Top Comedy YouTubers in India

  • Posted On : 16-05-2023
Top Comedy YouTubers in India

“Sab dard ka ilaj nahi hai dawakhana me, Kuch dard chale jate hai sirf Muskurane se”- Anonymous

Grynow presents list of top Comedy YouTubers in India for brands to get easy access and partner with them in an influencer marketing campaign.

From time immemorial wise men suggested to us that laughter is the best medicine to keep oneself in good physical and mental health condition. In this modern world, people are getting so busy that they have forgotten to laugh. No wonder old people are laughing out loud in the park.

In the industrious century people lack ‘me-time’ to enjoy the essence of life. They have become limited in their activities and they are constantly using social media platforms as a refreshing tool for themselves. Recent data statistics suggest that

  • American Journal of Lifestyle medicine wrote that “Current research indicates that laughter has quantifiable positive physiologic benefits.” ~
  • Various research indicates that laughter has many benefits like increased blood flow, Calories burning, immunity strengthening, deeper relaxation, soothes stress, inter alia. ~ howstuffworks

Among social media platforms, YouTube became the most consumed platform for user generated video content. It is now highly utilised by Comedy YouTubers to upload their content, get reviews, entertain masses, etc.

A massive amount of the audience is always scavenging to consume new funny and hilarious contents and videos. Particularly here, top comedy creators on YouTube come to their rescue. Their creative contents, regular new video updates, Commentaries, etc engages the audience and uplift their mood. These attributes also help top Comedy YouTubers in creating a regular streamlined flow of subscribers, followers and video consumers.

Well, many of you know who comedy YouTubers are but for those who do not know what are comedy YouTubers, let me briefly explain who are they.

Who are Comedy YouTubers?

Comedy YouTubers are those people who produce funny and hilarious content for the wide viewer base. They primarily choose YouTube for its mass outreach, higher audience penetration, and great audience engagement. They bring contents from diverse comedy niches like situational, fictional, observational, life-situations, anecdotal, sketch, Dark humour, slapstick, etc. the audiences engage with the best comedy YouTubers based on their preferences.

Types of Comedy YouTube Channels

The top Comedy Youtubers acts in different genres of comedy, some of them are:

1. Slapstick Comedy: This style is characterised by facial acts, physical stunts, exaggerated bodily acts, etc. Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplain for instance.

2. Dark Comedy: Darke crude humour is presented in this genre of comedy.

3. Romantic comedy: Comedian playfully portrays comedy which is combination of romance and humour.

4. Situational comedy: When presenting an act based on a particular moment is situational comedy.

5. Parody: Parody navigates its way through imitating and exaggerating a particular existing work of an art.

6. Improv: It is solely based on wit of a comedian. While interacting to audience, the comedian improvises and presents great comic moments.

Top Comedy YouTubers to follow in 2024

  • ashish chanchlani vines

    ashish chanchlani vines

    YouTube Channel: ashchanchlani


    Funny content related to situational and fictional comic areas.

    Ashish chanchlani is one of the top comedy YouTubers in India. He identifies himself as a comic artist and stand up comedian. He creates funny and hilarious videos for his large followers base. He started his comedy YouTube channel on 7 July 2009. Till now he has gained immense popularity and his channel has 4.37 billion views.

    Ashish chanchlani has a presence on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His playlist consists of his large collection of his own created videos which consists of Sasta series, OTP the lottery, Milestones, ACV HAtke, Brand Integrations | Ashish chanchlani, ted talk, festival videos, student life, best of 2016, etc.. His video niche ranges from short stories, situational comedies, small series, etc.

    Ashish Chanchlani is an engineer and has a degree in acting too. In 2018 Ashish Chanchlani was awarded Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for “Best Digital influencer”, This top comedy Youtuber in India has also been in The Forbes India 30 under 30 list, he also won first edition of World Bloggers Awards held at Cannes Film Festival in 2019 for the “Best Comedy Influencer”.

    Ashish Chanchlani has also made a cameo in the international hit hollywood movie “Men in Black: International”. He is truly one of the best comedy YouTubers. He has directed one short horror movie with the title “Akhri Safar” and after uploading it to his YouTube channel, it garnered close to 17 million views.

  • Swagger Sharma

    Swagger Sharma

    YouTube Channel: Swagger Sharma


    Situational, observational and life-experienced comedy videos

    Swagger sharma is one of best comedy YouTubers and his channel is considered as best comedy YouTube channels. Swagger is an engineer and during his career he identified his passion and followed it to make a career in that. He joined YouTube on 26 Feb 2017 and in a short span of time he garnered a big fan following. His channel has 660 million views till now.

    Swagger Sharma Is present on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This Indian comedy YouTuber curates content in a desi way. His one of the videos, “Judge recognises murderer as Schoolfriend” is the most viewed video.

    Swagger Sharma has created playlists and labelled them as making of swagger’s videos, swagger THRILLERZ, Swagger shawarma shots, Lockdown with my crush, Meri IIT wali G.f, mechanical engineer ki fcukd up life, Indian Superheroes, Me & my EX, relationship drama, single as fcuk, Short and funny, Bihari babu (chandan kumar), and meri IIT wali G.f (season 2).

    Swagger Sharma has till now uploaded as many as 83 videos. He has another channel with the name Swagger sharma shots. His top 4 most watched videos garnered a total of 103 million views. Swagger sharma is one of top comedy Youtubers and his channel is considered as the most funny YouTube channel by his followers and viewers.

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  • Tanmay Bhat

    Tanmay Bhat

    YouTube Channel: Tanmay Bhat


    Dark comedy with hilarious commentaries on different videos

    Tanmay Bhat stands tall among funny YouTubers in India. He has been active on YouTube from the very beginning of YouTube inception. He joined YouTube on 11 Nov 2006. Till now his funny YouTube channel has over 1.3 Billion views. He was one of the members of AIB. He regularly engages in vlogs with guest personalities. He also creates vlogs related to gaming..

    Tanmay Bhat partners with other most funniest YouTube Channels and creates vlogs. His channel is also listed for sketch comedy YouTube Channels. His playlist consists of livestreams, Omegle reviews, Indian Media is unbelievable, Janta review,, Pitai review, tiktok reviews, sketch Comedy, pakistan review, India’s funniest TV shows, members only content, random as heck, stand up and jokes, vlogs, tan ki baat, roasts by indian comedians, resident evil 7, reactions, funny gameplay videos, pubg mobile funny moments.

    Tanmay Bhat has registered his presence on multiple social media platforms like Faceebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. He is the Cofounder of All India Backchod. He has been active in film and television industry like UTV Bindass show Hass ley India, MTV’s Wassup, Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan, Disney India’s Kya Mast Life Hai, etc.

    Tanmay Bhat videos on YouTube makes him one of best comedy YouTuber. His videos like ‘he didn’t see that coming with carry minati’, ‘pakistanis are savage part 2 ft. @zakir khan’, ‘mummy papa pitai review #2’ are top watched videos and they all garnered a total of 35M views.

  • Gaurav Kapoor

    Gaurav Kapoor

    YouTube Channel: Gaurav Kapoor


    Lively personality with quick wit

    Gaurav Kapoor identifies himself as a stand up comedian. He used to work in the corporate world but he was not happy and then he decided to pursue his passion. He worked hard and earned a name as one of top India’s no.1 comedy YouTube channels. He loves to joke around with everyone, friends, family, and audience. His persona is very lovely and his followers actively engaged with him.

    Gaurav Kapoor’s video titled “Gaurav Kapoor | No ball | stand up comedy 2019” is the most watched video. He joined youtube as comedy youtubers in India on 14 July 2012 and till now his funny YouTube channel has more than 242 Million views. His comedy YouTube Channel presents videos which are related to observational and anecdotal comedy.

    Gaurav kapoor was uniformed services aspirant. He had appeared in many SSBs interviews but was unable to crack it. He has worked in various corporate jobs and has worked for big companies like reliance brands. He got fed up and decided to try his luck in his passion that is comedy and stand ups.

    Gaurav Kapoor has won various competitions during his early budding stages like Big Mic, Canvas Laugh Club, Chalta hai, and Buzz off. He got more highlights when he opened the shows for many big comedians like Vir Das and Russell Peters during Almost Famous World tour in delhi.

  • RJ Abhinav

    RJ Abhinav

    YouTube Channel: RJ Abhinavv


    Great mimicry and desi dark humour with lot of parody videos

    RJ Abhinav is one of the most funny YouTubers in India. His videos are very unique and engaging. He joined YouTube on 26 Oct 2008 and till now his humour YouTube channel has more than 204 Million views. RJ Abhinav has created a playlist which consists of My stones, Car speaker check, bekar ki baat, Fun Stuff, Parody, RAPZAADE, oversmart girlfriend, and FAAD MAGICIAN binge watch.

    RJ Abhinav is present on other social media platforms like Instagram and facebook. He is one of top comedy creators in India. His Faad Magician videos are the most widely viewed videos. This Indian Comedy YouTubers is collecting all the love from his followers. His authenticity is an attribute.

    RJ Abhinav is also a radio jockey on radio mirchi. He can mimic any personality and celebrity. He became the first digital and YouTube comedy creator from India to be invited by Brut to the Cannes Film festival. He has been called ‘Desi Johnny Depp’ by his lovely followers.

    RJ Abhinav videos like Faad Magician – Tameez Please | RJ Abhinav, Faad Magician – 4D magic | RJ Abhinav, Faad Magician – ohot hard ladka | RJ Abhinav are some of the most viewed videos on YouTube. These videos have in total garnered 16.5 M views.

  • SahibNoor Singh

    SahibNoor Singh

    YouTube Channel: SahibNoor Singh


    Comparison comedy, situational and fictional comic videos with great timing

    SahibNoor Singh loves to make people smile and that is why he is considered as the best comedy YouTubers in India. He joined YouTube on 12 Dec 2011 and till now his YouTube channel has more than 141 million views. He creates video from different fields and like college stories, situational comic moments, journeys, etc. he creates small video series with his co actors and friends. His video “2 Boys and 1 girl in a room | SahibNoor Singh” has the most views that totals to 21 M views.

    SahibNoor Singh has registered his presence on Instagram and Facebook. He is considered as one of best comedy YouTubers and his content truly backs up this argument. He engages with his audience regularly. He curates his content to stay trendy and relevant. He creates videos around situational comedies, Friends interactions, fictional thoughts, etc.

    SahibNoor Singh makes videos with other top comedy creators in India. He has made a video with J Narula in a video titled Behan Bhai Ki School Life. Very similar like other best comedy YouTubers he was also pursuing other career but later switched to pursue his passion.

  • Be YouNick

    Be YouNick

    YouTube Channel: Be YouNick


    Quick and hilarious wit, trendy and viral content

    Be YouNick real name is Nikunj Lotia and he is considered as one of top comedy YouTubers in India. He identifies himself as comedian, entertainer, Social media and internet personality, and digital content creator. Nikuj was always in pursuit to find his passion. He tried working for a corporate office, bar-tending, working at a call centre, wedding planner and many more things. He finally rested at YouTube and started creating funny videos.

    Be YouNick joined YouTube on 26 Aug 2014 and till now his channel has more than 858 million views. He is considered as one of top comedy creators in India and his channel as top comedy YouTube Channels. His playlists consists of The office canteen, comedy vines, #nustacollab, That one friend, vlogs, college days, BYN shorts, The bro code (series), the perfect series, Get to know Be YouNick, mauka mauka (series), music, men will be men (series), etc. In sketch comedy YouTube channels, his channel is considered as one of top humour YouTube channels.

    Be YouNick videos like “BYN: we all have that one friend feat. Ashish chanchlani”, “BYN: The mass cheating”, “BYN: The mass bunk” are his top most watched videos with more than 47 million views in toto. He has also worked with other great actors like Raj kumar, Dawayne johnson, Amanda cerni, boman irani, etc.

    Be YouNick has featured in FOrbes India as an Indian YouTube star in 2020 in an article written by kunal purandare. Be YouNick represented India as the only digital creator from India at “ Vidcon 2019 US”. he regularly collaborates with other best comedy YouTubers like Tanmay Bhat, Bhuvan Bam, Ashish chanchlani, carry minati, etc.

  • Aishwarya Mohanraj

    Aishwarya Mohanraj

    YouTube Channel: Aishwarya Mohanraj


    Promote and creates feminist situational comedies | Quick wit and strong personality

    Aishwarya Mohanraj identifies herself as a stand up comedian. She is considered as one of best comedy YouTubers. She joined YouTube on 29 Sep 2012 and till now his channel has more than 91 million views. She regularly updates videos of her stand up comic acts. She curated her playlist and it consists of Vlogs, Stand up clips | Aishwarya Mohanraj, and ro le yaar.

    Aishwarya Mohanraj has uploaded as many as 31 videos on YouTube till now. Her videos like, “my first relationship | stand up comedy by Aishwarya Mohanraj”, “My pregnancy test | Stand up comedy by Aishwarya Mohanraj”, are the most viewed videos on her comedy YouTube Channels and have a total of 27 million combined views. She recently got married to her long time boyfriend. She has uploaded all the videos related to her marriage on her YouTube channel.

    Aishwarya Mohanraj is a shining light for all the women who are aspiring to make a career in stand up comedy. She is also available on other social media platforms like Instagram and facebook. She started her career as an intern at one of top multinational companies. Later she worked as a research analyst at Nielsen, Mumbai. She later quit this job to participate in “Comicstan”. She did not win but she was highly supported and loved for her acts.

    Aishwarya Mohanraj is one of top comedy creators in India and her videos truly support it. She loves to dance and is adept in many classical styles. She loves to try new foods, travel, listen to music, and books. She is an animal lover and environment saver.

  • Arun Kushwaha

    Arun Kushwaha

    YouTube Channel: Gwalior Play Chote Miyan


    One of the best comedians bringing in something unique with each act

    Arun Kushwaha is an actor, comedian, and one of the top comedy creators in India on YouTube. His journey has been nothing short of a movie as he started as a software engineer but got famous after he started posting comedy shorts on YT. After a short period of time, he was noticed by some of the top directors and got part in movies like Luka Chuppi, series like TVF Qtiyapa, sacred games, and teen screen patti.

    He was also seen in the film Dasvi with Abhishek bachchan which took his credibility even further. He is now known by the stage name Chote Miyan and is highly demanded by any movie or series that has a comedy plot.

    He is also quite famous on Youtube with over 1.24 million subscribers and an average views of 4 million. This is something that only a few YouTubers have. He is highly demanded by the finest brands as well as in the past he has been successful in bringing business for them really easily.

    If you are looking for a Youtuber who has a great image, a high engagement rate, and knowledge of the industry, this is the ideal influencer for you!

  • Zakir Khan

    Zakir Khan

    YouTube Channel: Zakir Khan


    One of the most loved comedians in India grabbing the hearts of millions with his storytelling

    When we talk about the king of comedy, Zakir Khan is the first name that pops into our heads. One of the funniest, most loved, and most knowledgeable comedians who can make you laugh and cry with his fine storytelling.

    There is nothing that this man can’t do, right from acting in Chacha Vidhayak hai Humare to some really fine poetries to comedy to judging shows and what not. Even after achieving the highest pinnacle in comedy, Zakir stays humble and relatable.

    One of the top Indian comedy YouTubers has won numerous awards, released numerous comedy specials on amazon prime, hosted interviews for the biggest of stars, and is well connected with the best of the best people. This gives him the highest credibility that anybody can ever have.

    He is widely demanded by brands for collaboration as he gets them insane results in the most creative way possible. We urge you to look at some of his content to know the stature this man holds! He has over 7.51 million subscribers and an average view count of 662k even when he doesn’t post that much showing the loyalty his fans have towards him.

  • Abijit Ganguly

    Abijit Ganguly

    YouTube Channel: Abijit Ganguly


    One of the best comedians who speaks on relatable topics making him widely famous

    One of the few bilingual stand-up comedians in our nation who is equally at ease speaking Hindi and English is Abijit Ganguly. His strong professional background (Deloitte Consulting and Delhi School of Economics graduate) ensures that he connects with the highly qualified corporate junta, and his upbringing in Delhi ensures that his content is well-received by the general public.

    He has over 514k subscribers and his loyalty is so strong that many people caught some of his jokes being used in popular shows as well. He likes to speak on relatable topics and he posts his stuff frequently making him visible in the eyes of the audience that like comedy.

    His most famous video is on “Modiji, Arnab and others” and has more than 6.9 million views which is crazy. He is one of the few comedians who absolutely kills it in corporate shows as well as he has been an employee and understands the true relatable points making his reach even wider.

    If you are searching for a comedy youtuber who can give incredible returns to your brand by partnership, then Abijit is one of the best comedy YouTubers in India who can smartly plug in your product and bring his loyal audience to convert.

  • Kanan Gill

    Kanan Gill

    YouTube Channel: Kanan Gill


    One of the smartest English comedians who can make your cheeks pain with laughter

    Kanan is a well-known stand-up and sketch comedian. He has performed more than a thousand shows all over the world, and his most recent comedy special, “Keep It Real,” was a huge hit on Amazon Prime Video. He gained the most notoriety with his web series with Biswa Kalyan Rath, “Pretentious Movie Reviews.”

    He performed the sketch comedy piece “How Insensitive!” as well as Them Boxer Shorts’ mockumentary “Better Life Foundation” and the stand-up performances “Feeling with Kanan” and “All Correct Opinions” in 2016. He debuted in Bollywood in 2017 with the film “Noor.”

    His relatable sketches and performances over so many years have brought his fans really close to him. It is to a level that people connect to him, believe in his recommendations, and idolise him.

    This makes it a great opportunity for brands to get in touch with him and get super successful campaigns. He even adds his own creativity to the campaigns and makes them stand apart from the crowd. One of the finest top comedy creators in India on YouTube even has a following of 779k and his most famous video titled “Most exercise ever” has over 7.7 million views which just shows his understanding of algorithms and the industry giving you more trust in his abilities.

  • Abhishek Upmanyu

    Abhishek Upmanyu

    YouTube Channel: Abhishek Upmanyu


    A comedian with no haters

    Abhishek Upmanyu is one of the funniest comedians we have today in India. One of his unique characteristics is his ability to grab the attention of the audience with his funny storylines. He never shies away from experimenting with topics less talked about in our society.

    His stand up special “thoda saaf bol” is a huge hit and people have confessed to watching it multiple times. Though he posts less frequently on his comedy YouTube channels, whenever he does, he crosses millions of views easily. His most famous video titled “Friends, crime and Cosmos” has over 56 million views. This just shows the magnitude of skills and abilities he has. He makes sure to collaborate with quality brands only due to which people are assured of his recommendations being genuine.

    This gives brands a great opportunity to collaborate with one of the top comedy YouTubers in India and build confidence in the audience regarding your products or services. All of these verified influencers can be easily selected with the best influencer marketing agency – Grynow.

  • Harsh Beniwal

    Harsh Beniwal

    YouTube Channel: Harsh Beniwal


    One of the most famous comedians on YouTube who is always trending with his content

    Harsh Beniwal is amongst the most popular YouTubers today. His unique comedy videos and humble personality is a stand out feature for all. He has a following of over 15.3 million subscribers with average views that cross 10 million easily.

    Harsh as a creator shows multiple strengths with his ability to develop a personal connection with his audience is the primary one. He does this by bringing out relatable topics in his skits ranging from relationships, families to jobs, etc. He finds humour in everyday situations and creates something way too funny.

    Another ability of Harsh that is especially loved by all brands is his ability to integrate the brand content in a way that doesn’t seem forceful. He makes it natural and relevant to the whole scene. This is the reason, one of the funny YouTube channels is checking all the required criteria and providing creativity of his own in collaborations is the ideal influencer for you to choose.

  • Kenny Sebastian

    Kenny Sebastian

    YouTube Channel: Kenny Sebastian


    One of the most intelligent YouTubers who knows how to make people laugh

    Kenny Sebastian is an Indian comedian, actor, and singer. He rose to fame when people saw his different style of comedy. He not just uses the whole stage but uses music in his skits as well. This was something refreshing for the audience. Moreover, his method of making simple topics super funny is unmatchable.

    This being the reason he often tours internationally right from America to UAE. He was even called a judge in the comedy show Comicstaan where he provided important insights to the contestants giving the audience a peek into his knowledge of the industry.

    Today one of the top comedy creators in India holds an incredible amount of credibility and respect in the industry. His channel has over 2.22 million subscribers and his most famous video has over 12 million views. As he majorly performs in English but also speaks Hindi in some parts of his acts, he is able to reach a wider audience than any other influencer in the comedy scene.

    This gives you a picture of the results the YouTuber can bring for you in no time. So, if you are looking for a best comedy YouTuber for your brand, there is no better choice than Kenny.

  • Vir Das

    Vir Das

    YouTube Channel: Vir Das COMEDY


    An actor turned comedian who speaks on topics people are too scared to even acknowledge

    Vir Das is one of the most popular comedians, actors, and musicians. After starting his career in stand-up comedy, Das transitioned to Hindi cinema and appeared in supporting roles in films like Badmaash Company (2010), Delhi Belly (2011), and Go Goa Gone (2013). He performed in the Netflix original movie Abroad Understanding in 2017. Das has appeared in about 35 plays, more than 100 stand-up comedy performances, 18 films, 8 TV shows, and 6 comedy specials. He has written humorous columns for Tehelka, DNA, Exotica, Femina, and Maxim. With the television series Whisky Cavalier, he made his television debut in the United States in 2019.

    Today one of the best comedy YouTubers creates waves with his stand ups where each of his videos are always trending. He is one of the best when it comes to subtle punches and the ability to take you with him throughout his scenarios

    As he covers all the mediums to reach the audience, he is widely popular and liked. He has a reach that many dream to reach one day. He has collaborated with various brands and given amazing results to them. If you want to reach the audience correctly and efficiently, Vir Das can be the perfect partner.