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Top food influencers in India


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What is a food Influencer?

A food influencer/blogger is an individual who writes / make videos of honest reviews about food. He has an already established fan following which listens to his views about his/her views because of his established authority.

Impetus for your food business – try Grynow’s network of food influencers in India

  • Recommendation

    When your food business is recommended, appreciated and praised by a group of credible food influencers on social media – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube - you can be hundred percent sure that your business is going to be in the limelight and catch immediate attention! Whether you wish to make a negative impact or a positive impression, the food influencers is a community you cannot live without if your products or services have anything to do with food.

  • Followers

    Today social media is such a powerful platform that one negative comment or a positive review from a person you do not know can influence your decision to give the product or the service a miss or a try. And foodie influencers are people who have their own set of followers – their word is more heard than probably even a celebrity or a public figure. There is a reason to this – when coming straight from these bloggers and vloggers people immediately connect with it because they appear more realistic and natural than a film star or a wealthy sportsperson.

  • Strategy

    If you are in anyways connected with the food business in the country and mean to make it big, your marketing strategy definitely needs to include some of the best foodie influencers in India to speak for you – they could be region-specific or have a national following based on the spread of your business and what your goals are for the future.

What does a food blogger do?

  • Videos / Posts

    These are people, not necessarily chefs and trained people, who post about cooking, ingredients, styles, cuisines – they write posts and upload videos and pictures of the delicacies.

  • Satisfaction

    These are people like you and me and yet by virtue of their knowledge, skill or the mere fact that they can offer satisfying suggestions to others, they are famous and have their own set of followers who vouch for their words.

  • Trust

    From blogging to vlogging, these people are given the respect and status of connoisseurs of food and recipes. So much so that they can instantly connect with an audience and sway them with their words and ideas - imagine what they can do when it comes to be the spokesperson for your brand!

The concept of food influencer marketing has evolved from this very parenthesis that when the right and the top food influencers are chosen to speak to your target market or when an influencer’s follower’s overlap with your desired audience, your brand image can be solidified and strengthened further.

Who are we and what can we do for you through influencer marketing?

Grynow is a top marketing agency based in India with special focus on influencer marketing. We are one of the leading platforms with more than 5000 influencers engaged with us in various industries. Some of the topmost food influencers in India are on our influencer network, those who have their own standing in the world of social media and food industry.

  • Selection

    One of our core areas of work is to facilitate a food business like yours to get connected with selected top food influencers in the country and abroad, as per your requirement. Since our network consists of some of the top food bloggers in India, we will help evolve a brand story for you working in conjunction with your marketing team and the bloggers that will help create a niche for you in the market.

  • Story Teller

    We understand that Instagram is one of the most powerful media for food influencers and brands to tell their stories and enter the minds of the audience. Most of our influencers are the best food Instagram influencers in the country today and their word of appreciation for your business is a sure-shot asset that a conventional marketing medium or advertising can never guarantee you.

  • Experience

    Our team consists of some of the most experienced people from the social media background and industry experience and hence will provide you support and assistance in all aspects of your food influencer marketing strategies.

  • Teamwork

    We believe in working comprehensively with our clients – our work does not end by just introducing your brand to some of the leading food influencers in India. We work to create content and narrations that will wow the audience and motivate and convince them to try your products and services.

We have delivered the results of influencer marketing before. The kind of response your business / brand is going to get after featuring from the best food Instagram influencers will be phenomenal and surpass all your expectations. The audience of these multiple influencers will push your brand to become a household name in the region of your choice within weeks - A feat that would have been almost impossible with the traditional marketing tools.

Get in touch with us today to have few of the top food bloggers in India associate with your business and lay the foundation to a long-term growth for your business.