Top Health and Fitness Influencers in UAE in 2022

top Instagram health influencers

The fitness and wellness industry are witnessing a huge boom in the Middle East. And a large part of it is due to social media content posted by Emirati fitness influencers. People love the self-paced format of online workout routines shared by influencers. Many non-celebrity influencers are regular people with their fat-to-fit journeys, which adds to their relatability. Fitness influencers deliver value to their partner brands as well.

Social media — and YouTube in particular — has made it easier than ever to find workout ideas and training tips. Still, for every influencer sharing genuinely good advice, there are tons more who don't know what they're talking about and growing their following because they have a banging body. There's a fundamental difference between someone with abs of steel and popping biceps posting selfies from the gym and someone who shares science-backed evidence, genuinely good workouts, and motivational advice. Brands that collaborate with top health and fitness influencers in UAE witness better customer engagement and loyalty, increased sales, and more return on investment - it isn't just a theory but a proven fact. The pandemic has further helped shift businesses ' attention to the non-celebrity influencers. To get a hassle-free influencer marketing experience, brands can reach out to the best influencer marketing agency.

List of Top Health and Fitness Instagrammers

Layla Akil

Top fitness influencers

Layla Akil is a Lebanon-born public figure born and bought up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Having been in the spotlight for six years, her Instagram ( has amassed a following of over 160k loving and loyal fans. On her YouTube channel, she posts various types of educational and entertaining cosmetic videos. It includes everything from makeup, skincare, fashion, lifestyle, and modern hairstyles for all hair types.

Layla's audience adores her for her great videos, relaxed attitude, and mostly her courage to speak out. Recently on her channel, she started a series called "Perfection 101," where the opinion leader talked about the sexual abuse she endured when she was young. Through this act, she has also given the courage to many women to speak out on the same. Layla has also released her single track, which provides a glimpse into her passion for music.


Fitness influencer

Mike, aka Mr. Muscle, and Viv, aka Mrs. Muscle, are well-known fitness trainers based in UAE. Their HIIT and Circuit workouts are professionally programmed to be short, progressive, and highly metabolic. The two YouTube fitness influencers live by a simple yet powerful motto; 'Workout smarter. Change Faster.'

Several different exercise training styles exist; hence, fitness enthusiasts should not be restricted a one method. Fitness training should be doable, enjoyable, and motivating. To that end, they have designed a training style with time-efficient workouts that help people lose fat, build muscle, increase strength, and develop their functional fitness. Viv, aka Mrs. Muscle, holds BSc Hons Degree in Sports Science, AIQ Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training, and Level 5 Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor. Mike, aka Mr. Muscle, has an AIQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. On Instagram (, the fitness influencers of UAE has a massive following of 1.6M followers.

Ayesha Cheema

Ayesha Cheema

Ayesha is a blogger, content creator, and one of the best female fitness YouTubers who is a doctor by profession. On Instagram (, the doc has 12.3K followers. The maven discusses medical issues, skincare, makeup, home remedies, and fashion on her YouTube channel. Her audience adores her for her interactive videos. Moreover, what helps her gather audience is that she discusses medical issues that many are not comfortable asking their doctors. As she is a person who only focuses only quality, brands with legit products can approach her and take advantage of her widely spread audience and increase your sales, reach, and ROI.

The UMA Show

The UMA show

Uma Ghosh is a Dubai-based award-winning TV Producer, Entrepreneur, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and YouTube fitness influencer who has been in the TV industry for 13 years. She is credited for pioneering the television broadcast industry in the Middle East for the South Asian diaspora. The fitness vloggers of Dubai started her journey in 2005 and founded 'Queen Bee Production,' a top-of-the-line production unit, with a vision to provide high-quality programming in the region and beyond. Under this banner, Uma launched eight successful shows across various channels in the Middle East beam, including High Life Dubai, Top Guns, love4food, ZEE Connect, TOTT, PropertyScape, and her pet project The UMA Show to name a few.

The UMA show embodies her belief that anyone who dreams it can achieve it. Over the years, through her shows, Uma has raised awareness for many causes and interviewed many successful personalities from celebrities, artists, successful entrepreneurs, visionaries to political figures. As one of the biggest YouTube fitness influencers, Uma has endorsed numerous brands in the past 12 years. Presently she is the Wellness Ambassador of Technogym, Middle East Brand Ambassador of Natura Bisse, and Philip Stein. On Instagram (, the maven amuses us with her 65.3K follower base.



Al-Afnan is a young fitness YouTuber who focuses her videos on cooking, beauty, and healthcare. On her YouTube channel, she posts content that helps lots of women with their daily routine. Her videos include a lot of shortcuts, tips, and tricks. Al-Afnan keeps her audience wholly engrossed in her videos. Her audience, too, is highly active and enjoys interacting with her via the community wall in her YouTube channel. She has come a long way to gather this much audience and keep them constantly engaged and active. Businesses can surely entrust her to promote their product as she can blend in with her content, which every brand needs today.

Amin Yahya

Amin yahya

Amin Yahya is a 20-year-old medical student pursuing MBBS in China Medical University. He is a Ghana national, but his family is residing in the UAE at present. He posts videos related to medical books, vlogs, China travels, fitness, and more on his YouTube channel. On Instagram (, the maven has 34.2K followers. The fitness vloggers from Dubai keeps his viewers engrossed with his different styles and unique way of content creation. He is the one for the job if brands are on the lookout for opinion leaders with fresh and enthusiastic ideas. Amin's YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing on the platform. Additionally, although Amin has a niche audience, they are highly active and engaging.

Get Fit With Rick

Get fit with rick

Born and bred in London, Rick Bhullar spent the past ten years as a professional dancer. Eventually, Rick would end up in Dubai, where he retired as a dancer and began a new career as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor. As a personal trainer, he soon found that he had limited access to the folks in the fitness realm - this led the top YouTube workout influencer to focus on group exercise, thus launching the Dubai Fit Boot Camp Having trained thousands of clients, he developed his method and style of training to meet every client's needs. The boot camp went on to become the largest and most successful boot camp in Dubai. He was a finalist at the UAE's most significant fitness awards show for group instructor of the year.

After five years, with the Covid 19 pandemic hit, he had to close down his business. Even after the misfortune, Rick did not give up. He shifted his attention to YouTube to work with clients remotely. With a career as a dancer and fitness trainer at his back, the male YouTube fitness influencer started pioneering new walking workouts targeted at helping people achieve their step goal while in lockdown. He took it from marching on the spot to adding a dance element, step counter, music, and entertainment element. On Instagram (, the fitness freak has got 44.6K followers.

Sara Nouh

Sara nouh

Sara Nouh is a blogger, digital content creator, medical student, and fitness vloggers in Dubai. Her YouTube channel features vlogs, her medical school journey, and all about her lifestyle. On Instagram (, she relishes 25.6K followers. Influencers now play a significant role in the media for marketers across established and new brands. As per a recent study, 50% of marketers are planning to use influencer marketing in 2021. A brand looking to expand sales and shoot up your ROI can benefit from this popular female fitness YouTuber should be Sara, who amasses a highly interactive and engaging fan-following.

Kaya Peters

Kaya peters

Kaya Peters is an internationally renowned Yoga teacher and Holistic expert. For the past decade, she has been traveling the world extensively to train and study with some of the world's most well-known experts in the field of Yoga, Nutrition, and Holistic Teachings. The UAE fitness blogger runs a private and medical Yoga teaching practice, helping her clients overcome injuries and mental health issues. In addition, Kaya teaches at worldwide detox retreats, teacher training, and obesity and diabetes management programs.

Kaya is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the International Yoga Alliance and holds numerous qualifications in health and wellness. Without cutting corners, the Health and Fitness Influencer of Dubai can develop one-of-a-kind programs that help her clients improve their lives daily. Everything Kaya teaches comes from a wealth of personal experience gained from working with clients from all different walks of life. There is a never-ending list of her awards on her website. (

Eryc Ortiz

Eryc Ortiz

Eric Ortiz has been a young fitness YouTuber, trainer, game-changer, Street workout and Calisthenics athlete from the United Arab Emirates. He has won the SW World Championship in 2014 and 2015, King of the Bar in 2016, and Featherweight World Championship in 2018. On Instagram (, the famous fitness influencer has 280K followers. The rise of Influencer marketing has seen an influx of apps that connect brands and top influencers to create content together. This helps brands drive more creativity, increase their reach, drive campaigns, and even widen their audiences. So, it is essential that brands looking for better growth reach out to influencer marketing agencies and upgrade their marketing strategy.

Jantee Shaban

Jantee shaban

Jantee Shaban is an Iraqi fitness coach who resides in Dubai, UAE. He is the ambassador for ALLMAX and Hummer USA. On Instagram (, he enjoys a followers count of 49K. On YouTube, the top YouTube workout influencer posts bodybuilding content which he creates from scratch. Even an amateur fitness freak would be able to cope up with the routine after watching his videos. Many guys yearn badly to have a body like Jantee. Before non-celebrity entered the scene, celebrities and stars held influence over people. But now, micro-influencers have the upper hand, owing to the better engagement and interaction they encourage with their followers. Fitness vloggers in Dubai can promote a brand more as they communicate with brands customers' at a personal level. Thus, helping people with easy decisions making. Influencers like Jantee will be the right and reasonable choice for any brand to achieve their desired objective.

Reshma Badi

Reshma badi

Reshma Badi, also known as Fat Kid, is a fitness vloggers in Dubai who inspires and motivates people to shred off weight. Reshma herself lost 45 kg with the correct diet and workout routine. On her YouTube channel, the female Emirati fitness influencer posts videos of her weight loss journey, how to plan an effective workout and diet, tips to overcome difficulties during the process, healthy recipes, and last but not least, vlogs. Reshma's channel has started to pick up momentum. Since she is familiar with the troubles faced during weight loss - she has a good idea of her audience’s expectations. With her inherent expertise, Reshma has tailored her videos to address problems that many other fellow YouTubers fail to address. And this is precisely why her channel's subscribers' count is skyrocketing.

Sumaia Banat

Sumaia banat

Sumaia is a digital fitness coach and upcoming female fitness YouTuber for Healthy lifestyle. She specializes in Pre-Partum and Post-Partum training, sports nutrition, and personal training. Sumaia has helped more than 200 people reach their desired fitness goals. She has been among the few fitness trainers who could help cure PCOS through an effective diet and exercise routine. On Instagram (, the fitness vloggers in Dubai has got 25.7K followers backing her.

Influencers like Sumaia stay close to their audience and strive to build a strong relationship with the people they interact with. They have the power to impact customers' decisions regarding buying and selling through product placements and endorsements. So, it would be wise of brands to choose an opinion leader like Sumaia to enhance their sales and ROI and reach their desired audience.

Karen Mattar

  • Subscribers: 5.63K
  • Channel: Karen Mattar
Karen matter

After a long journey of being lost and leading an unhealthy lifestyle, Karen decided to quit her job in 2017. She left many things and people behind her to follow her passion and go for what makes her feel alive; wellness, health, fitness, and adventure. Karen is an integrative nutrition health coach, yoga teacher, WCO calisthenics coach and a top female fitness YouTuber based in Dubai. She is busy sharing her practice online with people all over the world. Karen Mattar also holds certificates in mobility and movement. She believes in innovative training and bio-individuality. Her motto is simple yet thoughtful;" One person's food is another person's poison." She can help individuals be the best version of themselves and find what works best for their bodies. On Instagram (, the fitness queen enjoys 178K followers.

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