Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2020

The birth of influencers on Instagram blew the platform wide open, as an opportunity for businesses to reach their target market on yet another social media platform.

So, if you are wondering whether running a campaign through Instagram Influencers is worth it or why you should consider becoming one yourself, you have landed in the right place!

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?
  • Why choose Instagram for influencer marketing
  • How to find the right Instagram influencer?

Let’s begin!

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing

Utilizing the power of influencer marketing on Instagram to leverage the brand association of influencers is known as Instagram influencer marketing. Influencers on Instagram promote brand’s products on their respective Instagram handles in order to create more awareness and sales of the same. Brands directly contact Instagram influencers or contact Instagram influencer marketing agencies in order to get connected with them for devising appropriate strategy and more views from target audience. Instagram has slowly become a widely used social media platform and also, the primary platform for influencers. The reason for this is three-fold:

Content diversity

Instagram allows users to create static posts, videos of any length, stories (which comes with a variety of its own features) and of course, the latest feature- Reels, hence brands can communicate their product’s features and benefits through all types of content.

Right Prospects

The majority user base of Instagram consists of millennials (ages 24-34) and generation Z (ages 18-24), who comprise the target market of most brands.

Online Presence

Most brands have already built a strong brand presence on Instagram in order to directly communicate with their existing customers or the future potential customers

Instagram allows influencers with 1000+ followers to explore the Instagram Analytics, which allows explore them crucial insights such as what demographic follows and views their content most, profile visits, website clicks to name a few and hence brands can select instagram influencers with respect to their target audience.

Why choose Instagram for influencer marketing?

Why choose Instagram for influencer marketing

Instagram has definitely enabled brands to reach their target audience in a much more genuine and intimate manner as compared to traditional and conventional methods of marketing. Most influencers have a well-defined niche of their own and hence have respective interest based audience i.e. fitness influencers have fitness loving audience, food influencers have food loving audience, gamers have game loving audience, fashion influencers have fashion loving audience, auto influencers have auto industry loving audience, hence there is a segregated audience already built on Instagram.

Instagram has a relatively lower user base, but here are a few facts that make Instagram the most effective platform for influencer marketing:

More Engagement

Instagram allows sharing posts, videos as well as stories on its platform. Hence, influencers can achieve more engagement on their content and ultimately contribute more towards the marketing campaign.

Users in Billions

Instagram has over a billion monthly users which means brands can reach wide and varied audience to be tapped into which makes it very popular among brands.

Micro Influencers

Instagram has a huge number of micro influencers on its platform. Micro influencers have limited audience but high engagement which make them a gem in the influencer marketing industry.


There is a close relationship between Instagram users and the brands present on the platform. 90% of the users follow at least 1 brand on the platform.

Online Presence

Instagram provides a huge push to the brands present on its platform as it is easy to keep up with brands through their posts and stories. This ultimately helps them achieve better online presence.

Quality traffic

Due to the new feature of Instagram, brands will be allowed to set up online shops on the platform. With the help of a solid marketing campaign, a decent traffic can be driven towards this.


Instagram has users from all over the world and some of the most followed brands such as Nike are international brands.

Awareness & Sales

500 million people use Instagram stories every day and 33.33% of the most viewed stories are itself from brands. Hence, Instagram can help brands improve their business as well as brand awareness.


More than 60% of the users login to Instagram at least once a day and of these, 200 million people visit and browse at least 1 business profile each day.

Purchasing Power

After the recent updates in Instagram, 13% of the users shop on Instagram by tapping on the shopping posts each month.

How to find the right Instagram influencer?

Finding the perfect influencer is very crucial for Influencer Marketing campaigns to be successful.

Here are the top 3 things to look in an Instagram influencer:


Categorizing under what niche an influencer falls into is the first and most important step towards finding the perfect fit for your brand. It is crucial that the influencer’s niche matched with your brand’s niche.


As the number of influencers has grown dramatically in all niches, number of followers is no longer the most important metric to judge an influencer. Engagement on an influencer’s posts / stories should be great.

Previous deals

Understanding how the influencer has conducted previous deals and collaborations with brands is essential to know their manner of conduct, who they have collaborated with, are they competitors to your brand and many such important things.

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