In the bustling heart of the Middle East, Dubai stands as a beacon of innovation and luxury. This city, known for its breathtaking skyscrapers and opulent lifestyle, is also a rising star in the beauty niche. Here, the best beauty Instagram influencers in the UAE are redefining elegance and glamor, blending their personal stories with cultural richness to transform beauty trends.

The emergence of Dubai as a key player in the global beauty industry mirrors its own transformation - from a tranquil desert oasis to a dynamic urban wonderland. Influencers, including celebrated Emirati beauty influencers and beauticians of the UAE, are central to this evolution. They bring an extraordinary mix of local heritage and global trends, creating a beauty dialogue that resonates with a diverse audience.

These Instagram beauty icons in Dubai are more than just trendsetters; they are catalysts in the evolving landscape of consumerism in beauty. Their influence extends beyond their followers; they guide consumer choices and fashion trends. Recognizing this, brands are engaging with these beauty influencers in Dubai to amplify their reach not only in the UAE but throughout the MENA region and beyond.

The impact of these influencers is evident in how they shape consumer behavior and brand strategies. They're not merely promoting products; they're endorsing lifestyles and aesthetics that echo across the GCC and the Middle East. This makes them pivotal figures in the global beauty conversation, transcending the traditional bounds of influencer marketing.

Join us as we delve into the glamorous world of Dubai's beauty trendsetters on Instagram. Their journey is not just about beauty; it's about the power of influence and the art of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

So, let us step into the world of these beauty luminaries!!

List Of Top 10 Beauty Influencers on Instagram in Dubai, UAE (2024)

  • Rida Shahid

    1. Rida Shahid

    Rida Shahid is more than just a number on Instagram, she is one of the major Instagram beauty icons Dubai with 151k followers, she stands out as a beacon of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion fusion. Her profile, desigirl.says , is a canvas showcasing her versatility in blending traditional and modern beauty concepts. Her content is not just visually stunning but also rich in quality, making her a perfect choice for brands that prioritize excellence and creativity.

    Rida's posts are a mix of beauty tutorials, product reviews, and personal style statements, each narrating a story of elegance and self-expression.

  • Ritu Pamnani

    2. Ritu Pamnani

    Ritu Pamnani is not just an influencer; she's one of dubai's best beauty influencers on instagram. Boasting a robust 517k following, her Instagram, ritupamnani, is a testament to her exceptional reach and high-quality content.

    Ritu's feed is a blend of glamorous makeup looks, skincare routines, and snippets of her luxurious lifestyle, all encapsulated with a touch of personal charm. She connects with her audience through her honest reviews and innovative beauty hacks, making her a beloved figure in the beauty community.

  • Nouran Tarek

    3. Nouran Tarek

    Dominating the beauty scene with a colossal 1.3M followers, Nouran Tarek's Instagram, with.nouran, is a symphony of great quality content and wide reach. Her profile is a journey through various facets of beauty, from intricate makeup tutorials to serene skincare routines.

    Nouran's influence is a blend of her charismatic personality and her ability to connect with a diverse audience, making her a pinnacle figure in the beauty industry of Dubai.

  • Moza Ahli

    4. Moza Ahli

    Moza Ahli might have 41.2k followers, but her impact is profound, she is Dubai's beauty trendsetters on Instagram. Her Instagram,, is a boutique of personalized beauty experiences. Moza's content is characterized by its high quality and relatability, appealing to those who seek beauty inspiration in everyday life.

    Her tutorials and tips are a reflection of her passion for beauty and her commitment to her followers.

  • Deema

    5. Deema

    Deema, a sensation with 1.1M followers, stands tall in the realm of beauty influencers. Her Instagram, deemaalasadi, radiates high-quality content with a wide-reaching impact.

    She's one of the very best beauty influencers in Mena Region known for her glamorous looks, fashion-forward style, and the ability to seamlessly integrate international beauty trends with local flavors. Deema's profile is a celebration of beauty in all its forms, making her a quintessential influencer in Dubai's beauty scene.

  • Bsmalla Alla

    6. Bsmalla Alla

    With a striking 1.6M followers, Bsmalla Alla is a powerhouse in the beauty influencer world. Her Instagram, bsmallaalaa, is a showcase of luxury, quality, and wide reach.

    Her content ranges from high-end beauty product reviews to everyday makeup tutorials, all crafted with precision and elegance. Bsmalla's influence goes beyond her followers; she's a trendsetter, shaping the future of beauty in the Middle East.

  • Shayma Sabry

    7. Shayma Sabry

    Shayma Sabry may have 91.5k followers, but her influence extends far beyond. Her Instagram, beautybyshayz, is a testament to her great quality content and significant reach. Shayma's posts are a blend of personal beauty experiences, product recommendations, and a glimpse into the life of a beauty enthusiast in Dubai.

    Her authenticity and approachable style make her a relatable and inspiring figure in the beauticians of the UAE community.

  • Maya Ahmed

    8. Maya Ahmed

    Maya Ahmed, with 1.2M followers, stands out with her good quality content and substantial reach. Her Instagram, dubai's best beauty influencers on instagram, themayaahmad, is a reflection of her journey in the beauty world. Maya's feed is a mix of beauty tutorials, lifestyle snippets, and personal reflections, making her an influencer who connects with her audience on a deeper level.

  • Najla Massaad

    9. Najla Massaad

    Najla Massaad, with a following of 547K, is a notable beauty influencer in Dubai. Her Instagram, najlamassaad, is an eclectic mix of beauty tips, product reviews, and personal insights. Her approach to beauty is holistic, focusing not just on external appearances but also on inner wellness.

  • Layan Salem

    10. Layan Salem

    The top beauty influencers in dubai list also includes Layan Salem! Her 531K followers are a testament to her influence in the beauty domain. Her Instagram, layannsalem, is a collection of good quality content with a normal reach. Layan's style is unique, blending traditional beauty secrets with modern trends, making her a go-to influencer for those seeking a fresh perspective on beauty.

These influencers are not just faces on a screen; they are the heart and soul of Dubai's beauty scene, each bringing their unique essence to the table. They are the trendsetting beauty influencers dubai, the innovators, and the storytellers of the beauty world, and their influence extends far beyond their Instagram feeds. So, let's take inspiration from these icons and paint our lives with the colors of confidence, grace, and timeless beauty. Join us, the best influencer marketing agency in Dubai, in celebrating the artistry and elegance of Dubai's finest beauty influencers.