Top Amazing 8 Tips to Create Instagram Reels

Create Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are one of the latest features of the leading social media platform where Instagrammers can post short videos. Reels on Instagram are a sure-shot way to increase your follower count while consistently creating amazing content. Through reels Instagram, you can connect better with your followers and make them a part of your social media persona through collaborations. Full-fledged videos are time-consuming, and people often lose interest, leaving the video midway and moving on to the next available content. 

When TikTok debuted, people were thrilled with the concept of short and compelling videos that could pack way more information and entertainment within a span of 30 seconds. And Instagram quickly adapted the feature that enabled the content creators to make engaging and interactive content. Many a time, a picture cannot portray who you are. Instagrammers can showcase their true personality through the Instagram reel feature and give a quick insight into their everyday lives. Influencers, with whom people connect thanks to regular updates, have benefited greatly from the Instagram reel videos. It has not only enabled them to reach a wider audience but has also given them a chance to establish interpersonal relationships with their followers. If you are wondering how you could take your gramming game up a few notches, here are eight tips to create reels that will change your life forever if you know very well how to use instagram reels.

Here are the Top 8 Tips to Create Engaging and Entertaining Instagram Reels in 2022

Entertaining Instagram Reels

1. Original Content

Creating original content is the secret to being at the top of your Instagram game. Now, millions of content creators are already creating fantastic reels on Instagram and coming up with something original and unique can be tasking. However, when we say original content, it does not mean something that has never been done before. You can take a trending subject and add your twist to it. This way, you could stay on track with what the public wants and, simultaneously, offer your perspective on the trending ideas. At the end of the day, the focus should be on creating reels that catch the crowd's attention!

2. On-Screen Texts and Closed Captions

Like Facebook, people often watch a short clip or a reel video without turning on the sound. This way, they can move on to the next video without coming back if they don’t like the video they are watching. Captioning the video can give them a quick overview of what is happening on the Instagram reel videos. If the video includes fun jokes and solid humor, the chances of the audience liking the video just from the onscreen texts’ increases. In fact, they could even stop their work and watch till the very end just from the texts. You can use the closed caption option to add texts and subtitles to your Instagram reels. 

3. Create Direct Content

Most social media enthusiasts use different social media platforms. Instagram obviously does not condone recycled reel videos from other apps like TikTok and Snapchat. So even if you are posting the same reel on Instagram and TikTok, avoid the TikTok watermark. The smart idea is to create reels directly from the camera roll. Similarly, while using TikTok, create your content on the app itself rather than resharing the Instagram reel. This way, your reels get prioritized and become more visible.

4. Drive The Traffic Efficiently

Encourage your viewers to check out your other posts and reels through the Instagram reel video. On-screen texts can be used in this context by redirecting the viewers to your profile’s link in the Bio. Or you could strategically give them a call-out as part of the short video itself. A bio tool could also be a great way of directing traffic to your account. This increases awareness and establishes your credibility as a content creator as well. 

5. Reels To Feed

To create Instagram reels that leave a mark on the audience, add your reels to your feed. Since the short video can go away as soon as someone scrolls down, finding an Instagram reel video they liked can be tough. Once the reel is on your feed, it becomes easier for the viewers to go back and rewatch it, and it also increases the chances of them liking it and sharing the video. And if you are one of them who likes to maintain a certain aesthetic or likes their feed to be color coordinated, you could always create a separate cover page for the reel that matches your feed’s energy without ruining the view!

6. Consistent Post and Regular Updates

If you are not being consistent and updating your feed consistently, the entire hard work goes to waste. The key to become a successful Instagrammer is posting Instagram reel videos regularly. Sometimes, the most popular Instagrammers post 4 to 5 reels daily to keep them in context. You also need to choose what kind of videos you are going to post. This is one of the most crucial aspects of developing a loyal follower base and building a brand for yourself. For example, if you want your focus area to be make-up and skin care, then make posts relevant. You could also post a teaser to the actual reels on Instagram a day or two before the reel is released to pique the interest and curiosity of your followers. 

7. Catch on The Trends

As an Instagrammer, you need to hop on the trending bandwagon before it leaves the station. For example, if the ice bucket challenge is all the rage, do not wait or think too much about how people will take your reel on Instagram. Currently, the POV trend is doing the rounds. If you want to create original content but stay in tune with the trend, add your personal touch, and boom, you are good to go!

8. Add Hashtags

The right hashtags could bring your Instagram reels right to the top of the search. Adding at least 3 to 5 hashtags ensures that a bunch of different search terms can easily access your content. When you tag your reels on Instagram, ensure they are in sync with the content and add some context to the video. That being said, overdoing the hashtags and adding too many of them might seem like a desperate move. So, strike a balance and add enough but not too many hashtags with every reel your post on Instagram. 


These amazing tips to create engaging and entertaining Instagram Reels is sure going to help you connect with your target audience and leave a lasting impression on their minds. These tips will also help to make the brand enjoy robust presence among their potential customers.