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Top Influencer Marketing Agency in India: Grynow


When it comes for being the top influencer marketing agency in India, the organization must have these relevant things on its board:-

  1. In depth expertise and relevant knowledge
  2. Great relationships with Influencers
  3. Relevant experience within the industry
  4. Manufacturer’s Product quality (That has to be sold)
  5. Trust among the end consumers
  6. Value proposition to customers
  7. Tangible and intangible benefits to the end users
  8. Relationship with clients
  9. Delighting the customers and Client retention

So, let’s explore Grynow - the unique influencer marketing platform in India

Knowledge and Expertise –

In depth research and expertise are the major knowhow to gain the unique competitive advantages in the industry. We at Grynow have in depth knowledge of how influencer marketing works. We surely have the required expertise in researching, analyzing, segmenting and targeting the relevant potential consumers of our clients which want to flourish their business. We understand the brand’s business model as well as their objectives and goals i.e. what they want to achieve? And according to their products(services), we recommend the best matched 100% verified social media influencers and the respective platform on which they active - Youtube or instagram or Tik Tok to get maximum awareness, leads and ultimately sales.

100% Verified Profiles of Social Media Influencers

Grynow has tie-ups with more than 10000 social media influencers who have been verified by our experts. We only have relationships with original content creators i.e. credible youtubers and instagrammers in India and abroad that have almost have zero to none fake followers and therefore businesses rely on our deliverability of real value and true authenticity.

Incredibly diverse experience in influencer marketing

Grynow has 3 years of diversified yet super specific relevant experience in influencer marketing in India. Majority of organizations in India are novice to this new emerging field whereas we have a profound leading edge over our competitors in this scenario and hence have superior knowledge about our work. Therefore, our stakeholders and moreover the customers feel relaxed as they find that their brand name is in the ethical hands who have already demonstrated as the leaders in the industry and are the “subject matter experts”.

Authenticity of the products

We respect the emotions as well as sentiments of all stakeholders i.e. our content creators (influencers) and the people who follow the influencers. We don’t promote(advertise) just any product(service) through the creators, however on the contrary we only promote authentic products of genuine businesses (no matter how small they are in terms of revenue), but we practice ethical business practice so that none of the people feel deceived.

Trust with customers

We strive to build trust between us and our customers. Our relationship with brands and creators is the ultimate key factor on building strong trust factor.

Value proposition to the clients

We believe in delivering qualitative as well as quantifiable value to our customers by maximizing the overall benefits and yet minimizing the effective costs for our customers.

Qualitative benefits to the users

We strive to maximize benefits for our customers. Hence our customers are delighted with the variety of benefits that we deliver.

Relationships with the stakeholders

We believe in honest business relationships with our stakeholders -influencers and brands, and therefore our customers become real brand advocates for us in return.

Client retention

Our clients come back to us for their more needs regularly for their requirements and are inspired to become trusted and delighted advocates for us.

Grynow is now one of the top influencer marketing agencies in India on which more than 100 brands of various niches trust for their influencer marketing needs i.e. boosting their brand through already established influencers.

So, do you also want to position your organization/business way superior to the competition and boost your profits, connect with us.