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Top Tik Tok Food Influencers In India

Top tiktok food Influencers in India

Who are Food Influencers on Tik Tok?

Tik Tok Food Influencers giving niche had exclusive insight according to their personal choice and affinity covering restaurants, TV Cooking Shows, Travelogues and Food Blogs and Vlogs and anything related to food culture on Tik Tok .

Food is widely associated with human civilization and culture across the globe. Even if you aren’t a foodie, food taste is as addictive as any drug you know. Be it mindless scrolling or trying to figure out how a particular dish you want to try out looks like, social media food taste and food influencers are the perfect solution.

Food culture in India has rich heritage and history and not to forget the gazillion variants of each dish according to local and regional food practices.

Who are Food Influencers?

Food Influencers giving niche had exclusive insight according to their personal choice and affinity covering restaurants, TV Cooking Shows, Travelogues and Food Blogs and Vlogs and anything related to food culture.

Every food influencer on tik tok in India, gives you a whole range of options with exclusivity to diet, culinary expertise, village food, food walks, home-cooking videos, simple recipes, and food blogs and vlogs of street food in different cities in India.

Grynow is the top Tik Tok Influencer Agency in India and we have worked with many food influencers in Influencer marketing campaigns in India. Here are some amazingly talented Home Chefs, Food critique, Food Enthusiasts, World Class Chefs and street food heroes on tik tok you should follow for some amazing food taste insights.

Explore here the complete list of Top Tik Tok Influencers who are Food Enthusiasts on Tik Tok:-

Name: Chefkunal
Followers: 1.2M
Tiktok ID Chefkunal

If you’re a Master Chef fan, you’ve surely known the Celebrity chef and restaurateur as he hosts and judges Master Chef India. A culinary specialist and innovator of Indian cuisines, Chef kunal takes you on delicious virtual journeys and destinations of food trails across India. He makes food and recipes interesting by adding history as one of the ingredients to the videos he makes. He also has a Youtube channel where you can follow him for knowledge and amazing recipes.

Name: Ulhaskamathe
Followers: 1.6M
Insta ID Ulhaskamathe

Famously known as the ‘Chicken leg piece man’ and a gym owner from Asalpha, Ulhas Kamathe became accidently viral when his nephew decided to make video of him eating “Chicken Leg bis”. Ulhas announces the dish he is about to eat in every video and has a strong following for his food and fitness educational and informational content.

Name: Fitness365days
Followers: 1.5M
Tiktok ID Fitness365days

Sakshi Khattar is a lifestyle nutrionist and a wellness expert who makes 365 days fitness plans and healthy recipe plans for followers. If you want to a holistic approach to health and lifestyle and improve your fitness with a healthy eating plan? Then, fitness365days is your one stop destination.

Name: ChefharpalSingh
Followers: 876K
Tiktok ID ChefharpalSingh

Harpal Singh Sokhi is a celebrity chef in India and owns _ The Funjabi Tadka and also written food columns for newspapers and magazines. He adds a twist to traditional Indian cuisines and Punjabi flavors are his signature style of cooking. Easy and simple and yet finger licking good recipes from sweets, snacks to main course he covers all styles of food and cooking giving you constant food taste.

Name: Saranshgoila
Followers: 7.7k
Tiktok ID Saranshgoila

Saransh is an Indian Chef and popular food travelogue ‘India on my Platter’, famously known as the owner of the popular restaurant ‘Goila Butter Chicken’, his butter chicken recipe is globally relished and cooked that he was called as a guest judge on Master Chef Australia where contestants had to cook his ‘Butter Chicken’. He covers food basic like preparations of Indian pastes for cooking and homely cooking videos in his travelogues.

We at Grynow partner and work with brilliant and talented food influencers who bring to you the world of cuisines virtually.

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