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Top 5 Travel Instagram Influencers in Chennai to follow in 2020

Top Travel Instagram Influencers in Chennai

Who are travel Influencers?

Travel influencers are the social media enthusiasts or the influencers who have the power to inspire the thinking of people (followers) through their travel experiences. Followers watch their leaders exploring new things and learn about new places before exploring it personally. This way people save a lot of time through travel bloggers / influencers.

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu has always been at the core of all commercial, cultural, educational and financial activities in the South. Being one of the major metropolitan cities of the country, Chennai has its share of travel influencers. Though the concept of social media influencers, especially in a niche like travel is yet to catch up with the people here, there are few who have been able to create a stir in the hornet. Here, we are sharing the top five such travel Instagram influencers based out of Chennai who are being followed and liked by the Tamil people for their genuine updates, stories and feedbacks from their trips within the country and abroad.

Top travel Instagrammers in Chennai H2

These are the top travel Instagrammers in Chennai who should definitely be on your to-be-liked list if travelling to new places is the love of your life

Niveetha Jessi Dhass
Name: Niveetha Jessi Dhass
Followers: 165k
Insta ID nivee_jessi

About: Harleen is a vociferous travel enthusiast. Besides, she loves her dogs, food and loves to watch movies. She is fond of going on solo trips and shares her journeys to encourage Indian girls to try doing the same.

Name: Prasanna
Followers: 341k
Insta ID prasanna_actor

Prasanna is an actor by profession. HE loves to travel and capture moments for eternity through his Instagram profile. Also, he is into fitness, loves to eat and baby sit, and has an interest in aircrafts.

Keerthi Pandian
Name: Keerthi Pandian
Followers: 82.7k
Insta ID keerthipandian

Keerthi is a well-known actress in the south. She last featured in the movie Thumbaa. In fact, her father is also a very popular south Indian actor who then went to become an MLA. She also is very passionate about travelling which is how she became a travel Instagrammer and then subsequently a travel influencer.

Nivedith G
Name: Nivedith G
Followers: 188k
Insta ID Nivedithg

Nivedith has a personal blog called the where he shares details of his domestic and international travel diaries. A blogger since 2008, he has also won numerous awards as a traveller from India. He has travelled to almost 27 countries and is ranked as one of the top social media influencers in the county today. He also founded GVMediaTech, a digital influencer firm.

Fer and Sara
Name: Fer and Sara
Followers: 106k
Insta ID Travelbadge

This channel belongs to a couple who are in love with nature and propagate sustainability through their blogs because they believe that there is no Planet B.

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Hope you have liked this list of top travel Instagrammers of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Feel free to share!