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Top Technology Youtubers in Mumbai 2019 [Updated List]

Top Technology Youtube Influencers in Mumbai

Top technology Youtubers create, share reviews, recommendations, tips, how to use tutorials, funny videos, unboxing videos etc. are able to garner quality attention from their audiences.

A top YouTuber who creates good quality content and presents it meaningfully well on his channel is able to get not only a substantial following but is also able to engage users well which in turns drives more users and followers to his/her channel.

YouTubers, especially in the technology sector are being compensated well for their endeavours.

With increasing number of followers and rising audience count, brands start to notice such YouTube creators and engage with them for brand and product/service promotion. Once brands enter the picture, there are higher compensations involved for the YouTuber. Hence, it proves to be a circle with quality content at the core of it all.

Mumbai, the financial and the entertaining capital of India has its fair share of technology YouTubers. YouTube, as a medium is turning out to be quite effective because it provides a format where the content creator and the users of the platform, all benefit from its use. The top YouTubers in their own specific niches are attracting lots of attention from brands in the same industry for promotional and marketing activities. Indian YouTubers are not far behind.

Top Indian technology youtube influencers in Mumbai:-

YouTube provides a comfortable platform to such enterprising individuals who are talented and have good knowledge about certain subjects but are unable to outpour or display their talent using mainstream resources.

Today, we present here a list of the top Technology influencers based out of Mumbai.

Ur SmartMaker
Name: Tariq Khan
Subscribers: 1.49M
Channel Ur SmartMaker

This channel by Tariq aims at showcasing and sharing details related to photography and videography. For anyone who is interested in this particular niche, should be following Tariq for he shares information and tips that blend modern gadgets with photography and video making. His content is about VFX, photo retouching, editing etc.

techno ruhez
Name: Ruhez Amrelia
Subscribers: 1.88M
Channel techno ruhez

28-year old Ruhez shares tech news, tips, tutorials that cover mobiles, personal computers, laptops and all other kinds of smart devices. You can expect to learn how to use a gadget to getting to know some useful tricks about smart devices that will leave you surprised and bewildered.

Name: Sourav Nahar
Subscribers: 152K
Channel AllAboutTechnologies

Saurabh is an expert at reviewing any device or gadget that has anything to do with technology. His objective is to enable his followers and subscribers to get information about devices that are affordable and within budget. The channel has been up and running since 28th July 2011.

Tech Unboxing
Name: Abhijeet
Subscribers: 498K
Channel Tech Unboxing

Abhijeet offers reviews and recommendations of upcoming tech gadgets and even Apps. The channel has been part of YouTube since 3rd January 2017.

Ur Indian consumer
Name: Gargi
Subscribers: 1.04M
Channel Ur Indian consumer

Ur Indian Consumer shares opinions and unboxing comments that are completely from the heart and totally unbiased or uninfluenced. The channel owner is proud of the fact that the reviews are blunt so that the community is able to benefit from honest feedback and reviews.

Adi K Minds
Name: Adi
Subscribers: 191K
Channel Adi K Minds

Adi is barely 18 years old and already has 223K subscribers to his tech channel. He is also quite active on Instagram. His main interest lies in technical products and hence shares tricks to earn from the online medium.

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of top technology youtube influencers in Mumbai, India. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.