Top Technology Youtubers in Bangalore 2024 [ Updated List]

Top Technology Youtubers in Bangalore

Technology YouTubers share a number of things on their channel – that could be product reviews, unboxing, tips to use gadgets, funny videos, challenges, information and tutorials, guides etc. Technology-related videos form the top and the most profitable niches on YouTube. Some of the other niches that are quite popular on this platform are – gaming, food, fashion, story-time and entertaining videos.

YouTube, the subsidiary of Google is ranked as the second most used website in the world today after Google itself. The platform is a big craze amongst the millennial generation that witnesses almost 300 hours of videos being uploaded on the platform every minute. Another interesting fact – YouTube is used by over 1.9 billion people which is approximately one internet user in each two users, worldwide.

Users on YouTube typically are channel creators who make and upload videos on a particular topic – in a specific niche. On sharing such content, users start to get subscribers. The subscriber base and the level of engagement by the user with his subscribership are two important parameters in determining if a channel creator is an influencer or not.

With increasing number of followers and rising audience count, brands start to notice such YouTube creators and engage with them for brand and product/service promotion. Once brands enter the picture, there are higher compensations involved for the YouTuber. Hence, it proves to be a circle with quality content at the core of it all.

Top tech youtubers and moreover we should say them as modern-day influencers solve user’s needs and problems and give effective solution for the same through informative videos by making viewers understand technology better.

Top Indian technology Youtube Influencers in Bangalore:-

Today, we present here a list of the top Technology influencers based out of Bangalore.

Tamil Selvan

Tamil Selvan

The channel creator, Tamil Selvan holds a MTech degree in Information Technology. He claims that his channel is the number one technology channel in the Tamil language. He carries out unbiased reviews of mobiles and gadgets, mobile apps, shares facts and news from the technology world and also carries out comparison videos of different tech products. Selvan joined the platform in 2016 and it has been quite a well-deserved performance in such a short span of time.