Skin is a beautiful covering on our bodies to cover our flesh, bones, and blood. Our Creator has created different shades and colors of skin just to differentiate and distinguish ourselves and strictly not to feel better or inferior. So, whether we are brown, white, or black we should celebrate our colors and respect others.

Biologically, the skin performs a variety of functions like being a protective barrier against cold and hot environments, regulating body temperature, preventing dehydration, shielding against germs and viruses, and various other functions too. Skin’s importance and its care are on par with any other organ of our body. But people often are confused about what skincare is good, what will work for them and how to do it.

The skincare influencers on Instagram, represent the best ways to do skin care, support its integrity, embellish its appearance, and relieve skin-related conditions. To get the best results they also extend their content from natural remedies to branded products & services. They have become trusted experts in the realm of skincare, directing the digital audience in their pursuit of healthier skin.

So, let's delve into the purview of these skincare Instagrammers and discover more about who these skincare influencers are.

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Who are Skincare Influencers?

Skincare Influencers are the people who make video content on improvising skin and how to care about it in a better way. These passionate advocates assist and encourage their audience to make informed decisions regarding skincare routines, product selections and attain their skincare goals.

Skincare Intsagrammers encompass a wide diversity of content, such as daily skincare rituals, products they use, trusted brands, tips and tricks, etc. They are typically known for their knowledge regarding different products, ingredients properties, and what they are useful for. They share reviews, personal experiences about various products they use, tips on how to apply products optimally, and brand endorsements and recommendations.

These influencers have in-depth knowledge of skincare ingredients and the science behind them and are known for showcasing personal skincare routines and various practices to create awareness.

They talk about getting proper nutrition, preventive skincare supplements like; collagen boosters, nutrient-dense gummies, hair tonics, treatments with skin serums, exfoliators, AM and PM skincare regimens, evading extreme sun exposure & utilization of best sunscreens, accurate face-washing techniques and appropriate use of moisturizers, toners, face packs, and other emollients. People love their snackable content on Instagram which helps them regenerate skin cell production, and enhance the skin they wear.

How the Skincare Influencers in India are Helping Skincare Brands Grow?

India has a culturally rich heritage that has always appreciated the blend of traditional wisdom with modern innovations. With the advent of modernization and globalization, people swayed to various products suggested by Dermatologists. Dermatologists and skin care experts were scavenging ways to bridge the information gap among the masses and raise collective awareness. So, how did this information and awareness gap fill-in?

Best skin influencers in India on Instagram, have become a boon for them and the brands supplying skincare products and services. Skincare influencers make product recommendations in their posts based on various skin types, conditions, and even medical history. They create content on how to choose different facials, cosmetics, botulinum, fillers, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, peels, retinol therapy, hydra facial, ultrasonic skin treatment, and waxing too!

How the Skincare Influencers in India are Helping Skincare Brands Grow

They consistently interact with their followers, and provide them with problem-solving, valuable, cost-free, and even customized content on skin care routines for; reducing acne, hair fall, dark circles, skin-discoloration or hyperpigmentation, redness, and Rosacealines, wrinkles, sagging, and more stories to revitalize skincare and gain long-term skin health.

Let’s learn about their types in detail.

Types of Skincare Instagrammers

There are several types of skincare influencers in India who have earned immense admiration and recognition in the skincare industry for their efforts and determination. They aim to influence people towards skin health awareness and implement skincare routines in their daily lives. Here are some of the common types of skincare influencers:

Dermatologists on Instagram:

Professional skincare influencers in India are skincare educators, skin doctors, or dermatologist influencers who deliver medical advice, expert insights, proven skin-related facts, and evidence-based recommendations.

Dermatologists on Instagram

They provide skincare tips and treatments and address the common concerns of their followers through informative posts, videos, and live sessions on their social media.

Natural and Organic Skincare Promoters:

These influential personas accentuate on using organic and sustainable skincare products. They educate people about the benefits of natural ingredients containing skin- and nature-friendly products, share DIY homemade recipes, and promote eco-friendly skincare brands.

Product Evaluating Instagrammers:

These skincare Instagrammers provide detailed reviews, recommendations, and advice regarding various skincare products. They test and evaluate products from various brands containing positive formulations and ingredients based on multiple skin types. They develop a genuine bond with their followers by sharing honest opinions, making them purchase worthy skincare products.

Skincare Routine Professionals:

These skincare Instagrammers show their daily regimens, the products they use, their benefits and costs, and step-by-step instructions on doing and maintaining an advantageous skincare routine.

Being the best influencer marketing agency in India for skincare brands, we have made a well-researched list of top Indian skincare influencers on Instagram in 2023.

Skincare Influencers in India:

List of the Best Skincare Influencers on Instagram 2023

Every skincare influencer in India has a distinctive approach, style, expertise, and audience to cater to. They play a crucial role in shaping the various attributes of skin care education, consumers' opinions, lifestyle choices, and product recommendations.

  • Kritika Khurana

    1. Kritika Khurana

    Instagram: @thatbohogirl


    She balances self-care with natural products to get an inner glow

    Kritika Khurana, aka That Boho Girl, is an established skincare influencer in India with average views of 481K and an average engagement rate of 4.86% on Instagram. She is considered an expert in various niches, including skincare, through which she has gained popularity on different social media platforms.

    She reflects her unique style and charming personality through her content, where she shows and entertains her followers about different skincare products, worthy products, daily routines, and tips around skincare and the overall way of living with healthy skin. Expanding her horizons from skincare to fashion, she is a well-rounded persona in the skincare influencer industry.

    One of the most prominent contributions of Kritika in the skincare industry is her emphasis on self-care and holistic routines, in general prioritising our well-being. Through her personality and way of engaging, she is ruling over the hearts of her followers and has built a genuine fan following on every platform.

    Kritika Khurana inspires and assists followers to prioritise external as well as internal care of their skin. She has recognised the power of nature and believes in using natural remedies, showcasing her DIY homemade skincare recipes. She often shares endorsed products from organic and sustainable brands such as Nature4Nature and Pure Sense.

    Overall, That Boho Girl has made herself one of the most famous skincare influencers in India, and through her knowledge, audience-oriented content, and expertise in the skincare niche, she provides her fans with valuable insights into different products and honest and detailed reviews. Through her transparency, she has garnered a trustworthy audience that stands by her no matter what.

  • Tarini Peshawaria

    2. Tarini Peshawaria

    Instagram: @tarinipeshawaria


    Known for sharing luxury and budget-friendly skincare products

    Tarini Peshawaria is one of the top skincare influencers on Instagram, passionate about skincare and attaining expertise in the field. She has become a go-to source for skin advice, product recommendations, and skincare tips. Her journey as a skincare enthusiast began with her skin struggles and lack of availability regarding necessary information. She was determined to guide others facing similar challenges.

    Tarini’s standout quality is her commitment to educating and assisting her followers to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Her content majorly revolves around skincare product recommendations that characterise different skin types, textures, and specific problems like dryness, ageing, and pigmentation. She proudly shares her own skincare journey and often promotes Indian pharmaceutical brands that are effective and pocket-friendly. She shares her setbacks, vulnerabilities, and successes, making her audience believe in her and appreciate her relatability and transparency.

    She demystifies several myths associated with skincare and doesn’t hesitate to call out brands that are unworthy and don’t deliver up-to-the-mark products. She tries products from a wide range of Indian and international brands and provides genuine reviews about their results. Besides skincare, she often advises her audience regarding the importance of self-care, mental health, and a well-rounded skincare routine.

    Tarini has collaborated with brands like Nykaa and Pure Bubbles and has garnered an average of 470K views and a 5.58% engagement rate on Instagram. Her partnerships with reputable brands have solidified her image as a skincare Instagrammer and made her a trusted source of inspiration in the skincare community.

  • Tanya Singh

    3. Tanya Singh

    Instagram: @itistanyasingh


    Experiments with products to achieve an effective skincare regime

    Tanya Singh has embarked on a milestone of becoming one of the most famous skincare influencers in India by attaining a substantial following for the proficient content she generates in the field of skincare. Her charismatic personality and alluring way of delivering content make her a reliable reference for skincare enthusiasts.

    As a top skincare influencer, Tanya shares content consisting of skincare tips, product recommendations, and scientific knowledge behind the ingredients used in different products. She emphasises following a holistic approach to promote the overall well-being of skin health. She often posts informative content about self-care, skincare ingredients, daily routines, and useful hacks to achieve healthy and radiant skin from within.

    With an average engagement rate of 9.88% and 1 million views, she has become a preferred skincare influencer for brands like L’Oréal, Bajaj, and TREŚemme to endorse and review their products. With her detailed, well-researched, and unbiased product reviews, she has built herself a reputation as a trustworthy and faithful influencer among her followers.

    She engages with her followers from time to time, clears their doubts by answering their questions, and addresses their concerns by providing personalised skincare advice. She uses her strong online persona and audience to educate her followers to adopt effective skincare habits and practices. She has been admired in the skincare community for her efforts to influence and guide her audience.

  • Sungje Mlila

    4. Sungje Mlila

    Instagram: @sungjemlila


    She is a go-to source for organic and budget-friendly skincare

    Sungje Mlila is a devoted skincare fanatic who has a passion for skincare and actively shares her experiences, expertise, and knowledge with her Instagram audience. Having one of the best skincare Instagram accounts, Sungje actively participates in the latest innovation and trends in the skincare industry and showcases her personal efforts, concerns, and difficulties in achieving a helpful skincare routine. She often experiments with different products and ingredients, conducts thorough research, finds the best solutions for the people seeking her help, and guides them to make effective decisions.

    With a deep knowledge of skincare routines, techniques, useful products, essential ingredients, etc., she helps her followers explore their skincare journey. Therefore, she has garnered an average 5.9% engagement rate and around 244K views on Instagram. She has collaborated with skincare brands, including Moody and Aqualogica, promoting chemical-free ingredient products by the brands.

    She curates valuable content around her personal skincare products, tips, treatments she is going through, effective endorsed products, and brand recommendations. She often engages with her followers, fostering a community that can embark on the skincare journey together. She has developed a safe platform for her audience to communicate, discuss, and answer each other's concerns to help each other overcome their difficulties.

    What sets Sungje apart is her authenticity and dedication to helping her followers and connecting with them on a personal level. With her genuine connectivity, her followers connect with her on an emotional level and trust her recommendations and the products she endorses. Additionally, considering the economic situations of different people, she promotes luxurious products along with their cheaper replacements with the same ingredients, thus offering customised advice to individuals in need.

  • Divya Sharma

    5. Divya Sharma

    Instagram: @idivyaa


    She guides her followers by showcasing her own skincare difficulties

    Divya Sharma is one of the top skincare influencers on Instagram because of her relatable and authentic content. She hides nothing from her followers, making them believe in her and trust the products she recommends. Her dedication and commitment to sharing valuable skincare insights make her unique among other skincare enthusiasts.

    Dealing with her own skin problems, she has always portrayed her natural skin on Instagram, emphasising the importance of self-acceptance, self-care and accumulating healthy beliefs around skincare. Her passion shines through the content she shares, and by delivering reliable, in-depth information, she inspires and guides others through their skincare journey.

    Divya uploaded a video recommending the products she uses while her skin breaks out, which received 71.8K views. With her relatable and engaging content, Divya has garnered an average of 34K views and an engagement rate of 0.94% on Instagram. With her trustworthy reputation among her followers, many brands like Garnier and Simplehaves partnered with her to leverage her audience into their potential customers.

    Besides focusing on her skincare journey, she emphasises promoting healthy skin habits among her followers to inspire them to embark on their own skincare paths. Her content revolves around the latest industry trends, reliable skin care tips, brand collaborations, and up-to-date information, helping her audience and viewers.

    Through her commitment and enthusiasm to promote healthy skin care practices and valuable insights, she has become a trusted source, creating the image of a sought-after influencer in the skincare community.

  • Simmy Goraya

    6. Simmy Goraya

    Instagram: @simmygoraya


    Delivers her skincare wisdom with a pinch of comedy

    Simmy Goraya comes under the list of best skincare influencers in India because of her diverse content, where she talks about the importance of skincare routine, skin-specific ingredients, and essential products beneficial for different skin types. Along with the skincare niche, she addresses issues like skin positivity, self-love, mental health, etc.

    With an average of 43K views and an engagement rate of 3.33%, Simmy has bagged partnerships with brands, including Clinique, Olay, Myntra, and Maybelline. She has been an active supporter of self-care and often encourages her viewers to focus on small steps towards their skin's health and work continuously for its betterment through her content.

  • Kareena Tekwani

    7. Kareena Tekwani

    Instagram: @kareena2227_


    She is a reliable source of value-for-money skincare products

    Another skincare aficionado is Kareena Tekwani, who is known for recommending her budget-friendly skincare products and providing exclusive information about their ingredients. She is committed to providing her followers with well-researched and experimental products to ensure they benefit from them. With her reliability and deep understanding of the skincare niche, she has gained popularity in the skincare industry as one of the most famous skincare influencers in India.

    With her kind-hearted nature, she has started a series called #SuppotingSmallBusinesses, and its first episode has already received a total of 82.6K. Additionally, with her frequent interaction with her audience, she has accumulated an average of 496K views and an engagement rate of 21.21% on Instagram. With such insights, several brands like mCaffeine, Plume, Nykaa, Biotique, and Lets Purple have partnered with her to endorse their products.

  • Aashi Adani

    8. Aashi Adani

    Instagram: @aashiadani


    Her feed is full of authentic skincare products and hacks

    Breaking barriers and myths around skincare, Aashi Adani is reaching unbelievable milestones in the skincare industry with one of the best skincare Instagram accounts in India. She has empowered herself in the skincare niche and provides essential tips to her followers so they can build an effective skincare regime for themselves. Her authentic content has gained an engagement rate of 6.09% and average views of 72K on Instagram.

    With her dedication and hard work in the skincare industry, she has shared the stage with renowned celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif at their skincare brand launch parties, which is a massive deal in the influential industry. Being a trusted source among her followers, she has bagged deals with brands like Vaseline and The Derma Co.

  • Namrata Pathania

    9. Namrata Pathania

    Instagram: @namrata_pathania


    Endorses products while adding some uniqueness to it

    While going through Namrata’s Instagram feed, you can see that her content mainly focuses on self-care. She believes in optimum skincare and often experiments with products and ingredients to provide the best recommendations to her followers. Through her commitment and dedication to delivering top-notch guidance to her audience, she has achieved an average of 929K views and an engagement rate of 14.61% on Instagram.

    With such strong engagement and a reliable following, she has solidified her image as a top skincare influencer. Additionally, through her striking portrayal, she has bagged collaborative deals with many skincare brands, including Lux, Garnier, L’Oréal, Simple, The Derma Co., MamaEarth, and Dot & Key.

  • Anusha Bangia

    10. Anusha Bangia

    Instagram: @anushabangia


    She very well knows her way around brand collaborations

    Anusha Bangia is amongst the best-known skincare Instagrammers in India and shares content related to the skincare regime, valuable industry insights, the latest skincare trends, and beneficial recommendations. With an evocative digital presence, Anusha's functionality lies in exploring various skincare products, ingredients, and routines to share adequate information with her followers.

    Her practical approach to relatable skin concerns and commitment to finding accurate outcomes have attained an average of 19K views and an engagement rate of 3.09% on Instagram. Also, her feed is full of collaborative posts; some are with skincare brands like Ponds, Dove, Reene, and Aqualogica.

  • Surabhi Tiwari

    11. Surabhi Tiwari

    Instagram: @surabhi.tiwari


    She has a way into her followers’ hearts with honest content

    With her influence on a holistic approach to skincare, Surabhi Tiwari has managed to connect with her audience on a personal level. She doesn’t shy away from showing her actual skin, which makes her realistic and authentic among the other skincare influencers on Instagram.

    She is a trusted source for her viewers as she showcases her realness and provides her followers with constructive tips and hacks to make informed decisions and achieve their skincare goals. With an average engagement rate of 0.8% and views of 8K on Instagram, she has garnered brand deals with Dot&Key, Mama Earth, Reene, and Acne Squad.

  • Niharika

    12. Niharika

    Instagram: @skin.finityy


    Presents a wide range of skincare on a budget

    With her skincare-dominant content, Niharika has established herself alongside the skincare Instagrammers in India. She often tries different products from various price ranges to experiment, showcase the outcomes to her followers, and ensure they receive all the relevant information they require.

    Niharika has an engagement rate of 11.06% and average views of 264K on Instagram. With a dedicated following and wider reach, she has partnered with brands like The Tribe Concept, Plum, and Acne Squad.

  • Chetali Chadha

    13. Chetali Chadha

    Instagram: @chetalichadha


    Her account is a one-stop for all skincare recommendations

    As one of the most famous skincare influencers in India, Chetali Chadha lives by her passion for providing her audience with the best skincare information possible. Her content revolves around the best practices, tips, and products to help you get desirable skin.

    With her skincare-dominant content, Chetali has accumulated an average of 387K views and an engagement rate of 8.89%. She has made her name in the Indian skincare industry as she mostly promotes Indian pharmaceutical brands that are budget-friendly and dermatologist recommended. Also, her paid partnerships are with brands like Dr Sheths and Aqualogica.

  • Ananya Runjhun

    14. Ananya Runjhun

    Instagram: @ananya_runjhun


    She knows how to leverage her audience with her cuteness

    Ananya Singh has one of the best skincare Instagram accounts, with a bundle of skincare and self-love. It’s a package deal of all the skincare recommendations and tips, where she shares details of all the skincare ingredients and products she uses with her followers.

    She has developed a supportive community on the internet that helps each other with their skincare goals and seeks guidance from Ananya through her posts, comments, and live sessions. She has been in constant partnership with the organic brand AYUGA. Also, she has an engagement rate of 3.27% and average views of 42K on Instagram.

  • Manisha Kaur

    15. Manisha Kaur

    Instagram: @slay_it_forever


    Her Instagram screams aesthetics and glam altogether

    Manisha Kaur’s second name should be sustainability, with a hint of luxury. Her visually appealing and stunning content resonates with her followers, who find relevance in her openness towards self-care and spirituality. For her, skincare is more than just a regime and products; it's self-love which she often portrays through her posts.

    Manisha has average views of 8K and an engagement rate of 1.16% on Instagram, which also includes highlights of different brands' PR packages like Benefit Cosmet, NYKAA, Kay Beauty PR, Smashbox PR, and MAC. She has also partnered with brands, including Bath and Bodywash, MamaEarth, Benefits, and Renee.