Top Gaming Instagrammers (Influencers) In Indonesia In 2022

Gaming and Esports is a flourishing industry worth millions. Hence, across the globe top brands and companies need gamers to represent them. Indonesia is a booming hub for gamers, many brands are involved in big deals with famous game makers through the top influencer marketing agency in Indonesia.

People from all walks of life have embraced Gaming - it is a means to connect and explore a fascinating virtual space. It requires brainstorming, focusing, strategizing, and clever hack skills to clear the levels of the games. The industry is a niche that has survived various drastic economic, financial, and societal issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Before we move on to the list of top gaming Instagrammers in Indonesia, let's first enrich our knowledge of Gaming influencers.

top gaming instagrammers in indonesia

Who are Gaming Instagrammers:

Individuals who create content on Gaming aimed to inspire and entertain their viewers through exceptional gaming skills are known as gaming Instagrammers / influencers. They do so by live-streaming their gameplay videos and sharing their match videos with background commentary. 

Let us now explore the wide range of Best gaming news Instagram accounts.

Made Bagas Pramudita, better known as BTR Zuxxy, is a young Professional PUBG Mobile player from Indonesia. At just 17, Zuxxy has many victories under his belt, including the best player award in PMCO 2019 Fall Finals. Presently, he is the in-game Leader (IGL) of Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR Ra in short, formerly known as Bigetron Esports Mobile) and is easily one of the finest PUBG Mobile Players in the world. The Indonesian Instagram gamer started his Esports career on May 28, 2018, with Bigetron Red Aliens Mobile esports team or BTR RA. Zuxxy is an expert in 4 finger claws. When he is not leading the team, he is the team scout. Before starting with PUBG mobile, Made Bagas Pramudita played Rules of Survival and loved playing counter strike.

Immanuel Danang, also known by his gaming name Bangalex0, is a PUBG gamer from Indonesia. Besides live streaming his games on Facebook. Immanuel also runs a successful YouTube channel that has 3.59M subscribers. The gaming maven plays various games such as PUBG, Call Of Duty, and posts about Resident Evil, internet café simulator, TikTok reactions, and Indonesian folklores and has made his way into the top gamers on Instagram. On his YouTube channel, the doyen conducts many Q&A vlogs to keep his audience engaged. On Instagram, he has a top-up store for PUBG players. Apart from Gaming, Immanuel has shown his love for gadgets and new-age technology.

Bennym0za is a PUBG player of Indonesia known as Benny Setiawan. He has won the Pointblank 2017 and 2018 International Championship held by Esports. The Indonesian youth follow him because the maven provides insights to ace PUBG - one of Indonesia's popular games. Moreover, Benny also helps the players settle with the best gadget to play the game with full excitement. No wonder that the doyen has emerged to become one of the most sought Indonesian Instagram gaming influencers.

Nabila Rahmarizarti Maharani, better known as "BabyLa," is a PUBG Mobile Professional who plays for Belletron Ace. Besides her pro gaming skills, her beauty distinguishes her from the rest. Her facial features are similar to those of the Indonesian singer, Raisa Andriana which often leads to great confusion among her fans. The gamer has gained over 1.8 million followers on Instagram merely in the first two years of her gaming career. She has emerged to be the most popular female Indonesian Instagram gamer. BabyLa joined Belletron Ace on April 16, 2019, at the very young age of nineteen - this marks the beginning of her esports career. Belletron Ace is an Indonesian ladies PUBG Mobile team formed in September 2018. The maven had the role of a Support and Observer and was responsible for monitoring the game. She helped her teammates defeat their rivals and led them to victory. The gaming queen is also known for her spirit in teamwork. She then became a Scout and Rusher for the team, and these are her current roles. BabyLa has carved a place for herself as the best Indonesian gamer on Instagram.

Gladys Tesalonika, better known by her in-game name btr_kyla, is an Indonesian gaming influencer who plays PUBG mobile for Bigetron Sports and Belletrone Sports. The upcoming gamer live streams her games on Nimo TV. Furthermore, she posts some glimpses of her games on Instagram, the flourishing maven has a top-up page for her followers and other PUBG players. Together with other colleagues in Belletron, Kyra can prove that female gamers don't just win with looks! The doyen is one of Bigetron's retainers for the PUBGM Ladies division, namely Belletron. At the beginning of her career in esports, Kyra joined the Belletron squad in 2019. And now, she has been named as one of the best gamers on Instagram.

The gaming aspirant is recognized as a D3 Nursing graduate from one of the high schools in Samarinda, namely the Dirgahayu Nursing Academy, Samarinda. Kyra, who entered in 2015 and graduated in 2018, is known (has) an Amd.Kep degree (nursing degree).

Muhammad Albi, better known as BTR Ryzen, is a Professional PUBG Mobile player and streamer from Indonesia. Although Albi is only 19 years of age (as of writing this article), he plays as the Rusher/Assaulter for the Indonesian PUBG Mobile E-sports team Bigetron RA. He started his Esports career in November 2018 with Bigetron Red Aliens. Since then, Albi has made outstanding contributions to his team, helped BTR win in many Esports tournaments, and earning his place as one of the best Instagram gaming influencers in the country. On Instagram, the gamer has his merch studio called Super Ryzen and owns two other gaming stores, namely, Rijeng Gaming store and Ryzenwarung.

Cindy Monika, also known as Cimon, is an Indonesian gamer and beauty pageant participant. The gaming maven became known to the broader community after appearing as a guest star in a podcast on Deddy Corbuzier's YouTube channel. She is a cosplayer who likes wearing purple costumes. However, apart from being a cosplayer, she is also a gamer, Youtuber, model, and aspiring doctor. 

In 2019, Cindy represented Central Sulawesi Province in the Miss Indonesia 2019 event. At that time, the influencer was able to make it into the top 15. Cimon is also famous as a Youtuber who creates game content.

Cindy is not limited to one type of game; instead, she enjoys playing them all, especially the scarier ones. Over time, Cindy has become one of the top gamers on Instagram.

Oura, also known as Ekooju, is a member of Evos Team Mobile Legends - one of Indonesia's biggest E-Sport teams. Born in Batham, the gamer's real name is Eko Julianto. 

Oura is just like other Mobile Legends players - he started his career by playing online matches, which eventually led to him becoming one of the most followed Instagram gamers. At the age of 19, Oura officially joined Evos in 2017. The gaming champion is not only active as a pro-E-Sports player but is also highly interactive on YouTube. The content he presents is not only about Gaming but also about his daily activities. 

The gamer's passion for playing the game Mobile Legends has become his source of income. He and his friend Donkey - both professional players and teammates at Evos Esports, formed a new team called GPX Esports. Today, Ekooju has is listed amongst some of the best Indonesian gamers on Instagram.

Muhammed Ikhsan, alias Ikhsan Lemon or RRQ Lemon, is an Indonesian content creator, Pro Player Mobile Legends, and live streamer. Together with the RRQ team, Lemon has won several tournaments, ranging from National and International events. 

RRQ Lemon managed to bring three MPL ID trophies at the national level, with the 1st places, namely MPL ID S2, MPL ID S5, MPL ID 6, and MPLI. He also managed to win MSC, and in the M1 tournament, RRQ Hoshi Lemon and his friends won 2nd place. Since then, he has become one of the top gaming instagram influencers in Indonesia.

RRQ Lemon started his career as a pro gamer after the arrival of the Mobile Legends game in 2016. Then a year later, he started to join a squad called RRQ. Ikhsan also often shares his tips and tricks when playing the Mobile Legends game through his personal YouTube channel called RRQ Lemons which has 2.64 million subscribers.

Lalajo Laura is an influencer and Instagram Gamer. We can be seen from her YouTube channel that Lalajo Laura initiated her gaming career by playing battle royale games like PUBG, Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile, and many others. 

The name Lalajo itself comes from the Sundanese language, which means watching. The gamer is christened Laura Putri. The esport player was pursuing her bachelor's degree in the Graphics design and was an avid basketball player. However, she is currently focusing on her career as a YouTube Gaming influencer.

Lalajo's signature style is rocking chicken, which she adorns after she wins the game in battle royale mode. Lately, Laura has paved the way for herself and made her way into the best gaming pages on Instagram in Indonesia.

Made Bagus Prabaswara, better known as BTR Luxxy, is a Professional PUBG Mobile Player and Streamer from Indonesia. The 18-year-old is renowned for his Sniping skills and has led his team to victory in many PUBG Mobile tournaments, including the recent PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Southeast Asia. People have voted his account as the best Indonesian gaming page on Instagram. Many are unaware that this pro player is the younger twin brother of renowned PUBG gamer BTR Zuxxy. The community dubbed the brother duo as the Tachibana Twins.

Furthermore, they became the first underaged player in PUBG mobile Esports scene. Like his brother, Made Bagus Prabaswara is a part of the Indonesian PUBG Mobile esports team Bigetron RA and has been the primary sniper of BTR since May 2018. 

The brothers have made themselves proud by being named as the Top Indonesian gamers on Instagram.

Olivia Gosandra is a well-known gamer from Batham but of Chinese descent. She is often known for her characteristic cute voice and gimmick behavior. 

Nicknamed Oliv, her interest in Gaming developed from junior high school. This beautiful gamer interested in singing worked as the operator at one of the internet cafes near her house. She took up this job after school. As a perk of her work, the future champion often played several online games between her breaks.

The first online game she played at that time was Point Blank. Owing to her new curiosity, Olivia took every game seriously, and maybe that's how she ended up becoming the best female Indonesian gamer on Instagram. Although faced with opposition from her parents, Olivia is adamant about progressing towards her goals. 

In 2018, the champion became a brand ambassador for one of the well-known gaming gear brands, Sades - this has eventually made Sades one of Indonesia's most preferred gaming gear.

Yusron Ihsan Nur Riza, also known by his gaming name Hi Patrick, is one of the best gamers on Instagram. Patrick gaming is a YouTuber who creates content featuring Mobile Legends ML, Free Fire (FF), etc.

The gaming champion has a huge follower base on Instagram with a great engagement rate and his YouTube channel also has a whopping 6.96M subscribers to date. Content created by Patrick gaming often also features other YouTubers such as Jess No Limit, Dylanbross, etc.

Apart from being a content creator, Patrick gaming has also been a pro player for Mobile Legend at NXL Esports.  Patrick gaming's presence in Mobile Legends or other games has made him increasingly popular and earned him recognition by many. 

Yulius, a gamer from Jakarta, Indonesia, is a part of the RRQ team in the Valorant division. The gamer is known to have the best Indonesian gaming pages on Instagram. Growing up in Indonesia, he joined Benny Mozza, Christian Michael Deverianto, Heriyanto, and Irfan Ardiasnyah; to become part of the RRQ Endeavor (Endeavor) team Gaming). Endeavor itself means to try hard to get results. 2017 was a truly phenomenal year for Nextjacks and his friends because RRQ Endeavor made history by becoming the only team in Asia to win the PBIC 2017 & PBNC 2017, completing the treble. In that match, Yulius became MVP, which resulted in the nickname GOD AWP getting pinned to his name. 

RRQ Endeavor with Yulius never stopped raking achievements. They managed to defeat the reigning champion at PBNC 2018 to gain their 3rd victory in a row after winning at PBIC 2017 & PBNC 2017. Their feat broke the curse that "no team can win 2x in a row at the event". Nextjacks is one of the players who started Gaming right from grade 2 of elementary school. Now, the champion has become nothing but one of the most incredible top gaming instagrammers in Indonesia.

Christopher Kayne Nitiatmadja, better known as "Kenboo" among the PUBG enthusiasts worldwide, is a 22-year-old PUBG Mobile player from Indonesia. He began his career with RRQ RYU in 2018 and has been a part of the same Esports team ever since. The gamer held the 9th rank in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – S3 2021: Indonesia Finals and the 12th rank in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Season 3 2021: Indonesia League, both held in April this year. In 2018, at 19 years of age, Kenboo journey into Esports started with RRQ RYU. The pro player was with them for almost a year before becoming their brand ambassador in August 2019.

On March 3, 2021, he resigned and joined RRQ RYU as a starter - a role which he has continued in the team to date. Now, Kenboo has been voted as the best Indonesian Instagram gaming influencer.

Richard William Manurung, nicknamed RRQ Legaeloth by his gaming peers, is a famous gamer from Pematang Siantar, Indonesia. He is the captain of the RRQ Hades team and is dubbed as the Strongest Captain on Earth. 

The player's greatness as the captain of RRQ Hades is not in doubt. The gaming pro and his team have made many achievements in national and international tournaments. His figure is also often included in the ranks of the best Free Fire players in Indonesia. Legaeloth's greatness earned him many fans. The gamer also diligently live streams and uploads content on his YouTube channel with about 64.5K subscribers. Given so many facts, we can't deny that Richard is the most sought Indonesian Instagram gaming influencer.

Zulkarnain H Zulkifli, fondly known as RRQ WizzKing by the gaming folks, is an Indonesian gamer included in the famous Anvil Circle. This RRQ Hoshi player is a senior pro player in the esports scene in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

RRQ WizzKing, a foreign player who has played since MPL Indonesia Season 2, joined the Saints Indo team with Daylen Reza. After parting ways with Saints Indo, the pro gamer joined RRQ Zen, which unfortunately disbanded ahead of MPL Season 4. 

However, the player from Brunei Darussalam has strengthened the RRQ Hoshi team with RRQ Xinn and friends. Even though he just joined, RRQ WizzKing was able to show his best performance during MPL Season 5. He became one of the key players in the tournament and got attention for his skills in the game. Currently, his peers recognize the gaming champion as the best gaming influencer in Indonesia.

Muhammad Octoramonth Dwi, fondly known as Fandra Octoramonth, is an Indonesian Instagram gaming influencer. Fandra Octoramonth actively began Gaming on YouTube in 2013 and has managed to garner 1M subscribers to date. Owing to his pleasant figure and eye-catching content, a substantial section of the demography likes Fandra Octoramonth. 

The esport player did not restrict himself to one type of game. He is a professional who likes playing diverse games - for instance, MOBA, Survival Horror, Battlefield, and many more. Presently, Octoramonth is known to have one of the best Indonesian gaming accounts on Instagram.