Complete Guide To Hashtag Analytics And Tracking

Guide To Hashtag Analytics

Let us start our article with a question. What do top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have in common? That's right, all these platforms use hashtags to tag and categorize the content. But we bet you didn't know that hashtags were first brought into practice by our favorite microblogging platform Twitter. After their introduction, their usage has not only been considered necessary but has also become an integral part of social media marketing campaigns. At the top Influencer marketing agency - Grynow, we use hashtags to find influencers and optimize campaigns for their clients. Since we know the importance of hashtags, one may say that hashtag analytics should be a priority in any organization - but sadly, it's not always the case.

Marketers are no strangers to hashtag usage. With some luck, brands can even get the outcome they desire. But if they don't analyze hashtags, they will never know if there was something more they could have done to yield better results. But we are willing to go out on a limb and say that is why you are here. Don't worry; you have made the right choice.

We will use this article to tell you everything you need to select the right hashtags and perform Hashtag Analytics. We will also talk about Hashtag tracking tools that can simplify the process. Stay tuned.

What Are The Types Of Hashtags

Before we learn how to analyze hashtags, we first have to familiarise ourselves with the types of hashtags used in campaigns and posts.

Brand Hashtags

what are brand hashtag

Many organizations use their product or company name as brand hashtags to raise awareness and increase consumer recall. That begs the question, “what makes a good brand hashtag”? – well, it should be short, catchy, and, most importantly, unique. Let us consider an example: Suppose you own a sports brand with the slogan "built for speed," - which you can utilize as your brand hashtag. Now your loyal customers can tag their pictures with this hashtag and share it with their friends, family, and colleagues - gaining your brand extended exposure.

We can help you discover and monitor relevant hashtags for your business. But of chance that you would prefer having a go at it yourself - there are different paid and free hashtag analytics tools that you can use to track the performance of your Hashtags. We shall cover them in detail later in this article.

Content Hashtags

As the term suggests, these hashtags are directly related to the contents of your post. For example, if you own a dessert shop, our content strategists can create eye-catching pictures of your offerings and pair them with relevant hashtags like #sundae, #pastries, #cupcakes, etc. Content hashtags are great if your aim is to increase engagement and reach more customers.

Trending Hashtags

trending hashtag

Trending hashtags are all the craze at the given moment. If you can successfully capitalize on the right ones that can put your brand in front of the right audience, then, by all means, go for it. We make sure to do hashtag research before using them in the posts. We don't want brands to come off as someone who piggybacks on a trending topic, even if the hashtags we select have nothing to do with what our client’s do. Case in point, when Casey Anthony was absolved of all charges - the hashtag #notguilty was trending on Twitter. Entenmann's dessert company decided to ride the wave but later came under heavy fire for an inappropriately timed tweet. To avoid similar mishaps, you can get in touch with our expert agency team for guidance.

How To Perform Hashtag Analytics

Now that we know about the different types of hashtags, you may want to start using them in your content and track their performance.

Choose Or Create Your Hashtag

You are presented with two options. You can either decide to pick from an existing lot of trending hashtags or create your own. We suggest going with the latter. Your unique hashtags will provide valuable insights needed to grow your business. We can help you select targeted hashtags, not generic ones. The probability of your competitors using similar hashtags significantly reduces when hashtags are more niched. We are professionals’. We run the hashtags across relevant social media sites to ensure they are not already in use. Lesser uses are acceptable, but if the numbers are in thousands, we make necessary changes.

Create Content For Your Hashtag

how to do hashtag analytics

Now that we have the right hashtags, we provide valuable insights in creating content relevant to that hashtag. If you already have posts that fit the description, feel free to utilize time. Our content strategists reuse content by repurposing it to reduce strain on our client’s resources. This presents brands with an opportunity to share their content with their audience. Most social media platforms make it easier to edit the existing post to insert new hashtags.

Find A Hashtag Analytics Tool

If you are already using one or plan to use them in the future, then please keep reading the article. We have covered some of the best paid and free analytics tools that help us provide in-depth metrics on your hashtag and content performance. You can utilize the insights acquired to optimize your marketing efforts.

What Hashtags Metrics Should You Track?

what hashtag metrics to track

An analytics tool can reveal different metrics associated with your hashtag performance. However, some take precedence over others and are vital for your campaign success. Here, we have listed important metrics that you should consider. Of course, we understand that different businesses have varying needs. You are free to look at numbers that are important for meeting your brand goals.


Do you want to generate more awareness for your brand? – If yes, then this is the metric to track. Reach reveals the number of people that have seen your content at least once. Our expertise can put your posts ahead of a broader audience by pairing them with the right hashtags and preventing the metric from falling on the lower side.


Engagement is a vital metric for hashtag analysis. The number of likes, comments, and share you get on your posts provides insights on how well the content is connected with your audience. Right hashtags will attract more targeted users to your content; these people prefer what you create and, thus, won't mind hitting the like button or dropping a reply. On the other hand, if the results are not what you expected, we can help you target more specific hashtags.

Hashtag Popularity

Are your hashtags popular enough to get searched? Are your hashtags relevant? It would be best if you utilized our expertise to find hashtags that are getting searched often. After all, we want users to engage with your content – this wouldn't be the case if they fail to find your post. Also, we do not spam your content with irrelevant hashtags, even if they are popular.


We at the top influencer marketing agency can help you familiarize yourself with the hashtag metrics associated with your audience's age, gender, race, location, interests, behavior, and ethnicity. With the data we provide, you can ascertain that the right users search the hashtag you select – this means your posts will reach your desired audience.

Best Hashtag Analytics Tools

As promised, we have listed some hashtag analytics tool that can help you track ad monitor your hashtag performance.

Brand 24

best hashtag analytics tool

The first tool on our list is Brand 24. Although it is used primarily to monitor your brand or products online, It is a more versatile tool that allows you to track hashtags and provide analytics. The tracking feature enables you to monitor hashtag performance on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Tiktok. You can gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns based on the hashtags used.

The hashtag analytics tool reveals different metrics associated with your campaign inside the analysis tab. For example, you can see total mentions, engagement rate, popularity, reach, discussion, and much more. The max plan subscription also allows you to track your hashtag in real-time. Additionally, for specific hashtags, the tool reveals the social media handles of Influencers who can represent your brand shortly.


Brand 24 provides several paid packages - plus at $49/month, Premium at $99/month, and Max at $299/month. You are also provided with a 14 day free trial period.


Keyhole is a hashtag tracking tool, which provides real-time performance metrics of hashtags used on Twitter and Instagram. The tool comes in handy to gauge the performance of campaigns with the help of reports, mention tracking, keyword tracking, event monitoring, and access to past data. Like most popular analytics tools, keyhole provides real-time metrics on your hashtags. You can utilize the insights derived from the reports to optimize your campaigns and improve your prospects of a higher return on investment.

As we already mentioned before, some metrics are more important than others. On that note, keyhole allows users to customize their reports to include only the metrics relevant to their business. You look more professional when sharing this dashboard with your business partner or employees. Hashtags tracking and analytics tool provided by keyhole is part of their larger monitoring solution. You can get access to the product for a seven days free trial period without providing your credit card details.


Seven-day free trial. Paid plan starts at $99 per month.


hashtag analytics tool

Talkwalker is paid product. However, the company provides a free demo to help marketers determine whether they need a product or not. Talkerwalkers hashtag analysis feature is not stand-alone but comes integrated with their social media analysis module - this is great if you want to reduce the hassle of tracking individual metrics across multiple social media handles by bringing them together on a single platform. The tracking and hashtag analytics tool monitors your hashtag in real-time and provides data related to total shares, reach, engagement rate, and total mentions.

Apart from the metrics mentioned above. You can also expect the following from this product:

  • Talkwalker integrates with Google Analytics to provide data on your social media ROI.
  • The image recognition feature protects your digital property by enabling you to keep a tab on content misuse by any third-party entity.
  • The tool recommends influencers and brand ambassadors depending on the hashtags you track.
  • Talkwalker has a unique feature called "sentiment analysis", which determines whether your audience’s view of your brand is positive or negative.


Free demo available, after that paid plan, starts from $9000/year.

All Hashtag

Are you looking for hashtags relevant to your niche and performing optimally on your selected social media handles? - if yes, then this is a free hashtags analytics tool that has got you covered. Before it became a go-to tool for social media marketers, started as a hashtag recommendation product.

The workings of this tool were straightforward. All you had to do was insert a keyword, and would suggest a list of high-performing hashtags that you can insert in your posts. Today has been updated to include multiple hashtag-related features.

  • The "hashtag generator", which came with the original version, provides random, top, or live hashtags to be used in your post.
  • You can create your unique hashtags using "hashtag creator".
  • Numeric data about your hashtags are available in the "hashtag analytics" section.
  • The "Top hashtags" section reveals hashtags that are heavily utilized in the present.

Price: Free

How Many Hashtags Should You Use?

how many hashtags to use

You already know this, but the number of hashtags you use will depend on the social media site. Please remember that there is no standard strategy when it comes to Hashtags. It would be better if you refrain from using any hashtags on some platforms.

  • Facebook - 1-2 hashtags
  • Tik tok - 2 - 5 hashtags
  • Snapchat: 2 - 5 hashtags
  • Pinterest: 0 hashtags
  • Twitter: 1 - 2 hashtags
  • LinkedIn: 2 - 3 hashtags
  • YouTube: upto to 15 hashtags
  • Instagram: upto to 30 hashtags (10 to 20 are reasonable numbers)

Thank you for sticking with us till the end. We hope you have gained enough knowledge on how to perform hashtag analytics. Would you please share it with others?