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Top Fashion Instagrammers in Kolkata 2020

Top Fashion Instagramers Influencer in Kolkata

Who are Fashion Instagrammers (Influencers)?

Influencer marketing is a phenomenon that is experiencing a spiralling growth the world over. In India too, the phenomenon is catching up like never before, especially in the last couple of years. The happening culture of metropolitan cities, the rising numbers of internet connections, popularity of smartphones and the Instagram platform, and the growing awareness levels of millennial Gen-Next is witnessing a different kind of bond and engagement of social media influencers with their audience, primarily with fashion Instagrammers in India.

People now tend to have more faith in what the influencers are saying and recommending. Studies show that about 86% of women in India refer social media sites before making a purchase decision of which the likelihood of making a purchase based on such recommendations is almost 71%.

Kolkata has been at the forefront of influencer marketing in a lot of ways with some credible fashion influencers in Kolkata. Here we present a list of the top ten fashion Instagrammers in Kolkata who command quite a considerable respect and authority in the regional context.

Here is the list of top ten fashion Instagrammers in Kolkata, people that you need to follow for sure if you wish to be abreast with leading trends, whether it is in the fashion world or stylish common wears.

Top Fashion Influencers on Instagram in Kolkata:-

Followers: 273K
Insta ID styleetvogue

The owner of this channel is Aisha Mahdi. She is a content creator who works in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel niches. She has her own personal blog on fashion called the Street Style Vogue that focusses on creating style statement through affordable clothing rather than going in for branded and expensive clothing. She has a following of almost 303k followers.

Name: Priya Priyambada
Followers: 224K
Insta ID priya_priyambada

Priya Priyambada is based out of Kolkata and has a project named Mission Dreams that helps young women follow their passion to become models. With a following of 230K, she is one of the topmost influencers from Kolkata. She is an actress and an influencer of acclaim. She is an emerging model and her followers love her for her stylized photoshoots.

Name: Sudeshna
Followers: 193K
Insta ID sudeshnasworld

Sudeshna is a content creator, blogger and YouTuber and has a following of 197K followers and more.

Name: Madhurima
Followers: 56K
Insta ID madhurima120

Madhurima Biswas is from Kolkata and is a content creator in the fashion niche with a following of about 56.7K followers. She also provides regular routine guide on fashion aspects to her followers and by her own acknowledgement, she is addicted to photoshoot.

Name: Srijita
Followers: 184K
Insta ID miss_mitraaaaaaa

Srijita is fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer. She calls herself a Wonder Woman and is an engineer by profession. She is followed by more than 144K on Instagram.

Name: Indira
Followers: 43.8K
Insta ID i_m_indira

Indira is a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger from Kolkata. She believes in being positive and also has passion for arts. Currently she is being followed by about 34.9K followers.

Name: Sanhati Giri
Followers: 99.8K
Insta ID sanhatigiri

Sanhat Giri is a Kolkata-based influencer and fashion blogger. By profession she is an educator and has a following of 94.9K following on Instagram.

Name: Mritwika
Followers: 107K
Insta ID mritwikaaa

Mritwika owns this channel. She is a full-time fashion blogger and also studying engineering at the moment. She believes in providing a visual journey of her style and travel tales to her 86.2K following.

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of top Instagram influencers in India. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.