Top 100 Food YouTubers in India in 2023

  • Posted On : 20-06-2023


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Top 100 Food YouTubers in India in 2023

Nature provide food to us to live, however our ancestors discovered to process it to make it tastier and healthier. Innovations in food has existed since the dawn of time. The bounties of nature are abundant, and since time immemorial, humankind has brought them together in crescendo to create something remarkable. Every culture, every country, every city, every street, every corner on this earth has its own culinary stories to narrate. The stories can result from lifelong traditions or ingredients restricted to a place and time. Now is the time when food enthusiasts explore new destinations to explore and taste new innovations of food. Uncovering each tale with a beautiful story is now a few of many tasks of food YouTubers in India and abroad.

What was typically out of our reach is much closer than you think, thanks to the emergence of social media and food YouTubers. We are blessed with individuals who traverse the boundaries of region, custom, religion, tradition, etc., to bring the best cooking masterpiece human hands can produce. Food YouTubers have mastery over specific niches. They travel to places, try out the cuisines and provide fact-based honest opinions to their viewers.

These food experts also happen to be great marketing agents responsible for introducing new trends from time to time. Being the top Influencer Marketing Agency, we utilise the expertise of key opinion leaders of the food niche to generate brand awareness and build authenticity for food brands.

Today 65% of businesses prefer influencer marketing, and the reason is simple: “Influencer Build trust.” If you are a food brand looking to target an audience that are crazy about food, this blog is for you. Here, we will introduce the Top 100 Food YouTubers in India currently dominating the culinary niche.

But before that let’s understand what exactly food YouTubers are.

Who are Food YouTubers


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Food YouTubers are content creators of YouTube, where they bring out various content related to cooking, food reviewing, healthy food and diets, restaurant and eateries reviews, etc. top food YouTubers create videos that are curated to suggest and advise their viewers/followers about the food topic they are concerned about. This way their audience is guided about new restaurants, hotels, food tastes, how to cook and many more!

Now that we know what food YouTubers are, let’s see the types of content they create on YouTube.

Types of Food YouTube Channels in India

Indian Food Youtubers belong to various sub domains and cross channels. Their content is diverse yet precise. They can be classified into

1. Indian Cooking Food YouTube channels:

These master creators employ their skill in preparing food. Along the way they talk about the whole recipe and how to prepare it to help their subscribers to cook the food on their own.

2. Food Review YouTube channels:

Review food YouTubers are bitten by food-lust worms. They visit various places of various recognition strata. All their dedication is directed to find the best food in terms of quality, taste, food serving arena aura, etc. After that they present their reviews.

3. Healthy food YouTube channels:

In a world, where chemicals and fertilisers have infested every consumable. These food youtubers strive to find and create a menu in which the food is completely free of chemicals and grows organically.

4. Kitchen organising food YouTube channels:

Kitchen is in itself a laboratory. The final result is directly dependent on all the factors that directly inherit the cooking procedure. The factors being cooking utensils used, equipment, etc. For operational efficiency, these types of food channels on YouTube help subscribers to organise.

How Food YouTubers can benefit Food Brands?

Influencer marketing is booming at a fast pace, and in 2020, it turned out to be significantly more fundamental for brands to work with trusted food influencers to drive the discovery of their food products. It is evident that the scope of food and cooking YouTubers in India is on the rise as very few of us now rely on cookbooks to try something new. Social media provides us with all the relevant food content with a couple of swipes on the screen.

Food YouTubers have great potential to showcase their talent as well as associate brands in their videos, in order to elevate various key performance indicators for brands. Some of them are:

  • Increasing brand recognition among subscribers
  • Building stronger trust, reliability, and assurance.
  • Identifying problems and offering solutions helps increase in sales funnel
  • Brands can leverage creators popularity and can reach wider audience base

So, now let’s uncover the list of top food YouTube channels in India:-

Best Indian food YouTubers to Follow in 2023

These food sensations prepare engaging and appealing visuals that draw the audience’s attention while stimulating their eyes and taste buds. Let’s look at the comprehensive list of all leading food critics/home chefs/bakers in India. We have included some of the most seasoned players along with some distinct individuals with budding and raw talents.

  • Village Cooking Channel

    1. Village Cooking Channel

    YouTube : Village Cooking channel

    Village Cooking Channel, a cooking channel based in Chinna Veeramangalam, a tiny village in Tamil Nadu’s Pudukkottai region, has crossed 16 million subscribers with 1.04% engagement rate. Its highest watched video has over 122 million views. Here we have a group of hard-working and energetic people from Tamil Nadu, and they prepare all their feasts with a lot of zeal and uproar. They believe in unity, follow tradition and celebrate festivals such as Pongal in a manner so grand that it attracts crowds of people just like honey attracts bees. They are always busy, just like the bees, tending to children, villagers and poor people. Since 2018, their popularity is on the rise and we have it on good authority that they have fed as many people as they have subscribers or maybe more. Even Rahul Gandhi visited them in January 2021 and he helped them prepare Mushroom Biryani which he, later on, enjoyed too. Village Cooking Channel is amongst the best South Indian cooking channels on YouTube to see how they prepare veg and non-veg Indian cuisines in huge quantities with proper tradition.

    V Subramanian, V Murugesan, V Ayyanar, G Tamilselvan, and T Muthumanickam, five cousins from the hamlet, manage the channel with the help of their grandpa, M Periyathambi, a caterer. Its straightforward and easy-to-follow recipes have earned it widespread acclaim. The channel’s major draw is the accuracy with which it presents its recipes, as well as the manner it showcases traditional south Indian dishes. During one of the videos, M Periyathambi, the grandfather who founded the channel, is shown becoming emotional and says, “I started cooking when I was 25 and am now 70, and I never anticipated I would become so well-known. I am grateful to everyone who has supported our efforts.” The Top Food YouTubers in India also help others, they donated Rs 10 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund (CMPRF) to help battle COVID-19 after meeting with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin.

  • Nisha Madhulika

    2. Nisha Madhulika

    YouTube : Nisha Madhulika

    Nisha Madhulika is probably the most famous mother in India; she is ‘Mother India’. You can follow her on FB, Insta, Twitter, Pintrest and YouTube. She’s everywhere. She explains the process of food making in the easiest of ways and if you’re a new cook then subscribe to her channel immediately and thank us later. You can learn a ton of recipes from her; she has more variety than a typical Indian restaurant. She is blessed with this ability to turn any simple looking recipe into a masterpiece and the best part is that she also tells you how you can do the same. Watch this channel to see how she prepares vegetarian Indian recipes in an easy to follow manner. Despite being 40, the Noida-based cook shows the same level of zeal and enthusiasm as a 20-year-old while cooking. She sets herself apart from others in her niche by providing a detailed step-by-step guide as she cooks her meals. She also is the first among celebrity chefs to cross 12M in subscribers. Nisha added more than 16 videos to her plethora of exciting content In the last 30 days. The channel has amassed 32.3M views in less than a month.

  • Kabita’s Kitchen

    3. Kabita’s Kitchen

    YouTube :Kabita’s kitchen

    Kabita is a homemaker who left her banker job to pursue her passion for cooking delicious authentic Indian recipes. She likes to keep a simple and easy to follow approach towards all her food preparations and she cooks both veg and non-veg cuisines. She also has a website called where you can browse through hundreds of different recipes with tutorial videos. Say you always wanted to learn how to cook chicken in a pressure cooker or Cheese Poha Cutlet then just subscribe to her channel. By the way, Bhuvan Bam learned how to make Cheese Poha Cutlet from her. Watch this channel to learn how veg and non-veg Snacks, drinks and sweets are made. Kabita considers audience interests; she looks at analytics to understand her viewer’s preferences and plans her upcoming content on the prevalent trend. Kabita considers audience interaction to be her topmost priority. She incorporates elements of user feedback in her videos. The cooking maestro caters to a niche category and can attract a highly engaging audience.

  • Bharatzkitchen

    4. Bharatzkitchen

    YouTube : bharatzkitchen

    Bharat is a husband who loves to cook and shares the joy of cooking with his viewers. He is a wizard in the kitchen and no recipe is too hard for him. On YouTube, there are a plethora of cooking videos. They’re not all fantastic, but the best of the genre will teach you fundamental cooking skills, help you develop your culinary expertise, and be amusing at the same time. His method of cooking is very expressive and he is never too afraid of experimenting with newer ideas – this reflects his 10M subscribers Check out one of the most popular Indian cooking channels on YouTube if you want to improve your cooking and food skills but don’t know where to start. He can assist you out in a situation, whether you need a chicken meal for the whole family or just want to learn how to properly slice an onion (of salt). His most popular video on recipe on chicken curry acquired more than 62 million views. Yes you heard it right. All of this amazing viewership is the result of Bharat’s hard work. He is responsible for shooting, editing, presenting and communicating his video content.

  • Grandpa Kitchen

    5. Grandpa Kitchen

    YouTube : Grandpakitchen

    Grandpa Kitchen is a group of people from Telangana who believe sharing is caring. This group is dedicated to taking care of orphans and underprivileged people by providing them with food and shelter. All the proceeds they earn from making online content go to charity and one of the reasons they make such content is charity. They are highly caring individuals with equally remarkable culinary skills and they mostly prepare non-veg meals in humongous quantities. They cook different types of fish, mutton, chicken, all kinds of biryanis and more. Watch this channel to see how they make cakes bigger than the dining table itself. The good folks at Grandpa’s kitchen do everything on a grand scale. They utilize the right equipment and software to ensure top quality in their videos. The channel has four new videos uploaded in the past 30 days. Grandpa’s kitchen prides itself on providing tips on multiple veg and non-veg cuisines. Moreover, the food prepared is shared amongst the needy.

  • Hungary Birds

    6. Hungary Birds

    YouTube :hungarybirds4803

    This is a fun-loving foodie gang of crazy people who play with their food before eating. They will not offer how to cook or what to cook for that matter but you can definitely learn how to have fun while eating. Their content is entertaining, funny and filled with food-related trivia. If you’re a hardcore foodie then watch this channel at your own peril. Watch this channel to see them competing among themselves for eating challenges.


  • Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

    7. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

    YouTube : sanjeev kapoor khazana

    Sanjeev Kapoor is a master chef, celebrity chef, host chef and the most known chef in all of India. My mother learned how to make ‘Besan ki Kadhi’ from him and this was years from now. It seems so redundant to describe him at this point because he is only the most accomplished chef of all time. He’s been a chef long before social media existed! Sanjeev Kapoor is the proud ambassador of Dalda Vanaspati. The Chef has many accolades to his name, but the nation’s highest honor, the Padma Shri, stands out the most. Sanjeev provides excellent cooking tips and recommends cookware and appliances for the best culinary results.

  • Hebbars Kitchen

    8. Hebbars Kitchen

    YouTube :

    Hebbars Kitchen is the perfect spot where you can get all the hot cooking tips and tricks to make your recipes interesting. This channel offers easy to do tutorials with cooking hacks. Their online presence is massive and they also have a website called where you can learn how to make anything and everything. Watch this channel for great cooking tips for budding cooks.


  • Cook with Parul

    9. Cook with Parul

    YouTube : cookwithparul

    Parul shares mouth-watering recipes that are easy to follow and she also tends to add a twist to keep it interesting for all age groups. If you’re bored making routine sabji roti then this channel can give you great ideas where you can do more with simple ingredients. She also offers expert tips and advice through her videos and you can also visit her website to explore her entire menu. Subscribe to her cooking channel for great learning opportunities.


  • Veg Village Food

    10. Veg Village Food

    YouTube : veg village food

    As the name suggests, this grandma cooks tasty vegetarian delicacies on her channels. The food is prepared in huge quantities for children and people who can’t afford a meal. These channels that cook for a large number of people offer great insights when it comes to cooking with a huge quantity of ingredients. This all can come in real handy if you have a gathering of people at your place for some occasion. Watch this channel to see how they cook for the hungry and the poor.

  • Chef Ranveer Brar

    11. Chef Ranveer Brar

    YouTube : ranveerbrar

    Ranveer is a Masterchef India judge, Television celebrity, author, restaurateur, food film producer and benefactor. Chef Ranveer Brar is one of the most celebrated chefs in the country. Getting the basics right and revering the kitchen as an artist would his/her studio, are mantras he lives by and propagates to others as well. With a bestseller in his kitty, a popular host and judge on television and an artist both in and out of the kitchen, chef Brar calls himself a food-Sufi on a constant culinary quest. Watch this channel to know great veg and non-veg recipes. Through years of hard work and dedication, Ranveer became the youngest chef YouTuber in the country to work in a 5-star hotel. He likes to travel and explore cuisines from different places and cultures. He then tries to incorporate his learning into his dishes to prepare something exquisite for his audience. The celebrity chef is set to appear on the popular Indian comedy platform “the Kapil Sharma show.”

  • Village Food Factory

    12. Village Food Factory

    YouTube : villagefoodfactoryofficial

    When a family eats together, they stay together. This age-old advice has been taken a step further by the Indian food vloggers on YouTube from Tirupur, a town near Coimbatore in western Tamil Nadu, who has gotten his family to cook and film together. In the process, he’s created a YouTube food channel which currently has over 4.69 million followers and engagement rate of 0.11%. Thousands of new visitors from all over the world flock to the channel every day. A Gopinath, a 27-year-old from Salem, is the brains behind Village Food Factory, the channel. Just like our first entrant, Gopinath too operates to feed the less fortunate. He and his family make some of the most mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes for their audience. The channels most popular video which showcases a non-veg delicacy has garnered over 79 million. Making cow leg piece gravy, goat intestine gravy, prawn curry, and duck curry are some of their other famous films. Gopinath uses firewood to preserve the essence of the traditional cooking style while preparing his tasty dishes. The family chooses a countryside setting for their videos which goes well with the type of meals they prepare.

  • Cooking Shooking

    13. Cooking Shooking

    YouTube : cookingshookingIn

    Yaman Agarwal is a budding chef and a food enthusiast by nature. This food junkie/foodie always cooks off a storm at his YouTube Channel ‘CookingShooking’. His mantra is “recipe so easy that cooking feels like child’s play” and so you can imagine what a delight it would be to watch this master in his element. Watch this channel for great cooking tips and advices for budding cooks. The quality that sets Yaman Agarwal from the rest is his eagerness to experiment with his cooking. He can cook the same dishes you know using methods and ingredients you don’t know and then some. Who has ever heard of doughnuts or cakes being cooked in pressure cookers?. Moreover, Yaman shares his art of creating non-vegetarian-style vegetarian dishes for his vegan audience.

  • Nirmla Nehra

    14. Nirmla Nehra

    YouTube : Nirmlanehra

    It’s a human tendency to assume that recipes with minimum ingredients are less appetising than the ones with a long list of complex ingredients. Whenever we eat in a restaurant, we imagine the delicacies cooked with spices that are not available everywhere. But the truth is that it’s the magic of hands that can make you drool rather than what goes into your food. A good chef YouTuber can turn even a bland pasta into flavorful with just the right amount of simple herbs. This is the reason why more than 4.5 million people have subscribed to the “Nimla Nehra” channel. It’s uncommon for Indian households to store all the ingredients that go into the making of delicious food. So, many times we open our favorite cooking book, turn the pages, choose the recipe, then just after we close the book simply because some ingredients are not there. Sounds familiar? I bet it does! At least I can guarantee that the experience won’t be the same when you see Nimla Nehra videos. You will be surprised to see how even the tastiest of recipes need so few ingredients. Top food Youtuber in India only posts vegetarian Indian food recipes, so if you are a vegetarian, then Nirmla can provide various types of mouth watering dishes in simple ways.

  • Viwa Food World

    15. Viwa Food World

    YouTube : ViwaFoodWorld

    Imagine downing an entire large pizza and a large bottle of soda in under five minutes. Consider the calories and the guilt of overindulgence. Brothers Akash and Vishwa Joshi, on the other hand, aren’t. They not only accomplish this incredible feat on a weekly basis for their YouTube channel ‘Viwa Food World,’ but they also do it bi-weekly. Vishwa had the notion to start the YouTube channel. At the time, Akash was in Mumbai. When he returned, he assisted with shooting and editing, and then he began to participate. It was only an experiment at first, and Vishwa filmed videos using his phone. When they saw their films were being favourably appreciated, they began to take it seriously. And now they have over 4.4 million subscribers and over 868,000,000 total views. The Viwa Food World is a vegetarian-only channel. The best Indian food vloggers on YouTube want to keep their content engaging and unique. Hence they venture across India to try out different vegetarian dishes. Vishwa And Akash Joshi are both foodies, by their own admission. As a result, they are incapable of acquiring any form of food aversion. “Obviously, we don’t feel like eating that particular dish for a day or two following a certain challenge,” but it’s all temporary.” they say. (Foodies might be able to relate to it). If you are a foodie, you have to give this channel a go!

  • Amna Riyaz

    16. Amna Riyaz

    YouTube : Kitchen With Amna

    Amna Riyaz is the founder of “Kitchen With Amna”, one of the most popular Indian cooking channels on YouTube that teaches beginners complex recipes with easy-to-follow instructions. Born on 17th August 1980, Amna is the first female Pakistani YouTuber to achieve Gold Play Button. This award is given to creators whose channel reaches 1,000,000 subscribers and beyond. She also has her blog “” where she posts Indian, Pakistani, and Continental recipes consistently for those who are interested. Her YouTube channel started in 2016 and since then there has been no looking back for the food expert. Her channel gained in popularity quite soon and managed to amass 4.27 million subscribers!. As one of the top food Youtubers in India Amna is creative and knows how to present food that can grab the attention of her viewers. Whether you are interested in snacks, smoothies, milkshakes, beverages, cakes, desserts, or any main course, she has covered it all. Is there any reason not to follow her channel? Moreover, the outcome of her recipes is amazing. There is no better combination in the world than food that not only looks amazing but is also decadent at the same time. Isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to her channel today to learn the art of cooking.

  • Cook With Nisha

    17. Cook With Nisha

    YouTube : CookWithNisha

    Nisha Topwal is the true name behind the best cooking channel in India – Cook With Nisha. She is a prominent cook in India, known for her cuisine dishes, kitchen hacks, and YouTube vlogs. She was born and raised in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India, on March 25, 1980, and now resides in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. As of 2022, she is 42 years old. Nisha started her career as an IT sales manager for a multinational firm, where she spent several years. When her daughter Anantya Anand and sister-in-law Shruti Arjun Aanand became great YouTube stars in 2016-2017, Nisha decided to follow in their footsteps. She started the ‘Cook With Nisha’ YouTube channel to provide Garhwali cuisine recipes, but she soon expanded to making full-fledged amusing family dramas with food recipes, and her videos attracted millions of viewers. Her YouTube channel, which she started in January 2017, has 4.1 million subscribers and 10 million monthly views. Her most popular video has received over 25 million views!. This is a wholesome fun channel where Indian food vlogger shares her food recipes, kitchen hacks, and offers cooking tutorials. Her recipes will keep your taste buds alive and healthy. She also takes up fun challenges from time to time to keep things interesting. Watch this channel to know ultimate household hacks along with great cooking tips. Due to her fun loving personality people love to interact and appreciate her due to which her comments section is filled with admiration and many people who are beginning in this field take inspiration from her. If you want to make amazing food at home, this is the account you should follow!



    YouTube : areyouhungry3512

    YouTuber Rajnish Gyani living the dream. He is crazy about street food and goes from corner to corner of every big Indian city, searching for famous food stalls, joints, or anything spectacular that catches his gaze. He hunts them down, approaches them with food questions, then proceeds to try their delicious selections; he repeats the process in every installation he visits. ARE YOU HUNGRY has 545 videos till late, with a mind-blowing view count of 2.91B since the channel’s creation. Rajnish uploads one video every day. The channel received 31 videos in the last month bringing 275M views. Subscribe to Rajnish Gyani if raveling for food interests you.

  • Tiny Food

    19. Tiny Food

    YouTube : TheTinyFoods

    This channel offers a fresh new perspective on preparing food; it is India’s first ‘Tiny Food Cooking’ channel that 90s kids would relate to. In our younger years, we all have played or seen other kids play with miniaturised kitchen sets with joy and excitement – this channel has made those fantasies a reality. Yes, they showcase smaller setups and prepare small food items with equally tiny equipment; how cool is that? Watch this channel to see how they make little food using small utensils and setup.

  • Kanak’s Kitchen Hindi

    20. Kanak’s Kitchen Hindi

    YouTube : kanakskitchenhindi

    Kanak is an entrepreneur and a quirky innovator, although many recognize her as the top contestant of MasterChef India Season 1. Kanak is an enthusiastic cook and among the best Indian food vloggers on YouTube who enjoys creating her own meals. She enjoys experimenting with the traditional dishes that her mother and grandmother have passed down to her. She mixes them with new flavours and cooking techniques to produce incredible fusion cuisine. Her dishes are all gourmet experiences in and of themselves. Kanak can modify western food to excite die-hard followers of Indian cookery, in addition to altering Indian cuisine to satisfy the westernised palate of today’s generation. That is the kind of art and talent she possesses. She also has the unique ability to turn non-vegetarian recipes into genuine vegetarian cuisine without sacrificing flavour. She posts new videos on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and there are dedicated playlists organized by the types of cuisine, for instance, Indian, Continental, Thai, Mexican, American, Chinese and Italian.

    The Indian food YouTuber has a deep understanding and appreciation for Ayurveda, in addition to crafting excellent food. She uses this knowledge to give each of her dishes a unique nutritional twist. Kanak can match the tastes and flavours of her fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs to their health and wellness advantages in her cooking. Follow her recipes, which are not only delicious but also nutritious and beneficial for you. Kanak’s cooking is not only wonderful for your health, but it also enhances your appearance. Check out her YouTube account that reflects more than 3.3 million subscribers and her highest video acquiring upto 41 million views for lip-smacking food recipes.

  • Irfan’s View

    21. Irfan’s View

    YouTube : irfansview1

    Irfan operates from Chennai, but he loves to travel, discover food, and meet people who share his love for mouth watering cuisines. He presents his opinion about food and organises fun promotional games and contests with exciting prizes on his channel. He loves to travel as much as he loves his food, and he also shares his experiences with his viewers. Subscribe to his channel and allow Irfan to take you on a journey filled with colourful and tasty culinary delights. Irfan channel has amassed more than 693M views over the years. He consistently uploads almost 30 videos every month, raking 17.3M views in the past 30 days. With 1.5K total videos, Irfan’s engagement rate caps at 0.55%.

  • Rajshri Food

    22. Rajshri Food

    YouTube : rajshrifood

    Rajshri Food is a 100% Vegetarian Recipe food channel. So, If you are looking to sharpen your cooking skills with simple yet, tasty recipes across an extensive range of cuisines, then this is your place. You can familiarize yourself with multiple cooking styles from basic to advanced levels as per your interest. Rajshri Food channel frequently hosts professional chefs eager to teach you techniques adopted by some of the best in the niche. For instance, learn how to chop an onion in different ways and without harming yourself. Subscribe to this channel to level up your cooking skills. Rajshri Foods has an impressive collection of 1.45K videos which contribute to 535M views on the platform. The channels see frequent uploads, and you can expect more, though inciting content to come your way in the coming days.




    This channel is any true foodie’s ultimate delight. They are a group of top food YouTubers in India who love food and want to travel across the country to satisfy their taste buds. As they find fun and exciting street food joints, they share their experiences with their viewers. Ever wonder where you can have the best Chole Bhature in Delhi? You will find the answers to that and much more here. Their travel trail is long, exciting, and never-ending. Subscribe to know what is best in cities across India.

  • Aamchi Mumbai

    24. Aamchi Mumbai

    YouTube : AamchiMumbai

    The name says it all, Aamchi Mumbai is a group of food explorers who roam the city searching for street foods. They can tell you where you can find the cheapest Vadapav in Mumbai or the best Pav Bhaji to tickle your taste buds—ever heard of Helicopter Bhel of Mumbai?. Subscribe to their channel to find the exciting street food joints in Mumbai, where awesomeness is created daily. Subscribe to Aamchi Mumbai to be the first to know about great eatery spots in the metropolis.

  • Foodie Incarnate

    25. Foodie Incarnate

    YouTube : FoofieIncarnate

    Amar Sirohi’s Foodie Incarnate is a channel dedicated to finding the best local food vendors and restaurants in and around Delhi. He gets close with these vendors as they share their food-making process with Amar. The food youtuber approaches them with queries about food and non-food-related topics. It is pretty fun to watch him present his content in a playful style, and you can thank him when you discover a hidden food spot in your city through one of his videos. Follow Amar as he runs you through an extensive list of excellent street food joints across various cities in India.

  • Vahchef VahRehvah

    26. Vahchef VahRehvah

    YouTube : vahrehvah

    Vahchef Sanjay Thumma , the founder of vahchef-vahrehvah has received his education from India’s prestigious “ Institute of Hotel management catering technology and applied nutrition, hyderabad”. He is a multi talented, funny, and immensely popular Chef best known for his online recipes Indian cooking channels on youtube, which began in 2007 and popularised Indian cuisine. He has a huge fan base, particularly among the millions of Indian expats in continental Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world. Indian food is not rocket science, according to Vahchef, but it is incredibly basic, easy, and pleasurable to create. “Smile is his weapon,” he says, and his simplicity, enthusiasm, and wild antics in between cooking videos have inspired people to prepare simple meals with new dimensions and ease. “VahrehVah is all about motivating others to cook,” he has always said modestly. His YT channel reflects over 2.47 million subscribers, over 806,000,000 total views and his most popular video reflecting a viewership of over 20 million. If you want to learn some amazing recipes to make restaurant like food at home, this is one of the top channels you can take help from. He even won the coveted gold medal All-India competition for culinary arts for his recipes. Sanjay introduces you to the world of pros. You can learn how to prepare 5-star style dishes. He teaches you instant recipes that are fast and easy to apply to your cooking.

  • Priyanka Tiwari

    27. Priyanka Tiwari

    YouTube : Priyankatiwari

    Priyanka is a scrumptious foodie, and she will go to any lengths to tickle her taste buds. She travels all over India to partake in different types of street food from various regions. And to keep things exciting, she does it on a budget. She takes up challenges to find excellent street food joints under tight sum; for instance, what is best under fifty rupees or a hundred rupees. From roadside delicacies to lavish buffets, she will take you everywhere. Subscribe to this channel for a wholesome food experience from the cheapest to fancy spots all over India.

  • Veggie Paaji

    28. Veggie Paaji

    YouTube : Veggiepaaji

    Veggie Paaji is going places, and he wants you along for the ride. He is a jolly good fellow who loves eating and finding culinary destinations that can satisfy his cravings. He has one rule though, he is a vegetarian. But he is a very experienced vegan who has tasted all kinds of dishes originating from different parts of our nation. Watch this channel to see a traveler with great insights talk to you about good food and where you can find them.


  • Huma In The Kitchen

    29. Huma In The Kitchen

    YouTube : Humainthekitchen

    If you love exploring food recipes on YouTube, you probably know Huma. Her channel “Huma in the Kitchen” quickly rose to fame not long after she set her foot on this platform. Whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, a health fanatic, or someone with a sweet tooth, her videos cater to everybody. Go and check the playlists on her channel now. You will be amazed at the different categories of food recipes. There is a playlist of “popular uploads” which proudly boasts more than 33 million views in big bold letters on the thumbnail. Her videos “cheese paratha”, “Dalgona coffee”, “chicken paratha roll” and “chocolate cake in a pressure cooker” have received millions of views! If you have always wanted to learn various techniques of cooking and baking, subscribing to “Huma in the Kitchen ” is the best option. The Indian food YouTuber already has more than 2 million subscribers and her count is continuously growing. Additionally, the consistent uploads on her channel attract new visitors every day. Huma knows that presentation is as important as cooking and all her creations look like a recipe from a professional chef. Her talent is sure to keep the audience hooked to her channel forever and the truth is that she deserves it.

  • Wake’N’Bite

    30. Wake’N’Bite

    YouTube : WakeNBite

    People generally eat to live but the brother duo Sanket and Sagar Sankpal live to eat. Sanket is into ‘competitive-eating’ sport which hasn’t quite caught on in India. But people like him will see to it that it becomes the national sport (if it were up to him) and boy, can he eat!? They create Food challenges, Vlogs, and Review videos. They are also avid travellers and keep trying newer foods and why won’t they? Subscribe to know where you can find the biggest thali, biggest dosa and so on. Do you want to know where you can find the biggest platter of pani puri in your town or a gigantic pizza for your palate? Better yet, watch the brother duo gobble uploads of Food? Then do subscribe to Waken bite Gaming if you can find new videos every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. on the dot.




    Vishal has a particular taste, he only chooses local vendors or street vendors to eat from. He’s been to many cities in search of such people who operate on a small scale. Some of his vendors are quite poor who tell their heart-touching tales and some share captivating anecdotes that connect food and hardships of life. His channel showcases a food journey filled with fun and emotion. Watch this channel to see a foodie who only eats at small-time but famous vendors. You won’t find Vishal visiting fancy places frequently; however, if you want to know what the streets of India have to offer, then do check out this YouTubers channel. They could be a talented chef lurking in your city who could benefit from your patronage

  • Villfood

    32. Villfood

    YouTube : villfood

    Rural cooking videos in India have become one of the most popular categories that receive love and appreciation from all over the country. Something is relaxing and peaceful about the food cooking in a village especially if the Creator is a grandmother who is no less than a chef! Indian village cooking channel has managed to capture the attention of the audience since it started on July 15, 2017. As the name suggests, Villfood refers to village food. Although so many things have changed in the last few generations, some recipes are evergreen. Today, city dwellers and those with a busy schedule are more inclined to food that needs less time to cook. But such a lifestyle has also created a huge void in us. It makes us want to go back in time and enjoy the cooking done by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Thanks to villfood, now we can fulfil our desires from the comfort of our home. Their uploads have managed to captivate more than 2 million subscribers! Whether it’s a primitive style of cooking fish and rice in bamboo, cooking catfish in a clay pot, or wild mushroom biryani in bamboo, their unique style of recipe videos has contributed to the success of the channel!

  • Dilsefoodie Official

    33. Dilsefoodie Official

    YouTube : Dilsefoodie Official

    Quest for food is an uplifting experience that keeps your palate guessing. Normally people order food online but this foodie couple will walk the distance to have it while it is fresh and hot and they won’t have it any other way. They have journeyed across various Indian cities and more milestones are to be set. They interview the cooks while filming them in their element and then savour the dishes on camera. They usually hunt for local foods but also go for fancy meals every once in a while. Watch this channel to discover hidden cooking talents. The Duo journey across the country to find hidden cooking talents and present their skills to the world. You will find dishes spanning multiple cultures, regions, and faiths; all brought together in one place by these YouTubers.

  • Seema’s Smart Kitchen

    34. Seema’s Smart Kitchen

    YouTube : SeemasSmartKitchen

    This is a home cooking channel and there is a cute story behind how it all started. One day our host Seems was enjoying a puff samosa while her son pointed out that she should start her own cooking channel and the rest is history. The success behind this venture is Seem’s son and they started making videos via smartphone, maybe, that is why it is called ‘Seem’s Smart kitchen’. In Seem’s words: “The aim of my channel is to share my knowledge and experience of cooking with people who have a passion for cooking. I love inspiring and interacting with such people. I welcome you to join this channel with all your valuable suggestions and exciting experiences. Here you get yummy and easy vegetarian recipes”. This channel is a perfect spot to hone your basic and advanced level cooking skills. Whether you are a novice cook or a skilled expert, you can find recipes that suit you perfectly. Subscribe to this channel to take your cooking skills to the next level.

  • Fehmima Khan

    35. Fehmima Khan

    YouTube : CookwithFem

    You can discover artists, comedians, photographers, filmmakers, chefs, IT geeks, and more on YouTube. There’s no lack of creative YouTube channels, and with over 1 billion monthly active viewers on the most popular video sharing network, YouTube for Artists is only going to grow in popularity. There is undoubtedly a lot of talent and abilities being pushed every day on Indian YouTube Channels. There are just a few food creators and cooking videos that consistently teach us something and make us feel good, and motivate us to get our hands dirty and cook. Infinite food YouTubers have graced our feeds over the years and cook with fem is one of them. One of the most popular Indian cooking channels on YouTube has amazing videos of recipes that are easy to follow or make due to which is it has over 1.87 million subscribers and an engagement rate of 0.07%. It’s most popular video titled “hyderabadi chicken dum” has over 39 million subscribers. It is one of the favourite Yt channels among brands owing to the connect fehmima has achieved with her audience and the amazing quality she maintains. Do check out her channel to learn cooking the right way.

  • Curly Tales

    36. Curly Tales

    YouTube : curlytalesdigital

    This is an exciting channel and it has it all: travel, food and celebrities. Kamiya Jani, the host, left her media job to pursue her dream of travelling the world and she set up this channel for the same purpose. But she also dines with celebrities and chats them up. It is fun to watch and hear celebrities spill some fun beans. Her latest food interview was with Ajay and Kajol. Watch this channel to discover new food destinations in Indian and abroad and celebs. Kamiya loves traveling just as much as she loves gorging herself with the culinary world’s best. Perhaps the differentiating factor of this food and travel creators lies in her attempt to take her audience behind the scenes on the food habits of popular celebrities.

  • Tanhisikha Mukherjee

    37. Tanhisikha Mukherjee

    YouTube : tanhirpaakshaala5975

    Tanhisikha Mukherjee, founder of “Tanhir Paakshaala” is an Indian food vlogger. Her passion for cooking encouraged her to join the platform to share her amazing recipes in the Bengali language which is her mother tongue. She believes in teaching recipes in a way that is easier for beginners to follow. It helps a lot to learn authentic recipes from the comfort of your home with an easy to follow instructions. You will be amazed at the huge number of uploads on her channel. Whether it’s ice cream recipes, mouthwatering snacks, or a delectable main course, she has covered it all. Tanhisikha joined YouTube on Sep 6, 2019, and since then has garnered over 1.5 million subscribers! Her channel is in great demand because she uploads new recipes every evening. That means all the recipe books on your shelf are of no worth when compared to “Tanhir Paakshala”. If you are someone who doesn’t like repeating the recipes and wants to indulge in delicacies every day, then subscribing to this channel is going to change your life forever. There might be millions of food vloggers out there but not everybody is capable of showing you tips and tricks that can turn you into a home chef.

  • Visa2explore

    38. Visa2explore

    YouTube : visa2explore

    Our host Harish Bali is an explorer and one of the top food YouTubers in India who likes to travel for food. He has been to various major cities In India, and he shares his experience with his viewers via his channel: visa2explore. He likes street food and stops at famous restaurants to see what’s cooking while he is going places. If you’re planning a trip, then his feedback can benefit you immensely. Watch this channel to see a travel guide who is also a food reviewer. Harish may not prepare his meals, but he can connect you with some of the best cooks spread across the country. He is a travel guide and an avid food reviewer whose recommendations have come in handy for travelers visiting the Indian states for holidays or work.

  • Bong Eats

    39. Bong Eats

    YouTube : BongEats

    Talking about the motivation behind the channel they say “My major purpose for launching Bong Eats was to capture Kolkata cuisine, not simply Bengali cuisine.” We wanted to make movies that would encourage our generation to return to the kitchen and cook again. Bong Eats is for everyone who enjoys good cuisine. “This was a means to allow Bengalis who had stayed in Kolkata or elsewhere own their food, not only via nostalgia where only their moms and grandparents could make it, but something that was accessible and could be cooked by everyone on a daily basis,” Saptarshi Chakraborty and Insiya Poonawala explains. As a result, each film has exact, tried-and-true recipes presented in a step-by-step style that guides viewers through all processes of cutting, prepping, cooking, and serving the delicacies. The Duo of the best Indian food vloggers on YouTube reflect a following of 1.43 million and over 186,000,000 views in total. Their most popular video has 5.6 million views! The pair has made Bengal’s most valued treasures accessible to everybody, from classic Bengali delicacies like Shorshe Ilish, Kosha Mangsho, and Peter Cat’s Chelo Kebab to lesser-known jewels like Shojne Data’r Panchmishali Torkari, Chhyachra, and even Plastic Chutney. They also provide you with extensive knowledge of ingredients that they use and explain the how and why as they cook along. Despite their busy schedules and full-time employment, the two have cooked, photographed, and uploaded over 160 dishes in the previous three years. Do check out their channel for amazing food recipes.

  • Sultana’s Cook

    40. Sultana’s Cook

    YouTube : sultanascook7424

    Mukta Sultana from Bangladesh is the founder of “Sultana’s Cook” on YouTube. The channel has managed to receive 181,249,020 views since it started on October 2, 2017. It’s a well-known fact that Bengali delicacies are popular all over India and if you are someone who has always wanted to learn Bengali cooking, then this is the right opportunity for you. Subscribing to her channel will help you become a part of a huge community. The top YouTube cooking channels in India has already amassed 1.39M subscribers and it’s still counting. Mukta is not just a great cook but also good in her presentation skills. One look at her content can make you drool. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, you will find great recipes for all categories. Some people say that Bengali sweets are the best in the world. So, this channel will also give you enough recipes to impress your loved ones. So whether it’s Valentine’s Day, festivals, or just any other special day, you will always find a new recipe to cook. Food vloggers like Mukta are rare to find because of how engaging their videos are. You will never get bored of her content. Watch her videos, cook the food and get ready to enjoy lip-smacking recipes every day!

  • Saapattu Raman

    41. Saapattu Raman

    YouTube : saapatturaman

    Mr Raman does God’s work, he feeds orphan children and takes care of orphanages in Tamil Nadu along with his son. This father-son duo also takes up big food challenges and they like to compete on regular basis. Their charitable work and entertaining food contests have won them over a million subscribers and we hope they keep growing. Watch this channel to see food challenges among family and friends.


  • Foodie We

    42. Foodie We

    YouTube : FoodieWe

    This channel is run by a fun-loving trio who are always yanking each other’s chain. They set up food challenges, explore food in Delhi and review. Their food challenges are mouth-watering and sometimes hilarious. They like comedy as much as they like food. Watch this channel to see foodies who love contesting among themselves. What’s better than two people competing in a challenge? – three people competing in a challenge. Watch these three friends try out three different cuisines to see who is at the top of the game.

  • Iam a Big Foodie

    43. Iam a Big Foodie

    YouTube : BigFoodiz

    This channel is dedicated to home cooking and baking. Succulent Indian dishes are prepared with easy to follow tutorials and both veg and non-veg recipes are showcased here. This channel produces short cooking videos that usually run for two or three minutes. In other words, this guy doesn’t like to dilly dally when it comes to cooking. Watch this channel to see short and crip cooking tutorials. Want to experience a cooking Channel that gets you up to speed with the best veg and non-veg cooking recipes all in under 10 minutes? You have come to the right place; subscribe to “I am big foodie” Now.

  • MintsRecipes

    44. MintsRecipes

    YouTube : Mintsrecipes

    Do you love baking but are allergic to eggs? Are you a vegetarian or a hard-core vegan? Let’s be honest. There was a time when nobody could even imagine eggless cake recipes. Even now, most people do not give value to eggless cooking and simply assume it to be inferior to the recipes that use eggs. But because the vegan culture is growing and more and more people are avoiding eggs, eggless baking has been on the rise. Continuous experiments and amazing hacks have revolutionized the world of eggless cooking. There are thousands of Indian food vloggers on YouTube to get tips and tricks for your eggless food recipes. One such channel is ”MintsRecipes”. The channel caters to Indian vegetarian and eggless food recipes including homemade desserts, how-to tips, and techniques to get food taste just like you get in a restaurant or a professional bakery. Moreover, you get new videos every Tuesday and Saturday at 1.00 pm. This level of consistency is hardly seen in other channels. Because of the quality and consistency of videos “MintsRecipes” has attracted more than 1.2 million subscribers. It is time for you to join the amazing community of vegetarians and vegans. Subscribe to the channel today.

  • Geeta Cooking World

    45. Geeta Cooking World

    YouTube : CookingWithGeeta-Veg

    Geeta is the founder of the “Geeta cooking channel” which started on November 28, 2017. It’s been a few years but the channel has received loved and appreciation from all over India. It’s a well-known fact that vegetarian cooking is easy but you cannot get tons of varieties as you get in non-vegetarian recipes. People can easily get bored and simply start going to restaurants when they crave fancy food which is difficult to cook at home. Do you also feel the same way sometimes? No worries. There is a better alternative to tantalize your tastebuds from the comfort of your home. Simply subscribe to “Geeta Cooking Channel” and become a part of more than 1 million subscribers! You will get a plethora of cooking videos to learn. Whether it’s snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, you can get to learn amazing food recipes from one of the best Indian food vloggers on YouTube. Moreover, when you stop eating food in restaurants you will be in good shape as long as you indulge in homemade recipes. Additionally, impressing your loved ones with vegetarian food will not be a distant dream anymore. So what are you waiting for? Let Geeta be your mentor and guide you through this amazing culinary journey of yours.

  • Anubhav Sapra

    46. Anubhav Sapra

    YouTube : DelhiFoodWalks

    Anubhav Sapra believes that food brings people and culture together and he insists that nurturing new cultural connections through his food quests gives him the ultimate pleasure. His food journeys are fascinating as he likes to discover the roots of various street and local food traditions. Watch this channel to gain inspiration to try new foods and cultures. Join Anubhav to explore the culinary delights born from the cultures and traditions in this beautiful country. Whether it’s the best Punjabi Thali with lassi, Home cook Navratri special food, traditional Goan Recipes, famous Madurai Idiyappam, or Shikar Bhat from the Mountains of Nainital, Anubhav has it well categorized on his channel.



    YouTube : foodyrahul

    Rahul is a food enthusiast who likes to hunt for the cheapest available food stalls in his city and he usually is delightfully rewarded. Once he found a vendor selling Kadi Chawl for five rupees. Can anyone top that? Watch this channel to see how to search for the cheapest meals. But sometimes, he also indulges in the opposite end of the price spectrum. The most popular video on his channel is a 40-second Coconut cutting challenge for a 500-rupee coconut water. The video has 68.5M views, with 2.08K comments and 3.65M likes. Follow Rahul if you want to know the cheapest food joint in and around your city for your next meal or enjoy some exciting challenges to keep you entertained.

  • Hmm!

    48. Hmm!

    YouTube : hmmofficial

    Nikhil is a food traveller, and he is crazy for Indian food in particular. He’s been to all major food cities (Gujarat, Lucknow, Agra, Punjab, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc.) of India and he visits every famous food joint no matter how big or small. He reviews the food, talks to the cooks and then eats. By the way, he also tours food factories to see how it is done. Watch this channel to listen to a local food hunter and reviewer. Watch this local food hunter and reviewer get up close and personal with some of India’s most talented food creators. Also, go behind the scenes to look at installations that prepare your favorite pastime meals.

  • Tamil Foodies

    49. Tamil Foodies

    YouTube : Tamilfoodiesdivya

    Tamil foodies are a team of mother and daughter who love to compete with each other to find out who can consume more calories. They eat veg food, non-veg food, sweets, chocolates and whatnot. Most of their challenges take place at home where they cook the meal first and then dive in. Watch this channel for food challenges and contests. Watch this mother-daughter combo try out the best delicacies the Indian state of Tamil Nadu offers, all while competing on who can chow down the most in the ultimate food arena. They also feature treats from across the globe.

  • Simple and Unique Kitchen

    50. Simple and Unique Kitchen

    YouTube : Simpleanduniquekitchen

    In person and online, food draws people together. A successful recipe video’s success is determined by a mix of ideal duration, content simplicity, and interaction. Because recipe videos are short and interesting to watch and can be seen with the sound turned off, they encourage interaction and sharing, which leads to additional viewers. Videos shot from the perspective of the spectator engage the audience and appeal to all levels of home chefs. Many people will enjoy, share, and comment even if they never prepare the recipes in the videos. Successful videos need compelling content, clean filming, and tailoring the duration of a video for numerous channels. This Indian recipes YouTube channel is aware of this and nails it every time. It has over 1.02 million views, a total of 199,000,000 views and it’s most popular video has 16 million views which shows the amount of unique content they are able to make which is loved by all. Eating out becomes really expensive sometimes, if you learn to cook amazing dishes at home it will save a lot of money for you and will keep you a lot healthy as you are in charge of the ingredients. Do check out this channel!

  • Tarla Dalal

    51. Tarla Dalal

    YouTube : Tarladalalskitchen

    Tarla is a chef of her own accord and a best selling cookery author. She has authored over 170 cookery books and her website has featured 17,000 plus recipes. She prepares and teaches Indian recipes on her channel and you will be amazed by the variety of cooking she does. Watch this channel for great cooking tutorials. Tarla videos provide step-by-step guides to national and international cuisines, predominantly Gujarati and Mexican. She also points her audience to credible sources of culinary knowledge.

  • Food Lovers TV

    52. Food Lovers TV

    YouTube : FoodloverTV

    Kripal Amanna’s channel ‘Food Lovers TV’ is a food show on the road but he prefers the title ‘Gourmet On The Road’, which is equally apt. He travels across India and beyond to savour time-honoured culinary traditions, explore restaurants that have evolved from mere eateries to formidable institutions and documents interesting food stories. Watch this channel to uncover intrigue-filled food stories. Kripal Amanna travels from one city to the next to capture mouth-watering content from the source. He also manages to get valuable cooking hacks via exclusive one-on-one interviews with the chefs. Occasionally, you will see Kripal sitting for a meal with some of the prominent figures in the country.




    This channel is dedicated to unrecognised street chefs who operate in plain sight but never receive the limelight they deserve. There is no narration in the videos, just the food making process and no-nonsense. Our host usually hunts for veg and non-veg snack items that are wholesome and scrumptious. Watch this channel to discover hidden food spots. The Street Chef travels to find the less known gourmet cooks with magical hands. The creator will take you through every nook and corner of famous Indian cities to uncover hidden gems. There could be a lesser-known Dhaba or food joint near your vicinity just waiting to be discovered.

  • Chefharpalsingh

    54. Chefharpalsingh

    YouTube : chefharpalsingh

    Chef Harpal SIngh Sokhi is the ever-smiling wonder that cooks awesomeness in his kitchen on a regular basis. He presents both veg and non-veg recipes on his channel and makes numerous attempts at comedy and he nails most of them. Watch this channel to see how the chef likes to have fun while cooking. Harpal has new recipes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of the week. The channel covers both veg and non-veg delicacies, providing the audience with a whole cooking and eating experience. Added, with a heavy dose of humour, you will leave with a fuller stomach and even a fuller heart.

  • Deshi Food Channel

    55. Deshi Food Channel

    YouTube : DeshiFoodChannel

    Every cooking video is a treat to watch if the recipes are authentic as well as the content is filled with the serene beauty of the countryside. This is the reason why Deshi Food Channel is one of the most popular Indian food channels on YouTube with 835K subscribers. Rural cooking has taken the platform by storm. There is something in the videos that feels relaxing. Imagine the sound of heavy rains with the sizzling chicken fry. It is bound to make you swoon over the recipe, isn’t it? Moreover, traditional cookware is hard to find these days and therefore it arouses the interest of the viewers. The mantra of Deshi Food Channel is that food should be simple, healthy, and cooked with natural ingredients fresh from the farm. This is why so many people love to follow their recipes and their channel is regarded as one of the best channels for traditional and delicious Indian village recipes. Additionally, gathering ingredients for the recipe, cooking it, and then finally sitting down to eat can get the audience hooked to the channel. For example, their video on “mashed raw mango” starts with children playing in the village, plucking the fresh raw mangoes from the trees, peeling and chopping them, and then finally mashing them with the spices on a traditional stone grinder. The video concludes with the children getting to enjoy the recipe. Truly Mesmerising!

  • Bhooka Saand

    56. Bhooka Saand

    YouTube : bhookasaand

    The goal of this channel is to discover the best food places to eat in India. Pujneet Singh is the owner of ‘Bhooka Saand’. He is a techie by profession and a hardcore foodie by passion. Bhooka Saand has featured in over two dozen renowned national and international media publications and was a speaker in YouTube Fanfest 2019. Watch this channel to discover tasty restaurants and food stalls. Puneet is constantly on the run; at one moment, he would be sitting in a restaurant munching on India’s largest bhature chole, and the next at a street food joint trying out the famous Rs 30 golgappe.

  • Bake With Shivesh

    57. Bake With Shivesh

    YouTube : BakeWithShivesh

    Shivesh has authored two books on the subject of baking and one of the books is called ‘Bake With Shivesh’. If you like baking or if you are keen to learn baking then this channel is for you. His recipes are easy to follow and highly satisfying to watch. Watch this channel to learn baking cakes, desserts and sweets. “Bake with Shivesh” is entirely dedicated to teaching you how to prepare sugary delights from the comfort of your home. The channel has everything from shakes, cakes, and cookies, perfectly categorized via playlists in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

  • Harry Uppal

    58. Harry Uppal

    YouTube: HarryUppal

    Harry is a food-loving nomad who goes from one place to another to consume the famous and popular local dishes. He likes exploring new foods as well as learning the making process and origin of the said foods. Watch this channel to gain proper food infotainment. Harry approaches local food vendors with questions about their entire workflow to provide all the information his audience needs. He also makes sure to get into the nitty-gritty of all the ingredients that go into the cooking.

  • Innaiku Enna Samayal

    59. Innaiku Enna Samayal

    YouTube : Innaikuennasamayal

    Whether it’s self-care, motivation, gardening, life hacks, or tasty food recipes, Innaiku Enna Samayal has managed to cover it all. She is undoubtedly a creative and multi-talented Tamil YouTuber who can give you suggestions on various dimensions of Life. This is why she has such a huge following of 680K subscribers. People look up to her for valuable advice and learn mouthwatering recipes to indulge in. She is a wonderful cook and it is visible in her 147 recipe videos on her channel. “Crab cutlet”, “Minty lemon blast”, and “Tandoori style brinjal” are some of her mind-blowing innovative recipes that have the potential to make you drool! Food is a very common niche on YouTube and highly competitive at the same time. To be a successful Indian food vlogger is hard, especially because of such a humongous crowd. Your passion, innovation, presentation, and your talent combined can contribute to your success. Without these traits, you will never stand out from the crowd and get the recognition that you aspire to. Innaiku Enna Samayal has managed to pull it off quite well. Subscribe to her channel to get the most amazing recipes. Her videos will help you to master the art of cooking.

  • Kanda Lovers

    60. Kanda Lovers

    YouTube :kandalovers4617

    Dheeraj Mule and Ganesh Mule are the proud founders of ‘Kanda Lovers’ which is a popular food challenge vlog in India. So what is Kanda? Well, Kanda is a Marathi term for Onions and the channel of the name signifies love for food and spices. So, can you weigh your love for food? Probably not with a weighing scale but by showing how much you can eat, isn’t it? The Duo of the best food vloggers on YouTube India started “Kanda Lovers” on August 21, 2018, and since then has amassed 587K subscribers! This itself proves how popular their videos are. Their channel is all about food challenges. Can you imagine eating idli sambar in one bite or eating 60 chicken momos for your lunch? As weird as it may sound, these challenges are real and quite entertaining to watch. Some of the challenges are hilarious too. Their upload of an 8kg full goat eating challenge received more than 1.5 million views! Recently they also created a video on India’s biggest burger a few months ago. The two brothers along with some help managed to create an enormous size burger which was a treat to watch for the audience. If you love watching food videos, Kanda Lovers will be the best channel to subscribe to.

  • The Foodie Nation

    61. The Foodie Nation

    YouTube : FoodieNation

    This channel is about promoting local food vendors in cities of India. They search for local talents and highlight their best items on the menu. Their usual routine is to go for snacks while they are hot. Watch this channel to discover newer and tastier food places. The YouTuber travels across cities like Ghaziabad, Rohini, Surat, Mumbai Vadodara, Kolkata, Amritsar, Rajkot, Agra, and Indore to try some of the best delicacies the streets have to offer. Subscribe to the foodie nation and hop on for the ride.


  • Foodie JD

    62. Foodie JD

    YouTube :FoodieJD

    Jyoti Dhoundiyal is the host of this channel where she takes up exciting food challenges. She is a voracious eater and seeing her eat will make you hungry too. Watch this channel for food challenges. Jyoti loves to vlog, shoot mukbang videos, organize food challenges, do food reviews, etc. Some of the most interesting challenges include “Chole bhature eating challenge,” “samosa eating competition,” 40 Golgappa Eating challenge, and “Bahubali momo eating challenge.” The one who accompanies Jyoti as she challenges herself is her younger sister, Deepu.

  • Crazy For Indian Food

    63. Crazy For Indian Food

    YouTube : crazyforIndianfood

    This is a farm cooking channel based in the small village Khijadiya of Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. The ingredients (veggies) used in the preparations are plucked from the farm beforehand, then washed and peeled. The food is made using a ‘desi chula’ because this channel promotes village-style cooking. Watch this channel to witness cooking with the freshest vegies. This channel has some of the best Indian village cooking methods and techniques courtesy of Nikunj Vasoya. The YouTuber walks you through the produce grown on his farm and shows the step-by-step guide to preparing gourmet dishes.

  • Sinful Foodie

    64. Sinful Foodie

    YouTube : sinfulfoodie

    This is an all-inclusive food channel where the host cooks, participates in food challenges, gives away reviews, travels and enjoys eating as well. Watch this channel for food and travel. Priyanka’s videos are unique because she usually assigns themes to her content. For instance, eating ShinChan’s favourite food for 24 hours or food preferred by the famous Korean boyfriend, BTS. She selects her ingredients; even films herself going from aisle to aisle in the supermarket picking them. In simple terms, the audience gets a complete walkthrough from the items selection stage, cooking, eating and final review.

  • Indian Food Made Easy

    65. Indian Food Made Easy

    YouTube : Indianfoodmadeeasy

    Learn to make Indian food in an easy manner with this channel. The lady host of the channel will share useful tips with you so that you can recreate the restaurant menus in the confines of your kitchen. Watch this channel for great cooking tutorials. Anjum Anand specializes in Indian cuisines, and the Majority of her videos are shot in Hindi. She provides step by step recipes for Indian home, Dhaba, and restaurant-style cooking. Her tips are on point and easy to replicate in the comfort of your kitchen.

  • Akshanshu Aswal

    66. Akshanshu Aswal

    YouTube : mrbigbites

    Akshanshu Aswal is a fitness freak and a foodie from Dehradun who loves to eat different Indian cuisines while interacting with his viewers. He tends to finish the entire meal in each of his videos, so he is a certified ‘mukbang’ maker. Watch this channel to see how eating for fun is done.



  • Golgappa Girl

    67. Golgappa Girl

    YouTube :Golgappagirl

    Golgappa Girl Pooja travels for food and her favourite food is Golgappa. She has tasted food all over the country and abroad. Now she documents her food quests to provide her viewers with useful and delicious details. Watch this channel to listen to a food traveller and reviewer. Don’t let the name fool you; although she goes by Golgappa Girl, Pooja travels across the cities of India to taste mouth-watering delicacies. The food YouTuber in India has ventured to the streets of Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Bangalore, and Indore and has captured every experience on camera. She provides honest reviews and also entertains questions from her audience.

  • Radhi Devlukia-Shetty

    68. Radhi Devlukia-Shetty

    YouTube : radhidevlu

    Radhi’s channel is all about Plant-Based Recipes, Ayurveda, Natural Skincare & Beauty and Conscious Cooking & Living. She is multi-ethnic and hence, she likes to merge different flavours from other cultures. Watch this channel to see cooking for mental satisfaction. Rathi Devluka is an English born creator of Indian origin, She Began cooking at a young age, and soon her passion turned into an obsession. After getting her Ayurvedic Health Counsellor degree from California College of Ayurveda, she began advocating the benefits of healthy life to her audience. She likes bringing flavours from Western and Eastern cultures to create recipes for your body, mind and soul.

  • Yummy Tummy Aarthi Vlogs

    69. Yummy Tummy Aarthi Vlogs

    YouTube :yummytummyaarthivlogs

    Aarthi Shateesh needs no introduction. She is a well-known vlogger, creator, food photographer, and Indian food YouTuber. Her YouTube channel “Yummy Tummy Aarthi Vlogs” has a huge following of 437K subscribers. She also has her blog “” which she started 9 years ago. You will be surprised to know that such a talented woman never really thought about cooking as a career. Only when her recipes got popular with her colleagues, did she realize her skills. Her blog started as a way to share recipes with her family and friends but very soon it became huge enough to attract visitors around the world. She finally quit her job to continue her passion and it turned out to be the most amazing turning point in her life. Yummy Tummy is not only a part of her life but also a part of a million followers on YouTube and over 100k followers on Instagram. Her popularity on various social media platforms is proof of her accomplishments. Moreover, if you are a die-hard Masterchef Tamil, you probably know her. One of the best food YouTubers in India is a proud contestant of Masterchef Tamil season1 which took her culinary career to the next level. When she won the Masterchef Tamil Apron Winning moment, she was on cloud nine. Although she didn’t emerge as a winner, she already won the hearts of the judges and the audience.

  • Foodie Saand

    70. Foodie Saand

    YouTube : Foodiesaand

    This channel is about finding and tasting already famous food joints all over India and understanding why they are so special. The journey is always exciting when it comes to food and our host likes to tour each city corner for the best tastes. Watch this channel to discover new local street food spots. Rishabh Bhardwaj and Munish Kumar predominantly explore daily NCR and Gujarat to find hot street food outlets. The channel features vegetarian delicacies as it caters to a vegetarian audience. The foody duo sometimes engages in live Q&A sessions with their viewers, entertaining questions related to their personal lives and food.

  • Ajay Chopra

    71. Ajay Chopra

    YouTube : chefajaychopra

    Ajay Chopra is a professional chef who has been the Television Celebrity Judge on Master Chef India seasons 1 and 2. He is a pro who wants you to ace your cooking game. He showcases both veg and non-veg recipes in his tutorials. Watch this channel for great cooking tips. The top chef from India comes with New recipes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 p.m. sharp. His plethora of content ranges from simple to high-end restaurant recipes. Ajay features veg, non-veg, dessert, shakes, Indian, Chinese and street cuisines on his channel.

  • Mere Haath Ka Swaad

    72. Mere Haath Ka Swaad

    YouTube :merehaathkaswaad2889

    Once you master certain fundamental cooking techniques, many recipes will seem really simple, and you’ll soon be whipping up delectable dinners in no time. Making a weekly meal plan also guarantees that you’ll be using the items you’ve bought when you cook, producing pleasing results as well as a lovely increase in confidence and skill. I firmly believe that anything is possible in this world if you can cook. And one of the best resources for assisting you in mastering this amazing skill is the mere hath ka swad channel. It has a feed full of amazing recipes cooked by the whole family and eaten together, these recipes are explained in such an easy manner that you will be able to make even the most complex of dishes easily. This channel has a subscriber base of 426k and an engagement rate of 0.70%. It’s most watched video which is on gulab jamun from gehu ka atta has more than 3.8 million views. Your mouth will drool just by looking at their thumbnails and title of their videos. Make sure you follow this channel and make amazing dishes for you and your family.

  • Food Junction

    73. Food Junction

    YouTube : foodjunctionsabiha

    Starting on October 28, 2013, Food Junction has come a long way. With the videos catering to different tastebuds of all creators, the channel has successfully amassed 411K subscribers. If you are interested in learning Indian recipes that are not just easy to cook but also delicious at the same time, then following “Food Junction” is the best for you. Moreover, Indian cooking is far healthier than other cuisines as it uses fresh ingredients without any use of preservatives and artificial ingredients. The combination of different spices like turmeric, ajwain, cardamom, ginger, garlic, etc can leave your tastebuds craving for more. Although there are many top YouTube cooking channels India, it’s hard to find the best one that can teach tantalizing and complex recipes with the most easy-to-follow instructions. With Food Junction, you will master the art of Indian cooking even if you are a beginner. Their videos such as “How to make at home Bengali Gulab Jamun”, “How to make at home Schezwan Prawns” and “How to make at home mustard Fish masala” are some of the most popular uploads. Make sure to visit the channel, learn the recipes, and surprise your loved ones. I’m sure the channel will successfully manage to transform you into a chef!

  • bhukkad dilli ke

    74. bhukkad dilli ke

    YouTube : bhukkaddillike

    This channel belongs to two guys from Delhi and so they call themselves ‘bhukkad dilli ke’. They go to the corners of Delhi city in search of snacks and hot food items and also take up challenges on the way. Watch this channel to see them competing in food challenges for money. The channel has more shorts than videos and brings in tons of views because of the easy to consume nature of the content. Moreover, the channel administrators look for places that organize food eating challenges and partake in the same. Although they don’t win all the time, having the duo go at it with zeal and enthusiasm makes the watch worthwhile.

    75. Spiceler YouTube : spiceler

    Gauss Bazaz is a Kashmiri, a food traveller by passion, and a restauranteur by profession and he is on a constant hunt for the best street food joints across India. He has fully explored old Delhi, Varanasi and Kashmir for the food these places offer. Watch this channel to discover new tastes. The food YouTubers from India also pays homage to religious institutions and experiences food that has emerged from their culture and tradition. Years ago, he visited the famous Jama Masjid in Old Delhi to try the renowned non-veg street food.

  • Street Food Unlimited

    76. Street Food Unlimited

    YouTube : streetfoodunlimited

    This channel is all about discovering street food anywhere in India. The videos showcase the food making process of top city food vendors which will make your mouth water. Watch this channel to discover tasty food joints. Street food unlimited covers veg and non-veg street food, sugary desserts and Indian style cuisines from across the cities of the Indian subcontinent. The channel has well-organized playlists, making it easier for its audience to view the content of their choice.

  • Indian youtuber Neelam

    77. Indian youtuber Neelam

    YouTube : IndianYouTuberneelamvlogs

    Neelam is a mom who vlogs about her daily routine and cooking. She also shares her kitchen and home organising tricks with her viewers and creates tutorial videos on basic and advanced home cooking. Watch this channel for great cooking tips. Neelam has been following her passion for more than 14 years. Each day she comes up with something new using the ingredients available in her kitchen. You can get the best recipes, how-to videos, and tips for a well-organized, easily accessible kitchen on this channel.

  • Real Indian Home & Kitchen

    78. Real Indian Home & Kitchen

    YouTube : realIndianhomekitchen

    Sarita Rai, the founder of “Real Indian Home and Kitchen” is one of the most accomplished YouTubers. She posts videos on cleaning, cooking, and organizing stuff. Her talent has drawn 262K subscribers to her channel. Moreover, she is a proud mother and a homemaker which can easily inspire other housewives to walk in her footsteps toward a brighter future. She is passionate in everything she does and probably this has helped her to reach the position she deserved. Her videos will give you tons of tips to help you around your home. Her engaging and captivating content will make you enjoy her channel. Whether you are looking for small kitchen organization ideas, cleaning appliances, or easy and healthy cooking recipes, she has covered it all. The Indian food YouTuber also does genuine product reviews that can help you buy products that do not lack inefficiency. She thoughtfully balances the pros and cons which is beneficial for the audience to come to a decision. Her shopping haul videos are equally popular. She once did a monthly budget grocery haul “Big Bazar haul 2018” which garnered more than 50K views. She is an immensely talented individual with exceptional presentation skills. You will never want to take your eyes off her videos.

  • The Foodie

    79. The Foodie

    YouTube : thefoodievideo

    This channel is a venture and it claims to be the ultimate destination for all food lovers who love to eat, cook and explore all things food. There are different hosts on this channel and each of them will take you on a food journey of their own. They explore cities for local food, gourmet cuisines and snacks. Watch this channel to discover exciting food joints. This channel features expertise from multiple food gurus, each specializing in a specific category of the culinary world. So you know you are getting the best advice and tips for the type of food you consume.

  • SugarSpiceNice India

    80. SugarSpiceNice India

    YouTube :SugarSpiceNice India

    The host of this channel, Shweta, shares her food and travel experiences. She is a top food youtubers in India really fond of street food and trying new restaurants. She is also a cook who likes to share simple recipes on everyday food items. Watch this channel to discover new places and food. The top food youtubers from India primarily focuses on eateries in Maharashtra for delicacies that satisfy her palette. Shweta also features gluten-free and Ayurveda choices for her health-conscious audience. There is also sugar in her name; hence rest assured you will be treated to some mouth-watering cakes, cookies, and shakes.

  • Cookfood Paradise

    81. Cookfood Paradise

    YouTube :cookedfood paradise

    This channel is dedicated to trying new veg and non-veg recipes and baking cakes. The host also prefers to explore street food and sometimes does take up food challenges as well. Watch this channel to discover new recipes and food spots. For Pooja Kumari, making videos on YouTube serves two purposes. One, she can educate her fellow food enthusiast, and Two, she can hone her skills and improvise. She is getting better after each passing day.

  • Saurabh Sarkar

    82. Saurabh Sarkar

    YouTube : saurabhsarkar

    Saurabh is a food critic who takes his job responsibilities seriously. As a food blogger and enthusiast, he offers his honest opinions about various cuisines he tries. He is from Raipur City, Chhattisgarh. This Channel Features Food Videos, Food Vlogs, and varieties of content based on Food. Watch this channel to discover tasty food spots and restaurants. Saurabh decided to make blogging his lifetime career at the age of 17. It has been five years since, and thecreator is more passionate than ever to excel in his craft. The food blogger’s latest videos feature food prepared during Eid, Bengali new year and Ugadi. As you can tell, Saurabh loves to experience the cooking of various cultures across the state.

  • Delhi Cookbook

    83. Delhi Cookbook

    YouTube : Delhicookbook

    We’ve all been desperate to come up with original methods to pass the time since the pandemic trapped us inside our houses. We’ve all seen a tendency to head for the kitchen, whether it be due to the cooking renaissance or simply the desire to eat anything other than Maggi. There is simply no better feeling than being able to prepare and enjoy delicious food directly at home! We surely want to try some new delights to munch on now that the Dalgona frenzy has passed. And delhi cookbook is the perfect channel to help you start that. With a focus on traditional Indian and Pakistani spices and curry tastes, the Delhi Cookbook channel strives to showcase a wide range of dishes from across the world. Learn to prepare mouthwatering, genuine vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi food using straightforward, step-by-step instructions. All of our recipes are simple to prepare at home and are from reliable sources. Recipes for snacks, breakfast, starters, main courses, rice, cakes and pudding, sweets, and other dishes may be found on the Delhi Cookbook YouTube channel. For the most recent recipes, do subscribe to the Delhi Cookbook channel.

  • Mohita Namjoshi

    84. Mohita Namjoshi

    YouTube : mohitanamjoshi

    This channel produces food vlogs and offers reviews. But Mohita is also an avid reader and talks about books as well. She will take you to her favourite food spots in her videos and sometimes she will talk about her favourite books. Watch this channel for great food information and books. Mohita is a complete package; She reviews food, teaches you how to cook, recommends books, does voice overs, and takes you along on her travels.


  • Cook With Asha

    85. Cook With Asha

    YouTube :ashavlogs1

    Cooking videos combined with perfect culinary techniques enough to transform anyone to be a chef are hard to find on YouTube. This is why you should follow the “Cook With Asha” channel if you aspire to learn delicious Indian recipes from the comfort of your home. Asha is amongst the consistent Indian food vloggers on YouTube and posts videos every Thursday. Moreover, she never fails to engage with her followers. This is why she has become a favorite YouTuber for her viewers and garnered 156K subscribers. She also posts casual videos on vlogs to improve the engagement rate on her channel. For example, her 24 hours food challenge videos have accumulated thousands of views. Some of the most popular ones are “Eating only ice cream”, “Living on Rs 100”, “300 Pani Puri Eating challenge”, and “Eating only one color food for 24 hours”. They do sound funny and binge-worthy, don’t they? After a busy day, such funny videos can make your day. Moreover, if you have always been interested in learning how to cook but are not sure where to start, then this platform is the best opportunity for you to enhance your culinary skills. Mastering the art of cooking takes a lot of time but “Cook With Asha” has some amazing tips and tricks enough to put magic in your hands!

  • Shipra’s Kitchen

    86. Shipra’s Kitchen

    YouTube : shipraskitchenyoutube

    Shipra is a Pro chef who won Masterchef India and she has her own website Watching her cook is a delight as she makes the cooking process so much alive and interesting. She may not have a million subscribers but she deserves them for sure. Watch this channel to discover new recipes and cooking tips. Shipra Khanna has appeared as a judge and host for popular cooking shows in the nation. She has also been invited to host International television programs like flavours of Ramadan, Good Food Guide etc. Apart from being a talented chef, Shipra is also a greater writer. She has published multiple books, which have gained her widespread recognition on the international stage. She won the “Best TV celebrity cook award” in 2007, organized by World Gourmand Awards in China.

  • Archana’s Kitchen

    87. Archana’s Kitchen

    YouTube :archana-skitchen

    Archana’s Kitchen is about healthy cooking recipes and she’s been cooking from the tender age of eight. She focuses on making cooking easier and more fun and she advocates fun cooking ideas on her amazing website called Watch this channel for great tips for budding cooks. Archana started cooking at the age of 8. Her goal is to make cooking easier and fun for her viewers, cook healthy meals and lead a fit lifestyle. She uploads new videos showcasing novel recipes every week. Besides a YouTube Channel, Archana also runs a website where she shares her weekly meal plans, lunchbox ideas, dinner plans etc. You can find special recipes ideal for diabetic patients, ayurvedic recipes and a whole lot of goodness. Archana teaches you how to pair different food groups and colours to ensure you get your necessary supplements.

  • Sarah Hussain

    88. Sarah Hussain

    YouTube : zingyzest

    Sarah is a foodie who likes to hunt new places to eat. She usually roams around Delhi/NCR region but she also hops in neighbouring cities to try the famous and known eating spots there. Watch this channel to discover local eating spots on a budget. Sarah’s influence over her viewers has helped many restaurants and food outlets promote their offerings to their audiences. She has also undertaken promotional activities outside social media to increase the influx of customers to a brand’s physical location. Follow Sarah to know where you are getting your next delicious meal on a budget.

  • Soumali’s Kitchen

    89. Soumali’s Kitchen

    YouTube : soumaliskitchen

    Soumali’s kitchen started as a way of experimenting with dishes to improve one’s culinary skills. Since Soumali hardly used to cook as a young girl, she faced a lot of struggles cooking after marriage. She wanted to learn and grow and share her experiences with people all over the world who were in similar situations. This is what made her viewers connect to her channel and regard her as one of their favourites. Moreover, learning recipes with easy-to-follow instructions can help a great deal. It has the potential of turning people from a newbie to a professional provided they practice diligently. If you are someone who is afraid of cooking or you know the basics but want to enhance your skills, then follow Soumali’s Kitchen. Join the community of 117K subscribers. I’m sure this will transform you into a home chef. Whether you want to learn bread recipes, veg or non-veg, salads, soup, desserts, or even diet-friendly recipes, Soumali has covered everything. Cooking a delicious homemade recipe for your loved one brings joy and satisfaction. You will feel accomplished. Moreover, cooking at home is much healthier than processed food that you find in the supermarkets. So, why buy items that can ruin your health as well as be high on a budget? Be a smart home chef instead.

  • Kuljyoti Dhingra

    90. Kuljyoti Dhingra

    YouTube : kuljyotidhingra

    Kuljyoti is a Delhi girl and she has tried all kinds of food in Delhi and now she wants to expand her eating radius. She will take you to exotic travel destinations and luxurious eateries through her vlogs. Watch this channel to discover amazing travel and food destinations. Kulijyoti caters to a niche that wants to find affordable places to eat. Apart from food, Kulijyoti has taken it upon herself to explore luxury travel destinations and suggest popular food joints across major cities in Northern India.

  • Official Sahi hai

    91. Official Sahi hai

    YouTube : sahihai

    This channel is about exploring Punjabi food and cuisine. These lads also travel across India to taste the variations in Punjabi cuisine throughout the country. Their guilty pleasure is perhaps Dhaba food and they’ve been to many. Watch this channel to discover new Dhabas.

  • Rockyandmayur

    92. Rockyandmayur

    YouTube : rockyandmayur

    Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma are no ordinary foodies, they are pros at their game and they have been at it for years. They search for scrumptious gourmet meals only and they are on a quest to find the best restaurants all over India. Watch this channel for best restaurant reviews all over India. Rocky and Mayur constantly move around and document their experiences on shows like “Highway On My Plate” and “Food Mad Fame”. The duo is busy filming for the sixth installation of their show, “road-tripping with RnM”.

  • Food Monks

    93. Food Monks

    YouTube : foodmonksofficial

    Chaitu and Vishnu are food enthusiasts from the southern part of India, Hyderabad. They like to review and rate all kinds of cuisines. Their forte includes Street Food, Multi Continental Restaurants, Medium/Small Restaurants, Food Trucks, Local Markets and Authentic Village food. Watch this channel for insightful food reviews. The duo predominantly ventures in the Southern States, mainly Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Sometimes they even push a little West to Goa and Maharashtra. They record their travels and provide honest opinions on the delicacies they encounter during their time in each state. The food monks take it further and review the restaurant; they talk about the decor and ambience for an avid traveller’s convenience.

  • Awesome Sauce India

    94. Awesome Sauce India

    YouTube : awesomesauceindia

    This channel is dedicated to sauces, chaats, breads, paneer and all items that we have at our homes all the time. The idea here is to create something fun and interesting using basic home ingredients. This channel offers fun-filled cooking tutorials for all occasions. Watch this channel to learn how to make ordinary recipes exciting. The foodies who run this channel think out of the box, and they want to whip up something extraordinary using standard equipment and ingredients available in one’s kitchen.

  • Vegan Richa

    95. Vegan Richa

    YouTube : veganricharecipes

    This is the channel for all the vegans out there. Our host Richa will teach you how to prepare tasty and healthy vegan recipes and you will be amazed how much exciting dishes can be made out of vegan ingredients. This channel only showcases vegan recipes. Richa is an award-winning blogger, photographer and recipe developer. She provides a step by step guide to cooking, accompanied by high-quality photographs. Her work has got featured in famous editorials like, Glamour, Babble,,, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, TheKitchn etc. Richa is also an author, and her new book “Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen” is already the number one bestseller on Amazon.

  • Parth Bajaj

    96. Parth Bajaj

    YouTube : parthbajaj

    Parth is a food enthusiast who’s actually a true baker by heart. He likes to eat and bake at the same time. He also advocates eggless baking and there are a number of recipes on his channel that can help you accomplish just that. Watch this channel to learn baking cakes and eggless recipes. If you are foody and have fitness on your mind, then follow Parth. He will show you how to make delicious goodies that taste the same as their sugary counterparts but are also healthy. Furthermore, the food YouTubers from India has also appeared as a judge for multiple food decorating competitions held across Maharashtra.

  • The Maria Goretti Corner

    97. The Maria Goretti Corner

    YouTube : mariagoretticorner

    Maria has been a VJ and TV Star, she is India’s first celebrity home chef who takes us through an amazing gastronomical journey. She cooks great gourmet meals at the comfort of her home and shares her secret with her viewers. Watch this channel for great cooking tips. Maria Goretti has a wide selection of recipes for her audience. Do You want to bake a yummy cake or cook spicy chicken in the comfort of your home? Well, this food youtuber has got you covered. She also cooks delicious meals on some memorable days of the year. Recently, Maria created a video to commemorate father’s day.

  • GS Food Travel

    98. GS Food Travel

    YouTube :GSfoodtravel

    This Paaji is a proper foodie and he travels all over India for street food. His videos are detailed and full of tasty bites of information concerning food. Check out his best list videos on food to see if you can agree with him. Watch this channel to find the best local food spots. Gurwinder Singh’s passion for food takes him all across the country. He tries cuisines that each city or state has to offer and provides unbiased reviews. Gurwinder is also amongst the few YouTubers who will travel from one food outlet to the next and rank them based on various factors.

  • Saransh Goila

    99. Saransh Goila

    YouTube : saransh goila

    Saransh is an amazing chef YouTuber who likes to create healthy dishes that taste amazing too. He also has his own website called, you can explore his entire menu there. Watch this channel for healthy recipes. Saransh participated in and won a cooking game show in 2019, and since then, his achievements as a chef have piled up exponentially. MasterChef Australia invited Saransh to be one of their panellists. Furthermore, the Indian food YouTubers has ventured across the Indian subcontinent discovering regional dishes. As a result, he holds the record for the “Longest Road Journey By A Chef”.

  • . Masterchefmom

    100. Masterchefmom

    YouTube :masterchefmom

    Uma Raghuraman cooks with a mother’s passion, her kitchen set-up is beautiful and her presentation style alone will compel you to take up cooking. This mother is one of the top food bloggers in India and she is consistent with her blog posts at Watch this channel for great cooking tips. Uma is the recipient of the notable Saveur blog award 2017 for best food Instagram account. In 2020. In 2020, she also won the “best food Micro Blogger Award” from Zee TV’s Living Foodz Channel. If this wasn’t enough, Uma won the Netflix, my chef’s table Instagram contest and currently is the show’s only Indian food ambassador. The creator has released 1100+ recipes curated from her travels across the globe.