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Top Technology Youtubers in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Top Technology Youtubers in Uttar Pradesh

YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world after Google. The platform was created in 2005 and was originally conceptualised to be simply a dating site, before it caught the eye of the Google owners who finally purchased it for $1.65 billion in 2006. Almost 1,000,000,000 video views of YouTube contents have more than a million people who are part of the YouTube Partner Program where the partners earn through ads and sponsorships on YouTube. With more than 800 million monthly visitors, the channel is a close second to social media’s favourite child – Instagram.

Technology is the top category of all the niches that work well on YouTube. Tech users share content related to latest technology and advancements in the field while some share details about the different stages of evolvement with their audiences. Tech video contents range from unboxing, how to and product review type of videos.

Top Technology Youtubers and Influencers in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Technology Top Micro influencers in India are people who have authentic expertise and practical user based knowledge on various tech-related products which helps them gain more audience because of their in-depth knowledge and the interesting content and videos. The more entertaining the presentation and the concept is, better is the following. A lot also depends on how well the influencer engages and connects with his audiences because the engagement rate is a big deciding factor when brands contact influencers for their promotional campaigns.

Details of the leading technology YouTube influencer in Uttar Pradesh

hamesha seekho
Name: Rahul
Channel Name Hamesha Seekho
Subscribers: 777K
Views: 51,916,836

About: Rahul was inspired to start his own YouTube channel because he felt that the common man in Uttar Pradesh who are converse in Hindi needed someone to tell them about technology in their native language. Hindi being the most spoken language in North India. Every day he uploads a video that throws light on unknown facts and tips from the world of computers and smartphones. He provides information related to not only the technology but also best offers, new apps, difference between real and fake apps and much more. Uttar Pradesh being the most populated state in India with majority Hindi speaking natives gave him the targeted audience as per his niche.

a k technical point
Name: Arish Khan
Subscribers: 813K
Views: 50,463,596

About: Arish Khan is a unique YouTuber who loves technology. Arish Khan created this channel on 17th NOV 2016, his motive behind creating the channel was to make videos based on Tech. The unique factor about his channel is he to explain and simplify technical facts as much as possible. Within a span of 3 years he has reached nearly a reached a million subscribers.

Name: Vivek Gupta
Channel Name Fastoye
Subscribers: 1.07M
Views: 81,204,653

About: Fastoye is run by Vivek Gupta has uploaded over a 1000 videos on youtube since 2016 with more than 100 million views on his videos. He has created an amazing playlist of his content. He creates content which gives viewers pros and cons for most products in the market. He also covers apps and latest tach based news. This makes Fastoye the ultimate Tech YouTube channel.

electro technic
Name: Arsad Hasmi
Channel Name Electro Technic
Subscribers: 338K
Views: 18,245,400

About: Electro Technic created by Arsad Hasmi for electrical & electronic technology based knowledge video library. This channel help you to learn about electrical house wiring, panel wiring connections, MCB, RCCB, MCCB, Etc. This channel can help anyone learn or increase their knowledge on basic wiring and piping regulations around domestic places. It takes a creative impact on creating basic electric mechanics for a house by showing simple and easy ways to use electronic and electric mechanical instruments.

hindi tech for you
Name: Arsad Alam
Channel Name Hindi Tech 4 U
Subscribers: 16.9K
Views: 883,764

About: Hindi Tech 4 U, created by Arsad Alam has a complete set-by-step content break down of Apps, Identity Proof Document process, Crypto- currency, Financial Apps and may more related content with a complete Hindi translation, word by word.