How To Create Effective Christmas Campaigns

The most wonderful time of the year for influencer marketing is approaching: the holiday season. Given the predicted drop in shop traffic, marketers should ensure that they have a thorough online and social plan in place to attract more Christmas customers this year than ever before. Working with top influencer marketing platform, to create visually appealing Christmas content is a fantastic way to nail holiday marketing. Brands may use content producers to reach out to huge, loyal audiences who are more inclined to buy based on their recommendations due to which according to statista, the worldwide influencer marketing market value has more than quadrupled since the last year, and is expected to reach $13.8 billion.

Brands should think imaginatively about how they may cooperate with acceptable tastemakers to raise sales, enhance SEO, and take advantage of the enormous numbers of customers anticipated to favour e-commerce this Winter. Given the uncertainties surrounding people's purchasing patterns this Christmas, it's critical to begin strategizing as soon as possible. To assist you on your journey, the following piece will explain a few of the ways influencers may be used effectively in Christmas marketing campaign.

Best Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Consumers are stressing about what to purchase loved ones in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and many are turning to the internet for advice. We discovered that customers trust word of mouth marketing more than any other kind of promotion, which is why influencer marketing has been increasingly popular in recent years. Look no farther than YouTube for a plethora of influencers ready to share their thoughts on the best presents to buy this holiday season. For example- 5 minutes craft channel on Youtube often release videos regarding last minute gift ideas around christmas season.


With creative, bespoke branded animations, take advantage of in-app geo-filters and AR technologies on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. When an influencer is used to debut a filter, shareability skyrockets and trends go viral. Invest in visual design to provide clients a more advanced, enjoyable experience that allows them to imitate their favourite innovators. Brands may also customise filters to be really precise to certain goods or releases, which is a fantastic way to get the word out just in time for the holidays. For example- Gucci, Coca-cola, Starbucks, etc have successfully launched their own filters to promote.


People adore a good deal. Individual influencer partners should be given a competitive mechanic to encourage user-generated content and participation in exchange for a large stock award. With a money-can't-buy gift, you can increase attractiveness. This holiday season, consumers will most likely be looking for a discount, and influencer competitions will increase interaction, site traffic, and brand loyalty. To enable better performance tracking and content aggregation, develop a special, campaign-specific hashtag for the giveaway. For example - YouTubers like Gaurav Taneja, etc often promote brands through giveaway competitions to win rewards which requires the audience to make a purchase or interact with the brand in some way.


With the rise in popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels since lockdown began, there's little doubt that video is in its heyday. Use this momentum to your advantage by encouraging influencers to get creative with video content. Keep things festive and increase excitement, whether it's an 'unboxing' on IGTV or a live haul on YouTube. Live video, for example, is a terrific method to do this since it allows producers to have a direct two-way dialogue with their audience about your product in the present, including why they love it so much.

Use Of Different Content Angles

When it comes to influencer marketing, giving your selected influencer creative control may be quite beneficial to achieve the best Christmas campaigns. Bhuvan Bam, etc for example is known to use their creativity in the most attractive way possible for brand promotion. Christmas brings a plethora of chances, such as gift suggestions, Christmas-themed advertising, and Vlogmas. Giving influencers creative licence to incorporate your product into their daily life makes the partnership feel more genuine, and their followers are more inclined to buy in.

Simply looking at Simone Partner's YouTube video for example on a Makeup Revolution advent calendar unboxing, which has 325,000 views and 500+ comments, demonstrates the power of just one influencer. With the power of the internet, it's as simple as clicking a link and having a Christmas gift delivered in time for December 25th.

The gift that keeps on giving is festive emotion

When the Coca-Cola commercial airs and Starbucks begins selling its gingerbread lattes in red cups, everyone knows Christmas is approaching. Starbucks red cups provide customers a pleasant fuzzy sensation of Christmas since their visual has become synonymous with the holiday season which is a great answer to the most asked question of how you can make a campaign more effective, and they provide the firm with free marketing reach through their low-level brand champions.

Similarly, Coca-Cola trucks have grown in popularity, with the business deploying genuine trucks across the United States for customers to visit and reimagine the commercials from their youth. When it comes to Christmas ads, marketers may undoubtedly capitalise on this nostalgia. When it comes to emotional purchasing, creating this sensation during one of the biggest consumer spending seasons of the year and employing influencers to promote it may work wonders.

So, you're all ready for your Christmas campaigns, but don't forget about these critical considerations when selecting the ideal collaborator:

  • Knowing the degree of affinity an audience has with its selected influencer is critical to understanding how a brand's messaging will resonate. It's also vital to evaluate if an influencer has a genuine audience and followers, since greater engagement indicates a higher level of trust in the influencer's network.
  • For a genuine collaboration that doesn't scream forced for the purpose of profit, make sure your brand values align with those of your selected influencer. Paid advertising is not invisible to social media users, and they will not buy into something that is too blatant and phoney.
  • Whether you want to partner with an influencer to align your brand, raise awareness, or generate direct sales, you must first ensure that the influencer's audience or platform is a good fit for your company (snapchat is said to be the least preferred platform for influencer marketing as per bigcommerce)

But isn't it all a lot of work? Not anymore, thanks to influencer marketing platforms like GRYNOW which can help you nail this area of marketing!

Try it out and let us know how it goes!