Top Tik Tok Influencers in India

Explore the top Tik Tok influencers here!

riyaz ali
  • Name: Riyaz Ali
  • Handle: @riyaz.14
  • Followers: 20.5M
  • Likes: 1.0B
jannat zubair
awez darbar
  • Name: Awez Darbar
  • Handle: @awezdarbar
  • Followers: 20.4M
  • Likes: 750.8M
garima chaurasiya
  • Name: Garima Chaurasia
  • Handle: @gima_ashi
  • Followers: 17.3M
  • Likes: 453M
nisha gurgain
  • Name: Nisha Gurgain
  • Handle: @nishagurugain
  • Followers: 21.7M
  • Likes: 541.4M
avneet kaur
  • Name: Avneet Kaur
  • Handle: @avneetkaur_13
  • Followers: 17.6M
  • Likes: 393.8M
rugees vini
  • Name: Rugees Vini
  • Handle: @rugeesvini__
  • Followers: 7.5M
  • Likes: 186.1M
lucky dancer
  • Name: Manjull Khattar
  • Handle: @manjullll
  • Followers: 12.9M
  • Likes: 275.3M
  • Name: Nagma Mirajkar
  • Handle: @nagmaa
  • Followers: 11.6M
  • Likes: 293.7M
  • Name: Sameksha Sud
  • Handle: @sameeksha_sud
  • Followers: 14.9M
  • Likes: 553.3M
aashika bhatia
  • Name: Aashika Bhatia
  • Handle: @aashikabhatiya
  • Followers: 12.7M
  • Likes: 349.9M

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is the current craze with the millennial crowd. It is an App that can be downloaded from the Android Play store and iOS App store onto a smart mobile device. It was started as, as a platform that was meant for lip-sync short and fun videos. After its takeover by Byte Dance and renamed as Tik Tok, the world, especially youngsters are going crazy with this platform. The target market and the key users of this platform are women in the age group of 16-24 years. Reference:

Let the top Tik Tok influencers in India drive your business to the top of the industry

If you are a brand whose target market is women or the Gen-X crowd, you should definitely be engaging with the top Tik Tok video makers who are now elevated to the position of Tik Tok influencers simply by virtue of being immensely popular in their community on this social media platform. Looking out to connect with some of the top Tik Tok influencers in India? We have the perfect answers and solutions for you – we are Grynow, the country’s leading influencer marketing agency and leading from the front as the best Tik Tok influencer agency in India.

How can a Tik Tok video maker affect my business?

As per current data available Tik Tok App is being downloaded more frequently as compared to Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram Apps in the US market. In fact, in October last year the downloading was 237% higher than the corresponding month of the previous year. Reference:

Official reports suggest that this year in June the social media platform had about 500 million active users spread out across 150 countries in the world. (Source:

An official claim of the company itself suggests that the platform gets about 17 billion views in a month worldwide with an average time of 40 minutes spent on the App. (Reference: Due to its immense popularity amongst the younger generation, getting a top Tik Tok influencer in India to speak for your product will help your brand reach multiple and manifold regions of the country in one go.

How does the App work?

It is basically a community of users who engage with each other using their creativity and the creating and editing tools available on the App. Users are in fact Tik Tok video makers who share small snippets with each other backed by reality effects. The unusually small Tik Tok clip could feature dance, songs, music, sound, tips, suggestions, comedy, animations etc.

How do we work?

Grynow, a premier Tik Tok influencer agency in the country has helped many businesses use the power of this platform to multiply their reach within and outside the country. Since this medium has users is a certain specific age group it makes work easier and faster, if you are sure of your target market’s demographics.

This is how we associate with you:

5000+ Influencers

We have a network of more than 5000 plus influencers associated with us. Of this list, we will short list the top Tik Tok influencers in India whose community and following matches with the demographics of your target market.


We study various aspects related to your business and follow it up with our creative strategy and content building.


We work with the shortlisted influencers to prepare the right kind of Tik Tok clip that is trendy, fashionable and something that would appeal to your target market. With creative inputs from the influencers, our professionally experienced team and your marketing personnel, we set the ball rolling.


Once the clip is uploaded, shared and run, we will carry out in-depth analysis of its progress and share the same with you during and at the end of the duration of the campaign.

Why Grynow?

We are India’s foremost Tik Tok influencer agency. The kind of results our campaigns and Tik Tok programs will help your brand achieve is astonishingly impressive. With a carefully chalked out program that is cost-effective and impactful, you will be able to reap huge benefits with highest return on investments. Speak to us today to get more clarity on how Grynow can transition your online business into a chartbuster and classic example through our powerful influencer marketing campaigns.