In a time where the marketing landscape is filled with unique marketing strategies, there is one strategy that stands above the rest of them- influencer marketing. It is extremely hard to escape from the chatter about the magical potential of this strategy.

However, the question arises is this strategy really that beneficial for the healthcare industry? To explore that let us delve into this phenomenon and unveil its true potential.

Understanding Influencer Marketing in the Health and Wellness Industry

The need for personalized, hysterical modern lifestyle and preventive healthcare, played as the catalyst for significant rise in the number of health influencers in India. People follow them to look out for healthier ways to stay physically and mentally balanced, or they want to consume health & wellness products/services like Nutritional/Dietary Supplements, variety of functional foods, personal care products, fitness and exercise equipment, probiotics for gut health, wellness services (Natural and substitute therapies), green products, adaptogens, jade rollers, acupuncture, CBD, collagen boosters, boutique gyms, etc.

When a health & wellness brand collaborates with these influencers to promote their product or service, the marketing stratagem is considered as influencer marketing for healthcare.

Healthcare Influencer Marketing: It’s role in the Indian Health Market

According to IMARC Group, the Indian health and wellness market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.55 percent in 2023-2028. The mounting occurrences of chronic lifestyle diseases like anaemia, celiac disease, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, infertility, hypertension etc, along with the increasing awareness in the direction of healing practices, diets, medicines & routines, Ayurveda, naturopathy, and more; health & wellness influencers are the principal drivers for this market augmentation.

Whether you want to promote nutrition products or Zumba classes, having an authentic health influencer educate your target audience about the issues helps increase conversions and loyalty.

Influencer Marketing for Health and wellness brands is a secret weapon to generate interest and credibility in their brand. Since the audience is becoming increasingly vigilant about the information provided by health and wellness brands, they must tread with caution. Any form of misinformation can drive away the audience and tarnish their brand’s image in the market.

Note: The Department of Consumer Affairs has recently announced that the government is bringing out guidelines for health & wellness influencers. It will become compulsory for influencers in this group to display their qualifications to the department as well as their audiences in order to build trustworthiness for recommending on health subjects.

Why Should Health Brands Do Influencer Marketing?

1. Gain Competitive Advantage

Health & wellness brands can position their product/service superior with innovation and differentiation by using a reliable influencer, bespoke healthcare influencer marketing strategy, and powerful user generated content.

Wellness brand Influencer marketing helps you successfully reach, educate and convince new customers while preserving your existing base of loyal customers. Health Influencers guide consumers with personal stories and experiences and thus are able to acquire a higher grade of trust. This helps them in cultivating digital communities of like-minded people.

2. Increase Awareness & Credibility

Today, consumers are more inclined towards personalization. And the highly personalised landscape of the health & wellness market, makes it tougher for brands to build credibility. Health influencers provide consumer insights, evidence-based data, stories and offer tailored recommendations.
Wellness and health brand Influencer marketing helps brands to build trust among health enthusiasts via employing brand association leverage strategy with hyper-personalised strategies and problem-solving content creation.

3. Upsurge Customer Engagement

Brands must invest in health education via reliable word of mouth marketing practice to engage customers and help them comprehend the worth they offer.
Offering personalised content, experiences and references can help you increase customer engagement. You must create engaging health related content that resonates with your influencer’s audience, so that you can cultivate a stronger relationship between your brand and the mutual target audience.

4. Unlock Crucial Consumer Insights & perspectives

Health influencers are trusted by their followers more than traditional advertisements. Contrasting from studio-produced content, these influencers provide an organic way to demonstrate how your products can be used in people’s daily routine. According to social media Today, 74 percent of consumers search for and rely on product recommendations on social media before they make a buying decision. When a health influencer presents a problem-solving content, the audience gets inspired and interacts with him/her. These comments, likes and shares can provide good data from where you can modify your offering with respect to their interest.

5. Humanise your Healthcare brand

Health influencers help you humanise your brand, making it easier for target consumers to believe and engage with it. With dense emotional connections you can expand your reach, cognizance, and intensify marketing efforts. By providing treasured content, health & wellness influencers can inspire audiences to partake in their health journey energetically. They can also help form a sympathetic and fostering milieu heartening them to become healthy by making informed purchasing decisions.

6. Boosting SEO

Influencer marketing boosts a health brand’s search presence and improve search engine rankings. The influencer association provides quality backlinks and help you drive organic traffic and upsurge distinguishability.

How can Health Brands do Influencer Marketing?

1. Sponsored Posts

You can collaborate with authentic health influencers to promote your offerings. A health brand must provide the guidelines, potentials, or themes, so the influencers produce content accordingly.

2. Haul Videos

Brands can make influencers create haul videos, in which they open and try a range of products and give candid, in-the-moment reactions. The reimbursement for influencers, excluding the payment, can be discounted product

3. How-to Tutorials

You can collaborate with health influencers to create product explainers or testimonial videos explaining how to use your products or services, specifying the benefits and their own experience with it.

4. Multiple Influencer Integration

You can reach a wider target audience and boost brand awareness by partnering with multiple health influencers all over India.

5. Giveaways or Contests

You can establish your brand or launch a new product to an influencer’s audience via entertaining giveaways or contests.

6. Brand Ambassador Programs

A health brand ambassador is an influencer who shares content for a brand every day or repeatedly. They usually have long-term partnerships with the brand ranging from a few months to a year or longer. They are like the “face” of a brand.

7. Influencers’ Reviews

The drive of a health influencer review is to provide an honest opinion of a health & wellness product and how they experienced using it. Product reviews are important for sales and an influencer review provides social proof too.

8. Pre-Launch Marketing

There are millions of new health & wellness products coming out every year in India, hence brands need to create exhilaration for the customers. Pre-launch or release campaigns are ideal for an effective health brand influencer marketing campaign.

9. Discount Codes

Promo and discount codes, can also be given to health influencers to share with their followings. By providing premium codes for shopping, influencers help you broaden your reach.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Health brands can work with multiple influencers to promote their offerings at once at a low cost. The health influencer earns a commission on all sales caused from their channels.

From Strategy to Success: Tips to Run Successful Health Brand Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Listed below are some tips that can aid brands in running a smooth and successful influencer marketing campaign.

1. Knowing Who To Target

Defining a target audience is the first and foremost step in running a health brand influencer marketing campaign. Health and wellness brands must be well aware of their audience profile, as it will help them in selecting the right influencers for their campaign. Not knowing the target audience can be a huge disaster!

2. Identifying Goals

Before moving forward with their campaign, wellness brands must identify and define the goals they want to achieve. Also, knowing whether the goals are long-term or short-term is extremely important, as it can make planning for the campaign easier.

Health brands must make a list of goals like generating leads, increasing sales, enhancing brand recognition, etc.

3. Creating a List of Health Creators

Brands can research and create a list of health creators they like the most. They can contact them by either emailing or calling them personally, whichever way they like. Sending them their products to use can be helpful as it would help them in having a first-hand level of understanding of the product.

4. Planning and Launching the Content

After selecting the health crestors brands can move forward to planning and the execution part. They can ideate, plan and prepare a list of content the creators are required to post online. This will help brands carry out the execution systematically.

Examples of Health and Wellness Brands Who Harnessed the Power of Influencer Marketing

1. Nykaa

Nykaa, one of India’s biggest beauty brands, made waves in the industry by hosting an interactive event named ‘Wellness Week”. In this exciting event, Nykaa collaborated with esteemed doctors like Dr. Siddhanth Bhargava, wellness influencers like Rytasha Rathore, and some celebrities. The event aimed to provide the audience with a more personalised experience offering health and wellness advice and valuable tips.

2. Dettol

Dettol, a prominent health brand has a history of rich and robust marketing campaigns for traditional media like TV and print ads. However, over the years Dettol has actively engaged with influencers like Nikki Tamboli and Shehnaaz Gill, etc to target this audience. As a result of tapping into this strategy, Dettol has made a notable impact on the audience.

3. Paree Girl

Paree Girl, a pioneer brand in feminine hygiene, introduced ultra-soft and breathable sanitary pads. To promote this product, they sought the support of renowned social media influencer Kusha Kapila to illustrate the daily challenges of women during their menstrual cycle. In this manner, they resonated with the target audience and their struggles during menstruation.

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