Top Fashion YouTubers (Influencers) In Philippines In 2022

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Our professionals understand that there is more to it than what meets the eye when it comes to fashion influencers in the Philippines. People turn to them for outfit selections, makeup tips, style suggestions, grooming, fashion accessories, etc.; the list is endless, and the doyens are more than happy to oblige.

Now, addressing the reason for our readers' visit to our website, we have compiled some of the top fashion youtubers in Philippines that one has to follow to get their daily dose of fashion and lifestyle tips.

Top Fashion YouTube Influencers In Philippines

1. Love Marie Escudero

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Love Marie Escudero, also known by her stage name Heart Evangelista, is perhaps best known for her meteoric rise to fame as a young actress, but she also demonstrates her tenacity in other ways. She is the expert to turn for advice on high fashion because she is well-known both online and off for her extravagant sense of style.

Her videos demonstrate the impact of living the high life on fashion. She also has recommendations for nearby shops and stores. But she's your girl if you've always wanted to see Paris Fashion Week from an insider's perspective.

2. Rei Germar

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Few people enter the fashion niche, and even fewer manage to create an impact - the top fashion YouTuber in Philippines, Rei Germar, got the second part right. With 1.3M followers on Instagram, few can claim to have the influence this diva currently exerts.

Rei likes to move around a lot, and during her travels, she makes keep her audience updated about her hauls, provides fashion suggestions, lifestyle advice, and talks about makeup. She commands 1.55 million subscribers on her channel, proving once again that if you give people what they want, they respond in like.

What makes her special is that she keeps tight control on the budget and does not utilize fashion or beauty accessories that the average Filipino may find challenging to procure.

3. Thatsbella

Top Instagram Reel Trends

ThatsBella is the channel to watch if you want to look cool, laid-back, and college-ready like a Gen Z girl. She has demonstrated that you don't have to wait to do it all through her countless vlogs on student life, studying, working out, and yes, shopping.

Bella has a straightforward, relaxed aesthetic that works on all body types. Do you want advice on how to make your life and closet look like hers? For inspiration, start with her haul videos before branching out. You won't be sorry.

4. Ry Velasco

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Mary Angel Velasco, also known as real macarons, is a Filipino fashion Influencer who provides style tips and creates videos on clothing hauls. Ry holds a degree in export management from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

The Filipina's father is the famous Pinoy boxer and comedian Onyok Velasco, who won a gold medal from the 1994 Asian games and silver from the 1996 Summer Olympics. Ry often features him in her vlogs.

Ry Velasco is one of the best fashion channels on YouTube, with 907K subscribers. Mary puts in effort to remain consistent and upload at least two videos in a week. She manages to keep her audience entertained by posting travel vlogs, house renovation videos, shopping, makeup tutorials, and clothing hauls. Moreover, the style techniques she demonstrates are easy to replicate by the masses and do not place a burden on the pockets. 

5. Kryzzzie

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Meet Kryz Uy, a writer and Fashionista in the Philippines whose life revolves around creating fashion content for her audience. 

It may come as a surprise, but Kryz started her blogging journey in 2009 as part of a school project. She found that she had a knack for all things fashion, hence continued to give styling tips and showcase new beauty finds to her audience. People took her suggestions to heart, and soon she was ranked among the top fashion bloggers in the Philippines. 

Presently, the Pinoy fashion and lifestyle YouTuber is active on multiple social media handles. She has recently started a podcast where she features her family and talks about her life as a mother. Her insightful take on lifestyle and fashion has won Kryz more than 1M followers on Instagram. 


Top Instagram Reel Trends

Jeorella is a YouTuber, content creator, and famous Fashionista in the Philippines. She is an influencer who loves talking about beauty and fashion-related topics and creating Lifestyle vlogs.

Jeorella registered her channel on April 18, 2015. The platform is where she posts videos on her daily life, current fashion trends, go-to makeup looks, clothing hauls, etc. With new content almost every week, her online family, whom the Filipina beauty YouTuber has nicknamed famELLA, has something unique to come back to.

The fashion influencer has a robust social media following. For instance, on Instagram, she has a following of 501K, 66.7K on TikTok, 271.9K on Twitter, and a whopping 996K on Facebook.

7. Angel Dei Peralta

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Angel Dei Peralta, one of the most well-known figures in fashion and lifestyle on YouTube, makes feeling and looking good affordable for everyone. Angel knows what she likes and rocks it with a feminine look that is ideal for the tropical climate.

She also has a number of videos on skincare, makeup, and life advice. Angel has also written about her experience getting a rhinoplasty, which should be useful information for anyone considering it.

8. Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintua

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan, two Fil-Canadians, have discovered their niche thanks to a younger generation that is obsessed with eco-friendly fashion and unique style. The two have been filming in style for years. They are well-known for their popular channel Tothe9s, which has almost 6M subscribers.

They have some particularly useful advice for saving money, or "ukay" as it is known in the Philippines. They demonstrate that you don't need to buy anything new to look good by turning any item into a fantastic outfit. Finding fashion role models? You have located them.

9. Ashley Garcia

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Ashley Garcia is a Pinoy fashion and lifestyle YouTuber and one of the platform's most influential creators. Ashley's YouTube channel, which is 483K subscribers strong, and a substantial following of 247K on her official Instagram handle.

Ashley is well known for creating student-friendly fashion content on her YouTube channel, using style accessories available at affordable prices. Thrift flip videos are one of the prevalent content she makes. All she uses to recreates iconic celebrity looks are the items she picked at the ukay-ukay store.

Before starting a YouTube channel, Ashley used the Autoblog named 'Yes.' to present herself to her audience. She used words instead of talking to an online crowd because at the time the young fashion Influencer in the Philippines lacked confidence to present herself in front of a recorder. But she never gave up and steadily continued to improve her soft skills in front of the camera.

10. Lou Sanchez

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Lou Sanchez is a beauty, fashion and Lifestyle content creator from the Philippines. She is a prominent social media personality with 152K followers on Instagram and the founder of the stationery store switchcraftPH.

Lou created her YouTube channel on February 4, 2014. Presently, she has uploaded more than 500 videos and has raked in 23,872,924 views. 

The famous Filipino fashion influencer has something from every fashion and beauty niche. For instance, in videos, Lou talks about outfits trending for the season, provides her take on a skincare routine, makeup hacks, wardrobe arrangement, hair styling, serum, etc. She also reviews products and uploads fashion videos. 

11. David Guison

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Philippines' best men fashion YouTuber, who is undoubtedly a forerunner in the fashion and lifestyle scene of the South East Asian country, is none other David Guison, with an Instagram following of 419K and a subscriber count of 329K on his YouTube channel.

David doesn't seem to miss a chance to mesmerize his followers with his various avatars, dorning casual clothing of vibrant colors. In fact, even fellow Pinoy fashionistas can’t help but applaud David's fashion choices. 

The Filipino fashion Influencer is a go-to entity for men's style and grooming tips. He does everything in his power to stay active on his "DG Manila fashion and lifestyle blog" and YouTube channel - David Guison.

12. Laureen Uy

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Born in Manila, Philippines, Laureen Uy is the face of "break my style," a popular fashion blog with millions of views worldwide. From an academic standpoint, Laureen holds a bachelor of arts in humanities from the University of Asia and the Pacific. 

Throughout her career Laureen was sought for collaboration by some top global brands like Netflix, WeChat, Heineken, Adidas, etc. She is also endorsed by Sephora, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, L'Oreal, Moschino, Furla, and others players in the fashion industry.

Besides being one of the most popular influencers on Instagram with 1M followers, the women's fashion YouTube channel also holds a significant number of subscribers, which currently stands at 322K. Laureen covers fashion, travel, beauty products, gadgets, unboxing, and fitness on her social media handles.

Laureen is also not short on personal achievements; for instance, in 2015, she was graced with the "top fashion influencer award" at the influence Asia awards. 

13. Micah Louisse

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Micah Louisse promises to bring love and light directly into her viewers' homes, and she has a delicate, feminine sense of style that suits almost everyone. For styling advice on local store and Shopee hauls, check out her YouTube channel.

She also has a lovely jewellery collection and offers advice on how anyone can start one on a budget. She also produces lifestyle and vlog videos, so you have a wide selection of excellent content to choose from.

14. Angel Yeo

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Angel Yeo is a popular fashion YouTuber with 64.9K subscribers. The lifestyle vlogger, actress, and model gained recognition after appearing in various print and television advertisements. The new mother uploads travel vlogs, videos on home improvement, clothing hauls, self-care routine, style, and beauty tips.

Angel's entry into entertainment started in 2018 when she began modeling. Fast forward to 2014, people in large numbers began following her on Instagram, which quickly raised Angel's status to a Filipino fashion influencer. Owing to her popularity, in 2015, she was recruited to be part of the TV show "I am Meg". 2015 was also the year where the diva launched her blog.

Angel has collaborated with many brands and was the face of commercials for Cynos healthcare, candy magazine, and Alexis jewellery. The name of our influencer’s official Instagram handle is "iamangelyeo." Angel is regularly uploading lifestyle and modelling content for her 97.6 K followers.

15. Lissa Kahayon

Top Instagram Reel Trends

Lissa Kahayon, a well-known figure in Filipino fashion blogging, has a distinctive sense of style. Lissa is the ideal illustration of how to dress well in the Philippines, with a flawless colour scheme and a cool, laid-back look that combines tropical comfort and city living. She also has a variety of videos that can amuse anyone, including vlogs, gift guides, self-care advice, and tips for content creation.

She has a loyal following of 14.6k with a growing engagement rate. Make sure you check out her content!

To sum up

Fashion and beauty makeup for a large chunk of content available on the video-sharing platform. Haul, and makeup tutorials were among the initial videos to be uploaded on YouTube.

From Rei Germar to Angel Yeo, the Philippines enjoys a vast network of fashion and lifestyle YouTubers who have successfully established their authority in the niche. Brands frequently seek services to promote their products or services to a specific demographic market. So, what is stopping you? Get in touch with Grynow executives today, and enjoy the benefits the new wave of influencer marketing has to offer.