Fashion landscape is astoundingly beautiful as well as appealing. But traditionally it was limited to physical constraints. Liberating, digitalisation rejuvenated fashion engagement with clean swoop, increased and solidified a strong fashion foundation and established its omnipresence. In India, the societal norm of beauty is still deep rooted in traditional appearances and chennai is one place which is diminishing the barriers of oriental and occidental cultures.

Chennai, formerly known as Madras is iconic for its rich legacy and offers some of the unique elements like world’s longest beach Marina beach, Home of Thalaiva Rajnikanth, Bharatnatyam, Carnatic music, and the list goes on. One of the alleviating and observed attributes is the rise of Fashion consciousness among Chennaians.

Fashion is touching upon lives and has created deeper connections. It has now become one of the mainstream factors of our daily lives. Majorly the credit goes to a host of factors but the knight in shining armour is the top fashion influencers in Chennai. They have planted the seeds of fashion aesthetics among the residents and they are flourishing globally too.

Top fashion Instagrammers in chennai are making newer and newer buzz through their viral worthy content. They are introducing lavish styles and sizzling trends, ultimately helping their followers to upgrade themselves and feel more conscious and confident.

Here we will be focusing on the fashion scene of Chennai and fashion influencers in Chennai as the rising tide of the fashion landscape has got a major boost from Chennai. We are the leading influencer marketing agency in India for fashion brands and have prepared a well researched list of fashion Influencers in chennai:

Top Fashion Instagrammers in Chennai (2024)

Best Fashion Influencers in Chennai (2024)

  • Noopur Kalra

    Noopur Kalra

    Instagram: @noopurkalra


    Utilises her lifestyle to promote fashion sense

    Noopur Kalra is a chennai based fashion influencer. She is a digital creator and a fashion enthusiast, she curates her content in cross channel functioning across niches like lifestyle and fashion majorly. In her words, She is manifesting her dream life. She has registered her presence on other social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook too.

    Noopur Kalra has arranged her Instagram highlights which contains topics like Pregnancy, Fort Kochi, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Ooty, Bir Himachal, The Carlton, Andaman Islands, Thailand, Budapest, Greece, Turkey, Sri Lanka, etc. She has created guides on the topics like My Pregnancy story, How I Met Anuj, taking outfits from 0-100, and One month Fitness challenge.

    Noopur Kalra has done various paid partnership collaborations with brands like True Browns, Rerun, Inaya Accessories, Crocs India, Samsung India, etc. She also uploads various reels on her Instagram handle.

  • Sushmita Agarwal

    Sushmita Agarwal

    Instagram: @misspinkshoes_


    she create body positive content and infuses fashion sense

    Sushmita Agarwal is considered as one of the top fashion Instagrammers in Chennai. She identifies herself as content creator as well as Video creator. She is an ardent lover of cats and animals in general. She has her own line of clothing with the brand name “Sush”.

    Sushmita Agarwal Instagram highlights consists of topics like Kaavaalaa, Marayoor, Goa, and Cats. She often uploads reels on her handle. She has registered her presence on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. On her YouTube she uploads various contents like Get ready with me, Fashion tips, styling tricks, etc.

    Sushmita Agarwal has done paid collaborations with various brands. Recently she collaborated with Imax India for the promotion of Oppenheimer movie. Other than that she has partnered with Unlimited stores, Loosey Goosey by Ravina, etc.

  • Pavithra Balakrishnan

    Pavithra Balakrishnan

    Instagram: @makeupmartini


    Feminist voice which leads and supports other women be it in fashion or lifestyle.

    Pavithra Balakrishnan is truly one of the best fashion Instagrammers in Chennai. She is a digital creator, Dog-mom, Feminist, Nonconformist, and declared fraghead. She creates her content in niches like Fashion, beauty, and Lifestyle. Her philosophy is, “I’m never the same but I’m always myself ✨”.

    Pavithra Balakrishnan Instagram highlights talks about topics like Fun Times, Perfume, food, Seychelles, Style, Nails, BTS, Lash Extension, fitness, Skin, Beauty, Hair, Offers, Frag Reccos, Home, Rajasthan, Travel, Pups, Bali, Shoes, Featured, KP and Acne, Myntra, Adopt, Candles, Olaplex, Unfiltered, feminism, travel, Get to know, Goa, Colour series, etc.

    Pavithra Balakrishnan has partnered with various brands for paid collaborations. Some of the brands are Myntra, Mango, Aldo Shoes, Marc Jacobs, Swarovski, etc. She has registered her presence on several other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube too.

  • Aishwarya Suresh

    Aishwarya Suresh

    Instagram: @sisterslifestylediary


    Sisters present content together

    Aishwarya Suresh is one of the top fashion influencers on Instagram in chennai. She creates most of her post inconsonance with her sister Priyanka. They create content across niches like Beauty, Fashion, food, Travel, and Lifestyle. She has been awarded “best lifestyle Influencer 2022” and won awards like “Reels Awards winner”.

    Aishwarya Suresh is also a BOI recognised Creator. Being chennai based fashion Influencers, majorly influences her content. As most of the content is based within the city and its cultures. She and her sister have founded Multi-tuskers, a social media agency.

    Aishwarya Suresh has created her Instagram highlights which talks about topics like Turkey, Fashion, Lifestyle, Features, exhibits, Events, Q&A, Chennai News, food Recos, Shopping, Brands, Chennai, Real estate, Staycations, beauty, food, Design, Movie News, UAE, Hyderabad, Digital Marketing, Bengaluru, Me chef, etc.

  • Subhiksha Venkat

    Subhiksha Venkat

    Instagram: @subhikshavenkat


    Works in a holistic sense and gives prior diligence to fashion aesthetics

    Subhiksha Venkat is one of the top fashion Influencers on Instagram in chennai. She identifies herself as a Blogger, Fashion enthusiast, and digital influencer. She Curates her content across niches like Fashion, Food, Travel, and Lifestyle. She has founded ‘Kaathadi Madras’ , a marketing agency. Other than that she operates the website

    Subhiksha Venkat has curated Instagram highlights which consists of Team Bee, OOTD, tailor Reco, Work, Taj, Jordan, Icons of Pondy, travel, March, Home, Meet and Greet, 2022, Flipkart, L’Oreal, Dyson, Myntra, Anantya, Work, Meta, Eateries reco, Diwali, MAC, Athripally, work, Align, Links, Singapore, DCB, Staycations, Random Cooking, etc.

  • Divyalakshmi S

    Divyalakshmi S

    Instagram: @glowthisway


    Great content especially reels where she gathers huge engagement

    Divyalakshmi is considered as one of the best fashion Instagrammers in Chennai. She is a BOI recognised creator. She has won various awards and accolades too. She recently won Reels Awards. She curates her content in niches like Fashion, dance, food, and Lifestyle. She has been featured in Ananda Vikatan, Cinema Vikatan, and Meta India Website.

    Divyalakshmi highlights on her Instagram handle consists of Shriya Saran, Vijay Antony, Live, Barbie Doll, Dubai, valentine’s Day, Connect, Shopping, dance, Humans of Mumbai, Amazon Haul, Meta Creators Day, Kerala, Diwali 22, Vilvah, Festember, chennai News, Peps, restaurant, Scuba, Cbigs, TVS Housing, Mongo Fest, Mumbai, Kolli Hills, HomeServe, etc.

  • Priyadarshini Vijayakumar

    Priyadarshini Vijayakumar

    Instagram: @highonstyl


    Fashion expert and opinion and creator leader of latest trends

    Priyadarshini Vijayakumar is chennai based fashion influencer. She identifies herself as a fashion expert and digital creator. She presents her content in different niches. Some of them are fashion, lifestyle, Beauty, travel, and food. She works in a multinational company belonging to Information technology as a Product marketer.

    Priyadarshini Vijayakumar has arranged various topics as Instagram highlights which are AHA Events, Coach Events, Product Links, Audi X Page 3, L’Oreal, Samsung, Challani, MG Motor, Webinar, Nykaa, Guest Speaker, OOTDs, Asian Paints, M&S, fortune foods, FBB, Green Trends, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Marina Mall, Sukra, etc.

  • Shamshad Begum

    Shamshad Begum

    Instagram: @begumschoice


    Curated her own fashion trend and styles

    Shamshad Begum is chennai based fashion influencer. She is a digital creator who creates her content across niche genres like Food, Fashion, Events, and Lifestyle. She believes in The philosophy, “Staying in my lane, Minding my own business.”. She is an ex-contestant of Miss India 2005.

    Shamshad Begum highlights are about Vocal 4 Local, MOI, Italy, Croatia, Gyan, Testimonials, Saree, Biryani, My Fave Food, Love, Media, Q&A, 100K, JBAS, Series, Fashion, FIFA 2022, Food Abroad, Jewels, Organic Health, TVC, Healthy, Cafe, Desserts, RestroBars, Hotel Reviews, Bali, Bloopers, Logo, Food Series, Lifestyle, Cakewars, etc.

  • Abinaya


    Instagram: @talesofabi


    Local fashion expert and born with smart fashion sense

    Abinaya is one of the best fashion instagrammers in chennai. She hails from chennai and primarily identifies herself as a content creator. She provides glimpses of content that she loves through her Instagram handle. This chennai based fashion influencer produces her content in Niches like Travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, and events.

    Abinaya has her Instagram highlights in order which talks about various topics like Nykaa, 2023 Collabs, Samsung launch, 2023 Events, Varkala, T.Nagar, virtue Salon, Diadem, OOTD, TwinBirds, MovieReco, Ticket Stories, Solo Vibing, chennai Events, HiLife, Goa, Instacollab, Kalakshetra, SmallBiz, SareeCollab, UpTown, Premiere, BuildHQ, etc.

  • Swetha Renukumar

    Swetha Renukumar

    Instagram: @one_pitch_catch


    A mom who prefers a balanced lifestyle and fashion enthusiast

    Swetha Renukumar is a top fashion influencer on instagram in Chennai. She holds multiple titles to her name. She is a mother, blogger, Conscious Influencer, Fashion enthusiast, and Psychology Graduate. She believes in the philosophy, “Believe only in what you see 🌈”.

    Swetha Renukumar Highlights are about July getaway, Reel, IM Atrocity, Mine 0.1, Sia Atrocities, GYM, Blr 23, Daddy duties, Summer Getaway, Manali, 2023 getaways, Anbey, Mumb’Hi 23, Thailand, Shirdi, Blr 22, Dec Getaway, Wayanad, Navrathri, bali, Fam, Kochi, Athirapally, Self, Munnar, Ooty, fortitude, Mine, etc.

  • Harshini Vijay

    Harshini Vijay

    Instagram: @harshini.vijay


    Get different and vibrant dressing styles and clothes

    Harshini Vijay is considered as one of the top chennai based fashion influencers. She is a digital creator and curates various content across fashion and beauty genres. She regularly uploads various viral worthy reels. She has registered her presence on various social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

    Harshini Vijay has arranged her Instagram highlights which are about topics like Goa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, New, Mumbai, Healthy Diet, Food, Indian, Q&A, Rio,OOTD, Kodaikanal, L’Oreal, Yelagiri, Planner 2021, Rio, Nescafe Sunrise, Street Art, Kerala, Langkawi, Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Larn, Koh Samaui, etc.

  • Krithika Ramani

    Krithika Ramani

    Instagram: @krithika_ramanioffl


    Combined development and holistic growth expert of fashion

    Krithika Ramani is a blogger and one of the best chennai based fashion instagrammers. She curates her content in domains like Fashion, food, lifestyle, and travel. She is also a sharp and smart brain. She co-founded The hazel avenue. She has registered her presence on several other social media platforms like facebook and YouTube too.

    Krithika Ramani Instagram highlights is about Hazel Stories, Brands, Awards, 2023, Exhibition, highlights, YouTube, Wedding Shoes, Big day, Fairplay, Sarva Yoga, Mehendi, Bride feels, Diet, Love Story, Armoraa, StylewithKitty, Work, Food, Titan, Links, 2022, Meta, Ethnic, Mini Vacay, Quotes, Travel, Staycation, Love, etc.

  • Uma Ram

    Uma Ram

    Instagram: @proud_brown_girl


    Colour proud young girl spreading the hidden beauty irrespective of shade

    Uma Ram is considered as one of the best fashion influencers in chennai. She is a blogger and curates content around topics like fashion and lifestyle. She has won various awards and accolades. She has been featured on multiple cover pages. Recently she got featured by Humans of bombay.

    Uma Ram has curated her Instagram Highlights which talks about topics like 1 million, 2023 Brands, Myntra Campaign, Community, Media Promotions, Workshop, Samsung, Candid talks, MyStore, GoKarna, Kwality walls, Amazon, CaratLane, 5 million, Pondicherry, Goa, Retreat Kovalam, Munnar, Featured, Humans Of Bombay, Parachute, PVR cinemas, Marina Mall, Live Part, etc.

  • Bindya Talluri

    Bindya Talluri

    Instagram: @bindya.talluri


    An entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast and opinion leader

    Bindya Talluri is considered as one of the top fashion influencers on instagram in Chennai. She is a digital creator and blogger. She showcases fashion and beauty styling tips and tricks. She believes in the philosophy ‘✨Blending beauty with reality ✨”. She is the founder of Bindtbeauty, a natural cosmetics product brand.

    Bindya Talluri’s Instagram highlights consist of topics like Morpheous 8, That’s me, Family, Makeup and Hair, NYC, Skincare, Microneedling, fitness, 3 weeks of us, etc. she has registered her presence on several other high performing social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

  • Ishwarya Muralidharan

    Ishwarya Muralidharan

    Instagram: @ishwarya_murali


    Get various top-notch fashion styling and tips and tricks.

    Ishwarya Muralidharan is one of the top chennai fashion influencers on Instagram. She is a digital creator and fashion enthusiast. She has registered her presence on major social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook too.

    Ishwarya Muralidharan has curated her Instagram Highlights which consists of OOTD, Japan, collaborations, Outfit Links, Fav, 1 Million, Pondy, etc.