We often find ourselves standing face to face with the dampness of life. A solution oriented individual exactly knows what to do in those particular times. That is to pack their bags and undertake a journey.

But in this fast paced world and urban culture it is difficult to find locations to go. A city like Chennai, situated on the shore of the mighty Bay of Bengal and Eastern Ghats at its backdoor offers dilemmatic situations to people concerned about information of exotic and beautiful locations. To their rescue, social media platforms like Instagram have the right suggestions.

Travel influencers in Chennai are now shot to fame because of their recommendations. Now Chennaians are not bound to visit the within city situated mundane locations. The demographic is discovering undiscovered locations with the help of Chennai based travel influencers and undertaking the experiences of life.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

Top Travel Instagram Influencers in Chennai

Best Travel Influencers in Chennai

  • Anu Murugan

    1. Anu Murugan

    Instagram: @madrasfoodjournal


    Discover various places and famous food of the respective locations

    Anu Murugan is one of the best travel influencers in chennai. She identifies herself as a blogger. She runs “Madras food journal”. She provides 100% original content and is a Chennai based travel influencer and food enthusiast. She has created guides based on locations of the best food. The various locations are Vadapalani, Besant Nagar, Periyamet, Pondicherry, Purasaiwakkam, etc.

    Anu Murugan has created Instagram highlights which consists of topics like Sabrosa, Dil Se Rasoi, Aesthetic, Random stuffs, Vibe Check, Zomato, Must Try, Mickey The Cat, Meta Creator, That’s me, ITC Grand, KPN, Awards, Fabelle, Highlights, Sugar Fix, Spread, Brownie House, Indian Award, Moj, etc.

  • Vijayalakshmi S

    2. Vijayalakshmi S

    Instagram: @vije1910


    A wanderer exploring food and places

    Vijayalakshmi S identifies herself as a public figure and one of the best travel Instagrammer in Chennai . She is a traveller, influencer, and blogger. She has registered her presence on several social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. She regularly uploads reels about various topics like travelling destinations, food, etc.

    Vijayalakshmi S Instagram highlights consist of Yercaud Dairies, My love, My dream Car, Ooty, Goa trip, Tallest Murugan, etc. She has done various paid partnership collaborations with brands like 25 Shoppy, Harini Tattoo Studio and Tattoo school, etc.

  • Karthikha & Prathibha

    3. Karthikha & Prathibha

    Instagram: @karthikha_photography


    Duo team of Photographers. Indulges in travel to far flung destinations.

    Karthikha & Prathibha is a duo photographer team. They are travel instagrammers in Chennai who cater to wedding, kids, maternity, and model photography needs. They are travel influencers based in Chennai, Coimbatore, and mysore. They love to travel and aspires to travel all around the world.

    Karthikha & Prathibha has created their Instagram highlights which has topics like BTS, Meeee, Baby Shoot, Netflix, Travel, 3AM Thoughts, Family, Maternity Shoot, Dora, Mirror and Me, Upgrades, Life Goals, Couple, Me, Print, Client review, Buddha, Album, Baby Props, Bride, Love, Model, Album, Photobook, Baby Setup, etc.

  • Idris Ahmed

    4. Idris Ahmed

    Instagram: @idris.explores


    Regional travel destinations opinion leader.

    Idris Ahmed is a digital creator and one of top Chennai travel influencers on Instagram. His content revolves around travel and food explorations. He has registered his presence on YouTube and Facebook. He creates various reels about numerous destinations and places to visit. He has a YouTube Channel in Tamil language with following in millions.

    Idris Ahmed has set his Instagram highlight as in order consisting of Singapore, KSA, Milestones, Shoot, Me, Josh talks, Travel Diaries, Blacksheep, ITC Grands, GS Awards, Dinamalar, Flood Relief, Glitzz Events, Chennai Talks, Cars, Travel Diaries, Workout, Editing Videos, Rubik's Cube, Feedbacks, Ambur Foods, YouTube Channel, Happiness, Scams, Collabs, Food, Food Challenge, etc.

  • Kaviya Ramakrishnan

    5. Kaviya Ramakrishnan

    Instagram: @kaviyaartistry_off


    Exclusive makeup tips and recommendations of places to visit with what to do and what not to do.

    Kaviya Ramakrishnan is a Chennai travel influencer on Instagram. She is a professional makeup artist. She indulges in celebrity and bridal makeup. She has registered her presence on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Threads. She loves to travel and provides various travel recommendations.

    Kaviya Ramakrishnan highlights on Instagram are about My Small World, Me, With celebrity, Celebrity Shoot, Shoots, Brides, Account Hacked, Upcoming Batch, etc. She has won various awards and accolades. She recently won an award from Iconic Entertainers. She has curated various reels about makeup and travel.

  • Archana Mariyappan

    6. Archana Mariyappan

    Instagram: @archana_mariyappan


    An actress who loves to travel and discover the undiscovered.

    Archana Mariyappan is a Chennai based travel influencer. She is an actress and loves to travel. She has visited various destinations and has showcased them on her Instagram handle. She also created various reels about various topics. She has registered her presence on various social media platforms like Facebook and Threads.

    Archana Mariyappan has done various paid partnership collaborations with brands like Soniafer Makeup, ShoutBarandCafe, etc.

  • Farhana Suhail

    7. Farhana Suhail

    Instagram: @newtochennai


    Get all the recommendation of within and outside Chennai locations of fame

    Farhana Suhail is one of the best travel Instagrammers in Chennai. She provides information and recommendations to discover things to do in Tamilnadu. Other than that, she also gave access to various New brands, Shopping, Food Spots, and Travel location information. Department of Tourism, Tamil Nadu awarded her Best influencer 2022.

    Farhana Suhail Instagram highlights consists of Favourites, Q&A, Travel, Awards & PR, Testimonials, Celebrity, Vegan, New to Series, Party, NTC Happy, Veg, Shop Fashion, OOTD, Food Online, Beauty, gifting, Kids, Web links, Fitness, Home, Movie List, NTC Cares, Coimbatore, etc.

  • Rebecca Roy | Gowthaman ilambarathi

    8. Rebecca Roy | Gowthaman ilambarathi

    Instagram: @odysseyoftwo


    Duo travellers marking their presence on the topographical map of the world

    Rebecca Roy | Gowthaman Ilambarathi is a duo traveller. They are digital creators and Instagram travel influencers in Chennai. Their content revolves around travel, fashion, and lifestyle. They are Canon India official ambassadors and EOS Influencer. They have also created a guide on the topic “Not to Miss in Armenia”.

    Rebecca Roy | Gowthaman Ilambarathi Instagram highlights consists of destinations they have been which are Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, Amalfi, Interlaken, Luzern, Zurich, Lapland, Finland, About us, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Alampara, Paris, Colmar, etc.

  • Tamizh Arasan

    9. Tamizh Arasan

    Instagram: @tamizh._.arasan_


    Visit the undiscovered wildlife locations with him

    Tamizh Arasan is a Chennai based travel influencer. He is a digital creator and provides budget travel, food recommendations, fashion suggestions, etc. He loves wildlife. He has registered his presence on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

    Tamizh Arasan provides various travel recommendations. He creates reels about destinations that he has visited and recently the visited places are Kumbhe Waterfalls, Harihar Fort, Kuttu Manali in Kodai, Anna Nagar, Parvathamalai, etc.

  • Anisha Srinivasan

    10. Anisha Srinivasan

    Instagram: @anisha_srinivasan


    Get to know about various destination through concise reels

    Anisha Srinivasan is a digital creator and one of the top Instagram travel Influencer in Chennai. She creates various reels and uploads many photos. Her content revolves around topics like Travel, Lifestyle, and chasing experiences.

    Anisha Srinivasan has highlighted topics like Favourites, Srinagar, Leh & ladakh, Goa, Bangalore, TH, Gokarna, Vietnam, Malaysia, Weddings, Mostly OOTDs, Varkala, Dance, Jaipur, friends, Work, Kasol, Kullu Manali, Lonavala-Mumbai, Wayanad, Sunset, etc.