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Top Technology Youtubers in New Delhi 2019 [Updated List]

Top Technology Youtube Influencers in New Delhi

Technology YouTubers upload technical and technology-related news, reviews, updates, tutorials, videos, merchandises and gadgets shows while showcasing their knowledge and information on the subject matter.

Some of them also offer software download links. The objective of the Tech YouTubers is to dissect technology related topics, making them easy and understandable for their followers facilitating them with the know-how to use the technical aids better.

Top Indian technology Youtube influencers in New Delhi:-

Here is an updated list of the top Indian technology influencers in New Delhi who are enabling followers to understand technology better.

Technology Gyan
Name: Manoj Saru
Subscribers: 4.84M
Channel Technology Gyan

The channel creator provides simplified explanations of tech products, reviews smartphones and offers computer tips. 24- year old Manoj is a software engineer, a blogger and a YouTuber who loves technology.

Naman Chhabra
Name: Naman Chhabra
Subscribers: 816K
Channel Naman Chhabra

Naman is a techie at heart who loves to sing too. In fact, beyond technology he features hilarious and fun videos on his channel. Other than quality YouTube videos, his best friend is his guitar.

Tech Burner
Name: Takniki Jwalak
Subscribers: 2.13M
Channel Tech Burner

His real name is Shlok Srivasatava. Born and brought up in Delhi, Jwalak is popular for sharing quality content in terms of his videos and also his jovial nature.

Name: Kunal Kapoor
Followers: 459K
Channel Tech4mob

Other than being a top tech YouTuber, Kunal is also quite active on Instagram with about 9352 followers on his channel at present.

technical dost
Name: Hitesh Gujar
Followers: 1.66M
Channel technical dost

Hitesh is well-known for sharing content on his channel in a funny manner. His USP is that he considers his YouTube channel to be one big family.

Tech India Tips
Name: Hari om
Subscribers: 637K
Channel Tech India Tips

This channel focuses a lot on gaming related tips especially the latest online games like PUBG etc.

Name: Devender
Subscribers: 1.8M
Channel Beebom

This is a new channel that attempts to make qualitative videos in the technology field.

Ansh Nakwal
Name: Ansh Nakwal
Subscribers: 194K
Channel Ansh Nakwal

Ansh is a coder and programmer by profession. He has recently started his Instagram channel too.

 gadget diary
Name: Akshay
Subscribers: 261K
Channel gadget diary

Akshay reviews and benchmarks smart gadgets like phones, tablets and laptops along with tech accessories.

Prince Chandra
Name: Prince
Subscribers: 686K
Channel Prince Chandra

Prince shares tech tips, tricks and tutorials in Hindi. He has another channel by the name of Vlogging Prince.

gadgets to use
Name: Abhishek
Subscribers: 978K
Channel gadgets to use

Abhishek tells his audience about the right gadgets to use in their daily life and how to use them. The official website of the channel is

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of top technology youtube influencers in New Delhi, India. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.