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Asia is the most populous continent on the planet. With the popularity of Instagram at an all-time high, many want to jump on the bandwagon. You can find every other person wanting to gain acclamation as a fashion, travel or fitness influencer. However, from the crowd, a select few have managed to stand out. And in doing so, they have earned themselves the respect and trust of their followers.

This article brings you the top 15 Asian Instagrammers who, through their hard work, have remained relevant in their respective niches.

  • Virat Kohli

    01. Virat Kohli

    Instagram: virat.kohli

    Virat Kohli is the household name of every Indian cricket fan. Apart from breaking numerous records on the cricket pitch, the Indians skipper broke one on Instagram. Virat Kohli was the first Asian male Instagram influencer to complete 75 million followers on the photo blogging platform. The captain of the Indian national team also became the fourth celebrity sportsman to reach the 150 million followers milestone trailing behind the Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo (337 million), the Argentine Lionel Messi (260 million) and Brazil’s Neymar (160 million). Virat Kohli charges a hefty sum for his IG-sponsored post. His earnings have put him in the 17th spot on the Instagram rich list of 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwayne Johnson occupy first and second.

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas

    02. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

    Instagram: priyankachopra

    Priyanka Chopra Jonas is an international celebrity and famous Asian Instagram Influencer known for acting, modelling, and film production. The 2000 Miss World pageant winner has been graced with numerous accolades like the national film award and Filmfare. Time magazine named her amongst the 100 most influential people in the world. According to Forbes, she is also amongst the world’s 100 most powerful women. The Padma Shri awardee has booked the 27th spot of Instagram rich list 2021 – she is estimated to earn $403,000 for each Instagram sponsored post.

  • Raditya Dika

    03. Raditya Dika

    Instagram: raditya_dika

    Dika Angkasaputra Moerwani Nasution, also known as Raditya Dika, is an Indonesian national known as an actor and director. He is also an author, comedian and social media influencer. He worked as a lead in Cinta brontosaurus (2013), Manusia Setengah Salmon (2013), and he wrote six national best-selling books. The “Malam Minggu Actor” actor has almost 18 million followers on Instagram and charges $180,000 per sponsored post – this puts him at the 57th spot on the Instagram rich list.

  • Mai Davika

    04. Mai Davika

    Instagram: davikah

    Bhavika Hona is a Thai national of Belgian descent known as an actress and a model. She was the lead actress of Thailand’s highest-grossing film “Pee Mak.” Devika Hoorne currently has 13,686,234 followers on Instagram and reportedly charges $86,100 per sponsored post – making her one of the highest-paid female Instagram influencers in Asia. The actress is the spokesperson for the fashion brand L’oreal and does runaways for them in Paris Fashion week. She has also worked with Michael Kors. Vogue Fashion magazine has named Davika Hoorne as “Milan Fashion Week’s Most Compelling Newcomer.

  • Iqbal Ramadan

    05. Iqbal Ramadan

    Instagram: iqbaal.e

    Iqbal Ramadan is an actor and singer. The former member of the boy band CJR is the second Asian Instagram Influencer of Indonesian descent on our list after Raditya Dika. Iqbal Ramadan was awarded at an international film festival and Awards Macau for a variety of Asian stars: up next category. At present, Singer’s Instagram account has 12,474,076 followers and charges $47,500 per post. These numbers have comfortably put him at the hundredth spot on the Instagram rich list.

  • Araya Alberta Hargate

    06. Araya Alberta Hargate

    Instagram: chomismaterialgirl

    Araya Alberta Hargate is a Thai actress, model, TV host of British descent who also goes by “chompoo.” Besides her career in acting, she has also gained widespread attention on influencer marketplace like Instagram. The “Doksom Seethong” actress currently has 10,560,092 followers on her IG profile and gets approximately $43,100 per Instagram sponsored post. Her earnings have secured her the 107th spot on Instagram’s rich list 2021 – making her one of the top Asian Influencers on Instagram.

  • Chi Pu

    07. Chi Pu

    Instagram: chipupu

    The Vietnamese actor and pop singer Chi Pu has amassed more than 5 million followers on her official Instagram handle. Her fans count her amongst the most beautiful Vietnamese celebrities on social media. In 2013, she won Vietnam’s teen Idol award and is currently active as a model and actress. Chi Pu currently sits at the 149th position of Instagram rich list and charges $22,000 per IG post.

  • Prang Kannarun

    08. Prang Kannarun

    Instagram: ladiiprang

    Prang Kannarun Wongkajornklai is a Thai actress, model and a famous Asian Instagram influencer who rose to stardom thanks to her work in sitcoms like “Pan Rai Phai Ruk,” “Nong Mai rai Borisut” and “Dao Kaew Duen.” Her success in the entertainment industry won her a massive following of 4,644,029 on social media platforms like Instagram. Her reach allows her to interact with her fans through fashion and lifestyle-related posts actively.

  • Preechaya Pongthananikorn

    09. Preechaya Pongthananikorn

    Instagram: icepreechaya

    Here, we have Preechaya Pongthananikorn, another famous Thai actress and model best known for lead roles in highest-grossing Thai cinematic movies like ATM: Re Real Error (2012) and I Fine…Thank you…Love you (2014). Popularly nicknamed ‘Ice,’ the female fashion Influencer in Asia has a massive following of more than 2.5 million. On the image blogging platform, she constantly inspires her fans with fashion-oriented content. Preechaya Pongthananikorn currently sits at 171st position on the Instagram rich list.

  • Guan Gong

    10. Guan Gong

    Instagram: kuanhung_

    Kuan Gong, also known as “Darren Chen” or “Guan Gong,” is a Taiwanese national who is wildly popular due to his career in acting and modelling. He gained widespread recognition due to his work in Chinese drama series like “meteor garden,” “the sleuth of the Ming dynasty,” and “My Unicorn Girl.” The 26-year-old actor is also a social media sensation. He boasts an impressive following of 2.2 million on his IG handle. Currently, He is in the 179th position on the Instagram rich list – making him one of the top social media Influencers in Asia.

  • Varun Aditya

    11. Varun Aditya

    Instagram: varun.aditya

    He is not an actor or sportsman, but Varun Aditya has every quality of an influencer, which he portrays from his fabulous pictures. The Indian-born photographer has numerous accolades under his belt, including Nat Geo’s Nature photographer of the year for animal portraits – which he bagged in 2016. Varun Aditya studied in a famous school in Coimbatore. His parents work at an Indian bank – the travel benefits provided enabled him to bag pack around India and get in touch with nature. The award-winning photographer went to London to complete his MBA, upon returning, decided to pursue his interest in photography. Today Varun Aditya has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram – where his followers are treated to mesmerizing pictures of wildlife and nature. His work has made him one of the best travel influencers on Instagram. He has got mentions in popular news outlets like BBC, national geographic, Huffington post and Apple.

  • Wanida Gybzy Termthanaporn

    12. Wanida Gybzy Termthanaporn

    Instagram: gybzygirlyberry

    Wanda Ternthanaporn is a Thai-born vocalist and entertainer who is best known for appearing in multiple movies. The famous actress first started her career as a singer for a girl band called “girl berry” and has won many awards for her acting skills. Her many accolades also include “Thailand’s national Film association award for the Best actress category.” The singer turned actress is a female fashion influencer who currently has a following of 1,662,498 on her Instagram profile. In her posts, she is seen chiefly donning fashion accessories and clothing. She also occasionally uploads pictures of various culinary delights.

  • Bebe Ritnaka

    13. Bebe Ritnaka

    Instagram: thisisbebe

    Thanchanok Ritnaka, also known as Bebe Ritnaka, is a Thai-born actress, model, singer, former business study professor and an ACE certified personal trainer. She has gained widespread recognition in the fitness industry because of her content on Instagram and YouTube. Bebe Ritnaka already amassed 2,554,159 followers on her Instagram handle, making her one of the most followed fitness Instagram Influencers in Asia. She takes her place at 234th position on the highest-paid Instagram creators list.

  • Pimpatchara Vajrasevee

    14. Pimpatchara Vajrasevee

    Instagram: pinenerize

    Pimpatchara Vajrasevee, also known as “Pie,” is a model, actor, designer, and TV host of Thai descent. Although not in the millions, the “Port Kai Jaae” actress has a sizable following of 960,708 followers on Instagram. Pimpatchara Vajrasevee comfortably sits at 238th position on the list of Instagram’s most affluent creators.

  • Kritika Khurana

    15. Kritika Khurana

    Instagram: thatbohogirl

    Kritika Khurana is a model, social media personality and fashion Instagram Influencer in Asia who first came into the spotlight due to her fashion and lifestyle blog “that boho girl,” – which she started in 2014. The same year she began a venture in an online store, “The Hype,” and created a YouTube channel where she posted fashion and motivational content. Kritika Khurana is a widely acclaimed Influencer and has accumulated 1.1 million followers on her Instagram handle. She actively engages with a follower by posting pictures showcasing beauty products and trendy clothing. She is currently sitting pretty at the 253rd rank on an Instagram list of wealthy influencers. Do you have a favourite Asian Instagram influencers, you would love to have on this list? Use the comment section to let us know.

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