Top Food YouTube Influencers in UAE, Dubai, GCC, Middle East 2022

Food YouTube influencers

Food Blogging is not a new notion; it has been around for quite some time. However, it’s been pushed to the next level with the advent of visual social media platforms like YouTube. Thanks to the visual medium, it is much easier to exhibit culinary photographs and exchange recipes, etc., on the move. As a result, a slew of influencer food bloggers in UAE have emerged, each with a sizable social media following. They now make and upload recipes that are far more appealing. Their activities have also attracted brands that wish to sell their products to a cooking and culinary audience.

Who are Food Influencers?

Unlike in ancient times, we now have more access to the most sumptuous delicacies from all over the world, making our lives more satisfying. Foodies globally share the finest tips for a holistic experience, from picking the best venues to dine to choosing the most delectable from the menu. Additionally, with digital media taking over the world, chefs and food bloggers from all over the world have not been shy to offer their recipes or share their experiences at various restaurants to make our dinner extraordinary.

Food bloggers/YouTubers in UAE tend to influence the decisions of their audience - the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of their follower make them influencers to look out for. And we, the best influencer marketing company in middle east have collected the best YouTube food influencers. Cooking is, as the saying goes, "love rendered visible." Food channels on YouTube have now surpassed culinary programs and books in easy accessibility. With the most incredible recipes or experiences available in only a few clicks, influencers have undoubtedly captured the audience's interest and kept them fascinated by offering reviews and recipes for tasty food.

If you're a gourmet, these top culinary YouTube influencers in the UAE can satisfy your cravings with delicious treats:

Cooking with Sariya

cooking with sariya

Sariya Khalid is a famous food blogger from the United Arab Emirates. She specializes in a wide range of International cuisines but places more emphasis on Indian and Pakistani flavors. Sariya created a YouTube channel “cooking with Sariya” on November 4, 201 – at present it has a whopping 947K subscribers. Her content covers everything from fast food, cake, BBQ, Mutton, Salads recipes to Arabic dips, drinks, and shakes. The 537 videos of pure cooking elegance have pulled in a view count of 111,838,359. Sariya also makes the best use of the YouTube community tab to engage with her audience and address issues that her viewers face when replicating her dishes.


  • Subscribers: 787K
  • Channel: ELWASFA

It's not as simple as it appears to describe food. How many times can you say something looks delicious? We reckon not always. However, on this UAE food YouTube channel, you'll get the most fabulous recipe ideas, videos, healthy eating advice, party ideas, and culinary tips from top chefs and food bloggers in UAE, which you can describe as pleasing to the eyes and a treat for the mouth.

Anyone can cook with me

anyone can cook with me

Indian-born Ashu Wadhwa may not have received any formal training in culinary arts. Still, she is a master in combining numerous colors and flavors in harmony and creating something unique and delicious. Ashu enjoys her cooking style, and her eagerness to be bold and experiment with different ingredients shines through her dishes. Indian food is her specialty. She creates some of the best vegan recipes, provides tips for seasonal dishes, festival specials, desserts, etc. In her quest to reach out to like-minded individuals and arm them with the right skill sets, the food influencer in GCC decided to start her own YouTube channel called "Anyone Can Cook with me." A few years back, she also had a cooking blog of the same name, which provided insights into her cooking expertise.

Miza vlog

miza vlog

Miza is Moroccan by birth but presently resides in Dubai with her husband Khaled, The UAE food channel Miza vlogs has 538K subscribers - with 1.3K new users added in the last 30 days. The majority of the content uploaded is about people and food. Miza uploaded her latest video three days ago. If we look at stats, the videos, on average, receive 199 comments and 56K views. The engagement rate holds at 3.8K. The attractive numbers are primarily because of the effort Miza puts in making her content. People are enthralled by the fantastic variety of cuisines available on the channel. Occasionally, the Emirati food influencer dabbles in make-up tutorials - giving her audience an incentive to come back to her channel.

Jas's Food Book

jas's food book

Jas's Food Book is a channel solely created to present food tutorials and recipes. Hence, visitors are getting the best of their time while browsing easy steps for making exquisite dishes. The Dubai food blogger created the channel on April 8, 2017, and currently has 180 videos. The featured cuisines include egg, beef, fish, chicken, pickle, biryani, snacks, vegetarian, festival special, and traditional Malayali delicacies.

Zulfia's recipe

zulfia receipe

Born in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India, Zulfia Syed functions as a food blogger in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Food enthusiasts in the city started taking notice of this creator because of her simple, easy-to-make recipes that are a mix of taste and health benefits. Zulfia created her YouTube channel on January 20, 2012, intending to develop Indian cuisines that novice cooks can replicate and enjoy. Zulfia's love for cooking emanates from the desire to provide the best for her family. She is the designated family cook during joyful celebrations like festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries. She even shared recipes of the food she consumed post-pregnancy, which was very helpful for new mothers.

Deepas Recipes

deepas receipe

Deepas recipes, a channel handled by an Indian Expat, has a wide variety of food tutorials and tips, described in the simplest way possible. The 336 videos currently uploaded on the channel make up the 30,727,089 total views. The Indian food blogger in Dubai specializes in vegetarian, non-vegetarian recipes that treat the eyes. The catalog includes biryani, curry, egg roast, chicken stew, idli, dosa, etc. Deepas Recipes is one of the most followed food YouTube channels in UAE, with 314K subscribers. The number is well on its way to growing, given the consistency of quality content uploaded on the channel.

Hamlu's Kitchen

hamlu kitchen

Nesla Shanavas was born and raised in Kollam, Kerala but currently resides in the United Arab Emirates. Hamlu's kitchen is her brainchild, a moniker under which she creates Homestyle Kerala dishes and recipes for her audience. The Kerala food blogger in Dubai created her YouTube channel "Hamlu's kitchen" on July 23, 2015, but did not upload any content until February 2018. She makes most of her videos in Malayalam but provides English subtitles for viewers unfamiliar with the language. A new visitor can find almost all dishes on her channel, for instance, pudding, payasam, juice, cake, curry, ice cream, snacks, milkshakes, Biryani, Arabic recipes, and vegetarianism cuisines, breakfast recipes, etc. Additionally, they can also peak into Nesla's life through her vlogs and photos.

Faisal Naser

faisal naser

Faisal Naser is a well-known chef and food influencer from Dubai United Arab Emirates, who shot to prominence is attributed to his cooking show. Thanks to his "out of the world" culinary skills, Faisal has amassed a sizable following of 253K on Instagram. Faisal was born in Kuwait but later moved to the UAE for better prospects. The success of Faisal's show caught the attention of Michelin-winning chef Anthony Demetre, who is eager to collaborate with the cooking talent from UAE in the upcoming season of the series, which the TV station will organize at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. The duo aims to combine their specialties to birth a new culinary masterpiece. Before a career in cooking, Faisal worked as a geneticist at Leeds University. No wonder he refers to himself as the "chef scientist."

Gul's Kitchen

gul's kitchen

The channel "Gul's Kitchen" has dozens of delicious recipes for their viewers, together with details of every ingredient. Each of the dishes listed is easy to make with simple steps. Gul is a Pakistani by birth; hence her cooking style reflects her country's taste and culture. She prepared a wide variety of veg and non-veg delicacies, including aloo pakora, chicken, beef roast, curry, tandoori chicken, pasta, gosht, karela fry, etc. The food blogger of middle east likes to get her children involved in her activities. The son and daughter often cook together with their mother. The siblings also appear frequently in Gul's family vlogs which she occasionally uploads on her channel.

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