge about gaming influencer marketing agency. He also has 343K followers on Instagram

  • Onespot Gaming

    Onespot Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Onespot Gaming

    Onespot Gaming is a well-established Indian gaming YouTube channel started by brother duo Ishan and Vikas. The channel has over 500 videos. On Instagram their combined gaming page enjoys 112K followers. While Ishan has got 101K followers on his personal account and Vikas has 11.2K followers.

    At Onespot Gaming, they main focus upon GTA5 and GTA Online content to help players crack through levels. They post comparison videos to choose the vehicles players ought to buy from their money earned through playing the game. Viewers feel that the videos have got unique and hilarious moments and they also make compilation videos which include Thug Life, funny moments, epic stunts and fails too. Edits are made by Onespot Gaming to transform blunt and subtle videos into entertaining ones. They have three other channels namely; Khatarnak Ishan, Vikspot, Onespot Tech.

  • Desi Army

    Desi Army

    YouTube Channel: Desi Army

    Amit Sharma, aka Amitbhai, is a gamer, streamer, YouTuber and free fire player hailing from Siliguri, West Bengal.

    Amit started his first YouTube channel in 2018. Initially, he could not monetize his channel because most of his content featured videos from other creators. Amit also received a couple of copyright strikes, which prompted him to look at other alternatives. Eventually, he created and uploaded videos that featured Garena free fire gameplays and saw some success.

    At first, Amitbhai gained 15K subscribers, which motivated him to upload new videos regularly on his channel. But soon, the growth rate dropped, until one day, one of his gameplays became an instant hit, which bumped his subscriber count to 50K in April 2019 and 5M, four months later. Today, Amit maintains two channels – Desi Gamers which has 11.4 million subscribers and Desi Army, which houses 3.25M subscribers. On Instagram, the popular YouTuber has 1.8M followers.



    YouTube Channel: JONATHAN GAMING

    Jonathan Gaming, known professionally TSM entity Jonathan is a YouTuber streamer and pubg mobile export player from India. Because of his impressive gameplay, people coined a nickname for him – hacker. Jonathan is part of an esport team, entity gaming, and represents them at multiple tournaments.

    Jordan started his YouTube journey on 25 February 2018 and immediately earned the nickname hacker. He got this because of his ability to eliminate his opponents without effort, leading many to believe that Jonathan was a hacker.

    Scout reported the Mumbai-based gamer to pubg authorities on suspicions of Malpractice. Jonathan came clean by proving himself in a YouTube live stream overlooked by Ghatak. After that, Jonathan’s life took a complete 360-degree turn. Ghatak was impressed by Jonathan’s gameplay and asked him to join his team TSM-entity – Jonathan agreed. Here presented the team at many competitions, but he was also amongst other members like Zgod, Neyoo, and clutch God to leave the organization.

    Jonathan has multiple accomplishments under his belt. He was awarded first in PUBG Mobile India Series in 2020, Skyesports Championship 3.0 in 2021, and PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia in 2019. The pro-gamer also came in 6th in “PUBG Mobile World League Season 0: East” and 2nd in PUBG mobile Pro League – South Asia season 1: Finals.

    Jonathan Amaral is a very ambitious person; he has acquired the highest tier (Conqueror) and has an average win ratio of 40% in all seasons. His dream is to be someday known as the best PUBG player in the world. The hacker also wants to win the Pubg Mobile World League with his team. He also has 1.2M followers on Instagram

  • The RawKnee Games

    The RawKnee Games

    YouTube Channel: The RawKnee Games

    The Rawknee, known by his real name Rony Dasgupta Indian gamer, mobile game influencer, roster and YouTube from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He gained widespread recognition on YouTube due to his popular series like meme reviews, childhood memories, and a R.I.P. English.

    Rony considers himself to be a streamer rather than a professional esports gamer. He does not participate in international tournaments. Instead, believes that games should be played for fun and not just to win.

    Rawknee regularly streams games like Minecraft, among us, PUBG, etc., on his gaming channel “The RawKnee Games.” He also has two more channels – The Rawknee Show (1.73M), where he uploads roasting content, and The Rawknee Extras (68K), reserved for vlogs.

    As a gamer, he has participated in multiple tournaments, including NIMO streamers battle, NIMO streamers battle S-2, and PUBG mobile Star challenge 2019 – where he was placed at 13th position and won a cash prize of $3000. He has also donned the role of a broadcaster at events like pubg mobile India series 2019. He also has 663K followers on Instagram.

  • Casetoo


    YouTube Channel: Casetoo

    Now let’s talk about one of India’s youngest gamers – Aditya Sharma, aka “Casetoo.”

    Ajay Sharma is a commentator, YouTuber streamer, and professional pubg player. He uses the 4 finger claw technique and prefers to play the game on his iPad. He represents the clan “Elite Squad,” and his crew is named “S.A.D..”

    Like most Indian streamers, Casetoo also started from a YouTube channel he created on 7th July 2016. Presently, the channel has more than 800 videos and 2.68 million subscribers. He also has another channel named Kasetwo (150K subscribers) – where he uploads hilarious roast videos.

    Ajay’s most popular video is titled “100 tips & tricks of pubg mobile,” which has accumulated 14 million + views.

  • Classified YT

    Classified YT

    YouTube Channel: Classified YT

    Classified yt a.k.a. Nitin Chougale, is one of the most well-known pubg mobile player of india. He uploads content on royal pass liks, new update of pubg mobile and thip and tricks. Having superiority trend in Gaming, he has 2.43 million-plus subscribers on his youtube channel and 187K followers on Instagram. He is very active on social media, but he is not in any professional clan. His content includes Battlegrounds mobile India tips and tricks, RP missions, Live streams, Custom rooms, Free tournaments, subscriber games, Royal pass, UC Giveaways, BGMI & Pubg latest updates, news, Tips- tricks to get free gunskins and outfits via events, etc. He don’t play competitive contests in pubg mobile. His pubg id is 5226425375.

  • KingAnBru


    YouTube Channel: KingAnBru

    Aniket Sood aka KingAnbru is a professional gamer and streamer. He is known for making videos featuring funny moments, gameplay, montage, and highlights of pubg mobile. Aniket also live-streams on his channels. His playing style is the four-finger claw technique, and his device of choice is the iPad.

    The young Indian YouTuber is a perfect definition of someone who followed his heart and worked hard to achieve his goals. KingAnbru has a substantial following of 202K on his Instagram handle.

    Aniket created his YouTube channel KingAnbBru on August 3 2015, which currently has 2.38M subscribers. He is also the admin of two other channels, namely AnBruMAN and AnBruisPlaying, with 195K and 765K subscribers.

  • GW Manish

    GW Manish

    YouTube Channel: GW Manish

    Manish known as GW Manish is a well-established Free Fire player, gamer and a promising content developer. He created his YouTube channel on October 31, 2017. His channel has a massive fan-following base with 2.36M subscribers. On Instagram as well, Manish has an army of 136K followers with 77 posts

    Manish has managed to grow to this height due to his efforts in striving to provide high quality content and videos. He never compromises on the quality for any reason. The first Free Fire video on GW Manish’s YouTube channel was posted back in November 2019. Since then, he has uploaded 351 videos and has accumulated 110 million views combined. This eventually proves that he can be looked to as a trusted opinion leader in the gaming society.

  • YesSmartyPie


    YouTube Channel: YesSmartyPie

    Going by his gaming name YesSmartyPie, Hitesh Khangta is from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. He is a well-known gamer, streamer and YouTuber having the second-largest fan following base in Himachal Pradesh. His motive, as he states is to become the largest gaming channel in India. Hitesh loves creating content for his audience; for this reason, he selected YouTube as his base of operation.

    He previously had a channel named “YesSmarty” in which he used to upload science and educational content. YesSmartyPie often plays Minecraft and sometimes GTA 5. He states that he plays various games but usually sticks onto one game when it comes to YouTube videos.

    He primarily creates content around Minecraft and resident evil 3.

    Moreover, it seems that YesSmartyPie love playing games in the genre of thriller although it makes his heart skip a beat! YesSmartyPie has a massive fan-fallowing base of 2.33M subscribers on YouTube and 88.9K on Instagram

    YesSmartyPie joined YouTube in November 2018, basically because he loves creating content and the platform allows him to do more than that. He has done over 480+ videos and has over 90+ posts on Instagram. A number of people think that he got the idea of his name form PewDiePie but he clarified that his nickname is Smarty and he wanted to name his gaming channel something related to his previous channel and landed up with his current name. He has recently started another channel YesSmartyPieShorts which has almost 30+ videos and 364K subscribers.

  • Gaming Subrata Live

    Gaming Subrata Live

    YouTube Channel: Gaming Subrata Live

    Subrata Mondal, popularly known by his in-game alias Gaming Subrata, is a very famous Bengali YouTuber, vlogger and traveler. He started his channel on May4, 2019. He is a renowned Free Fire content creator and streamer. He runs two channels: Gaming Subrata Live and Subrata, where he creates content related to this game. His channel has 2.25M subscribers with almost 800 videos. His highest viewed video has 2.4M views. On Instagram the maven relishes 212K followers with 340 posts.

    Till date he has got 153406201 views for his channel. Gaming Subrata Live is popularly known because he keeps his audience highly engaged and on the edge of their chairs. Sometimes as a giveaway he teaches a few tips and tricks to ace Free Fire. Due to his high popularity among the masses, brands can trust him to increase their sales and ROI.

  • ThugBoi Max

    ThugBoi Max

    YouTube Channel: ThugBoi Max

    Abhay Singh, also known as ThugBoy Max, is a professional gamer, singer, songwriter, and Rapper who creates content featuring Minecraft on his channel.

    ThugBoyMax is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels with 2.92M subscribers. Presently, Abhay has uploaded 234 videos in total, which has accumulated 466.39M views. Abhay likes to keep things interesting. Hence, he uses shin chan or iron Man skins in his videos.

    Abhay also has another channel name Thugboi Max Live with 147K subscribers, and as the name suggests, he uses this account to stream GTA 5. He also has 7854 followers on Instagram

  • SOUL Regaltos

    SOUL Regaltos

    YouTube Channel:SOUL Regaltos

    The Delhi-based Indian e-sport player Parv Singh, aka Soul Regaltos, rose to fame due to his PUBG and BGMI mobile gameplays.

    Parv is counted amongst the top 10 PUBG mobile assaulters in India. Owing to his skills, the influencer marketing gaming community also has another nickname for him – hacker.

    At one time, this popular gamer wanted to be a professional cricketer, but injuries cut his dreams short. Regaltos found solace in the game “Clash Of Clans,” which was widely popular at the time. So enough, he found his calling in the world of online games.

    The mobile game, “Mini Militia Doodle Army 2”, aroused Parv’s interest in assault games and mobile game influencer platforms. His first video on his YouTube channel is mini militia gameplay – this soon changed when pubg mobile came into the LimeLight. Now, most of his videos feature pubg gameplays.

    Parv was initially a member of the team 4HM. He represented them in competitive tournaments like E.S.L., where he assumed his role as I.G.L. (In-Game leader) and front face assaulter.

    In 2019, Naman Mathur, also known as Soul mortal (Mortal) – leader of Team Soul, approached regaltos to fill the gap left by the exit of two members, Raunak and Owais. Parv said yes and was soon seen playing alongside India’s most loved pubg team.

    As a member of Team Soul, Regaltos got an opportunity of a lifetime to play in “PUBG mobile club open – Fall split South Asia,” where he helped the squad bag second place. He currently resides at S8UL Gaming House “Bootcamp* in Mumbai.

  • Kronten Gaming

    Kronten Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Kronten Gaming

    Chetan Chandgude, also known popularly as “Kronten Gaming,” is a streamer, YouTuber, mobile game influencers, and gamer from Pune, Maharashtra. His channel currently has 2.17 million subscribers and streams PUBG mobile two times a day. As of 2021, Chetan is ranked as one of India’s most popular live streamers with 475K followers on Instagram.

    Before “Kronten Gaming,” Chetan was the owner of the channel “Clash with Clan.” As the name suggests, he chiefly uploaded gameplay of the most popular mobile game called “Clash of Clans.” He has now renamed the channel to “Godlike Esports, where he has amassed 165K subscribers.

    He is not like other popular pubg mobile players. He doesn’t like to camp till the last zone, nor does he play for the ranking. Instead, he prefers the rush gameplay. His style of play won him the interest of many pubg mobile enthusiasts in India, which eventually boosted his YouTube channel.

    Chetan started playing pubg on an emulator but made the shift to mobile. His pubg clan ‘GodLike’ was the result of the translation. The team featured many famous faces like scout, Kiki, smokey and more.

    Throughout his career as a popular pubg mobile gamer, he has had many achievements under his belt. Let us look at some of them.

    In 2020, he was the winner of PMCO; he was invited to the PUBG mobile all-star event in 2019 and, As part of dream godlike secured third position in PMSC 2019.

    Krontens achievements got him invited as a guest to events organized by pubg mobile officials. He was also recruited as a caster for many pubg tournaments since 2018 and was the official Influencer for the game. Chetan and his fellow streamers have worked with brands and gaming influencer marketing agency like H.P. and AMD to endorse their product. In 2020, the Indian gamer was approached by ASUS to promote their ROG phones.

  • Sunil Gamer

    Sunil Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Sunil Gamer

    Sunil gamer, also known as Sunil Raaz, is an Indian YouTuber streamer and pubg player. His alias in the game is SiX9 or SuniLYT. Sunil is considered one of the top pubg mobile content creators – his videos usually feature tips and tricks of the gameplay and influence of video games. On his channel, the Indian YouTuber has amassed a subscriber base of 3.12 million.

    Apart from PUBG, Sunil is also known to play a variety of games. He has uploaded 561 videos which together has got him more than 150 million in views. On his official Instagram ID (sunil_gameryt), Sunil has a substantial following of 22.4K.

  • Legend X

    Legend X

    YouTube Channel: Legend X

    Legend X, whose real name is Laksh Gupta, was born and raised in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, and is a popular PUBG and BGMI mobile content creator.

    At just 19 years of age, Legend X has gained widespread attention from his peers. Gamers know him for his M416 + 6x Spray.

    Laksh’s career on YouTube started on 5 November 2017 with his channel named “Legend tech.” But later, he felt the need to change it to “Legend X.” The channel currently has 2.08M subscribers. He is a skilled player who is well recognized in the BGMI community. Legend X represents the b lac clan and prefers playing the game on his iPad mini 5.

    Lakshya is also active on the photo and video sharing app – Instagram, where he has a following of 304K.

    The Indian BGMI player also has another channel called “Legend Playz,” featuring gaming content.

    When pubg first rolled out in India, Lakshya was not seen actively participating in the game. It was only in season 2 of PUBG that the Indian gamer got the gist of the online video game. At present, Legend X is not part of any Clan.

  • PVS gaming

    PVS gaming

    YouTube Channel: PVS gaming

    Dr. Hariraman, also known as “PVS gaming,” is an MBBS student and gaming video creator from Tamil Nadu, India. The gamer creates content featuring Garina free fire gameplays and is the gaming team “Chennai Celestials” owner.

    Hariraman’s career as a YouTuber/streamer began on YouTube in January of 2019. Since the creation of his channel, he has posted 941 videos. Currently, he has 2.56M subscribers.

    The famous gamer is often paired with another popular content creator, “Gaming Tamizhan,” to produce free-fire content.

    PVS gaming has participated in over 9400 squad matches and has won more than 2100 after total. His win rate remains at 22.65%, with total kills of 25400+ and a K/D ratio of 3.50

    The YouTuber has played fewer solo and duo matches. He has 156 booyah’s from 920 plus games in the former, with a win rate of 16.91%, 2037 kills, and a K/D ratio of 2.66. However, he has bagged 2798 kills in 901 matches in the latter with a K/D ratio of 3.49.

    During the ranked season, PVS gaming won 12 times out of the 128 squad games. He capped at a win rate of 9.37%, with 345 kills and a K/D ratio of 2.89.

    In September, Hariraman and his team will be seen competing in ESPL 2021. He has 251K followers on Instagram too.

  • AndreoBee


    YouTube Channel: AndreoBee

    Naveen Yadav, aka AndreoBee, is a Youtuber, streamer, gamer, and one of the most popular Minecraft content creators on YouTube.

    On January 21, 2020, Androbee’s journey on YouTube started with his channel, but his first video, titled “STEALING PRIME MINISTER’S CAR IN GTA 5 | ANDROBEE,” was uploaded 7 months later, on July 6, 2020. Since then, he has created reaction videos, live streams, humorous clips, influence of video games and funny gameplays. He is regular in his uploads. “CRAFTING MODERN HOUSES IN MINECRAFT | MY HOUSE VS ONEBLOCK HOUSES | ANDROBEE,” “WE TRAPPED HEROBRINE | ANDROBEE” are some of Naveen’s most popular videos on the platform. Naveen has another channel called AndreoXD with 362K subscribers. His main channel AndreoBee has 3.15M subscribers, and his videos have amassed 222.27M views in total.

    He has 93.3K followers on his Instagram handle also.

  • BandookBaaz


    YouTube Channel: BandookBaaz

    Indrajeet Singh, also known as Bandookbaaz, is a content creator, YouTuber, Influencer, photographer, and professional PUBG player from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is also the YouTube channel “Bandookbaaz,” where he loves streaming pubg gameplay.

    At the height of pubg popularity, Indrajit started playing the game on an emulator and uploading videos providing tips and tricks. He also did consistent live streams. BandookBaaz uses 4 finger claw technique to play the game on his smartphone. He has tremendous accuracy and skills, which has earned him a spot among the top 10 pubg players in India and the title of “Pubg Partner.”

    Besides spending his time playing pubg, Indrajeet also likes playing sports – cricket and volleyball are his favorite. He has 360K active followers on Instagram.

    In the future, he wants to explore more gameplay options in esports, gaming influencer marketing agency, and start creating vlogs.

  • Downtech Gamer

    Downtech Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Downtech Gamer

    Mohamed Sahil alias Downtech Gamer is an 18-year-old YouTuber and gamer from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He started his YouTube channel on March 4, 2020. He has got a massive fan base with 1.64M subscribers on YouTube with almost 300 videos posted. He is nothing less than popular on Instagram too with 84.7K followers and 111 posts

    Downtech Gamer is known for playing FREE FIRE. He has 3 other YouTube channels named Downtech Army, Tech Info India and Downtech Disha. His rankings too, are nothing less than impressive. He has a category ranking of 101 in India and overall ranking of 646 in India. Downtech gamer is ranked 4338 worldwide.

    Another notable thing is that Downtech Gamer prefers anonymity and none of his followers have seen him till date. It is thought that he prefers to keep himself away from the publicity.

  • Alpha Clasher

    Alpha Clasher

    YouTube Channel: Alpha Clasher

    Pratik Jogiya (From Delhi), better known online as Alpha Clasher, is an Indian gaming YouTuber who is popular for uploading streams of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

    In the beginning of his expedition, he used to upload gameplay videos of the game Clash Royale. After some time, when PUBG became widespread in India, he swapped his main gameplay emphasis towards it. Nevertheless, his channel’s name remains as a reference to his earlier gameplay style.

    The best feature of his channel is that, while most streamers stream either once a day; Pratik streams twice a day. And this is why he multiplies his audience engagement rate, which makes him a great potential brand promoter. He is the co-leader of the HydraOfficial PUBG clan, Streamer, Influencer, Vlogger, and a Content Creator. He handles his Instagram and Twitter accounts unremittingly and uploads short video on his Instagram handle. He has more than 283K+ followers on His Instagram Account.

    Truke, one of the principal audio brands, manufacturing high-quality wireless stereos, wireless headphones, earphones and bespoke acoustic equipment for sound professionals and music aficionados, has launched India’s first gaming-range TWS, the Born to Game series encompassing the novel duo of gaming TWS, the BTG-1 and BTG-2. The brand targets to make the simulated gaming experience amusing and par excellence for the mobile gamers and his influence of video games. To bring the messaging out to the right target audience, the brand has collaborated with prevalent gaming creators Alpha Clasher, Antaryami, Classified YT, GodNixon, and Kronten, listed below the roster of Trinity Gaming, sharing their reviews about the product with their loyal audience.

    His PUBG ID, is 569808986, and his PUBG username is H¥DRA | Alpha. He was the, first Gamer endorsing brand on Indian Prime Time Television during IPL 2020, who streams fun and interactive games with a heavy dosage of entertainment. He is full of liveliness and has an uproarious personality in his streams. He also creates Video On Demand content based on his daily life routine and any other events, like vacation vlogs. He is part of Ebuillit Gaming India, which is the one of India’s largest network of gaming and esports influencers marketing gaming arena.

    He is now also starring in a Nissin Cup Noodles app.

  • GodNixon


    YouTube Channel: GodNixon

    Luv Sharma, the YouTube channel God Nixon owner, is an Indian-born esport gamer and streamer. He gained widespread attention due to his PUBG mobile gameplays.

    Even before he started his YouTube channel, God Nixon was active on Instagram, where he used to upload gameplay clips frequently. The IG handle currently has 382K followers. God Nixon started his YouTube channel on December 6, 2018, but Luv uploaded his first video four months later. Luv’s videos mostly feature PUBG tips and tricks needed to improve one’s skill at the game. Viewers recognized his efforts, and this prompted him to upload PUBG gameplay videos frequently. At present, his channel has 220 videos.

    God Nixon is the leader of the gaming squad NixonFAM Clan, and he is also a member of the Fnatic crew. Luv uses the popular thumb play style. His talent for the game has won him the collector title.

    Luv takes his gaming career very seriously. He has spent more than ten lakhs on Mythic, legendary, and epic items in PUBG mobile inventory and owns many in-game guns, vehicles, and parachute skins.

  • Ankush Free Fire

    Ankush Free Fire

    YouTube Channel: Ankush Free Fire

    Ankush Free Fire alias, Ankush Tripathi, (Free Fire ID is 241375963) is a renowned Free Fire player from India. Principally, he is an emulator player. He is one of the most prevalent players with incredible game-play technique in Free Fire battle royal game. He has 93.1K followers on Instagram and 32009 members on Discord

  • Swam


    YouTube Channel: Swam

    Joy Sahu, popularly known by his in-game alias SWAM, is an up-and-coming Free Fire YouTuber from Assam. The content creator has got 1.6M subscribers on YouTube with almost 300 videos. On Instagram Joy has got 63.2K followers with 81 posts. He says that he draws inspiration from Abby Viral, an entrepreneur and rapper.

    The YouTube channel was started on July 7, 2020. SWAM has got a great engagement rate. The average views per video ranges 311.68M. SWAM has also got a Discord server too, through which he has a large numbers of followers. He also has two other YouTube channels called SwamIsLive and Swam’s Vlogs. SWAM has been ranked 3954 in the country, 134079 in videos view, 26962 in subscribers, 10948 as social blade rank.



    YouTube Channel: A,K TECHNICAL POINT

    Arish khan created his YouTube channel A,K TECHNICAL POINT on November 18, 2016, for Android game content. His videos mainly cover mobile games and gaming news.

    Arish Khan is a renowned vlogger, gamer, YouTuber, mobile game influencer, and techie. People know him because of his gameplay and reaction videos on Grand Theft Auto 5. He regularly uploads new videos and receives much attention from the gaming community.

    Besides his YouTube channel “A,K TECHNICAL POINT,” which has 1.65M subscribers, Harish also has another channel named “Arish Khan,” where he reviews vehicles in GTA 5 and expands knowledge of influence of video games. The channel currently has 1.04M subscribers and is proliferating.

    Arish is interested in creating review videos and is open to working with influencer marketing gaming brands specializing in mobile, tablets, computers, gadgets, and mobile applications. He also has 53K followers on his Instagram (Instagram ID: arish_yt_star)



    YouTube Channel: PAYAL GAMING

    Payal Dhare, popularly known as Payal Gaming, belongs to the category of female YouTubers that have managed to stay relevant in a male-dominated niche like gaming. Born and raised in Bhilai – a town in Chhattisgarh, she is a gamer, streamer, and content creator for entity gaming.

    Payal was first introduced to PUBG by GHATAK Gaming. She fell in love with the game and decided to make a career out of it. However, when the pubg ban came into effect in 2020, she shifted her focus to BGMI and streamed multiple arcade games, including GTA, on her channel.

    Although Payal has played only two duo matches this season with no luck, she participated in 211 squad matches and has won 32 times, with an impressive win rate of 15.17%. She downed 637 opponents, putting her F/D ratio at 3.02.

    The female e-sport gamer receives massive support from her fans. On average, she amasses 151K views per video. The average engagement rate on her channel stands at 18.8K, which is made up of 18K + reactions and 200 + comments.

  • Sumit 007

    Sumit 007

    YouTube Channel: Sumit 007

    In a world where 75% of the population in every age group play games online, a Pune-based esport gamer Sumit Mallablade also, known as “Sumit 007,” managed to turn many eyes towards himself.

    Sumit’s first steps into the gaming world started with the clash of clans. He was intrigued with the gameplay and soon decided to post videos of his own YouTube live. In his words, he was an average player, but with time and practice, he got the hang of the game. Today, he is the first Indian YouTuber to gain developer access from C.O.C. parent company, Supercell.

    Apart from many notable achievements, he is also the first Indian to participate in Warrior Championship League World Finals organized in Hamburg, Germany. During the super Diwali India tournament, we also saw Sumit reprise his role as the caster.

    Not many in their teens conquer incredible milestones. However, Sumit was built differently. He broke records of fellow Indian YouTubers that feature the clash of clan’s content by managing 14000 + views on the live stream.

  • GamerFleet


    YouTube Channel: GamerFleet

    Anshu Bisht, widely known as GamerFleet, is an Indian YouTuber and Video game live streamer from Haldwani, Uttarakhand India. He is popular for his gameplay in FallGuys and Minecraft on his channel GamerFleet. Enthused and inspired by celebrated YouTubers like Pew Die Pie and Hemant Titiyal, Gamerfleet started hisYouTube expedition. After this he began playing FallGuys with Samay Raina, Karan singh Magic and Suhani Shah. Subsequent to this he was on the receiving end of one more raid by comedian Tanmay Bhat who afterwards joined him into the INDIA PLAYS FALL GUYS tournament by Nodwin Gaming which he won. Soon his following increased by a thousand-fold. He has since then been crunching with Minecraft. He has also played with other popular youtubers like Carryminati, Mythpat, Kronton Gaming, Gareebo, Jaby Koay etc. A rise to his Success also came succeeding a Stream Raid on one of his streams by Chessmaster Vidit Gujrathi which boosted his audience significantly. He has a decent and active following of 247K on Instagram , which makes him a perfect potential endorsers for brands!



    YouTube Channel: HIND GAMING

    Also known as Hind 420, Hind gaming was created by Aman Kaushik from Gurgaon, Haryana. Aman is a live-streamer, gamer and a YouTuber who started his channel on October 25, 2018. He plays a variety of games but had an immense reach in the audience due to his unique playing style of PUBG before its ban in India. Now he plays GTA 5, BGMI and other kind of games as well. Hind Gaming has a very large fan-following base with 1.34M subscribers on YouTube with over 850 videos published. Aman enjoys a huge follower base on Instagram too, with 17K followers with 129 posts.

    His popularity on Nono Live is beyond words. Most of his audiences are 18-24 years old, specifically guys. Stats conclude that his reach to audience is much higher through live streaming rather than pre-shot videos. His highest liked video was watched by 3.02M and was liked by 145.16K and commented by 193 people. He has another channel named Soldier Gaming with 107K subscribers. Aman posts promotional videos 2 per month and they have an engagement rate of 7.2% with average views going beyond 541.75K.

  • SOUL VipeR

    SOUL VipeR

    YouTube Channel: SOUL VipeR

    Yash Parmesh Soni, aka “Soul Viper,” is an Indian esport player, Influencer, streamer, YouTuber, and one of the original members of team Soul.

    Viper started his YouTube channel in 2019, where he streamed pubg mobile gameplays. Today, the channel has more than 1 million subscribers, and the videos have accumulated more than 1.6 million views and actively talks about influence of video games.

    Before PUBG blew the gaming scene, Viper played ‘Free Fire: battle royale’ with his friends. Initially, he was part of “R.I.P. official Clan” but later joined ‘SOUL’ as a roster for pubg esports.

    Prathamesh Soni’s successful career in esports started with tournaments like Dreamhack 2018, where he bagged the first position. After gaining much experience under his belt, he represented the country at many major international PUBG tournaments. He also has 710k followers on Instagram.

  • Skylord


    YouTube Channel: Skylord

    Skylord, aka Abhiyuday Mishra, is a Free Fire esports athlete and renowned content creator. He is much admired Free Fire player. The 21-year-old was born in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, but has lived in Indore, MP, since he was just two. He has almost 2M subscribers on his YouTube with just 160 videos. Skylord created his YouTube channel on March 9, 2020. He enjoys humongous 275K followers on Instagram with just 6 posts.

    Interestingly till date Skylord’s parents have no idea that their son is into gaming and YouTubing. All they know is that he plays games sometimes and owns a business. He had always been inclined towards sports since his school days. In an interview he said that he used to bunk classes and to take part in many competitions and his love for competitions made him discover this virtual platform of gaming. He also added that TSG and Vasiyo are his closest pals when it comes to Free Fire. Many don’t know that Skylord would have taken up cyber security if his niche hadn’t been gaming.

  • Khatarnak Ishan

    Khatarnak Ishan

    YouTube Channel: Khatarnak Ishan

    Ishan Khedkar is an Indian YouTuber known popularly as Onespot Gaming. His work primarily involves grand theft auto online compilation content, showcasing epic stunts, fails, funny series, and comparison videos.

    Ishan’s lucrative career in gaming began from arcade games which he played on his Nokia 310 model phone. Initially, he did not own a gaming pc, so he spent much of his free time playing GTA vice city at cyber cafes.

    On April 27, 2016, the gaming Youtuber started his first YouTube channel. His video titled “GTA 5 online” which has the strongest boost? (Oppressor mk LL, vigilante, scramjet, etc) [400k Special]” went on to gather 30 million + views.

    The YouTuber is very active on the platform and currently maintains three channels – Onespot Gaming has (3.26M), Khatarnak Ishan (1.49M), Vikispot (231K), Onespot Tech (312K). The content he uploads on his main channel features games like dark souls, grand theft auto, etc., which has amassed 1 billion + views. He also has 98.7k followers on Instagram, verifying he is a great potential endorser for brands!

  • Mavi


    YouTube Channel: Mavi

    Hailing from Punjab, Harmandeep Singh Mavi, aka OR Mavi (Orange Rock Mavi), is an Indian e-sport gamer who has gained popularity for his pubg mobile gameplays.

    In the game, he is considered the best IGL (in-game leader). Among many notable achievements, Mavi is crowned as one of the country’s top five PUBG mobile assaulters.

    Mavi is a two thumb + gyroscope player representing the orange rock team – where he reprised his role as the IGL. His team also comprises the likes of Scout, Anto, Daljeet, and Gill.

    With his contributions, the orange rock squad has bagged multiple trophies. The team also participated in PUBG mobile world league 2021, where they ranked second.

  • Maxtern


    YouTube Channel: Maxtern

    Sagar Thakur, also known as Maxtern, is Youtuber, streamer, PUBG player and Instagram star based in New Delhi, India. Western rose to fame owing to his skills in gaming, casting, and esports.

    Sagar is fond of sports and has played video games like GTA call of duty, Contra, Super Mario etc. But it was in April 2017 that maxtern decided to start his YouTube channel after he was coerced to download mini militia on his phone by one of his friends. Presently, the channel has 1.29M subscribers. Sagar has also gained an audience of 608K on Instagram.

    Maxtone is a skilled gamer who was awarded the number 1 spot in crew challenge qualifier 2019 and Asia 11 crew challenge qualifier.

    Master is aware of the fact that people know him primarily as a pubg mobile caster. But he also considers himself to be an entertainer and loves to engage with his fans on video sharing apps like tik tok. Sagar’s clan name in pubg is “Elite Squad (ES)”, represented by other notable gamers like KingAnBru and Casetoo.

  • 8bit MAMBA

    8bit MAMBA

    YouTube Channel: 8bit MAMBA

    Salman Ahmad, also known by his in-game name 8bit Mamba, is a gamer, vlogger, pubg player, youtube streamer, and content creator from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He is part of team 8bit and resided at S8UL Bootcamp before moving back to his hometown.

    The talented e-sport player is surprisingly not competitive; he instead wants to play to entertain his fans. Audiences, too, are attracted to his videos because of the hilarious nature of his content.

    Like most of the gamers on our list, MambaMamba also got his start from the clash of clans. He later shifted his focus to pubg. Salman represented team hydra at the Pubg mobile India series, which coincidentally was also his debut in the esports scene.

    The gamer’s YouTube YouTube Channel – “8 bit mamba” is one of the more popular gaming channels in the country with subscribers in millions. He spends almost 2 hours each day streaming pubg gameplays. Salman is very consistent and has 417k followers on his Instagram handle.

  • K18


    YouTube Channel: K18

    Ketan Patel, also known as K18 or K18 gaming, was born and raised in Delhi. Interestingly, unlike most others on our list, he did not start his career as a gamer.

    He created his YouTube channel in 2017 and initially started uploading Clash of Clan-related gameplays. As fate would have it, Pubg at that time was grabbing headlines across the globe. For Ketan, this as an opportunity to get into casting.

    Before the nationwide ban of pubg, Ketan performed as a broadcaster at multiple tournaments. He appeared as a commentator at events like PUBG mobile India series 2019, PUBG mobile India tour 2019, pubg mobile all-star India 2019, PUBG mobile India series 2020, PUBG mobile world league season 0: East, PUBG mobile global championship season 20 finals, and many more. After the ban, however, Ketan shifted his focus to creating vlogs and organizing live gameplay streams.

    As a player, he has participated in many tournaments. For example, he was placed 5th at “battle adda II – battle of Indian streamer” and “8th at PUBG mobile super heroes battle 2020”.

    At present, Ketan is an active Youtube vlogger and produces content for 8bit creatives. He is also in the process of re-entering the casting scene.

  • Glock Gaming

    Glock Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Glock Gaming

    Glock gaming, aka Navdeep Dhandha, is an Indian YouTuber and gamer residing in the Indian state of Haryana. He gained recognition in the gaming community because of his funny BGMI mobile uploads.

    Navdeep created his YouTube channel on December 14, 2017, but Navdeep uploaded his first video two years later, i.e., on August 7, 2019, featuring BGMI gameplay. His channel today is flooded with videos demonstrating multiple BGMI gameplay.

    Navdeep also has another gaming backup channel called “Glock Gaming Live” (106K subscribers), where he frequently live streams. His Instagram account has 35.5K followers , where he posts modeling pictures and content related to BGMI.

    Navdeep loves playing BGMI, but he also wants to expand his reach into the World of Esports and hopefully start vlogging shortly.

  • GSK


    YouTube Channel: GSK

    Goutam Sarkar, also known as “GSK verified,” is a YouTuber, content creator, mobile game influencer, and streamer from India. He gained popularity for creating and posting content related to free fire.

    The increase in gaming content creation and streaming has allowed esports players to earn income by playing mobile games and creating battle royale videos.

    Goutam’s career as a popular gaming content creator began almost two years ago. Little did he know that he would be counted among the top gaming influencers in the community. At present, his YouTube channel “GSK” has 1.05M subscribers. Goutam also has another channel for vlogs – “GSK VLOGS,” with 71.2K subscribers.

    Throughout his career, GSK has amassed a lot of achievements under his belt. He was part of 5000 + squad matches and has won more than 250 of them. He has an incredible kill count of 14934, with a KD ratio of 4.12 and a win ratio of 30.37%.

    He has won more than 200 of the 500 + games he played in duo matches, with a win rate of 35.08%.

    During the Ranked season, Goutam has participated in 18 squad games and has emerged victorious in 11 out of the total. His kill count stood at 86 kills and a K/D ratio of 12.29. He has 59.3K followers on Instagram (Instagram Profile: gskverified)

  • GodPraveenYT


    YouTube Channel: GodPraveenYT

    Praveen Chaudhary, professionally known as god Praveen, is an Indian YouTuber streamer and pubg lite player born and raised in the Indian city of Delhi.

    On October 28, 2018, the Indian gamer launched his first channel on YouTube named “GodPraveenYT” which presently has 1.02M subscribers. He frequently organizes live streams and uploads gameplays on the platform.

    Initially, Praveen was actively posting pubg mobile content on his channel – But he shifted his attention to pubg lite when Tencent introduced the game in India. Today Praveen and his brother Tushar play the game and are considered amongst the best players on the Asian servers. He is also an avid GTA 5 player.

    Praveen’s brother Tushar has a separate channel called “GoDTusharOP” 368K subscribers, where he uploads pubg mobile lite gameplays and streams BGMI.

    Praveen is equipped with the right set of skills needed for pubg mobile lite. He also has 190K followers on Instagram.

  • 8bit Thug

    8bit Thug

    YouTube Channel: 8bit Thug

    India is a huge country, which is host to multiple streamers. But with the exceptional skills, only a few have managed to stay relevant and represent the country on the international stage.

    Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal is a YouTuber, esport player, pubg mobile streamer, content creator, and owner of the team 8 bit. His name is always spoken in the same breath as other popular gamers in the country.

    He started a YouTube channel in 2018 and started streaming pubg gameplays.

    He has participated in many tournaments throughout his career like PUBG mobile superhero battle 2020, Streamers showdown, etc. Most notably, PUBG mobileStar challenge 2018, where he was part of the team that won the last round of the Asia finals.

  • Gaming With Kutty Gokul

    Gaming With Kutty Gokul

    YouTube Channel: Gaming With Kutty Gokul

    Kutty Gokul is a talented free-fire gamer and content creator hailing from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He has one of the most visited gaming channels on the platform, with 1.08M subscribers.

    As a free fire gamer, Kutty Gokul has played in over 7200 squad matches and has won 1609 times. He holds an impressive win rate of 23.20 % with 21023 kills. His K/D ratio is 3.76.

    The Indian gamer has won 86 of the 950 solo games he played. He raked a win rate of 9.05%, 1925 kills, and a 2.23 K/D ratio.

    Doing the rank season, Kutty Gokul has played nine squad games and remained unbeaten in 4 of them. His win rate stands at 44.44 %, with 33 kills and a 6.60 K/D ratio.

    Kutty has also played three matches in duo mode and has killed twice. He has seven solo games to his name in which he has acquired one “Booyah,” bringing his win rate to 14.28%. During these matches, he registered 19 kills to his name with a K/D ratio of 3.17.

    The statistics mentioned above are recorded when writing this article and may change as the player keeps playing more matches. He has 192 K followers on Instagram

  • Gaming with Debu

    Gaming with Debu

    YouTube Channel: Gaming with Debu

    Gaming with Debu is a famous YouTube channel in which the host mainly focuses in playing Free Fire. The channel was started on April 27, 2017. The channel has about 887K subscribers and about 437 videos.

    The average number of views going up to 94.11K. The highest viewed video has got 249K views. He is looked up by many due to his engaging and active involvement while playing the game of Free Fire. The channel “Gaming with Debu” has been ranked 349 in the gaming category in India and 2583 in overall category in India. It is also ranked 21456 worldwide.

  • AJ Gaming

    AJ Gaming

    YouTube Channel: AJ Gaming

    Anmol Jaiswal aka “AJ Gaming” is a youtuber from India. The creator mainly streams content related to games like GTA and Call of duty.

    Anmols youtube channel “AJ Gaming ” currently has 257 videos and 834K subscribers as we speak. The Indian gamer ranks at 438,161st spot globally and has accumulated more than 80 million + views on his videos.

    Additionally, Anmol has a decent following of 143K on Instagram and 1.5K on Facebook. The budding gamer is the founder of the video games shop –

  • Beast Gaming

    Beast Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Beast Gaming

    Lovish Kharb, also known as “Beast Gaming” in the community, is a famous gamer, content creator, and YouTuber. He runs a YouTube channel named “Best Gaming,” where he regularly streams BGMI.

    While others play for fun, Lovish takes his profession very seriously. He is a fantastic player who leaves his audience in awe due to his clutch ability on games like PUBG and BGMI mobile (where his name is InDiAnBeAst). His live stream sessions on YouTube have attendance in the thousands. People are constantly intrigued by his humorous personality and mind-boggling gameplays.

    Besides his lucrative career as a gamer, Lovish also creates content for 8Bit creatives and is managed by 8Bit thug.

  • Soul Aman

    Soul Aman

    YouTube Channel: Soul Aman

    Aman Jain AK soul Aman is an Indian YouTuber and pubg player who presently creates content for 8 bit creative. He represents them in esports and is a member of team Soul.

    Aman has a lot of achievements to his name. To name a few, he won first place at “PUBG mobile club open fall split : South Asia” and “Matrix Premier Cup,” where he won $60000 and $994, respectively. He also achieved fifth ranking “PUBG mobile club open fall split global finals” and “PUBG mobile India series 2019”.

    In 2017, Aman created his YouTube channel. But it was some time before he started uploading regular content – one year to be exact.

    He uploaded the first video titled “Conquerors Kills in Pubg Mobile | 1 vs. 4 Moments”. The video was a hit, and this motivated Aman to produce more content.

    The popular creator currently maintains two YouTube channels – “Soul Aman” with 722K and “Soul Aman” 2.0 with 130K subscribers.

  • Rahul Gaming

    Rahul Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Rahul Gaming

    Rahul Mondal is a gaming entertainment content creator and YouTuber who run the gaming channel Rahul Gaming in the previous year. As for Instagramthe chap has 12.3K followers.

    Rahul specializes in playing Free Fire Battlegrounds and has impressed the audience with his unique and enthralling way of playing the game. He often uses Booyah Live to stream his gamesand spread influence of video games. In the current ranked season, Rahul Gamer has played 24 squad games and has won on 5 occasions, translating to a win rate of 20.83%. He has 118 frags at a K/D ratio of 6.21 in this mode. He can influence a wide range of people for sure and thus influencer marketing gaming platforms looking out for a new and fresh influencer can definitely opt for him.



    YouTube Channel: SLUMBER QUEEN

    Here, we have a female free-fire content creator known as slumber queen. She has a YouTube channel by the same name. She is also actively streaming gameplays on the Garena-only platform, booyah, with 2.9M followers.

    Throughout her career as a free-fire gamer and streamer slumber, Queen has more than 3800 matches from the 13000 + squad games she played. This brings her K/D ratio to 2.56 and total kills 22350.

    When it comes to duo matches, she has won 1276 out of the 1889 games. She has a comfortable win rate of 14.61%, total kills of 2991, and a K/D ratio of 1.89.

    Slumber queen has breezed past her opponents 64 times out of 1189 solo matches. Her win rate in single games stands at 5.38 percent, At 2255 kills, and a 2 K/D ratio.

    While playing on the free fire app, she has bagged nine booyah’s in 137 duo matches. Slumber queen’s win percentage stands at 6.56 %, and she has 246 and a K/D ratio of 1.92.

    Slumber Queen currently has 432 videos on her YouTube channel. She uploaded her first video in September 2019. She appeared at Qualcomm organized event with fellow free fire gamers Dr. Hariraman (pvs_gaming) and Ravichandra Vigneshwer (Gaming Tamizhan).

    He has 128K followers on Instagram also.

  • Android Gamer

    Android Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Android Gamer

    This section will talk about an Indian BGMI mobile player, Aman Dubey, also unknown in the gaming community as an “Android Gamer.”

    Aman is 24 years old, and he makes BGMI mobile gameplays. He has a YouTube channel named “Android Gamer” that has a substantial subscriber base of 742K. At present Android gamer, creates content for an influencer marketing gaming company – 7Sea Esports.

    Aman started his YouTube channel in 2016. In his videos, he often provides tips and tricks about the game to his interested fan base. Aman utilizes four-finger claw control, an ideal technique to play the game on iPad Pro. At present, Android gamer. Presently, Android gamers play one versus one and team deathmatch with other famous players of the game.

    The name “Android gamer” is popular in the Indian gaming community. He is a member of team BlaC Clan and has a strong friendship with other pro-BGMI players like Gamexpro and Mirmay. He has 20.9K followers on Instagram

  • Navrit gaming

    Navrit gaming

    YouTube Channel: Navrit gaming

    Navrit gaming is a popular gaming channel started by Naval Joshi on March 15, 2018. He is from Delhi, India. He is known for his Epic gameplay videos of Minecraft and GTA 5. Naval is an active internet surfer and a video game enthusiast who loves to entertain his audience. He has a huge fan-following base with 829K subscribers on YouTube with almost 480+ videos. Further he has got more than 7K followers on Instagram

    Naval is best known for his humor through which he gathers a large number of his audience. He has another channel named Navrit Gaming Live with over 63.8K subscribers and 26 videos. Apart from gaming, what seems to have kept Naval is his four pawed friends! And guess what he has a YouTube channel with 94.9K subscribers and 118 videos till date. The average views of Navrit gaming is 246.5K and the average number of views per video is 298.2K while the highest goes up to 1.7M. The average engagement per video is 24.8K with 23.9K reactions and 875 comments. Navrit Gaming is currently ranked 827 in India and 5825 worldwide.

  • Shah Gamer

    Shah Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Shah Gamer

    Shah Gamer is a popular Bangladeshi YouTube channel started in April, 2016. The channel has gathered up 553K subscribers on YouTube.

    The host is a professional gamer, content creator and Free Fire player. On his YouTube channel he keeps his audience captivated by hosting live giveaways, playing pranks on fellow YouTubers and players and a few other unique ways. The gamer has got a great sense of humor which can even attract non-gamers to look out for his videos. That might exactly be the reason for his unprecedented growth in the past few months alone. It might be the best call for gaming influencer marketing agency that are watching out for an influencer to come in handy and boost up their influencer marketing gaming strategy. Without a second thought this gamer can be pitched din for your promotions!

  • Magsplay


    YouTube Channel: Magsplay

    Magsplay a.k.a. Mansi Gupta is a female video game streamer, YouTube content creator, social media, and influencer marketing gaming. She started creating content on YouTube form November 2020 and now, her YouTube channel has 682K subscribers. She also makes funny videos, travel videos, lifestyle vlogs-related content on her channel. Having great sense of humour and skills to make her audience laugh, she is great at playing professional-level video games such as Minecraft, GTA5, Battle Ground India, etc. She invested a lot of money in partnership with big Indian YouTubers like Techno Gamerz, The RawKnee Show, MYTHPAT, Lali, etc. She believes in producing quality content over quantity. She understands the influence of video games and gaming influencer marketing agency. Therefore, she spends a lot of time intellectualizing and creating high-quality content. She uploads a lot of idiosyncratic and engaging videos that keep audiences hooked to her channel. Besides it, she also uploaded a video of her skydiving from a plane which left everyone stunned! She also launched a new channel ‘Magsplay Shorts’ only to uploads Youtube Shorts videos. She is a content creator at OpraahFX. Besides her, OpraahFx and Pranav Panpalia also mentor India’s renowned top gaming influencers like – Desi Gamers,Techno Gamerz, Total Gaming, Mythpat, Slayy Pop, GamerFleet, Magsplay, Chapati Hindustani Gamer, Churan Gaming, amongst many others. In one blog post, she stated that as all gaming creators have a young audience, practically any brand whose target audience is the age group of 13-24 can collaborate with gaming creators. She included that gamers are not restricted gaming brands only, and they have few of the most loyal fan bases. She is out there breaking stereotypical notions and audience love it. She also has 71.5K followers on Instagram.

  • 8 Bit Beg4 Mercy

    8 Bit Beg4 Mercy

    YouTube Channel: 8 Bit Beg4 Mercy

    8bit Mercy a.k.a. Mrinmoy Lahkar from Assam is a highly praised YouTuber as well as professional BGMI streamer and gamer. he started his YouTube journey in 2014 and has now become an eminent face in battle-royale community by playing and winning numerous clash Royale tournaments. He also played other action games such as Pubg mobile tournaments, Valorant and qualified for many big events. He is one of the most experienced gamers in India. In the beginning he wanted to make a career in cricket because of his subterranean enthusiast for the game but due to some unavoidable situations, he dropped the notion and moved his focus on online games. He decided to begin his career in the eSports field via Clash Royale. Few years later, with the advent of PUBG Mobile, he shifted towards that game and hasn’t looked back since. Currently, in 2023 he holds 528K subscribers on his YouTube channel and 217 K followers on Instagram. He uploads in hilarious videos based on mobile gaming frequently to entertain his devotees. Presently, he live streams his BGMI gameplay with Mortal and others. He is a 2 time, esl india premiership clash Royale Champion and streamer-@getloconow while managed by-@8bit_creatives.

  • Rakazone Gaming

    Rakazone Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Rakazone Gaming

    Rishab Karanwal well known as Rakazone Gaming, is a professional gamer and full Time streamer on YouTube. He is also prevalent for his live stream on YouTube and incredible audience engagement. In 2018, he was titled as the ‘Streamer of The Year’.

    He has done numerous charity live streams. He owns the gaming channel with all his concentration and passion for the profession. He has amalgamated with companies like Red Bull and Intel to promote their valuable products. He streams sessions from PUBG mobile, GTA 5, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. Rishab is popularly known as raka among his fans and is one of the best gaming influencers in India. He has 100K followers on his Instagram Handle.

  • 8-bit Mafia

    8-bit Mafia

    YouTube Channel: 8-bit Mafia

    Mukul Anchal from Chandigarh, is a professional mobile gamer. He has been playing mobile games since 2016. He started his mobile career from clash royale in 2017 with Animesh Agarwal himself being a top graded ladder CR player in India by the name “8bit-Thuglife” and the director of the prevalent Indian Clan System. He is a passionate e-sports enthusiast and a 2-time ESL INDIA champion for Clash Royale in Delhi 2017 and Mumbai 2018 respectively. After going a bit further in his expedition, he shifted to the PUBG mobile and started playing PUBG in mobile e-sport and practice strims. Gaming came naturally to him, and soon enough, he saw himself in Thailand playing at PMSC 2018 and Later at PMCO fall split in 2019. He has been an important part of the team right from Clash Royale Times and has played many competitive matches. Presently, he is one of the significant asset of the PUBG Mobile Pro Team and plays PUBG mobile under the tag, “8bitMafia”. At this time working under S8UL as a Content Creator. Now he is working hard to grow his YouTube channel, actively streams BGMI gameplays and creates vlogs.

    His career winnings have cross over Rs. 1,00,000.

  • Mahi Gamer09

    Mahi Gamer09

    YouTube Channel: Mahi Gamer09

    Mahi Gamer09 is YouTube channel that focuses in Free Fire. The channel was started in May, 2020. Over 1 year the channel has received massive response and now has 481K subscribers in 2023. On Instagram

    He has an active followers group of 8K

    He usually posts a promotional video per month and its views and likes too are quite decent. Mahi Gamer09 is an upcoming gamer on YouTube and he has shown promising stats in the past one year since he started his journey on YouTube, brands can surely rely on this imminent maven to help achieve their goal of better influencer marketing gaming, increasing reach among targeted audience and increase of sales and ROI.

  • HydraFlick


    YouTube Channel: HydraFlick

    Hydraflick alias Rohan Ledwani from Gujarat is a gaming expert with great acquaintance about online video games, top gaming influencers and Esports industry. He produces gaming videos, videos on tricks to crack the PUBG sessions, and other intriguing vlogs. He is one of the top gaming influencers in India. He also makes review videos on tech gadgets, acquaintances with brands and sponsors products by successful companies. His enjoyable Hindi commentary makes his game streams amusing. NODWIN Gaming announced its first-ever Valorant Invitational that went live on August 4, 2020. Admirers of tactical first-person shooter games enjoyed the thrill of this competitive tournament amongst the best eight teams in the country live on NODWIN and YouTube channel. Hydraflick was one of them too. He also reveals various gaming hacks and other gaming applications on his YT channel. He owns an exclusive approach which motivates the generation Z to make a buying decision.

  • Mr. Sadik FF

    Mr. Sadik FF

    YouTube Channel: Mr. Sadik FF

    Al Sadik also known as Mr. Sadik FF is a Bangladeshi YouTuber, Free Fire gamer and content creator. He embarked on his journey in November, 2020. It is hardly been a year but this player has 359K subscribers on YouTube and 1K followers on Instagram 2023.

    The connoisseur gives variable tips and tricks to get through difficulties that are usually faced by the gaming guys inclined to Free Fire. It’s this strategy of his that grabs him audience. He has shown immense growth in such a short span of time and it will be very true to say that he will be skywards in a glimpse. And that’s exactly why willing brands should act as quickly as possible to have him endorsing them!

  • Copknit


    YouTube Channel: Copknit

    COPKNIT is the PUBG ID of Rohit, a gamer based in India who started his journey on YouTube on August 7, 2019. His YouTube channel and Instagram is managed by Jatin Kaushik. He mostly plays PUBG and BGMI Mobile. COPKNIT has about 271K subscribers on YouTube with over 500 videos. And as for Instagram he enjoys a follower base of 10.3K with 56 posts.

    There are a few things that keep people intrigued about COPKNIT. One such thing that many don’t know about COPKNIT is that he started out playing PUBG on his ASUS Zenphone Max MI but it later broke and his parents refused to buy him a new one. Determined to continue his gaming journey he took up a part-time job to buy himself another brand new smart phone!

    Another one is that unlike other live streamers and gamers COPKNIT has never revealed his face and a part of his identity. His fans and followers hope hard that they see him soon.

    His highest viewed video counts up to 75.9K. The average engagement of COPKNIT’s video is 4.3K with 4.3K views and 13 comments. His engagement rate is 14.54% which is absolutely far than better. He ranks 790 in India in the gaming category and 7928 overall. His worldwide rank is 74849.

  • Ankittac


    YouTube Channel: Ankittac

    Ankkita C a.k.a Ankkita Chauhan is a full time female streamer. Before the fame and popularity, Ankkita worked at a digital marketing agency where one colleague introduced her to pubg mobile. She instantly fell in love with the game.

    Her love for electronic sports and online games was visible since childhood, – and with the popularity of PUBG at an all-time high, she decided to take her passion online. She entered the streaming scene in July 2018, and within 2 years, she managed to carve a name for herself in the community.

    She is a social media star who has multiplied popularity via her eponymous Instagram account. With over 86 k followers, she is considered as one of the prevalent top gaming influencers in India and spread influence of video games. And partnered with Logitech, Intel, and Loco. She is a content creator at s8ul.esports

    She regularly shares her vlogs on her YouTube channel, and produces more light hearted content to help her aficionados relax or merely make them laugh. Her personality and streaming elegance attracts a diverse target audience, which her an incredible choice for brands.

    Her primary focus now is to grow the channel and produce quality content for the audience. She is also a role model for many aspiring female streamers who want to make a career out of what they love.

  • Gunshot


    YouTube Channel: Gunshot

    Gunshot alias Harnit Khatri, is one the best potential influencer of the gaming niche on YouTube for emerging or big-scale brands and gaming influencer marketing agency. He makes videos on almost all popular mobile games like PUBG Mobile, call of duty, Fortnight, etc. His videos are artistic, including reviews, and hilarious comments. He is considered as one of the best creator on YT to entertain the audience. He inspires them to try until the end and never give up in tough puzzling gaming circumstances. His channel is a treasure trove to learn the top-class simple but tricks to win games on YT.

  • MidFail YT

    MidFail YT

    YouTube Channel: MidFail YT

    MidFail YT is a popular Tamil YouTube channel run by Prabhakaran P. Prabhakaran is a Chennai based YouTuber, gamer, shout caster and pro commentator. MidFail YT was started on August 26, 2015. So far the channel has managed to gather 237K subscribers with 1.7K videos. His Instagram page has over 19.7K followers with 193 posts.

    Apart from gaming MidFail YT sometimes features product reviewing and unboxing. Prabhakaran won the YouTube NextUp Winner for gamers in 2019. He was also an official PMCO, PMPL, PMIS commentator in 2020. So far, Prabhakaran has endorsed JBL, LG and AMD. He also has many other channels like Esports Tamil, ThaMeeM and MidBox. His wife too runs another YouTube channel named NeshikasFamily.

    His highest viewed video counts up to 22.8K views.

  • Let’s Play BD

    Let’s Play BD

    YouTube Channel: Let’s Play BD

    Let’s Play BD is a YouTube channel operated from the United States Of America. Yet it is mainly focused on to the Bangladeshi and Indian gaming Youth. Started in January, 2019 the channel has 254K subscribers on board.

    Similar to some other gaming content creator on YouTube this host prefers to remain anonymous revealing no particular details about themselves. The channel’s host mainly focuses on playing PUBG and keeps their audience intrigued by often hosting challenges with fellow YouTubers. The channel has endorsed PUBG Mobile 1.5 and Grameenphone 4G and as expected the results seen are promising. Hence brands can look up to the channel in case they are on a search for their top gaming influencer and they will definitely not be disappointed.

  • Krutika Plays

    Krutika Plays

    YouTube Channel: Krutika Plays

    Krutika Ojha, aka “KrutikaPlays,” is a full-time Indian YouTuber and gamer hailing from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is one of the few girl gamers who have taken their skills to live, spread influence of video games and gained attention from the masses.

    The female e-sport player has a huge following on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The audience recognized her for her participation in pubg mobile India series 2020. Fun fact, her first video was titled “MY PMIS JOURNEY l PMIS HIGHLIGHTS.”

    Krutika’s journey on YouTube started in July 2016, with her channel “Krutika Plays”. Here she actively uploaded gaming content related to PUBG mobile.

    After the Indian government banned pubg, Kritika started playing other games like valorant and fall guys. She also included BGMI in her streams after the launch of the game.

    At present, the gamer does 2-3 hours of live streams every day and has a good following of 101k on Instagram. She is also close with 8bit Mamba, who is often seen alongside her during gameplays.

  • SouL Zeref

    SouL Zeref

    YouTube Channel: SouL Zeref

    Devdeep a.k.a. Zeref is a YouTuber and streamer from Dhar City – Kolkata, West Bengal, who joined SouL as a PC content creator, the first non-competitive member of team SouL ever. He gave SouL a gradual progression toward being a gaming organization. He initially started streaming with titles like PUBG Mobile, but has recently made the switch to PC titles such as volarant.

    Presently he is an official PC Games Content Creator for Soul eSports (@s8ul.esports) and promotes brands like @corsairin, @getloconow and is managed by @8bit_thug

    He has helped create more diversity in the gaming industry in India and not just PUBG Mobile. He is a great potential influencer for gaming influencer marketing agency as he is followed by more than 60.5 k followers on his Instagram handle.

  • Boom Gaming FF

    Boom Gaming FF

    YouTube Channel: Boom Gaming FF

    Sourav Majumderr plays Free Fire in the ID name of Boom Gaming on YouTube. He started his channel in May, 2019. So far he has an aggregate of 606K subscribers. Over the past few years Sourav has managed to get this height by his dedication towards his all-time passion; gaming. He often conducts giveaways on his channel which keeps the audience to eagerly wait for his videos. Moreover, he always keeps his subscribers happy by providing high end versions of the games that he uses. His growth is being specifically visible over the last one year which can be an asset to platforms of influencer marketing gaming looking for a trustable maven for their marketing.

  • Mili kya Mili

    Mili kya Mili

    YouTube Channel: Mili kya Mili

    Saloni Kandalgaonkar a.k.a. Mili Kya Mili a gamer from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, plays games like PUBG Mobile, CS GO, Valorant and many more. She has 266K Subscribers on YouTube, and 86.8 K followers on Instagram . She is one of the optimistic gamers in India who was also an integral part of the Nodwin Gaming India Plays Fall Guy streamers edition, where she played with some of the leading streamers in India. She is the Co-founder of, Content creator team Vitality,\ team Vitality indi, top gaming influencer for @corsair , @elegato and managed by @8bit creatives . Being a runner-up at the showstopper women’s SEA League, she is outstandingly talented and is one of the most talented girl gamers around. She is doing a remarkable job in the Indian gaming community with her astonishing aptitudes and gaming skills. She has immense talent, and she gives her best at everything she does.

    She also plays streamers edition of Fall guys with some of the biggest names in the gaming community.

  • 8bit Binks69

    8bit Binks69

    YouTube Channel: 8bit Binks69

    Mithul Nayak, also known as 8-bit Binks, is a streamer, YouTuber, and esport gamer, who quickly rose to fame, thanks to YouTube and VALORANT. He is also part of the 8-bit creatives group and produces content for them.

    When PUBG entered the scene, it instantly became a massive hit. Many streamers started live-streaming the gameplay, and Mithul was one of them. However, the community received a massive blow due to India’s ban on the game, which prompted Bink to explore his options.

    The Indian gamer started streaming VALORANT and soon became a master at the game. He has managed to acquire radiant (highest ranking in the game) rank twice. Additionally, the funny nature of his content and impressive gameplays has won him the respect of many fellow gamers. Bink has entered many VALORANT championships and has emerged victorious multiple times.

    Mithul ranks amongst the top 400 players globally and has teamed up with the S8UL squad for many competitive tournaments. Through his contribution, the gamer has time and again proved to be an integral member of every team he has ever represented.

  • BindassKavya Gaming

    BindassKavya Gaming

    YouTube Channel: BindassKavya Gaming

    Bindass Kavya is a famous female streamer, YouTuber, Tiktok star, influencer, and pubg player. Her real name is Kavya Shree, and she was born and raised in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

    Kavya is a famous Tik Tok star and YouTuber from India. She has a huge fan following and has gained widespread recognition for humorous video clips, lip-sync content, and dance performance.

    Bindass Kavya created her first YouTube channel on 7 November 2017, named “Bindass Kavya,” where she posts vlogs regularly. The channel currently has 1.42 subscribers.

    The female esport player regularly streams pubg mobile gameplay and uploads gaming videos on another channel, “BindassKavya gaming,” created on 14 March 2018. She has 711K followers on Instagram

  • Sikh warrior

    Sikh warrior

    YouTube Channel: Sikh warrior

    Gagandeep Singh, the Sikh warrior, is a full-time live-streamer and video creator from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a popular figure in the Indian gaming community and is often seen playing games like pubg, apex, call of duty GTA 5, hollow Knight, Fortnite etc. The Sikh warrior has a decent following of 16.2K on Instagram.

    Gagandeep has completed his engineering degree from amity university Lucknow. He worked at Capgemini as a full-time software engineer, but his interest in online games coerced him to make a career from what he loves.

    Gagandeep created his YouTube channel in 2017 and named it “sikhwarrior”. He has only 150K subscribers, but Mr Singh receives much love from his audience. He receives tons of views when he educates his subscribers on how and where to buy the games. The Sikh warrior has many accolades under his belt – for starters, he was awarded the chemical influencer of the year in 2018. He was a partnered streamer for popular companies like Logitech and Aug ROG to endorse their products. Gagandeep Singh has also worked with renowned gaming brands in India like GamingMonk and codashop.

  • V3nom


    YouTube Channel: V3nom

    Ankit Panth, from Mumbai, also popular as V3nom, is an Indian gaming YouTuber and Red Bull athlete. This skilled video game player is a best rated esports expert who plays numerous online games and tries to integrate bewildering tricks with them. He is a brand ambassador to companies like Intel & Alienware. Besides he was sponsored by Corsair. With incredible engagement and view ratios, he is pondered as one of the top gaming influencers in India to collaborate with leading gaming influencer marketing agency. He has 65.1 K followers on Instagram He has experience in gaming for more than 10 years now! he has also attained a name for himself in the DJ and fitness industries.

  • N.Boy Extra

    N.Boy Extra

    YouTube Channel: N.Boy Extra

    Sourav Malick known by his gaming name N.Boy Extra is a West Bengal YouTuber, gamer, content developer and story teller. He started his channel on October4, 2020. He fancies a nearly 100 followers on Instagram

    Unlike other gamers, Sourav has a unique and stand-out way of keeping his audience coming back to him no matter what. He not only posts videos related to gaming but also few enthralling horror stories. This out of box idea his made him stand out even though the number of gaming YouTubers are increasing in the recent times. Brands that are incisive for a promising doyen can definitely opt him and will never be disappointed.

How Gaming YouTubers can Boost a Brand Campaign

Gaming YouTubers is a substantial genre on YouTube. For brands pursuing to capitalize on YouTube’s colossal reach, publicizing with top Gaming YouTubes may hold the key to winning over forthcoming generations. Gaming Marketing is now a lucrative prospect for gaming and non-gaming brands too.

According to the YouTube Official Blog , there are presently over 40 million active gaming channels.

Audiences love to watch the long video game streams on YouTube. You can envisage how much the gamers influence their onlookers.

The industry has also exposed swift progression in recent years, with the market meritoriously amplifying in size in 2021 and expecting to hit $15 billion in 2022

Bringing such celebrated personalities on board your brand advertising campaigns will definitely get boosted. By 2023, there will be 3 billion gamers worldwide playing in what’s predictable to become a $300 billion industry by 2025, according to statista.

According to the Digital Market Outlook, the number of operators in the Online Games segment in the World in 2025 will be about 1.277,6 million!

How Brands Can Leverage Gaming YouTubers’ Popularity, Credibility and Reach?

Grynow helps brands to find the right and top gamingYouTubers. Their authenticity, captivation, and connection to the developing and vibrant gaming community make them invaluable to brands. The right maven, hand-picked further helps a brand to;

  • Increase reach, advocacy, awareness, sales ROI, traffic and leads eventually
  • Helps change the way the target audiences buy products and revolutionize how they view products.
  • Help the brand expand its followers and turn them into loyal customers __Offer great scope for customer acquisition.
  • Helps in building lasting relationships with consumers as they often share similar values to brands

Grynow is the top influencer marketing agency in India with over 2,000 verified gaming YouTubers across all platforms.